hellowonderful  asked:

How are you able to express yourself? The vulnerability of writing is intimidating. ps you are flawless

i think as humans we all need a way to express ourselves, to put all these feelings and thoughts that we have inside of us out into the universe. some choose to paint; some choose to stand on top of a mountain and shout into the void; i choose to write. writing is such a vulnerable form of art (all forms of art has the potential to leave us vulnerable) but the thing is, i express myself here more honestly than i do, say in my writing classes at university, and i think it’s because of some level of anonymity i have on the internet. like out of all of you, only less than 20 people who read/follow this blog know me “in real life” and most of them are my closest friends (my family doesn’t even know that this exists haha they’re always like “anthea, why are you always typing on that typewriter?”). i don’t offer much of my personal life to you guys. all you have are my initials, experiences, and words, and i think that’s what makes this all a little bit less intimidating for me. in saying this though, i still feel vulnerable every time i post a piece of my writing on here and the thought of sharing some part of me with the internet is kind of really freakin’ scary but i do it anyway, and most of the time i’m glad that i do.