DIY Witchery Resources

Because tumblr now only allows 250 links on a page or some nonsense like that, here’s my DIY Witchery Resource page broken down. It’s not all of, but I did as much as I could for now:

Part 1: Info about me, and my blog, my thoughts on building a secular witchcraft practice, Witchling info and some thoughts on how to get started studying witchcraft, Problems with the general New Age and pagan community including cultural appropriation and their “grabby hands” approach to things they perceive as exotic.

Part 2: Magical Mechanics, Skepticism, Misconceptions about Witchcraft, and Secular Witchcraft

Part 3: Posts about different Kinds Of Spells, and also Witchy Tips

Part 4: General Spell List

Part 5: Cleansing, Anti-Negativity, Wards, and Protection Spells

Part 6: Curses, because sometimes curses just level the playing field

Part 7: Magical Brainstorming and more Witchy Tips

Part 8: Energy Works and Sigils

Part 9: Crafts and DIY Witchy Stuff

There was more on the original page but this is all I’m able to get to now. Hopefully some day I’ll be able to add the rest and add more as these are at least 2 years old and there’s been some fun witchy stuff on tumblr in the last few years.


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I’m in the (slow, very slow) process of making a font straight from the Observer’s text. Most “handwriting”-style fonts always bothered me because you have maybe two variations - if you’re lucky - for each character, so it never looks natural (since no one writes anything exactly the same way every time). I’m aiming to fix that with this by including every single dang letter that four-eyed demonic thing ever scratched out. Look at all those Os and Es and Ts. Look at them.

As it is, I’m only halfway through HELLOTHERE, so this may take a while, fyi. But would people be interested in a download link for this when I’m done (probably in a week or so)?

Accent Challenge
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Accent Challenge

Thought this might be fun. I had a difficult time controlling my laughter while I was doing this. It’s weird that I’ve known some of you for such a long time and yet we don’t know what each other’s voice sounds like. 

(Only if you’re comfortable with this & feel like doing it)
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Drawing Rey and Finn, and decided to capture Finn before/after. Almost there!

Side note: Please don’t steal art. I don’t put tags on my art so that people can enjoy them without a jarring “earthangel13″ on the side, so please give credit where credit is due and respect other people’s hard work! Thank you!