helloramen said: Maybe just combine them! :)

They were combined before but then my other tumblr moved so fast with the reblogs people kept asking why I didn’t ever post pictures of myself (and I did but no one would see them because they’d get lost in the shuffle). I prefer it this way but I just feel like this tumblr is the more boring of the two, it only has my pictures while my other tumblr, I feel, represents my interests much better. I just found irony in the fact that people who follow my first tumblr probably know me much better than people who only follow my “personal” photoblog lol.

@Helloramen: Awwwww <3 Thanks girl. :3 Hehehe.

@finalcosplaycorps: Thanks so much! I know we can be pros overnight (as awesome that would have been, lol) but definitely I’m going to continue doing the best work I can produce at whatever level I am now! <3333 

helloramen: Hahaha, girllllll, if that was true, these men need to show their faces now. I need to know my options. Hahaha. Just kidding. I highly doubt most men can handle …. my energy. 8D;;

kyochinace: <33333 Thanks girl! I actually just texted her telling her no after I tried to take a look on his FB and it had nothing…. SO I took it as a sign that it was okay to tell her no. I’m going to give her a call tomorrow to tell her “sorry but no can do!”

tomecko: OMG. YES, THAT! Dx I really, really don’t like it. I sighed really hard when my friend said to me over the phone about how I felt about dating. LMAO I knew what was coming! (On a side note, I THOUGHT I HAD FOLLOWED YOU AND WTF APPARENTLY I DIDN’T AND NOW I AM AND I HOPE YOU FORGIVE ME YOU ARE AWESOME AND WONDERFUL AND STUFFS)

Have a good night everyone! I’m heading to sleep! Gah. Another long day tomorrow!

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Oh you guys are rooming there? Cool! Well, I just kinda wanna see the opening ceremony cuz Im easily entertained so prolly around 2pmish? I’m gonna come as Lenalee on Fri and Nel on Sat. What about you? Allen Walker?!!!

Yes we are XD Ohhh right I forgot about the opening ceremony lol I’ll probably be there maybe XD Ooh~! I’ll try finding you as Lenalee and Nel~!  XD sadly I’m not going to do Allen this time around =__= I’m going to do Yuuki Tenpouin tomorrow and Charasuke on Saturday :)