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Hellooooo! May I request an imagine where the reader is pregnant and is scared to tell Newt cause she thinks that he might not want the baby. However, Niffler somehow finds out and starts to take care of her and always cuddle which makes Newt suspicious. Very fluffy ending❤ *sending virtual hug to this amazing writer👐🏻*

*sending virtual hug back in return!* Thanks, hun!

You sat on the couch in your hotel room awaiting Newt’s return. He had head out that afternoon in to the country of Hungary to examine the mating of Hungarian Horntails up close. He advised you to stay and sit this one out; afraid you would get hurt. 

Playing with the lace on your nightgown, you eagerly waited for the door to open and to see the wizard come in. You had some big life changing news for him. You were pregnant! Normally this would call for celebration, but seeing as Newt was currently in the middle of writing his book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, you were afraid that this news would only cause his dream to be put on hold. Newt was working so hard on this book and you knew he was excited to finally finish it. 

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The Balloon Squad actors need to stop veering into fan mockery in their latest Instagram comments because I am so ready to stan for them on the show and don't want bad vibes before season 4 starts. Yousef's been cool though, that kid is adorable.


As far as I’ve seen it, it’s mostly Adam looking out for Yousef from those disgusting ass horrid fans that are shipping Yousef with Cengiz. Yousef’s 16/not even 17 yet, a minor, whereas the others are older than him, and calling out these “stans” that are taking things too too far, in terms of shipping IRL people together. I don’t see that as any different as to what we do, when we telling people to stop shipping Henrik with Tarjei … so, yeah?

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Hellooooo I know I never post lol and I just want to say that I was just practicing drawing with my left hand with some brush pens I got. I was drawing and trying to make them look so nice, but I realized that not everything has to be perfect, because I tried my best and as long as you try your best, don’t sweat it. In my view, your biggest critic is yourself and always think that you can improve. Cliché, I know. But a lot of people forget that we are humans. Have a nice Sunday everyone:)

you know, this is how i like to think the nose rubbing thing they do started 

so they had to get out of the pool and ride on a bicycle all the way to isak’s place. they get there and they are freezing. the clothes clinging to them makes their skin feel numb. and after they get changed, they lie under isak’s blanket (even tells isak that he needs other blankets), facing each other. isak’s nose is still red from the cold, and even calls him rudolph. and isak squints his eyes, like he’s offended (he’s not, he has to stop the little laugh that threatens to escape his lips. he’s so. happy to be here with even. there are butterflies in his belly), and he tells even “this was the worst idea. like, ever.“ even smiles at him and quickly kisses him before asking “was it?” and isak is smilling back now and he replies “yeah. totally” 

and they just. lie there for a while. and it’s late now, and they’re going to fall asleep soon and isak quietly asks “why isn’t your nose all red? we were in the same pool. and the same bike. and the same outside.” it makes even chuckle. “same outside?” he strokes isak’s hair that’s still slightly damp and adds “come here.” isak moves closer to him and tilts his head forward and that’s when even first does it, he rubs his nose against isak’s. “what are you doing?” even doesn’t immediately reply, just keeps his nose against isak’s. “i’m turning rudolph back into isak”. after a little while he leans his head backward and takes a look at isak’s face, and he smiles again and says “i think it worked. welcome back” 

the next morning, isak’s nose isn’t red at all, but even still rubs his nose against his. and isak starts doing it, too, when they kiss. and that’s how it becomes one of the little things they do 

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Hi, just a quick thing to ruin your life. The Foxes are a gang in Ketterdam, Neil is a Grisha fleeing... anyway have a good day!

hellooooo thank u sm for this prompt, this is only part one bc i couldn’t wait to share it, but i’ll post the rest as soon as i can!!

The streets were deadly quiet the night Nathaniel left everything behind – his life, his family, his very name. His father was asleep when Nathaniel climbed down the window of his small, cramped closet of a room. The cold air bit harshly at his skin, froze his bones through the thin cotton of his shirt, but Nathaniel didn’t dare turn back to the slightly warmth of his home.

Not anymore, he told himself. It was no longer his home – if it ever had been. Now it was just the place that would get him killed, or worse. Finally, finally, after years of hiding it, his father knew the truth about him and his mother was nowhere to be found. He knew, somewhere deep in his core, that she would be dead soon. He’d seen the look on her face when they took her away, when his father just let them take her. He remembered the way her frantic eyes found him cowering around the corner, the word she mouthed at him.

Run. RUN.

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Hellooooo! Yeah I’m REALLY busy lately so it’s getting harder and harder to give me some time to finish some art 😞
BUT this is how my Rowan is looking like so far, I’ve started the painting! And of course still trying to find my favourite style… but it’s ok, I’m really liking this one. What do you guys think?

NewtXReader - embarrassed

Request : Hellooooo! I just had a random fluffy idea where Newt has to wear reading glasses but is embarrassed about them and doesn’t want his girlfriend (reader) to see him wearing them but one day she just walks into their room to see him with them on and he gets all blushy and embarrassed but she thinks they’re adorable? Love your writing btw :)



Something was wrong.

You just knew it…

You had always loved helping Newt with his work, particularly when it came to his writing. Whether it be correcting his clumsy little mistakes in his paragraphs or simply just listening to the beautiful words he wrote.

Sunday nights would mostly consist of him reading a new chapter of his journal, as you peacefully cuddled close into him on the bed. Although neither of you weren’t doing anything extremely exciting, you always cherished the bonding time together. However these nights seemed to become more and more rare now, Newt making continuous excuses to go straight to sleep. No reading. No cuddling. Nothing.

You missed the sound of his soothing voice lulling you to sleep, finding your bed to be cold and lonely, missing Newt’s muscular arms wrapped around you.

Had you done something wrong? Maybe the spark in the relationship was dying…well on his end anyways. You didn’t understand it at all. In a desperate plea you decided you’d ask him to read you again, the sleepless nights taking a toll on you.

“Newt…Can you read your new chapter to me? Please, you haven’t read in so long?”, you begged with a longing look of hope in your eyes.

“E-em maybe not tonight love. I haven’t finished it yet..” Newt anxiously replied, his eyes completely averted your gaze. Shuffling slightly towards the other side of the bed, he turned his back towards you, leaving your side empty and cold. His sudden change of mood leaving you baffled. You knew darn well that Newt had told a lie, he finished the next chapter 2 weeks ago. Hurt washed over you as Newt looked sympathetically back towards your frame. Guilt crossing his features.

“Don’t worry darling I promise…soon” he moved slightly closer placing a gentle kiss on your forehead, although to you it felt empty.

In a way you felt silly. It was just a little light reading that’s all. You and Newt did other stuff, right?

Deep down though this little late night activity was special to you, sentimental even. If this was the first pillar to collapse in the relationship who knows what will go next.

Even though he was lying just across from you, he felt more distant than ever.

1 week Later

You boiled the kettle for the fifth time this morning, already filled to the brim with tea and wired with caffeine, you busied herself getting the cups and teabags ready. Another quick glance at the clock only seemed to confirm that time was slowing down.

You really didn’t know what to do with yourself. You normally helped Newt with his work but he had insisted he didn’t need your help. Feeling useless you pottered around the apartment, unsure of your purpose.

Borden slowly driving you insane you decided to check up on Newt, making your way quietly down the ladder and into his case. Maybe he’d want your help now? Or maybe not?

Newt was huddled in the corner of his messy study, furiously working on his journal. His hand scribbled at an uneasy pace, as words flowed from the tip of his pen. You took a moment to admire his adorable state of concentration.

Feeling a presence, Newt slowly lifted his gaze from his pages to your small frame. And that’s when you noticed it….

The glasses.

The black frame complimented his face and gazing at him now you noticed how professional and sexy he seemed. A sense of sophistication about him, yet utter adorableness at the same time.

Frozen in shock for a second he snapped out of his trance, quickly swiping the accessories from face. Consumed in his writing he had completely forgotten about the glasses until you had appeared, his secret becoming revealed.

“Y/N- love- I….” Newt’s cheeks became a dark shade of red, as he attempted to muster out words. Though looking deep into his eyes you saw how he was ashamed of the, his embarrassment radiating towards you.

“You never told me you wore glasses?”, you attempted to conceal the hurt in you voice. You thought you and Newt shared everything together? You know it was just a silly little secret but still you were upset he hadn’t told you.

“They’re horrible looking…” Newt mumbled shyly, still with a discontent look on his face, “I didn’t want you to see them”. Newt looked close to breaking point, his eyebrows furrowed in distress.

From the moment you met him, you never took Newt as the confident type, in fact it took him 6 months to show you the scars that littered his body. But the truth was you loved him whether he was dressed in his vintage blue coat, old worn cosy pyjamas, (or nothing at all but you wouldn’t admit that one…)

“Is this why you… Didn’t want me around”, you quietly whispered the last part, almost fearing Newt’s response.

“Y/N God no! I always want you around I- I just thought you wouldn’t like the glasses. That why I didn’t want to read at night”.

Walking towards him you gently took the glasses from his hand. Leaning closer towards his freckled face you places a soft kiss against his lips, savouring the taste you had missed for so long. A look of relief overwhelmed at your gesture, as a small smile took over his features.

Lifting the spectacles back up towards his face hovering a second, “I think..” You placed the glasses back on him, “you look even more handsome with them on, Mr Scamander”.

Newt directly stared at you, the way all women want to be looked at. His green eyes illuminating every piece of love he held for you. “Merlin I’m so lucky, you know that?” he softly whispered into your locks of hair.

“Newt I love you, every single part. Especially your flaws and little imperfections cause they make you different. They make you my Newt”.

“Thank you love” Newt softly whispered pulling you close. Finding comfort in his embrace he gave you the touch you had yearned for so long. Feeling protected in his muscular arms.

He didn’t need glasses to see you clearly loved him.


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is it too early to ask if you have any headcanons on how yousef and mikael met/fell in love/first kisses etc? because i swear we've only had two photos and i'm so gone for these boys already!!!


Please keep in my mind I only woke up a bit ago and it’s a Saturday morning and it’s currently raining outside and I’m tucked up warm in my bed so things will be all hazy and fluffy and warm and cosy AND HERE WE GO:

  • So, the first time Mikael and Yousef properly, properly, interact with one another is when they get paired up by a teacher at random to do a project together. Even was super upset because “Mikael’s my best friend come on EVERYONE knows this we work so well together?!” but Mikael convinces him that it’s alright, and as soon as this is all over, they can make up for lost time.
  • So, they’re paired up, and … well, they both don’t really … know each other, that well? Yes they’re in the same class but Mikael’s always been best friends with Even, and it’s always been Even and Mikael together only, no one else. Even if they both, Mikael and Yousef, are Muslims, that doesn’t automatically mean they’ll hang together, kinda thing. Mikael’s the kinda guy who only keeps a few close friends, but is very VERY good friends with them.
  • And besides, Yousef is loud whereas Mikael is quite. Yousef has a whole squad, whereas Mikael just has Even. Yousef loves sports whereas Mikael loves books. They’re very … different people, with different interests.
  • But they get paired up, and well, even though they /know/ each other’s names, Mikael still says “Hey, I’m Mikael”.
  • Yousef doesn’t reply, not at first anyway. He just takes Mikael in with a neutral expression on his face. Mikael, who’s stood in front of him, who’s smiling at him, nervously.
  • “I know you are.”, Yousef then says.

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hellooooo guysss i am backk i’m so sorry for a long hiatus:( i have prepared some edits for y’all! i love BTS ynwa comeback it was so beautiful:)) anyways i hope you guys like this and don’t forget to follow meeeeee


When you find a spider and you need to text your bf for help bc spiders aRE PURE FUCKING EVIL • 

A/N: Hellooooo people I’m back!! Now I don’t know if you can relate to any of these scenarios but I sure can so I’m just going to leave this here :) ok :) bye :) xx


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