for hellolove63. that’s your name, love. i hope you like it. just so you know, i am kind of unhappy with it so i will probably do it again. actually i will most definitely do it again, now that you are following me. send me an ask if you want the next one in color.

ardnassac asked:

So Uncle J, what kind of things do you have planned for the Batman today?

So many things to choose from, dear heart! Either placing an exploding Woopie Cushion in the Batmobile, a cyanide pie in the face, or simply going hunting for his little Robin.

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This is why I hate people. Why would anyone think things like this is okay? You can’t do that. And I know a bunch of…

I don’t understand why they would, either. I have never really gotten hate on here, sometimes things were unpleasant, but for the most part Tumblr and my fellow users have shown me nothing but love. I can’t understand how or why anyone could do that to another person. Especially when I’ve only really had positive experiences, the idea that the same people who were so cruel to that girl could exist on this site as all of these sweet, amazing people is hard to rap my head around. :(