Creepypasta #1010: My Best Friend Texted Me During A School Lockdown

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This last May, my high school had a lockdown. I was home sick at the time, so my knowledge of the events that happened that day come mostly from what I have heard through administrators and classmates after the incident, and the text messages I received during it. The administrators haven’t disclosed much about the situation, which is only making the rumours surrounding this worse. 

After months of trying to make sense of all this, I am just tired and confused. Maybe someone out there reading this can finally help me. I’ll try to provide as much background information as I can in order for this to make sense. 

I had been texting my best friend, Andrew, all day while vegging out on my bed with Netflix playing in the background. He first texted me about the lockdown at 11:27, which means he would have been in his 4th hour Spanish class. Being that the seniors had just graduated, his class was quite small - only 6 students besides him in it. 

Below are some the texts we sent to each other that day, starting at 11:27. L stands for my name, Lindsey, and A stands for Andrew.

A: dude holy shit

A: lindsey


L: What?

A: the school just went into lockdown

L: like a drill??? Or what?

A: I think its for real

A: fuck

A: the P.A. came on during class and said “students and administrators please go into level three lockdown procedure. This is not a drill”

A: like every ones in the corner

L: wait level three? Doesnt that mean someones in the building!?

L: shit man im shaking now the school better not be fucking with you all

A: its so quiet now

A: there isnt a sound in the entire building

A: this doesnt seem like they are faking us out

L: I just told my mom, she hasnt heard anything about it yet

A: wait

A: I can hear someone walking down the hallway

A: probably the office people coming to let us out

L: what if it isnt??

A: seriously stop lindsey

A: u asshole

L: sorry

L: you probably have nothing to worry about though man

A: I can hear them going down the hallway turning all the door handles

L: yeah thats what they do during a drill

L: make sure the teachers all locked em

A: they are talking

L: yeah then its definitely administrators

A: no

A: it doesnt make any sense

A: its all gibberish

A: I dont think its even in english

A: what the hell

L: drew you guys are okay though right? Your door is locked and lights off?

L: have they gone in any other classrooms?

L: andrew??? Hello?

A: my mom isn’t answering

A: some one next to me is crying

A: he’s outside my classroom

L: dont make a sound ok?

L: andrew?

L: did he leave?

L: hello!!!



L: please text me back

L: andrew?

He never responded. From what I have been told, the school eventually came out of lockdown mode. When they went around to each classroom to check in, Andrew’s classroom door was still locked. They called out to the people inside, and received no response back. 

Firefighters eventually knocked the door down. When they got in, there was nobody inside. The whole classroom was empty.

Officials have offered no explanation as to where they are, or what happened. I guess most people in town eventually moved on, shifted their attention elsewhere. It seems as though nobody even cares anymore. But I still do, and I need answers. I need to find my best friend.

Credits to: lindsey4448

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