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1. What made you join tumblr? my friend forced me to make a vintage blog and follow her but then i discovered there are non lame parts of tumblr

2. What was the first online community you joined? the-n.com or millsberry probably

3. Do you follow/are you followed by anyone you know irl? no no no no no no no no no no no no no 

4. What was your childhood bed like? enormous and wonderful and comfortable and delicious

5. Describe the strangest dream you can remember having. it was in the first grade and i slid down a huge water slide onto a pool deck which then split in half and then a tribe of indians with spears chased me, i was traumatized

6. How often do you bathe? every day, sometimes every other day

7. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Least favorite? favorite is probably chocolate or cinnamon and least is probably coffee or birthday cake

8. Who am I? a beautiful follower of mine <333333

9. Why are you here? i’m on tumblr because im waiting for my brother to get out of the bathroom

10. What is that sound? my brother taking a shower?????

11. Where are you going? to shower!!!


1. What is your middle name?

2. Favorite smell?

3. Fondest memory of a childhood crush?

4. Celebrity crush?

5. Least favorite celebrity?

6. Would you kiss the last person you texted?

7. A cause you passionately support?

8. Biggest tumblr pet peeve?

9. Biggest OTP?

10. One song that describes you? 

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this beautiful girl in the middle picture, turned into an old fart today xD. My beautiful twin and best friend turned 15 today, Even though i’ve known you for 10 months, i feel like we’re best friends and sisters tbh. Brittany, you’re annoying, rude, psychotic, insane and overall a sarcastic biatch.. BUTTTT you’re beautiful, funny, talented, smart, amazing and just overall a perf person, I had an amazing day with you and marlabear, and i love you so much, see you tomorrow<3 love you pumabear!<3 (inside joke. you’ll never know)