Soon, Misha Collins is going to know who Dan and Phil are.
Dan Howell

Ok so I hate what’s going on right now. Dan Howell is one of the most respectful, amazing, talented, funny, smart and caring people out there and how is he being treated by his so called “fans”? POORLY. Dan is a human being, like everyone else, and just because he decided to pursue YouTube as a career doesn’t mean he should be treated any differently. If you aren’t happy with what he is/isn’t posting, just don’t watch the videos! Nobody has any right to attack him over social media because he hasn’t done something you wanted him to do. I want to be proud to say I’m part of the Phandom, but at this point, the way people are treating him is making me feel ashamed. I know that lots of us are supporting him as we should and I’m thankful that we are, but seriously. Everyone that’s being immature and treating him badly? GROW UP! Realise that maybe you’re taking this whole thing for granted! We are SO LUCKY to be part of this generation of people that get to see Dan and Phil and watch their videos, and some people aren’t thinking for anyone except themselves.
So, next time you go to hate on him for not posting the video you want or not uploading as often as you’d like, maybe think about his feelings for a change.
Let’s spread the love, show him how much he means to us. Let’s just freaking appreciate that the stars have aligned just right for us to be able to be a part of this amazing man’s life.

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