Thanks for the concern. The doctor said I reacted fast enough to the acid spilling on me to prevent any real serious damage/injury from occurring. He said I have first degree burns, second at worst, which is highly unlikely. I have to treat it as any other first degree burn. I have to put Neosporin on it until it heals, and when it does, that should be the end of it. No marks, no scars, no real permanent damage.

I’m glad I didn’t panic when it happened, or this burn could’ve been a lot worse.


words cannot express what i'm feeling right now.

i would go to hell and back just to have what i have right now.

i luh u. that is all i can say.

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Frame it and cherish it for life! It was tons of fun, tyDi and Cosmic Gate KILLED their sets. I wish I could’ve gone to Lights all Night though! Too bad I don’t live in texas.. seems like it was killer though :) hope you had an epic NYE!

I will!! ahh but your event sounds like it was badass too! and you can come to LAN next new years eve and we can rage together then :)