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As young innovators, it’s vital to stay current. I was flying to Houston & read a few things:

Hello Fax: an online service that lets you fax a document without a fax machine. Go to hellofax.com to check it out!

Jupiter Hotel: This unique Portland Oregon hotel is unlike the standards all around! IT has Electra bicycles available for rent on-site, chalkboard doors, & a sunlit ThinkTank to concieve your nect startup! (If I were you, I would add it to your bucketlist!) Go to jupiterhotel.com to check it out!

William Wallet: sleek metal bill catcher (like a wallet substitute)…it’s so 2050 if you ask me! Go to wintercheckfactory.com to see it yourself!

Speaking Life: I think I want to be a CLO (chief listening officer) when I grow up! Kodak has one & her job sounds pretty amazing! Read Spirit Magazine’s August 2011 Issue “Hear, Hear” Article!

I wish I could take the credit for just passing by all this info, but you’ve got to fly & read more to see this firsthand. Visit spiritmag.com!


Let’s face it: fax machines are damned irritating. Like a local newscast that refuses to go HD, it’s a relic of a time before the Internet was ubiquitous and used for everything from business correspondence to grocery shopping. HelloFax aims to bridge this gap by offering online faxing services that let you send, receive, fill out, and even sign faxes straight from your web browser, giving you one less thing you have to print out.

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Price Tag: $5+