T H E   T R U T H   - EXO’rDIUM Opening VCR

It is hard to know, what is true or what is false.
We all believe what we see with our eyes.
So people do not believe each other, fight each other, and hurt others.
But this is why we are so special.
However, we people, are sometimes very dangerous.
We care about each other, but we also hate one another.
When one’s truth collides with other’s truth, so many things gets destroyed.
Is that why?
This is the reason, why we have them.
From now on, I will tell you from when they existed, and where they are.
And the truth lies all around us.
The nine stories that I will tell you from now on, is the truth that people did not know.

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Hello Tumblr community! I’m glad that I finally made my first blog here dedicated to the most wonderful person in the world: Zoë Isabella Kravitz! Thank you so much @fuckyeahlolawolf for encouraging me to do this and for the precious advices!
I think some of you knows me from Instagram, my account there is @zoekravitz88 like this blog’s name and for those who didn’t you can always ask me anonymously (or not) questions about anything!
I hope you’ll enjoy my blog! I’m gonna post tons of pics of Zoë and also my Instagram edits (which I ask for giving credits if you repost).
Even if it’s obvious I’m still gonna mention that any kind of hate is not accepted here!