Hello Rouge ! Juste un petit message pour poser une question qui me tient énormément à coeur… J'adore ce webcomic, que ce soit l'histoire ou les dessins. J'aimerais écrire une sorte de fanfiction en français qui reprend l'histoire (avec les cases de la BD en guise d'illustrations). Évidemment, un lien sera mis vers le Tumblr et ton nom sera cité ! Qu'en penses-tu ? :)

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oh oui, bien évidemment! 👍

A guide to the fandom of French politics/lolitics

I found something similar going around in the Spanish lolitics fandom (I think?) and thought it was kind of funny, and what with French politics going world-wide since the elections in May and Macron making himself heard around the globe (and before you come at me, he’s also got his flaws too, I’ll fully agree with you there), I thought it would be cool to open up the wonderful fandom of French politics (and our ships!) to our international friends. So sit tight, this is probably going to be long!

First off, who are the big names you’re likely to find the most often?

Emmanuel Macron

° Not surprising since he’s our new president.

° He’s actually pretty smol. Especially when standing next to other taller world leaders.

° He’s a lot younger than the other members of the French politics fandom. (He’s 39).

° Can’t take selfies.


° (It’s even a song).

° He looks like a pretty cool guy but does have some shitty policies he wants to put into effect (*cough* doesn’t necessarily plan to stop nuclear energy jobs even though they are polluting *cough*).

° Literally seems to think that he’s some kind of king/God.

° Loves Europe & the European Union (like, Emmanuel Macron x the EU is as canon as Emmanuel x Brigitte).

° Likes cordons bleus (and I get him, cordons bleus are amazing), chocolates and eating off the kid’s menu and is essentially a child in an adult’s body.

° Apparently even the official cook at the Elysée palace makes him little cordons bleus. (And he loves them).

° Is probably going to be annoying in the upcoming five years but we currently kind of like him. Or at the very least, he hasn’t fucked up too bad yet. (But please don’t cozy up to Trump too much).

° Is far better at speaking English than most French politicians (and possibly even the current US president) and uses expressions that are probably twice his age and that nobody uses anymore.

Manuel Valls

° He’s from Spain Catalonia but he’s French.

° Our former Prime Minister. Apparently he tried to join Macron’s party after the elections?

° The scapegoat who gets blamed for everything, even stuff he isn’t fully responsible for.

° Had flour thrown on him that one time.

° Often angry, but he does smile sometimes. (They’re actually rays of sunshine)

° Really did try to save the Parti Socialiste but didn’t manage and ended up quitting it. Is more of a center-left candidate??

° Dealt with a wide variety of shit ranging from terrorist attacks to being slapped across the face.


° Always looks good and sometimes wears see-through shirts.

° Was kind of friends with Macron (he was the one who convinced Hollande to hire him before they started to work together).

° People are beginning to realize that their hatred towards him was misdirected, which is nice. Hell, some are even beginning to appreciate him, which is even better.

° Gave that one really amazing speech at the Assemblée Nationale on January 13 2015 and got a standing ovation for it.

° Probably chilling off somewhere now? Or is he still trying to join En Marche?

° Has a cute Cairn Terrier called Homère. He even used to bring him to his meetings at the Elysée palace.

Benoît Hamon

° Former member of the Socialist party. He tried hard to save it, he really did.

° Is basically a Hobbit.

° Has lots of cute pairs of glasses.

° Good with kids.


° His real name is Baenoît Hamon.

° Even shared a picture of his kebab once and it was way more popular than President Macron’s official portrait.

° Deserved so much better.

° Is an actual cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

Arnaud Montebourg

° Toll ™.

° Often seen hanging out with Hamon.

° A rebel, he resigned from his post as economy minister from Hollande’s government.

° Is a drama queen.

° Loves everything with the label “Made in France”.

° Has fluffy looking hair.

Phillipe Poutou

° Far-left anticapitalist.

° He literally has no chill and will destroy you if you give him the opportunity.

° Popular among the young voters (I think???).

° Can also be really cute and adorable when he doesn’t vent about the evils of capitalism.

° Too cool to wear an actual suit.

Jean-François Copé

° Sometimes wonder whether he’s an actual politician or not.

° Is sometimes problematic ™

° Says chocolatine instead of pain au chocolat (which is downright wrong >:(( ) (Question à part: ça se dit où “chocolatine” exactement?? Ca va bientôt faire quinze ans que j'habite en France et je suis jamais tombée dessus?? Ca a toujours été “pain au chocolat” chez moi???)

° Never really scores any higher than 0.5%.

° Always enthusiastic and up for a good laugh.

° Memes.

° One of the rare right-wing politicians to actually be part of the fandom since everybody else ranges from the center (Macron & maybe even Valls) to the far-left (Poutou & Mélenchon).

Jean Lassalle

° He’s not really a big name, kind of a centrist?

° Has a heavy accent and loves his region very much.

° Lives a down-to-earth-appreciate-everything kind of life.

° Is probably one of the only politicians to actually be a really adorable person in real life.

° Appreciated by both his fellow politician colleagues and the general public. (Which is a real feat here).

Christiane Taubira

° The Queen ™

° She’s from French Guyana.

° Everybody loves her.

° She’s amazing, that’s all you need to know.

° She won’t let you mess with her: she might be smoll but she’s always ready to brawl (and clash you in the Assemblée Nationale).

° Has the law legalizing gay marriage named after her, like how cool is that???

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

° He’s on the far-left.

° He’s the hologram guy, loves modern technology.

° Has developed a legit game called “Fiscal Kombat”, where the Mélenchon character fights other French politicians to make them give back money, counter frauds and earn as much cash as possible to implement his program.

° He’s actually from Morocco.

° Is either angry or will take a great satisfaction in publicly clashing you.

° He has no chill and will call you out to your face.

° Always up for a fight and lives off drama.

° Is a sore looser tho.

Our international players:

Justin Trudeau

° The French speaking cousin ™ (with a slight accent)

° He’s not French but he’s basically considered as part of the fandom.

° Like Macron would say, he’s “part of the club” (yes, he really did use that expression).

° He got on well enough with the previous government,and currently has a thriving bromance with Macron.

° They probably diss Trump together in French.

° We’re all looking forward to anything more they can give us.

° Can also be spotted on photos with François Hollande and Manuel Valls.

Theresa May

°  The annoying friend from across the Channel.

° Brexit with Benefits ™

° Likes football.

° Speaks English only.

° Probably a source of conflict over Europe and the EU.

° Still the English member of our Franco-British (or soon to be English-only?) bromance.

° Hopefully introduced Manu to the wonders that are Fish & Chips.

Barack Obama

° He may no longer be president but we still love him.

° Had a soft spot for Hollande’s poor English.

Angela Merkel

° Proud member of the pro-EU squad.

° Holds the flag for the Franco-German bromance.

° Was bros with Sarkozy and seems to like Macron a lot.

° Also an avid football supporter.

As for our ships, well here’s what we’ve got to offer :))

The French only ships

Vallande: François Hollande and Manuel Valls

° I don’t know, it’s the first of the political ships I really heard of.

° Apparently it was a thing??

° Basically the president and his Prime Minister.

° There is legit real fanart out there if you look hard.

° They seemed to be happy when they were together sometimes, so I guess there’s that??

° Unfortunately they then broke up when Valls left Hollande’s government to run for the left wing primaries. I guess not every pairing can have a happy ending :(

° **Edit: I just happen to have found an entire blog dedicated to the ship (Vallande is real les amis), and it’s the most unlikely thing ever but also fucking hilarious! (Je ne sais pas qui est derrière ce Tumblr, mais… Merci, pour le coup, ça m'a bien fait rire ^^).

° **Edit 2: Guys, just… Check the “Vallande“ tag, I promise it’s worth it. ^^

M&M’s/Vacron: Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron

° Probably the most popular/biggest ship in the fandom for now.

° They have a complicated ™ relationship.

° They used to be kind of friends??? But Macron essentially stabbed Valls in the back by using Valls’ declining popularity and problems to push himself forward.

° I’m not even sure where they stand at now. Probably former colleagues?

° Although Valls did immediately back Macron after losing the socialist primary final to Hamon (whether that is to be taken as a sense of affection/friendship/something else towards Macron, I’ll let you decide for yourself).

° We still ship them though.

° All the more so because there are lots of pics (and non-photoshopped ones I might add) that are out there.

° (Perhaps they even ship themselves, who knows?)

°  Oh and Vall’s official nickname for Macron when they were in the same government was “Microbe”, which basically means germ (if you translate it literally) or squirt.

° We also have AO3 fics and fanart. (Seriously, the M&M’s fandom is amazing :)).

(Add Myriam El Khomri and you get an OT3).

(But Valls and El Khomri look more like embarrassed parents and Macron their overly-enthusiastic five year-old).

(Or you can add Najat Vallaud-Bellkacem if you’d prefer). 

Cinnhamonbourge: Benoît Hamon and Arnaud Montebourg

° The Cuties ™.

° Also quite popular in the fics and fanart territory.

° Fluff, fluff and more fluff. (And possibly the occasional angst, but it’s mostly fluff).

° Team “Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll”.

° Well Hamon is, Montebourg can get a little more angry at times.

° But they like each other, that’s the most important part.

° Both are now former members of the PS, Montebourg quit in 2014 and Hamon only a month ago.

° Used to hang out together a lot.

° Probably diss Hollande (and Macron’s) government together.

° Organize cool-looking parties.

° Like flowers.

° Probably drowning their sorrows and crying over the state of French politics together. (With a bottle of fine champagne).

(You can even add Valls if you want an OT3, not sure they’d get along tho).

(Is Macrontebourg also a thing? Just askin’) (Although we all know Arnaud and Benoît belong together).

Along with Montebourg, apparently Hamon and Taubira were also good friends :)

Marine Le Pen x Florian Philippot

° I think this is also a thing?

° They’re basically the Evil Power Couple of French politics.

° Probably want to dominate France and are secretly building a “Grand Villain Manifesto” for the 2022 elections.

° They can stay together as long as they don’t bother us.

° Apparently people also ship Le Pen and Mélenchon???

° Is it a hate-ship??

° (Je n'en sais rien vraiment, mais je suis tombée dessus une ou deux fois… Je ne sais toujours pas trop quoi en penser ^^).

Team Destroy Capitalism: Nathalie Arthaud and Philippe Poutou

° Like the ship name suggests, they hate capitalism.

° The far-left bros.

° They’re full of bitterness and full of salt.

° Arthaud is Angry ™, elle est là pour NIQUER SES MERES.

° Often angry. Just a reminder.

° Poutou has no chill and will fight you even though he’s only a factory worker for Ford, who works REALLY HARD.

° (But he’s cool). (He can also be really nice and really cute).

° Arthaud will also fight you, especially on capitalism. Arthaud x Capitalism is probably her biggest NOTP.

° Team Tiny Candidates.

The international ships

Merkozy: Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy (aka President Bling Bling ™).

° I wasn’t really following politics all that much back in 2007.

° Apparently they were like BFF’s, and are one of the early bro-ships in French politics??

° The Oldie but Goldie, I guess that’s what we could roll with?

° The Smol bros.

° I don’t know whether they are still in touch or not but let’s hope so, because Merkel’s huge smiles are literal rays of sunshine.

Don’t ask me, but there was also something with Hollande.

And Valls.

And she seems to be climbing up the new BFF scale with Macron too.

Hobama: François Hollande and Barack Obama

° Obama seemed to get along well with Macron’s clumsy predecessor, maybe his poor English even grew on him after a while.

° “Ah na wol spriking in French because ay oblairge ay oblaïge to do that.”

° President Classy ™ and President Awkward ™.

° They both exited the world stage at the same time at the end of 2016, right before shit got real.

° Might be keeping in touch and maybe even mounting a scheme to take out the Crazy Orange Cheeto (okay probably not, but let’s just imagine for a second that they are really doing this?)

(Obama was also friends with Sarkozy, if you were wondering).

Macdeau: Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron

(C'est bien Macdeau le “nom officiel”? Parce que j'ai vu des choses du style Macreau, Trudon et Trudō également)

° Highly anticipated bromance that came about shortly after Macron won the election.

° Basically became canon in Taormina when they met for the G7 Summit, and we got the pics of them strolling along in the flowery gardens. (Looking extremely similar to that one scene in Game of Thrones between Margaery and Sansa)

° Trudeau is Toll ™ and Macron is Smoll ™.

° Always smiling.

° New pics and Twitter posts are always welcomed and widely shared.

° They’re always happy together and as long as their bromance is thriving, so are we. 

(( But if you’d rather ship him with Valls, then there’s also canon photos you can use too :) ))

Then we’ve also got this but:

Does it

Really warrant

An explanation?

(There aren’t any pictures, but just in case you were wondering, our friend Mister Donald the Crazy Orange Cheeto also rooted for her during the elections).

Maycron: Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron

° Also a G7 baby.

° Speak English together.

° Trying to mend bridges between the UK and France. (Because from what I’ve gathered, neither Sarkozy or Hollande were apparently great friends with David Cameron).

° Give affectionate hugs.

° Probably butt heads over topics like Europe and Brexit since May wants out of the EU and Macron is arguably one of the EU leader who loves the EU the most (like I said, Macron x EU is as canon as Emmanuel x Brigitte).

° Share a passion and enthusiasm for football. May can even be a little bit too enthusiastic sometimes ;)

° Probably also vent about the Orange Cheeto to one another.

And as a Franco-Irish member of the French lolitics fandom, I’m also really happy to be able to say that

French politicians

Seem to have an ongoing bromance

With their Irish counterparts

That doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon :)

And if you really want to go deep down, here are the over-the-top-not-really-serious-recurring-pairings you can also find:

Benoît Hamon x Kebabs (It’s pure, it’s lovely, and believe it or not, it’s way more popular than you’d think more popular than Macron at any rate).

François Fillon & “Rends l'argent” (we basically want him to give back the public money he stole).

Eva Joly x The Green Glasses

° Kind of an older pairing, since it goes back to the 2012 elections (she didn’t run this year).

° Joly usually wore red glasses, but to represent her Green Party (EELV), she campaigned with a pair of green ones.

° Basically what she was remembered for.

° Maybe she still wears them?

Emmanuel Macron x Cordons bleus (the truest OTP of this 2017 presidential campaign and we understand him, those things taste like heaven).

François Hollande x Being Akward (pretty much what you can resume his five-year presidency as).

Benoît Hamon x His glasses (they even have their own Twitter account apparently at LunettesBenoit).

Apparently he loves them so much he went and bought a bunch of them right before the presidential race began.

Marine Le Pen & Being a scary arsehole (basically she hates anything non 100% French, was high on drugs or something during her debate with Macron and couldn’t make coherent arguments. Blames immigrants, non French citizens and Muslims for everything wrong in the country).

She’s basically our equivalent of the horrors known as Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, Frauke Petry and Nigel Farage.

(Unsurprisingly, she’s also friends with all of them).

French politicians in general x Being assaulted with food ingredients: whether it’s flour, eggs or the hand that whisks them up in the form of a slap, Valls, Macron, Le Pen, Sarkozy, Fillon and Hollande have all had it thrown at them. ^^

Après, si j'en ai oublié d'autres, n'hésitez pas à les rajouter, histoire de faire répandre nos ships et la fandom politique française à l'international! C'est ma toute première contribution, donc je n'ai probablement pas donné une liste exhaustive :))

FR : 

“je veux guérir.

J’aime mes amis mais j’ai besoin d’être seul.e

Je veux sauver le monde et le voir brûler en même temps

Je veux pouvoir aimer mais je suis trop énervé.e

J’ai besoin de trop de temps pour guérir, j’en ai marre !! 

Je veux être grand.e mais je me sens petit.e

Je veux aller de l’avant mais je veux ma revanche. “

- OH MU 

PS: hello, ces temps c’est un peu compliqué de finir une bd pour vagues survivantes, c’est pas toujours facile de trouver le bon ton pour parler de certaines choses et donc je préfère prendre un peu plus de temps qu’au début du projet, mais je n’abandonne rien, j’ai plein d’idées en cours dans ma tête ou sur papier. Bisous 

Mentre cammino un tizio continua a fissarmi, lo vedo incespicare un saluto nella mia direzione e subito dopo, per non aver guardato la strada, inciampare scivolando così a terra in un: “Hello baby”. Io, incredula e dall'alto dei miei occhiali da vista, lo guardo precipitare col culo per terra per poi rispondere: “Hello”.

Breve ma assolutamente intenso.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Tu as fait une prépa non? (j'espère que je ne me trompe pas de blog... ^^) Aurais-tu des conseils à donner à une (future) taupine un peu stressée par la rentrée?

Yoooooo jeune hypokhâgneuse !! (en supposant que ce soit une prépa littéraire ? dans tous les cas, ça marche !)

J’ai fait une prépa en effet, après j’ai pas eu le concours de l’ENS soooooo…. not sure si je suis la meilleure pour les conseils MAIS :

1) essaie d’être là en cours ? J’espère que tu auras des bons profs, et si c’est le cas, ce sont tes meilleurs alliés, j’ai eu 10 en littérature, en ayant pas trop bossé à côté, parce que j’avais un prof excellent 

2) TRAVAIL DE GROUPE. Je sais pas comment est ta prépa, mais ne crois pas les gens qui vont te dire “La prépa c’est la RIVALITE, fuck EVERYONE”, tes camarades pourront t’aider, déjà à t’aider dans les moments de galère (et à blaguer pour dédramatiser, I swear, ça aide), et peut-être même être des supers amis ? Mes meilleurs potes sont ceux de prépas.

3) LES BIBLIOGRAPHIES SONT IMPORTANTES genre vraiment. Par contre, si elles sont très longues, t’as pas à angoisser en mode “FAUT QUE JE LISE TOUT”, maiiiis ce sont de bons repères pour les exposés, les révisions etc. Tant que j’y suis, achète pas TOUT les livres, don’t need too, les bibliothèques sont là pour ça, ou achète d’occasion.

4) DECOMPRESSE. Tu as une mauvaise note ? Tant pis tu feras mieux (ou pas) après. Tu es là pour apprendre, et apprendre passe parfois par des mauvais résultats. J’avais genre 7 en littérature au début, et 12,13 à la fin, et c’était ENORME DEJA. Au lieu d’être triste sur tes notes, pense à pourquoi tu as eu faux etc. Et tout le monde a de mauvaises notes ! Au bout d’un moment, on s’habitue.

5) Au passage : les profs ne sont pas des dieux. Ils n’ont pas toujours raison, certains sont injustes. Accepter tes mauvaises notes ne veut pas dire accepter des injustices. L’occasion ou jamais d’être critique ! Encore une fois, tes camarades de galère : des alliés.

6) Ils vont tous te dire que tu dois travailler 24h sur 24 mais tu sais quoi ? Tu mérites de te détendre de temps en temps. Même si tu as des notes pourries ! Sinon, tu vas pas te tenir. Ca veut pas dire sortir tous les soirs, mais tu as le droit de t’amuser, comme tout le monde ! Pas besoin de culpabiliser, sous prétexte que tu es “l’élite de la France” (on m’a dit ça wtf) x) 

7) Organise ton travail, fais un planning si besoin, ça va t’aider. Prévois des pauses, prévois des aprem de boulot. Un prof nous conseillait d’évaluer le temps qu’on prenait pour faire une dissertation maison, et de rajouter deux heures, au cas où. Essaie d’apprendre à “reconnaître” tes habitudes travail, si tu prefères bosser en groupe ou pas, en bibliothèque ou chez toi etc, pour avoir les conditions de travail maximales.

8) Enjoy. Que ce soit une prépa littéraire ou pas, a priori, tu vas avoir de supers profs : même si tu ne réussis pas les concours, tu vas apprendre un max de choses. Essaie de kiffer ce que tu fais ! Si tu es là, c’est que tu dois aimer ces matières, non ?

9) N’hésite pas à partager quand tu ne te sens pas bien : à tes profs, aux autres élèves, à l’infirmière, à ce blog même !! Ne garde pas tes angoisses.

Ces conseils sont chaotiques, j’espère que ça ira !

anonymous asked:

Hey petite question indiscrète, t'en es où avec la religion ? Genre t'es convertie déjà ou pas encore ? Ça se passe comment tout ça ?

Hello !
J'ai rencontré un rabbin mi-octobre et je commence les cours d'hébreu en novembre, c'est des cours spéciaux et accélérés de deux mois pour comprendre les prières, et après cela, j'ai des cours de judaïsme. Je compte aller à l'office du Chabbat (Shabbat ? c'est ce que les américains écrivent je crois) tous les samedi matin - je voulais le vendredi soir mais niveau transport, c'est compliqué. J'y suis déjà allée deux fois, c'était… disons que je suis d'autant plus motivée.
Au-delà des offices, j'essaie de faire rentrer le judaïsme dans ma vie quotidienne, si j'ose dire, déjà par l'alimentation, mais aussi en respectant vraiment le Chabbat, en ne travaillant pas, n'achetant rien, et surtout, ne pas utiliser mon téléphone, ce qui est assez difficile dans mon cas 😶 Maaais je suis très très motivée pour réussir.
Je vais à une synagogue libérale so la conversion prend un peu plus d'un an !

Ce soir je suis sortie et c'était plutôt sympa sauf le retour qui a été une succession d'échec :

1. On est passé a Mcdo avant de prendre le métro parce qu'on voulait des frites et j'ai pris un Happy Meal pour avoir le jouet Pokemon sauf que y en avait plus alors j'ai eu un truc Hello Kitty tout nul

2. On était persuadées que le dernier métro était à 3h alors que non on est mardi le dernier métro est à 00h donc plus de métro à 1h

3. On décide de rentrer en velib sauf que la station de velib de chez nous était remplie donc on a du continuer jusqu'à en trouver une avec des places

Tout cela sous une agréable température de 5 degré (merci le sud de passer à des températures plutôt sympa direct aux températures d'hiver, et l'automne alors ?!)

Hello, personitas!! Hace un rato se me olvidó hacer un post para presentar a esta pequeña, no tan pequeña. Ella es Aurora “Rory” Honeycutt, tiene 18 años recién cumplidos, está en el último año de secundaria y trabaja medio tiempo como cajera en la cafetería Fiona’s. Para su personalidad, imaginen una mezcla entre Allison Argent & Hermione Granger. Pueden leer un poco más sobre ella aquí y echar un vistazo a su lista de conexiones acá. Estoy abierta a cualquier cosa que se les ocurra, mi chatbox está siempre abierta.

imagine at the start of their relationship, antonio used to send the cutest morning texts ever, filled with hearts & compliments & good wishes to his italian.

but now, lovino wakes up to see bundles of text messages like “Help I don’t want to go to work today!” “en los brazooos de un ángeeeel” ”hello darkness my old amigo“ ”rip the hottest fernandez-carriedo child :,(

    La rubia se encontraba cerca de la enorme fogata mientras frotaba sus brazos con sus propias manos en busca de darse un poco de calor. ‘ Mierda, si hubiera sabido que iba a hacer tanto frío, hubiera traído otra chamarra. ’ Mencionó, un suspiro abandonando sus labios.

Come rovinare l'infanzia ad una persona.

Il creatore di “ Due Fantagenitori” è bisessuale , quindi Timmy Turner era gay , ma Nickelodeon non ha accettato questo e lo ha modificato. Perciò il cappello e la maglietta rosa. Josh Parker soffriva di anoressia e perciò hanno smesso di registrare “Drake & Josh”. Babbo Natale, Santa Claus,qualunque si il modo in cui lo vogliate chiamare, è stato creato dalla Coca Cola per un annuncio che l'ha resa famosa. Della serie “Phineas e Ferb” , Candace Flynn … ESISTE ! , E’ una sedicenne russa che aveva due fratelli morti anni fa.A causa della loro morte, Candace è impazzita , e arrivò al punto di immaginare i suoi fratelli a fare tali progetti. Così, quando Candace porta sua madre per vedere se prende i suoi fratelli,non c'é niente, perché é frutto della sua immaginazione . Il creatore di “Il mondo di Elmo” era un pedofilo. Hello Kitty è una bambola diabolica creata da una ragazza giapponese con un trauma psicologico , in giapponese significa “ Ciao Diavolo” . Barbie era un giocattolo sessuale ma i creatori lo hanno modificato e lo hanno reso adatto ai bambini. I Teletubbies erano cartoni animati per bambini  disabili . Il famoso Paperino è stato creato da un padre in onore a suo figlio con problemi nel parlare . Betty Boop è stato creato in onore a una prostituta.

Youtubers Chat

9. #ChangeIsGood

Rubius a cambiado el icono del grupo

Rubius a cambiado el nombre del grupo a “We’re back bitches (ง ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)ว”

Alex fue agregado al grupo

Mangel ❤  fue agregado al grupo

Frank fue agregado al grupo

Luzu fue agregado al grupo

Vegetta fue agregado al grupo

Willy fue agregado al grupo

Rubius: Hace tiempo que no hablamos queridos

Mangel ❤: En lo personal extrañaba el grupo

Vegetta: Ay pilluelos, como se nota que no pueden vivir sin Vegetitta

Frank: Vegetta el humilde le dicen

Alex: El chat estaba muy muerto

Luzu: Mas muerto que Willy en “Un Mes”

Vegetta: O que en “Eternidad”

Rubius: O que yo en “Despierta” ah espera que no me mori JAJAJAJA

Mangel ❤: No es un fic wigetta si willy no muere

Frank: Es por chino

Alex: A lo mejor es coreano

Mangel ❤: Algo asiatico es

Willy: Bueno ya basta con el bullying

Vegetta: Willy tiene razon

Rubius: Ayyy que llego el novio a defenderlo

Luzu: Ayyy #Wigetta qkdjdbdj

Vegetta: No es por eso

Vegetta: Les explico porque tenemos que dejarnos de meter con willy

Willy: ¡gracias! por fin alguien

Vegetta: Miren va a llegar un dia en que los chinos se van a cansar de que el resto de la humanidad seamos unos gillipollas y nos van a dominar, si somos buenos con willy él le puede decir a su gente (en chino obviamente) que somos buena gente para asi salvarnos de ser esclavisados tambien





Willy: yo flipo

Willy a salido del grupo

Vegetta: SE FUE


Rubius: VOY VOY

Willy fue agregado al grupo

Willy: Odiarlos#

Frank: Tu nos amas querido chinito

Willy: No soy chino 7-7

Rubius: Ja claro…. Y yo soy gay

Luzu: Lo eres

Rubius: No

Alex: Lo eres x2

Vegetta: Lo eres x3

Rubius: Que no soy gay

Frank: Lo eres x4

Mangel ❤: Lo eres x5

Luzu: Tu tambien mangelito

Luzu: Y vegetta tambien

Luzu: Todos gays

Alex: Un momento

Frank: Habla por ellos

Luzu: Ustedes tambien

Luzu: StaxXby ma frens

Alex: Es tonto

Luzu: Todos se la comen

Rubius: Y tu no?

Luzu: No lol

Luzu: En todos los grupos de amigos gays hay uno que es hetero, para darle equilibrio

Vegetta: Aveces me preocupas mucho

Frank: Como a todo el mundo


Mangel ❤: So one last timeeeeE


Luzu: Muchachooooos

Luzu: Tengo una idea super guay (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Frank: Tengo miedo de saber

Alex: Me too

Luzu: No es nada malo

Luzu: Ya mangelito y yo lo hablamos

Mangel ❤: Si y puede ser la hostia

Rubius: Y que sera eso?

Luzu: #ChangeIsGood

Willy: El movimiento?

Vegetta: Ni modo que sea la meneada juazjuazjuaz

Vegetta: PD: holis

Luzu: Hagamos como si nunca leimos eso por el bien de todos

Frank: en fin digan de que se trata la vaina esa

Mangel ❤: Ustedes saben que el movimiento este es para que salgamos de nuestra zona de confort y aventurarnos en diferentes cosas

Luzu: Y lo que queriamos hacer era ponerlo en practica con el grupo, sacandonos a cada uno de nuestra zona de confort en este grupo

Vegetta: A mi me mola

Rubius: Me apunto

Alex: porque no?

Willy: cuenten conmigo

Frank: Lo que dijeron ellos

Luzu: PEEERO hay una cosita mas

Luzu: Mas que todo por el salseo

Mangel ❤: Como vamos a estar fuera de nuestra zona de confort el que menos tiempo dure tendra que hacer un castigo que entre todos lo pensaremos, dando como prueba un video para nosotros solamente  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rubius: Oh (・∀・)

Vegetta: Vegetitta se apunta


Frank: arroba dios dame fuerzas

Alex: Vamooooh

Luzu: Ok ahora lo importante

Mangel ❤: Que cosas no pueden hacer en el grupo

Luzu: Rubius no puede decir palabrotas ni hacer bullying

Mangel ❤: Willy no se puede ir del grupo ni ignorarnos cuando todos estemos hablando

Luzu: Franker no puede llegar a las conversaciones, él tiene que iniciarlas

Mangel ❤: Alex no puede ser borde con nosotros, tiene que ser amable

Luzu: Vegetta no puede hacer chiste horribles ni hacer juegos de palabras que tengan el “getta” al final

Mangel ❤: Luzu no puede llamarnos gays ni shippear

Luzu: Mangel no puede escribir mas de tres mensajes

Rubius: fuck

Vegetta: ya vali

Frank: arroba dios ayudame

Alex: se vienen dias oscuros

Willy: happy hunger games


Mangel y Luzu




Mangel 02:00 am: LOOOOOOL

Mangel 02:00 am: Es chistoso porque rubius tambien me saco por ponerle eso de condicion


Mangel 02:03 am: Laaaaarga historia

Mangel 02:03 am: Pero no es nada homo

Luzu 02:04 am: No homo clarooo

Mangel 02:05 am: Exacto

Luzu 02:07 am: Cuantas veces follaron?

Mangel 07:40 am: DOS CON LA HACE RATO, buenos dias

Luzu 07:45 am: Que orgullo :“)

Mangel 07:47 am: Cambiando de tema ¿quien crees que sera el primero en caer?

Luzu 07:50 am: Yo digo que alexby sera el primero

Mangel 07:53 am: Yo digo que sera rubius

Luzu 07:55 am: En realidad podria ser cualquiera de ellos

Mangel 07:57 am: Tu y yo seremos los ultimos en pie

Luzu 07:58 am: Asi sera mi amigo

Mangel 07:58 am: Ya quiero ver como se portaran estos tios

Luzu 08:00 am: Creo que es hora de saberlo (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Visto por Mangel

De vuelta al grupo:

Luzu a cambiado el nombre del grupo a "Change Is Good challenge”

Frank: Buenos dias :D

Luzu: Hello franker

Frank: Hoy hace un bonito dia verdad?

Alex: Si lo hace

Alex: Pero no tan linda como tu risa compi

Frank: O amigo que me sonrojo

Luzu: ¿Es coqueteo lo que mis ojos ven?

Rubius: Leen*

Rubius: ¿acaso es tu instinto shipper el que mis ojos leen?

Luzu: Puuuuf para nada

Luzu: Solo era una pequeña pregunta

Willy: Buenos dias a todos

Vegetta: Hola willy

Willy: Hola querido compañero

Luzu: Oh baia

Mangel: Dias buenos

Frank: Adivinen que estoy jugando?

Alex: No sera el MGSV acaso?

Frank: En realidad si lo es


Mangel ❤: Ese juego es la polla

Mangel ❤: Mas que eso

Rubius: ¿Mangel estas siendo plaga?

Mangel ❤: ¿yo? Pero para nada

Rubius: Pues a mi me parece lo contrario

Mangel ❤: Pues pensaste mal querido

Luzu: Oh querido baia

Vegetta: ¿porque reaccionas de esa forma luzu?

Alex: ¿sera que los quieres shippear? Yo lo hago

Luzu: No, solo que me sorprendio aquel tuteo entre ellos

Frank: Eso me reconforta mucho en realidad

Alex: Y a mi me alegra que estes bien amigo

Frank: Muchas gracias amigo

Luzu: yisus pls no

Vegetta: CHICOS

Vegetta: Ayer vi interestellar

Rubius: Amo esa peli

Mangel ❤: yo tambien

Mangel ❤: Matthew McConaughey es la hostia

Mangel ❤: Sigo sin creer que no le dieron el oscar en mejor banda sonora

Willy: Uyyyy mangelito que cantidad de mensajes

Mangel ❤: qtpd

Rubius: ????

Vegetta: Que te puedo decir*

Vegetta: Eso se los dije y aun no se recuerdan #indignado

Rubius: Drama queen

Vegetta: Soy dramag…

Vegetta: Digo sencible

Luzu: uyyyy vegetita

Alex: casi casi casi


Frank: poio poio

Frank: poia


Frank: ¡Momento musical!


Alex: You and me We used to be together every day together always I really feel I’m losing my best friend I can’t believe this could be the end

Mangel ❤: It looks as though you’re letting go and if it’s real well I don’t want to know

Vegetta: Don’t speak I know just what you’re saying so please stop explaining don’t tell me ‘cause it hurts

Willy: Don’t speak I know what you’re thinking I don’t need your reasons don’t tell me 'cause it hurts

Frank: Our memories they can be inviting but some are altogether mighty frightening as we die, both you and I With my head in my hands I sit and cry

Luzu: Don’t speak I know just what you’re saying so please stop explaining don’t tell me 'cause it hurts don’t speak I know what you’re thinking I don’t need your reasons don’t tell me 'cause it hurts

Mangel ❤: It’s all ending I gotta stop pretending who we are

Rubius: No formare parte de esta maricada

Alex: Pero que pesao’ eres tio ¿es tan dificil unirte y pasarla bien?

Willy: Pero tampoco es para que nos pongamos a pelear…


Rubius: CALLA

Willy a salido del grupo

Willy fue agregado al grupo

Willy a salido del grupo

Willy fue agregado al grupo

Willy: bASTA

Rubius: Hoy andas muy nenita como alex

Alex: mira quien lo dice

Alex: El rey de los GILLIPOLLAS

Vegetta: Aqui llega el mediargetta a ayudar

Willy: Pls ayuda D:

Vegetta: Calma pequeño aqui esta tu vegetitta


Mangel ❤: Vegetitta dejelos usted pelear

Mangel ❤: dejelos pasar

Mangel ❤: no sea asi


Frank: opino lo mismo que el pargelita de arriba

Frank: Si, me meto por que puedo

Mangel ❤: Sassy frank

Mangel ❤: Me gusta esa palabra

Mangel ❤: “Sassy”

Rubius: wait…

Alex: …nosotros…

Willy: …acabamos…

Frank: …de perder…

Vegetta: …el…

Luzu: …challenge?

Mangel ❤: Si

Mangel ❤: Y como unos tarados

Willy: ¿osea que todos vamos a hacer un reto?

Luzu: Sip…

Vegetta: Vaya por dios

Rubius: ¿ya puedo decir esa groseria?