Found these guys for sale on craigslist and impulse bought, but lemme tell ya they were a bargain, I would just like to perhaps know what they are and if these are their natural states or if they are having issues? I’ve heard of Kalanchoes burning, which is what I thought this was, but when I look at some other succulents they naturally have the red tinting on the ends?

Please and thank you, and sorry for any trouble!


The ones in the first pic look like kalanchoe daigremontiana and aloe vera.. I’ve never seen the last one before! They all look pretty healthy :) 

It’s normal for the edges of the kalanchoe to be red, it probably just means the sun is strong. Definitely not burning though ! Burned parts will be brown and will not recover. Red-tinting will fade if you give it less sun. Watch out for the little babies on these, they will take over all your pots if you let them! 

The two aloe vera is very young, they grow pretty slowly but can eventually reach a metre across, and you can use the leaves to get aloe vera gel for your skin or aloe cubes for eating :) 

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I need more Drarry fanfics (COMPLETED PLEASE) because I've read literally so many I can't find new ones sorry for the trouble

oh hello there my friend, i’m not sure if you’re asking the right person because i do not actually do fic recs? bc i usually forget most of the thing i read lol /cries/ but yeah i’ll list few of my favs by no particular order

Battle Scars by @sappypotter (29k)
Spiders, rats, wrongly-boiled Veritaserum, a couple of dangerous bets and drunk parties – all with all, it was bound to be a hectic eight year at Hogwarts for the golden trio. Trying to ignore the ex-Death Eater Draco Malfoy, however, turned out to be more difficult than ever before. Especially when he seemed to be as obsessed with Harry as Harry was with him.

Welcome to the Broom Closet by incapricious (23k)
Harry thinks he knows how his life will go: Become an Auror. Marry Ginny. Have a family. But then he sees an advertisement in the paper that no one else can see, and his life is turned upside-down. The Broom Closet: you can be anyone you want while you’re there, but you won’t remember it in the morning.

Serpentes by xErised (29k)
It’s a shame that Draco Malfoy looks so good stripping in a club with stolen snakes, because Auror Harry’s got a job to do. 

Date of a Lifetime by @dorthyanndrarry (14k)
At this year’s fourth annual New Horizons charity auction
and gala there will be a most rare and unusual item up for bid,
a Date with the hero of the wizarding world, Harry Potter!
Pansy leaned into his arm, “Would you win Potter?’ she asked and before he could answer she held up an ornate card.
Draco’s eyes widened and he reached out for the invitation.
Pansy twitched it back, “Draco,” she said quietly, “I will only give this to you if you win that ridiculous Potter date.” 

Never Feel the Burning Light by @carpemermaidtales (48k)
When it falls to Draco to restore his family name to its former glory the road ahead of him is long, but with Harry Potter’s help and a plan that is just this side of ridiculous he just might succeed at accomplishing his goals and getting what he wants. What neither of them plan on is falling in love along the way. 

The Lip-Lock Jinx by cassisluna (20k)
It’s a jinx that renders the victim mute, unless he/she serves the purpose of the jinx and kisses the person that they desire. It’s just Harry’s luck that he’s in love with Draco. 

Hey, Potter by SunseticMonster (16k)
Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, determined not to let Malfoy get to him. But when the snarky teasing starts up again, Harry finds that returning the jibes with compliments has a far more interesting outcome.

All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl (114k) [[podfic]]
Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.

The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight by Omi_Ohmy (35k)
When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too. 

this amazing ficlet by @decanthrope

this cupboard fic by @sappypotter

i’m quite sure there are a lot more amazing fics that i forget? but these are the few that come to my mind. remember to leave kudos and some nice comments to the author! :)

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Hello, If it's no trouble could I request headcanons for the whole RFA and Saeran where the MC has dog and it's pretty much her best friend? Not a small dog either, like a boxer or husky or some other big dog? It can either be a puppy or adult, and nice/indifferent to cats. I mean, I love both Cats and Dogs, but dogs are almost never mentioned in mm ;; plus I thought it would be interesting.

I love big doggos hell yeah let’s go 


Dog: Bernese Mountain Dog

✮ he’s a vet so he’s all for animals 
✮ so when you tell him you have a bernese mountain dog 
✮ he’s so excited (they’re so cute) 
✮ when you explain that it’s basically your best friend 
✮ he’s so giggly and affectionate 
✮ because his s/o loves animals just as much as he did 
✮ when you move in together (into a bigger place bc I don’t think a burmese would live comfortably in a college kid’s dorm) he nervously asks if your dog is okay with cats (lisa) 
✮ when you reassure him that it’s all g 
✮ he’s even more excited!!! 
✮ i can just see him being so doting and cuddling with your big pupper 
✮ he really loves cuddling with you and this big floofer 
✮ he takes so many pictures of lisa curled up with your big buddy 


Dog: Japanese Akita

✎ she’s a bit nervous at first tbh
✎ she’s used to elizabeth who is a little cat
✎ so suddenly there’s this really large mass of happy fluff
✎ she’s startled
✎ but your akita is really well-mannered and sits at her feet with a silly dog-smile 
✎ and she’s all *heart eyes* 
✎ akitas don’t shed year-round so she’s super hype 
✎ and she enjoys brushing them with you when it’s ‘blowing it’s coat’ 
✎ she isn’t all for sloppy kisses and cuddles 
✎ she likes it when it’s calm with her and maybe sets it’s head in her lap when she’s working 
✎ but she loves watching you two interact 
✎ because it’s a big cuddle party (she’s invited~) 
✎ keeps her calm 


Dog: Alaskan Malamute 

✿ is high key in love 
✿ takes so many photos 
✿ he’s so grateful he’s only allergic to cat fur and not dog fur 
✿ especially because you’re so close with your doggo 
✿ loves taking selfies with the big floofer 
✿ posts them all over his social media and the RFA chat becomes a haven of the other selfies that didn’t make it 
✿ loves that they’re such a silly and photogenic dog 
✿ takes photos of all the pupper smiles 
✿ the only time he doesn’t appreciate it is when he’s tryna unleash the beast with you but your doggo is like ‘hey don’t hurt [Y/N]’ 
✿ he gets really whiny when that happens 
✿ also during summer 
✿ because they like cuddling on the bed but zen already has his own mop of hair to deal with 
✿ so it just becomes a big, hairy, sweaty mess 


Dog: German Shepherd

₩ is kinda skeptical in the beginning 
₩ because of elizabeth 3rd 
₩ he’s really nervous that she won’t like your floofer or vice versa 
₩ and even though you said they were chill and indifferent to cats 
₩ you agreed on introducing them to each other slowly 
₩ so you’re taking them to a park together 
₩ and elizabeth is whiny because she doesn’t like being outside (lmao) 
₩ but your doggo is very well behaved and happy 
₩ they really like jumin and tries to impress him with their good manners 
₩ (happy panting doggo looking up with silly dog-smile at jumin while trotting along hhHHHNNNNNG) 
₩ until this savage other dog comes along, not on a leash 
₩ and is barking and trying to go elizabeth 
₩ your doggo jumps forward and saves the day 
₩ jumin was very thankful and crouches down to give your doggo pats 
₩ your pupper was very proud of themselves (jumin has accepted floofer) 


Dog: Chinook 

✞ loves loves LOVES your chinook 
✞ tries to train it to fetch honey buddha chips for him
✞ models his dog robot to look like them 
✞ when he’s stressed out he likes to just look at you and your big doggo cuddling 
✞ and then joining in 
✞ loves to just drown in the fluff 
✞ has 0 problem with getting kissed/licked 
✞ also likes that he has a moderately intimidiating watchdog 
✞ one time when vanderwood had snuck in while you and saeyoung where sleeping 
✞ your floofer was barking and growling up a storm 
✞ and saeyoung screamed and pounced at vanderwood when he pulled out his taser 
✞ vanderwood: ‘doggo?’ 
✞ is super protective and doesn’t like vanderwood being around them 
✞ they become meme’y friends 

I changed Saeyoung’s icon thingy because the keyboard was causing problems and spreading the text so it didn’t really fit in with the rest of the post, so I hope y’all don’t have a problem with it 

I hope you like the nice doggos I chose, this was a very enjoyable request to write heheheh! ♡♡

The super serious Kemetic cheat sheet

(Disclaimer: this is my UPG and is actually not that serious at all.)

-All cows are Hathor and yes she licked the bread, that’s her bread now give it to her. Also she updated your dating profile and thinks you look lovely in that new outfit you bought. She’s so warm and happy you can’t help but smile.

-Isis is a dragon and yes she wants all the pretty things and a personal fountain with lovely flowers and yessssss she loves that necklace, it’s her’s now. In thanks she helped that awesome spell you were working on work ten times as well and you suddenly have a huge confidence boost and feel like you can take on the world.

-If it’s red it belongs to Set, if he sees it it belongs to him, that pizza in the fridge? That’s his too. Also your hat is on fire, your welcome (it was hideous anyway)

-Sobek saw you glance at that fitness page. He’ll see you at the gym on Monday. Also drink more water and here’s a baby crocodile to inspire you to get ripped.

-Anubis randomly appears and stares. He says nothing but your can feel his gaze. You suddenly are hyper-aware of your entire life and impending doom. Then it’s gone. He’ll take a piece of your steak at dinner for his help.

-FATHERLY SCREECH OF ASSISTANCE Heru-wer heard you were feeling down and has come to cheer you up with dad jokes and coffee. Come to the nest of blankets and tell him about your day.

-All cats are Bast. Is this pretty thing on your altar for her? Great! It’s on the floor now. She loves you though and if anyone hurts her kitten… she makes sure they’re dealt with. If you are feeling down she will purr away your troubles.

-Hello, Thoth is here to help you with your essay. What an interesting subject! Here are some websites that have tons of info about the thing but you’ll get so deep into reading all the wonderful new info you’ll forget about your essay all together. Also he snuck a bite of Set’s pizza when no one was looking and wow! Look at the time! He’s gone.

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hello! ive been having trouble incorporating existing characters into my own art style. any tips for me and those struggling as well?

im not sure if i interpreted your questions correctly OTL BUT ILL TRY MY BEST!!!

emulate key characteristics of the character and integrate your stylistic designs when drawing them. this will help others recognize the character but still notice the uniqueness of your style.

takumi ex.

take notes of certain character designs and add or keep them.


BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.11

A/N: Helllooooo :) Ya girl has fully recovered from her food poisoning and whipped this up for you. Now, honestly it’s a bit shorter than the rest, but mainly because it’s a filler chapter. There’s A LOT of drama to come and those chapters will most definitely be longer, plus I wanted to get this out quick for making you all wait so long. So, you know 100 notes and feedback would be lovely. I hope yall love bugs enjoy💕

**WARNINGS**: None

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

“Calum!” You giggled loudly as Calum placed kisses all over your face, trying to fight him off the best you could.

You loved moments like these where Calum would be playful and loving instead of the asshole he had recently grown into. After you had left the hospital Calum had been by your side constantly. He hadn’t allowed you out of bed in the past few days and even followed you to the bathroom if you needed to pee or shower. You wouldn’t be out of his sight for anymore than a few minutes before he’d come and cuddle up beside you. He even cooked and cleaned around the house for you without being asked to, and you usually could never get him to do either one.



“Get off!”

“No, I like giving you kisses.”

“Do you?”


“Well, do you mind giving me kisses else where?” You’d smirk and Calum would pause at your words and would shiver as your hands trailed down his back.

“I uh…”

“Come on, babe, we haven’t done anything in a while. I need you.”

Calum didn’t know what to do. As you kissed his neck all he could think about what happened between him and Nia and how he had betrayed you. He didn’t want to have sex with you anymore. He didn’t want to touch you like that, especially not after he’d touched someone else like that. Not after he had been intimate with someone other than his girlfriend.

“I’m not really in the mood, Y/N.”

“Please, Cal. I haven’t had you since the promo tour. I’m horny.”

“Yeah, but-”

“Can I at least get some head if you’re not in the mood? I need at least that.”

“Y/N, I don’t think I want to…”

“What?!” You shouted with wide eyes.“You don’t want to eat me out?! That’s a first, oh my God!”

“Yeah.“He’d laugh nervously."Are you hungry? I can run and get McDonald’s.”

“I’m hungry for something other than food, but since I apparently can’t have that then I want nuggets.”

“I’m sorry, princess. I’ll make it up to you.” He lied before he bolted out of the room.

You sighed and stared up at the ceiling, rubbing your six month belly out of habit. Another failed attempt at getting sex or any other sexual favor from Calum. You knew something was definitely wrong. When did that boy ever turn down sex? His sex drive was higher than anyone you know.

“What the hell is up with you, Cal?” You left the question floating in the air and hoped that you’d soon find the answer.

“Cal, why are you being weird?” Ashton questioned and he knew something was up the minute Calum began to chew on his lip and deny his accusations.

“I’m not-”

“You are and Y/N told me to ask why. She specifically told me that you won’t have sex with her.” He laughed lightly.“ Now, what’s wrong?”


“Calum, you’re tearing up.” Ashton sighed as he noticed Calum’s eyes beginning to glaze over with tears. Whatever was going on with him had to be major.“Cal-”

“I cheated.” He blurted and Ashton’s mouth gaped open and closed multiple times as he tried to find the right words. “I fucking..I fucking cheated on her and I can’t touch her like that anymore. I already hate myself more than you can possibly imagine, so you don’t have to give me shit about it.”

“I…you…Calum what the fuck? Are you fucking serious?!”

“Nia took advantage of me!” Calum shouted as more tears poured down his cheeks.“I was drunk as hell, but I knew what what was going on! I kept trying to get her to stop but she started- I just..it felt good and I gave in.” He hiccuped.“I regret it so much.”

“Why can’t you just stop doing stupid things for more than a few days? Why is it always something with you two?” Ashton spoke more to himself. “Y/N’s going to kill you.”

“Please don’t tell her.” Calum looked up from his hands.“Ashton, you can’t tell her!”

“Calum, this is something serious okay? She’s my friend, I can’t just not tell her!”

“I’ll tell her eventually,just don’t fucking tell her!” He cried. “I can’t lose her, especially not like this. She’ll hate me and I can’t handle that.”



The blonde boy could see that his younger friend was truly sorry for what he did. He could see that he had been beating himself up about it, which would explain his sulking around his apartment. The problem was, would you be able to see it?

“Can you not?” Felix would laugh as Connor squeezed his butt playfully.

“Your butt is so nice, babe. The gym really pays off.”

“Stop fondling me in this mall.” Felix chuckled as he pushed away Connor’s hand and pulled him into his side.

The two walked around the mall like that for a few hours, the only time they’d part being when they had to try something on. Connor had suggested stopping in the food court and Felix noticed that he kept eyeing a specific black haired girl sitting and chatting with a blonde.

“Why does she look so familiar?”

“I don’t know.” Felix shrugged as he paid for the Mandarin Express plates they had gotten. “Stop staring Connor.”

“I’m trying to figure out who she is.” Connor grabbed their drinks and continued to stare at the stranger.

“She’s probably nobody. Are we eating here or-”

“That’s that bitch Calum’s cheating on Y/N with!” He whisper shouted and slapped his boyfriends shoulder multiple times.“Y/N looks so much better.”

“Calum’s not cheating on her, and stop being so loud.”

“He is, neither of you want to believe it.”


“I’m going to talk to her.”

Felix’s eyes widened as his boyfriends pulled up the sleeves on his hoodie and made a beeline for Nia’s table. He couldn’t stop him due to the fact that he was holding their plates of food, so he followed closely behind trying to keep him from saying anything to her. To Felix’s dismay, Connor pulled out a chair and took a seat at their table, giving Nia the biggest fake smile he could muster up. Felix just knew that the lilac haired boy would cause trouble.

“Hello.” Connor greeted and the two girls gave him a weird look.

“Hi…Are you a fan?”

“Oh yeah, big fan.” He lied and held out his hand to shake hers, which she hesitantly shook.“I’m Connor, the best friend of Calum’s girlfriend.”

Felix almost laughed as he watched the girl’s face fall at his words.


“Yeah, oh is right. Now, why are you talking to him?”

“He’s my friend.”

“Oh, right. Your "friend”.“ He held up air quotations as he said ‘friend’."Lets cut the to chase. Are you fucking him?”

Nia laughed at this question and Connor had to remind himself that although he was gay, this was a girl and he was still a boy.“Why is this any of your business?”

"Look here, bitch.” Connor glared and Felix pinched the bridge of his nose. Why must he always be so hostile?“Y/N is my best friend. Due to her being my best friend, her business is my business. So, if you’re sleeping with her idiot of a boyfriend you need to let me know right now before I call people to beat your ass.”

“Please don’t call anyone, babe.” Felix sighed, knowing that he was serious. “Answer him, please.”

With a slight laugh Nia looked at her friend who only shook her head and continued to tap away at her phone, not wanting to be apart of it.


“If you must know, sweetie,” she smirked at him,“I fucked him a couple of nights ago.”

Felix’s eyes would widen in shock as Connor leaped across the table and yanked Nia by her hair, causing multiple people to look over.

“You think it’s funny?!”

“You’re fucking crazy!”

“Connor, let her go!”

With Felix grabbing at Connor he eventually let go and picked up his bags and stormed off towards the entrance of the mall. Felix looked at Nia with disgust and gathered the food before following behind his boyfriend. He met Connor in the car and didn’t know what to say as the boy bounced his leg at an alarming rate. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Felix decided to try and calm him down.


“I fucking told you he was cheating on her! I fucking told you!”

“I know, okay, just fuck. That wasn’t the right way to handle that!”

“Does it look like I care, Felix? I would’ve beat her ass if she wasn’t a girl!”

“I’m glad you didn’t, because I seriously don’t want to bail you out of jail.”

“We have to tell her.”

“No! Oh, God, no!”

Connor would look at Felix in shock as he shouted,“What the hell do you mean ‘no’? She’s our best friend!”

“Fuck, I know, but this will destroy her! She’s been to the hospital because of stress twice now and the doctor told her that a third time could possibly be a miscarriage! How would we even tell her that he’s cheating on her anyway?!”

“Felix, I can’t just pretend I don’t know that Calum’s cheating on her!” Connor would cry.“I’m going to feel shitty!”

“Babe,” Felix sighed out, understanding his point on the matter,“I just want her to be happy for once. Ever since Y/N got pregnant she’s been almost miserable and-”

“I know.” Connor would interrupt and run his fingers through his hair.“We’re officially shitty best friends and she’ll disown us.”

“No she won’t.”

“She won’t, but she’ll be really upset with us.”


“She’ll find out soon enough though, right? It not like it’ll be a long time before she knows..?”

The two boys stared at the car in front of them in deep thought, not having a clue on what to do in this situation. If they told you then there’s a risk you would lose the baby and wallow in your misery and hatred for Calum. If they didn’t you’d be happy and possibly eventually find out which would have the same effect from the first option. Either way you were fucked and they had no idea on how to fix you before you were broken.

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okay but 2 year old twins going to the door when they hear Harry arrives would be super cute

Dinner is cooking in the kitchen, under the watchful eye of the missus and Persephone, close to being finished and almost ready to be dished up, when Harry stumbles through the door after a long day. Dropping his bag down to the floor with a heavy huff and kicking off his boots haphazardly, being greeted by his darling 2-year old twins toddling towards him and cuddling into his legs, dressed in just their nappies with grins on their faces and hair pulled back into loose ponytails. 


“Hello, double trouble. Have you been drivin’ mummy mad today?” He chuckles, crouching down and wrapping each arm around them and hoisting them up onto his hips, “have you had fun with mummy today, yeah? Did you help her with her work?”

“Painted, daddy!” Darcy grins, clapping her hands as Harry smiles.

“You painted, did you? What did you paint?” He hums, taking gentle steps into the living room and further into the kitchen where his eldest child and his wife are stood at the counter. The missus passing plates towards Persephone as she set them upon the counter, “hello. I’m here. Something smells good.” 

“Daddy!” Persephone cries out, hopping down from the chair she was stood upon and rushed over towards him, wrapping her arms around his waist, “Daddy! Guess what we learnt at school today!”

“What’s that?”

“Daddy, we learnt about Ancient Greece in History and they had my name in it! In a story we read, they had my name!” She squeals excitedly, giggling when he chuckles out and manages to stumble across the kitchen to set his twins in their high-chairs, his eldest daughter unravelling her arms from around his waist and climbing in the chair that resides beside Harry’s, “it was so good, daddy!”

“That sounds great, Poppet. Did you have fun at school? Where’s your brother?”

“Alfie’s gone through to Olivia’s for the evening for some pizza and cakes. I’m going to get him in an hour,” the missus smiled, as she brought small plates over for Darcy and Rose, setting them down on their high-chair tables, “just us 5 tonight. I made us some veggie risotto.” xx

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Sentence Starters 

“Forgive my delay. A bit of unforseen trouble.”

“Hello there! Hello! Good day to you.”

“Haven’t you heard, Princess? I’m the hero.”

“As long as I got strength in my body, I obey that order.”

“All those years captive because I failed you… Not again. Locked doors will seal your fate no longer.”

“I do not fear death. What I fear is doing nothing, and losing everything.”

“Perhaps magical walls and castle gates do not keep all things safe.”

“Have you find your thief?”

“I only came to tell you… You are no Kings.”

“My life is nothing. Giving a future to those who want to see it… Is everything.”

“To hell with your power!”

“If you wish to leave, go now.”

“Go easy on the magic, hero. You got people waiting for you back home.”

“Like you, we wish nothing more than to bring a swift end to this senseless war.”

“Tell me. How heavy a sentence does the crime of theft carry in your empire?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. You know I ain’t got the stomach for this crap.”

“Just make sure you come back in one piece, alright?” 

“…The cost is a life, his or hers ”

Where Are You Now? (Saeran x MC) [Part 2]

Anonymous said to mysme-fics:
Hey R.I, I really liked the “Where are you now” Saeran x MC fic, could you please continue it? It was so awesome! Thx❤️

everafterhighfangirl said: Can you make Part 2 for this? 😁😁😁 I loved it very much 😍😍😍 
artsy-wolf96 said: Oh my god! I love it! Part 2 maybe? 
and @olivineonyx @ch3sh1re3 @magical-penut ty for your interest!

And thank you everyone liked/commented/reblogged the first part!! I’d reply but I don’t wanna spam, so just know that I’m really grateful!!  (((o(*°▽°*)o)))

I didn’t update for two months aaah, but I made sure to post this today because hEY it’s been 3 months since I joined @mysme-fics!

If you’ve followed my posts about it, I’ve been pretty insecure about the fic’s continuation;; but here it is…


Where Are You Now? [Pt. 2]

Pairing: Saeran x MC

Fanfic By: R.I.

Word Count: 1816

Click Here for: [Part 1] | [Part 3]

Surreal was the only word that could describe how Saeran felt right now. It had been over ten years since he’d last (and first) seen MC.

“Saeran… wooow, you’ve really changed…” MC commented, her eyebrows arching in surprise as she analyzed his features. “Your hair…”

Saeran felt his cheeks flushing as he suddenly felt self-conscious about his own hair. He’d never had a problem with it before, nor had he regretted his decision to dye his hair pink-white, but it felt so… weird showing it to someone who actually meant something to him.

Sure, it had been over a decade since they last talked, so she should be practically a stranger, but… to him, she was precious.

He didn’t have that many people in his life, in the first place. There had been his mom… his brother… the Saviour…

…Huh. That’s it.

Regardless, MC had always been the one to talk to him while he was locked up at home. He could only imagine her voice through her emails, since he could never risk calling her and getting caught by his mother. He wouldn’t let his only happiness slip right through his fingers. Of course, Saeran was discovered in the end, but he’d really done all he could in order to prolong the inevitable. He wanted to keep talking with MC. He wanted to keep talking with his friend.

His only friend…

Was that so wrong?

To have friends?

“It looks really nice on you,” MC’s soft voice gently broke through his series of thoughts. “And… is that a tattoo?”

Saeran felt his throat tighten up, still nervous from their sudden encounter. “Y-yeah,” he stammered, then cleared his throat to continue. “I, uh, decided to get a tattoo.”

Oh god, Saeran, way to state the obvious, he inwardly groaned to himself.

MC’s eyes softened as she stared at him, still making him feel self-conscious. “But your mom, she… Does that mean…?”

Hope filled her eyes so brightly, Saeran immediately understood what she meant. The unspoken question. “Does that mean you’re free from her now?”

“…Yeah.” His response came in a hoarse whisper. “I’m free.”

Saeran had told her about his abusive mother. She was the only person, next to his brother, that he’d felt he could trust. God, she had been like a beacon of light in his everlasting darkness. Brightening his days, guiding him through some of his darkest moments… She had always been so close to him, and yet so far away, hidden behind a computer screen, but now… Now she was right there in front of him.

He could almost cry from joy.

He looked away from MC before she could notice the rare but genuine, soft smile on his face. He couldn’t help it. Her presence was enough to make him smile.

“How’ve you been?” MC leaned forward with interest, only to nearly fall out of her seat when the bus suddenly screeched to a stop. Saeran’s eyes widened, a slight panic running through his chest when he saw her stumble. Reflexively, he reached for her, pulling her closer by the shoulders.

It was then that he noticed how close their faces were. Her eyes were wide with surprise, and he couldn’t help but drown in the colour…

“Oh, I’m so sorry, this is my stop!” MC exclaimed in realization, quickly pulling away from him. She pulled out a small notepad, hurriedly scribbling in it before ripping the sheet and thrusting it into his hand. She dashed off the bus, calling over her shoulder, “Here, that’s my number!! Have a good night, Saeran!”

…To say the least, he definitely didn’t see the light blush upon her cheeks from earlier.

[Note: MC and Saeran are kids in these emails. Spelling/grammar errors intended.]

To: notsaeranchoi@notanemail.com
From: mc0610@notanemail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Hello!

But emails get inconveniant!! Call me insted!! xxx-xxx-xxxx

To: mc0610@notanemail.com
From: notsaeranchoi@notanemail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Hello!

I can’t… Like I sayed before, mommy will get mad… She’ll hurt me…

To: notsaeranchoi@notanemail.com
From: mc0610@notanemail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hello!


The troubling part of having MC’s number now was no longer the risk of his mother finding out. Rather, Saeran didn’t have a cell phone, and there was no way he would call MC from the phones at Mint Eye. He didn’t want to get her caught up with that organization… He actually cared about her.

It’s not like Mint Eye was bad or anything… they had always given him freedom to do whatever he wanted. Still, MC would surely be disappointed if she found out about the things his affiliated organization was forced to do at times. But Saeran understood that sacrifice was necessary to achieve a result.

Well, fortunately for Saeran, he somehow found MC without having to call her.

It was during a walk in the city, with traffic all around him and noisy chatter bouncing on the streets, that he once again encountered his childhood friend.

This time, he was the one to initiate contact. “MC!” he called out to her, his usual glare easing into a gentle gaze.

His blood ran cold when he saw her turn around to hug someone else- another man, instead.

The expression on his face hardened, as he swiftly walked over to the pair. Forcing a cool smile, he placed a hand on MC’s shoulder, causing her to spin around.

“Hey, it’s nice to see you agai-“

“Who are you?” she cut him off abruptly, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

The guy next to her stood in front of MC protectively, shielding her. “Hey punk, get away from my girlfriend,” he scowled, staring Saeran down. With a stern glare, he led MC away.

Saeran remained standing in place from shock. Why did she pretend that they didn’t know each other? It had only been a few days… There was no way she’d forget him so quickly, especially when she recognized him before, despite the 10 year gap. Was she perhaps in danger…? Maybe she was in a situation where she had to hide her relationship with others?

Holding on to that hope, Saeran rushed over to a public payphone stand, throwing in some loose change to dial MC’s number. If she couldn’t talk to him directly, surely she could take a call and step aside from the man, right? That was inconspicuous enough. He had to know.

Luckily, the call went through. “MC?” he spoke cautiously, unsure if she was the one who picked up.

“Saeran…? What is it?” she replied, her voice hushed. “Erm, can you call me later, or is this important?”

“No… just… why did you ignore me earlier?” Saeran asked, going straight to the point.

“Oh. Well, my boyfriend doesn’t like it when I’m friends with other guys. I don’t want him to do anything to you. Sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

Anger flashed in his eyes. “MC. You should leave a guy like that. He’s too possessive. He’s not good for you, MC. Break up with him.”

Excuse me?! Who are you to tell me what to do with MY life? Who do you think you are?!” she shot back, raising her voice. “You can’t just disappear and then reappear in someone’s life to tell them that they’re making the wrong choices!”

“I never said tha-”

“No, but it’s what you implied! It’s what everyone keeps telling me. My parents have always, ALWAYS criticized me for my choices in friends and love interests. They tell me who I can and can’t be friends with, and they set me up with guys I don’t even like. Mac is the first guy I chose by myself, why can’t you respect that? I’m so tired of being controlled, Saeran. I’m sick of always doing what others want.”

“MC, I understand how you feel, but I know how guys like him are, and you should really-”

She interrupted him with a humourless laugh. “Why do I have to listen to you? Why…” Her voice cracked, quieting down to a whisper, “Why are you trying to control me too…? I thought that you, of all people, would understand me. …I guess I was wrong.

With that, the line went dead, leaving Saeran frustrated and hurt. His hand trembled as he hung the telephone receiver back in place, just barely suppressing the urge to throw it across the street, had it not been wired. His thoughts were a mess, a storm of emotions on the brink of emerging from within.

All Saeran wanted to do was help her, why couldn’t she see that? How could she just brush him off? Sure, he understood that he wasn’t even an important part of her life. He was just one old friend out of hundreds. He was the only one who considered the other special. He didn’t have any say in her life. But… couldn’t she see that she was still being controlled by her ‘boyfriend?’

The anger picked at Saeran’s mind for days on end, and he shut himself in his room, turning away missions even when they were at the direct request of the Saviour. As much as he appreciated her for helping him escape from his mother’s clutches, Saeran held no respect towards the Saviour, contrary to his subordinates’ beliefs.

His time alone allowed him to properly think over the whole situation with MC, however.

He was finally able to realize her side of the story… because he’d gone through a similar experience. Being controlled, limited to what he could and couldn’t do, always listening to what others told him… Saeran had struggled so hard to find himself.

His mother had always held control over his freedom, robbing him of a happy childhood. He had to do everything she said, whether it was to starve himself or even unwillingly hit his own brother. Even upon entering Mint Eye, he had to follow the Saviour’s orders to stay alive. All his life, Saeran had fought for his own survival. For his freedom. For his own choices.

Similarly, MC had always been controlled by her parents, forced to accept the decisions they made for her. And she was finally rebelling, fighting for her freedom. For her own choices.

While their experiences were on different levels of the scale, the pain was still there, it was their pain, and no one else’s. And pain is pain, regardless how much or little.

With a sigh, Saeran stared up at his room ceiling. If he wanted to help MC, he would have to do it with patience. It takes time to heal and move on, after all.

Sure, they didn’t have a close relationship or anything. But that didn’t change the fact he wanted to help. And he was going to be there to support her as much as he could.

He didn’t want her to fight by herself like he’d had to.

Not MC.

Next Chapter: [Here]

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A/N: There are some hints to the reader’s dad being Barry Allen, but that would be colliding universes and catastrophic so I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Also mentioning the Speed Force which is basically the thing that grants super speed to the DC comic heroes because I can’t help myself.

Part 2

Nothing felt better than running. You’ve always liked running. Some of your friends think that’s weird, but they don’t experience it like you do. They don’t experience the feeling of lightning in your veins or the breeze that cooled you down. They will never experience the thrill of the Speed Force and the amazing powers that come with it.

You were born with the powers. While your dad had to struggle to learn how to control his, you got the greatest teacher to help master your powers. You’re not as powerful or as in control as your dad is, but you’re learning.

Things were fine until one of your closest friends, Peter, began acting weird. You always act weird, so you couldn’t judge him, but it was strange. Ever since his month away with Tony Stark, he was more distant. You tried to forget about it, yet you continued to worry about him.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Hello! If it's not too much trouble can I get a scenario where Todoroki's s/o suddenly cuts their hair short (it's was originally pretty long)?

Hello ! It’s no trouble at all, I hope I could write it well enough for you.
Omg yes send me more requests of my husbando. Fluff ahead !

His heterochromatic eyes widened when he entered his lover’s room.
On the ground laid a bunch of piled up long hair that he had accidently stepped upon, not something he would face everyday. People should’ve seen his shocked face with that ‘Oh!’ escaping his lips because it had seemed in the beginning as if he just stepped on their head which was luckily not the case. Looking back up again Todoroki dodged all those strands scattered on the floor and walked towards the rustling sound of his partner to peek around the corner into the bathroom.

A small smile found it’s way on his face as soon as he caught sight of his partner, his form lazily leaning against the doorframe. Their hands were awkwardly fumbling with their now all of a sudden short hair, gazing skeptically at the mirror in front of them. He caught the sound of an annoyed groan which he couldnt help but to chuckle at – they were way too adorable for his soul.
The unexpecting sound behind caused them to flinch so his love turned around in surprise: „Shouto!“, calling out his first name in such a natural and familiar way that it warmed the boy’s heart just a tad bit. 
„I just wanted to check on you.“, he admitted as he sent them another genuine smile, his shoulders shrugging lightly.

Those tense shoulders of theirs slowly found their way back again into a relaxing stance after calming down.
„Uh, well..“, they mumbled and tried to play with the now short strands adorning, to him, their flawless features. It was obvious to see that they grew a bit insecure so Todoroki took that as his cue to close the small distance between them. He gave their lips a short peck, his actions surprisingly bolder than usual: „Why the sudden change?“, his fingers ran gently through the remaining hair of theirs. The male’s heart fluttered at the soft laugh they gave him: 
„Just wanted to try something new.“, while he assumed that this long hair was also sometimes a hindrance during training, P.E and all the other activities that they had to handle at school.

„It suits you too.“, his arms snaked around their form to tug them into a loving embrace. His partner were just so astonishing and perfect to his eyes, both personality wise as for their looks. To him they were more beautiful than anything and he loved them in every aspect and to be honest, short hair suited them seriously just as much as their long hair even if he would miss it a little. God, just how did he deserve such a person as a lover?   
„I like both.“, he really, really meant it. They pecked his cheeks and snuggled up while thanking him with this radiant grin of theirs. He really lost it for them.

Enjoyed this maybe a bit too much //sighs at/in heaven.

Admin Shiro

The Goddess

A/N:I’m super excited after seeing the new Thor trailer that I almost peed myself with excitement but then I had an idea 😏 a Sherlock/ marvel crossover…(I KNOW MORE IDEAS!!) and in the spirit of Thor (cause I love Thor) I’ve decided to write this. (I also have so much in common with Loki 😅😂 like the messy room trait…)

I hope you all enjoy (and be nice to this fic because this is my first marvel/ Sherlock crossover 😅)

This is also pretty long 😳 sorry! 😅


You opened your eyes with a pained groan noticing you were facing a concrete floor.

“What on earth?!”

Someone shouting from behind you made you jump and turn to face them. It was a man in a sharp suit looking down at you almost horrified “Who are you?!” He asked.

You slowly stood up “I am Y/N of Asgard!” You announced in a booming voice “And who might you be..?” You adopted a wary stance, ready to attack.

The man raised a brow “My name is Mycroft Holmes and I’d like to know how you got inside my office!” He screamed at you. You widened your eyes and unsheathed your daggers, pressing them to his throat. Mycroft looked at them, highly unamused “Security!”

“Unhand me petty mortals! This is no way to treat royalty!” You screamed as you were dragged out of the office and into a secure van lined with metal. “Where are you taking me?!” You asked, full of anger. You got no reply and let out a sigh “All-father is going to kill me… ” You muttered.

Two police officers dragged you to an interrogation room. You could hear people muttering at what you were wearing, Asgard’s finest Royal attire to be exact.

They then began to take your daggers and other possessions “How dare you treat me like this! My father will have your heads!” You roared and the two looked at each other with a raised brow before leaving.

You let out a sigh and looked up to the ceiling “Heimdall if you can see me, allow me passage to Asgard,” you asked almost pleadingly.

“She’s talking to herself…” Donovan stared at you through the two way mirror.

“She’s actually talking to the ceiling,” Anderson corrected with folded arms. Greg let out a sigh and grabbed a file. “Good luck talking to her boss!” Anderson snorted.

Greg walked through to the interrogation room, your head snapped up as soon as he walked in “Eh hello…Y/N.”

“Who are you?” You asked in a demanding tone “Where am I?”

Greg sat down across from you and placed the folder on the table “I’m Greg Lestrade I’m a detective inspector at Scotland Yard. That’s where you are now, Scotland Yard in London.” You looked at him and slowly nodded “Now I have a few things to ask… firstly, what were you doing in Mycroft Holmes’s office?”

You let out a sigh and placed your head in your hands “I…I don’t know! Last thing I knew is that I was standing on the Bifröst Bridge and then I blacked out. When I woke up I was here on Midgard.” Your words few over Greg’s head, it was as if you were speaking fluent Russian.

“Right…” He drawled out, unconvinced and leaned forward a little, it was as if he was being pulled in my the magical aurora that was radiating off of you “Well do you have anywhere you can stay if you can’t get back to…uh…Asgard or wherever..?”

You thought for a moment before a lightbulb went off in your head “Oh there is Lady Jane Foster! I’m sure she is still in London.”

“Okay,” Greg sighed out, exasperated by your gibberish words “I’ll do what I can to help you. I’ll make some calls.”

“I just want to go home…” You whispered and Greg’s heart ached a little at your fallen face “My brothers will be looking for me, not to mention my father too. He’s going to be incredibly mad with me.”

Greg walked over and placed a comforting hand on your shoulder “I’ll help you to get home, don’t worry.”

You glanced down at his hand and sweetly smiled “Thank you, Gregory Lestrade of Scotland Yard.” Greg raised a brow and softly chuckled.

“Greg is fine.”

You shrugged with a toothy grin “Okay then, Greg.”

“She’s an oddball.”

“She needs to be put in a mental institution.”

Greg clenched his jaw hearing Donovan and Anderson’s remarks “Stop it the both of you!” He snapped and the two jumped “She’s lost and you two aren’t making things any better by saying stuff like that! Alright she’s a bit crazy but she’s vulnerable!”

Donovan and Anderson mutter out a ‘Sorry boss’ under their breaths before being disturbed by a brown haired woman. “Hello? I’m Jane Foster I was called and asked to come down here. Is everything okay? Is it Darcy? Oh god what has she done?” Jane rambled.

“Uh no, my name’s Greg we spoke on the phone,” he shook her hand.

“Uh yes! What’s happened?”

“Well…” Greg trailed off “I don’t really know how to explain this but we have a woman and she suggested you as a contact. Her name is Y/N-”

Jane went wide eyed and gasped, covering her mouth with her hands “Oh god!” She cut Greg off. “Where is she?!” Jane screamed.

“Lady Jane!” You burst with glee and hugged her “It’s so good to see you, it has been far too long!”

Jane smiled and returned the hug “What are you doing here?” She asked a little dazed and surprised.

“I honestly have no idea…” You trailed off and glanced to the floor “I called for Heimdall but he cannot hear me. The longer I’m gone from Asgard the worse it will be when I get back. If I get back.”

“You will get back,” your head snapped up to Greg and you smiled at the DI “I’m sure of it.”

You walked over and placed a thankful kiss on his cheek “Thank you, Greg. Lady Jane this man deserves an award of some sort. What is the highest praise this land can bestow on him?” Your voice boomed.

Jane gave Greg a sideward glance and awkwardly laughed “Uh she isn’t from around here.”

“I can tell!” Greg lightly laughed before handing Jane a bag of your things “I can’t give you the daggers back since they are classed as a weapon.”

“What?!” You roared “Those are made from the finest Asgardian materials! Wielded just for my hands!” Jane grabbed onto your arm and began to drag you out.

“She’s kidding! She’s kidding! Thank you inspector!” She sent him a fake smile and hauled you to the car “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here!” She sat down and squealed “Where’s Thor? Where’s Loki?!”

“Well I’m assuming they are in Asgard. Just because they are my brothers doesn’t mean I know their every move…” You rolled your eyes and Jane began to drive “Never in all the nine worlds have I ever been treated with such disrespect! The morals here are much more pushy than I remember.”

Jane smirked “You sound like your twin…”

You looked at her with a raising brow “Loki and I are nothing alike, do not be so absurd m'lady.” A moment of silence drifted though the car before you spoke up again.

“I’m hungry.”

“You Asgardians are always hungry,” Jane grumbled “And always drinking…” You glanced over to her, she looked deep in thought, as if she had a question on the tip of her tongue and you were certain you knew what that question was.

“Thor is fine, he misses you.”

Jane looked over to you with wide eyes “H-He does?” You looked at her with an admiring smile.

“Yes, he wishes to visit but all-father does not allow it. Thor would never defy him, you understand that don’t you?” Jane nodded with a sad smile and pulled up to her flat. You walked up with her and changed back into your Royal attire. You let out a gasp as you fished through your things noticing something was missing “Lady Jane! My necklace from my mother is gone!”

Jane closed over her laptop “They might still have it at Scotland Yard I can-” just then the doorbell rang and Jane scurried to open it. “Greg! Can I help you?”

“I think Y/N left this?” He held up a golden necklace between of fingers. Jane moved aside to let him in.

“Gregory! You found it!” You smiled and took it off him “Thank you ever so much! Wait a second how to you know where Jane lives?” You asked glancing between them both.

“Oh I had to fill in some paperwork before I picked you up. I had to give them my address” she explained.

Your face scrunched with confusion “You give other people your personal information…?”

“I’ll explain it to you later,” she smiled “Thanks for-” Jane was cut off by a rumble of thunder and a flash of lightning. “Is that…” She trailed off and you nodded.

“Yes…it is,” you sighed and Greg stood on the spot, riddled with confusion.

“What’s happening?” He asked but before you could answer a flash of light lit up the whole room.


You looked up and felt your stomach flip with nerves “Hello Thor…” You felt like a toddler that was about to get into trouble “Hello Loki…”

“What do you think you’re playing at?!” Loki scolded “We were in every realm looking for you!”

“I’m sorry! I don’t know how I ended up here!”

“Stop shouting!” Thor shouted.

You looked at him, dumbfounded “You’re shouting!” You screamed back even louder.

“Now you’re shouting even louder than him!” Loki boomed.

“Enough!” Jane silenced you all. Greg was still completely baffled by the situation. He couldn’t quite believe his eyes seeing the three of you standing there looking like beings from another world.

“Lady Jane…” Thor trailed off dreamily with a smile, you and Loki both groaned in disgust.

That was until Loki saw Greg standing in the corner, grabbing his dagger and aiming it at the DI “No!” You screamed and stood in front of Greg, acting like a barrier “He helped me!”

Loki looked at you, cocking his head slightly before slowly putting away his dagger. He glared at Greg as he bowed his head gently “Thank you for coming to the aid of my sister. Both Thor and I thank you for keeping her safe on this horrific world.” You rolled your eyes at his salty tone.

“Th-this…this is all…real?” Greg’s stuttered out.

You sent him a sympathetic smile and placed a hand on his shoulder “I know this is probably a lot to take in,” Greg could feel the freezing touch of your hand through his clothes, it was like a block of ice. You noticed him scrutinising it and quickly pulled away “But I’m sure once I leave, Jane will explain.”

“You’re leaving?” Greg asked and walked towards you “Now?”

“Well she has to face my father,” Greg looked at your blonde haired sibling “He is not pleased Y/N.” Your head dropped to the ground in shame.

“It was lovely to meet you Gregory,” you smiled with tears lacing your eyes “Perhaps if I’m not banished from Earth I may visit again.”

“Don’t hold your breath…” Loki muttered.

You scowled at him “I’d rather you hold yours…” You stood in between your brothers, giving Greg one finial glance. He sent you a half smile, it faded slightly when he saw the intimidating glares your brothers were sending his way. With another flash of light the three of you disappeared.

Greg looked over to Jane “You’re going to have to tell me everything.”

“Do you know how worried I was!” Odin booming voice ricocheted off the walls “Anything could have happened to you!”

“Father I-”

“Enough!” He cut you off and raised his hand “You will not return to Midgard on any sort of grounds. Do I make myself clear?”

“Father! I don’t think that is very fair!” You argued back “The people-”

“The people do not deserve you!” He angrily snapped back, his voice making everyone in the room jump “You may return to your quarters at once.” You let out a growl under your breath and stormed off like a five year old stuck in a tantrum.

You slammed the door over and tossed yourself on your bed, a knock on the door make you shut your eyes with exasperation “Go away!”

The door opened and shut again “You know fine well that I won’t…”

“What do you want Loki?” You asked sitting up on your bed, your room instantly getting colder.

“I want to emphasise the all-fathers point…” He trailed off and strode over to you “They do not deserve you Y/N! Those mortals never have! They take what you give them for granted!” He grabbed onto your upper arms and began to shake you “They destroy everything you give them!” He screamed.

“Why are you being like this?!” You shouted back and swatted his hands away.

“Because I was so scared that they were going to destroy you!” You and Loki went wide eyed at his confession. He let you go with I sigh “I see you create such beautiful things for them, you provided them with so much. Yet, they destroy what they give you. I’m glad all-father isn’t letting you return to Midgard.”

“You do not speak for me or my emotions Loki. Please just leave me alone,” you asked and lay down on your bed again, facing your back to him.

Loki softened his eyes at you “For what it’s worth, I’m glad you are safe.” You let out a huff of air when he closed the door over and lightly shut your eyes before they snapped open again hearing the door open and shut.

“Loki will you-oh,” you quickly stood up seeing your mother, Frigga “I’m sorry I thought it was Loki again.”

“That’s alright my dear,” she smiled and sat down with you on the side of the bed “How are you feeling?”

“Disappointed…” You softly spoke “Father isn’t being fair on me, it was a mistake! I don’t know how I ended up there! I didn’t-”

“It’s okay!” Frigga soothed and cut off your ramblings. She placed an arm around your shoulder “It’s okay…” She stroked your hair “I know you’re upset.”

“Both Loki and father said the Midgardian’s do not deserve me, nor do they deserve what I did and still do for them.”

Frigga let out a deep sigh and hugged you tightly “My love, you have the kindest heart in all the nine worlds. Only you can control it and if you think that they deserve you, then they deserve you. Only you can control your own heart and head.”

“Thank you mother,” you smiled and she clasped your hand around hers. Frigga took you to the balcony outside your room.

“Thor tells me there was a man with you when he found you…” She trailed off with the corners of her lips twitching upwards.

“Yes, his name is Greg. He helped me a great deal. He’s…” You paused to smile “He’s so different.”

“You sound rather fond of him…” She knowingly smirked and you felt your cheeks burn. It shocked you. You were a frost giant, you didn’t think you’d feel such a strong heat radiating off your face.

“I…I…well…” You awkwardly cleared your throat “I do to a certain extent.”

“Mhmm…I will leave you to change for dinner, love.”

You watched your mother leave and brought your hands to your cheeks, feeling the heat “Odin’s beard…” You uttered out and changed out of your gown only to put on another one.

“She’s a Goddess?” Greg asked mulling over Jane’s words.

“Yup! Of plants and vegetation…I know this sounds crazy. The first time I met Thor I thought he was insane.” Jane smiled to herself remembering her first encounter with the God of Thunder, accidentally running him down with her car. “Y/N gave us all the plants you see and all the food that comes from them. She did that…all of it.”

“Incredible…” Greg uttered out full of bewilderment “How can I see her again?”

Jane sadly smiled at him “You…can’t really see her. Not now she is in Asgard but if you look up, Y/N’s somewhere out there.”

Greg nodded and sent the scientist a half smile “Thanks Jane.”

“No problem, if you need anything else just ask.”

Greg left the flat and glanced up to the sky, shaking his head afterwards “This is the strangest day of my life.”

A few weeks later you were taking a leisurely stroll with Thor across the Bifröst Bridge that glowed with various colours under your feet “How do you stop thinking about Jane?” You asked out of the blue.

Thor looked at you, slightly surprised before replying to you “In all honestly I don’t. I’m usually always thinking of her, wondering what she is doing. Luckily I can ask Heimdall and he informs me. Why do you ask?”

You bit down on your bottom lip, hoping he wouldn’t ask that question. Since you returned to Asgard you couldn’t stop thinking about Greg, it was incredibly distracting. You’d wake up thinking about him and fall asleep picturing his face in your mind “No reason,” you lied “Just curious.”

“You think about that man back on Midgard don’t you?” Thor asked and your head fell slightly. Your brother wrapped an arm around your shoulders bringing you in for a hug and kissing your temple “Why don’t we ask Heimdall to find him and he can tell you how he’s doing?”

“I’d like that,” you smiled and approached the all-seeing and all-hearing guardian sentry. “Good day Heimdall! How are you today?”

“I am well my lady, I assume you wish to know of the man you were speaking of just now?” He asked and you blinked once and then twice “Remember…I hear all.”

You smiled, a little embarrassed “Yes, thank you Heimdall.”

You stood behind him with Thor and watched as he looked out to the stars. You grew concerned when his stance tightened slightly and he glanced back at you, full of worry “Lady Y/N I’m afraid it is not good…he is in danger.”

“W-what?” You breathed out and stumbled back, luckily Thor caught you before your legs completely gave way. “I have to go to him!” You told Thor.

“Y/N, you can’t- Y/N!” Thor called after you as you ran across the Bifröst Bridge.

You crashed into the throne room finding Odin, Frigga and Loki there with Sif and the Warriors three before Thor eventually joined.

“Father! I must return to Midgard! Now.” You told him in a demanding tone.

He let out an unamused laugh “How dare you demand requests from me! I told you that you will not return there!”

“Odin…” Frigga warned.

You clenched your jaw “Then I will defy you father,” you told him with darkening eyes “And I do not care what you do to me. You may strip me of my powers, you may exile me to earth but you will not stop me from helping Greg!”

“And how do you expect to save him on your own?!” Odin boomed.

“She won’t…”

You turned your head and furrowed a brow at Loki “I will go with her.”

“As will I…” Thor chimed in.

“We will go too.” Sif spoke on behalf of herself and the Warriors. You stood in front of your father with a proud smirk.

“You would all defy your King to help Y/N?” He asked. Silence fell over the throne room before Odin spoke up again “Then I commend you all.” He smiled at you “Go Y/N, I know I can never stop your heart. Help him.”

The seven of you transported to earth and landed in an abandoned warehouse. “This place is as shabby as Midgard itself…” You rolled your eyes at Loki’s sarcastic remark.

“Keep quiet!” Thor scolded and you all walked around the warehouse “Why would he be here Y/N?”

“I don’t know,” your voice trembled with worry. You heard a groan in the corner of the warehouse and the seven of you stood defensively, ready to battle but you dropped your weapon seeing it was Greg, stumbling over his feet and clutching his stomach. “Greg!” You screamed out and ran over to him as he fell “No, no, no…” You repeated and pressed your hands to his wound but pulled back when he yelped from your freezing hands.

“Your hands are too cold Y/N,” Loki held you back as you watched the blood, Greg’s blood, on them start to crystallise and freeze “Thor can compress his wound.”

“We have to take him back to Asgard!” You told your twin with tears flowing down your face “We have to heal him Loki! He’s bleeding! Please!”

Loki felt his stone cold heart start to crack at how distraught you were. You were, after all, his little sister (only by a few minutes) and he never wanted to see you hurt or upset “Thor can you carry him to the healing room when we return to Asgard?” He asked.

Thor nodded “I should be able to.”

“You need rest, my dear.”

You didn’t turn to face Odin when you heard his voice, instead you gripped onto Greg’s hand a little tighter “He will be confused when he wakes. I’m going to be here for him.”

Odin let out a small laugh under his breath “I remember when you were a little girl, sitting on my shoulders as we would walk through the palace.” He sat down next to you “You were nothing like your boisterous brothers!” He laughed and you smirked. Odin’s laugher died down in his throat “You are a much purer soul…” He trailed off.

You reached for Odin’s hand with your free one “You are wrong father. The mortals, they are deserving. I’ll admit, some are more grateful than others but I love what I do. I love sharing my powers and gifts with them.”

“I know,” he smiled and pressed a kiss against your forehead “I know.”

You felt a tightening around your hand and your attention focused back on Greg as he started to wake. You let out a breath that you had been holding for hours “Greg…” You softly whispered and you let go of his hand to rub his forehead “Greg, it’s Y/N.”

“Y/N?!” He sprung to life and you had to restrain him from sitting too quickly “How did I get here? Where is here?”

“We brought you back to Asgard to be healed you were bleeding pretty badly but you seem to be alright now.”

Greg smiled at you and reached for your hand again “You saved me.”

“You helped me…I had to return the favour.”

“I’ll leave you two alone!” You almost forgot Odin was still there. You nodded your head in thanks as he left.

“Who was that?” Greg asked.

“My father,” you smiled, brushing your fingertips over Greg’s hand.

Greg watched you contently “Jane told me about you, that you’re a goddess…”

“Yes. That’s correct. Watch this…” You trailed off and held out your hand and a flower formed from specks of light “The goddess of plants. It’s nothing special, nothing like-”

“No,” Greg cut you off “It’s…it’s incredible! It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!” You giggled but your breath hitched when Greg said the words “You’re the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen…”

Greg propped himself up on his elbows and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips “Trust me to fall for a goddess” he laughed.

A giggle bubbled in your throat “You should get some sleep.” Greg obeyed and drifted off to sleep holding your hand.

“I hope you’ll visit eart-sorry Midgard soon…” Greg walked along the Bifröst Bridge with you.

“You’re learning!” You smiled “I do too, I wish to see you again Greg.”

“I’d like that too and maybe you could show me a few gardening tips! I can’t grow anything. I have a window box with some flowers in it but they are all dead!” You shook your head with a smile at his gardening mishaps.

“Well I’m sure I could help you out,” you pressed a kiss to his soft lips “It’s perfectly safe to travel, don’t worry. You’ll end up in your apartment without another scratch on you.”

“I’ll see you soon, Y/N”

“I hope to see you soon too, Gregory.”

You watched him as he faded away into the stars, you stood there all day looking out to where earth would be. Heimdall notified you that Greg arrived home safely.

Loki soon stood by your side, watching your fingers pointed outwards, twitching “What are you doing?” He asked.

With a smile you replied “Making love blossom…”

Greg slowly walked over to his window box and watched as flowers appeared in front of his eyes. He looked up to the sky and sent you a smile.

ben tennyson has adhd

- “can’t help it. when i’m bored, i fiddle.”

- ben being told three (3) times by rook that the object he is trying to put quarters in is not a vending machine, only for ben to continue trying. that’s a big mood

- fidgets with the omnitrix when his hands arent busy and/or hes nervous. cmon

- from the wiki “Ben appears to have a short attention span at times, and more often than not it can get him into trouble.” hello?

- passed THIRD FUCKING GRADE by picking random answers on tests. thats a big untreated mood

this is probably missing proof because 1. i dont feel like actively analyzing his character and 2. this is all just stuff i specifically experience but come on. come on

In a Name: Ch 15

The people @pabegay1 @kristenscamander  @hannah-caitlynn @graysonmalfoy @falltoashes @solsticestorm @bingewatchingmylifegoby @elenoranave @incadinkadoo @melanin—senpai @juuliiaa05 @sigridlaufeyson @ihaveanobsessenproblem @oneweirdfangirl

You and Loki sat at neighboring tables in the library. Both yours and his plates lay empty, as the two of you eagerly finished reading your own stories.

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