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Hello, I am having trouble writing an weird character. He's supposed to be kind of an odd and eccentric person, but I don't really know what that might look like.

Different “eccentric” characters are strange in different ways. A lot of it will depend on the world that he lives in. 

Think of Luna Lovegood. Even in a world of magic, Luna was not afraid to believe in the unbelievable. She was far off and distant, and that was reflected in her appearance. She wore odd clothing, had unusually pale hair, and large blue eyes. 

Also realize that part of a character being “eccentric” means they simply don’t think of what other people will think of them. So what’s really going on in their head? How does that translate into their actions and their appearance?


“Adventure begins and ends in a garage filled with gear and imagination.“

Time to plan for your next adventure!

Inspired by past spring breaks and all of our scandalous escapades, this one is for all you trouble makers. Go ahead, take a break, be a little bit daring and don’t hesitate to make eyes at the cutie next to you! Follow us on Rdio to listen in!

1. My Boo Ghost Town DJs

2. Go Deep Janet Jackson

3. Love You Down INOJ

4. Back & Forth Aaliyah

5. I Wanna Be Down Brandy 

6. I Like The Way Hi-Five

7. You Make Me Wanna Usher

8. No, No, No Part 2 Destiny’s Child

9. Where My Girls At 702

10. Only You 112

11. Creep TLC

12. I’m So Into You SWV

13. The First Night Monica

14. Heartbreaker Mariah Carey

15. Feels Good Tony! Toni! Tone’!


For I’m just a little part of
Of the life you’ve lived
But I’d rather have a little bit of trouble
Than to never know the love you give

Good ole Buck


This isn’t one of my favorites, but it’s alright. Don’t Starve is one neat game.