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pokemaniacgemini  asked:

Hey wait if Grillby is just a kid here, but Muffet is an adult...what does that mean for the others?! Everything is all topsy-turvy!

Not as topsy-turvy as it may seem. In this story, Muffet is older than Grillby. 

Note that the ages of Grillby and Muffet are never indicated in the canon game. While some character ages are alluded to (such as many of the monsters never having seen a human, implying most of them were born between the last human falling and Frisk), other monsters seem to live an extraordinarily long time. Old non-boss-monsters include Gerson who fought in the war, and the Dogi couple who participated in the same Nose Nuzzling Championship from when Toriel and Asgore were still together. (Confused? Take a look our theoretical timeline of the original game.)

Also in game, Muffet never clarifies whether or not she can recognize humans. While R01 and R02 mistake Frisk for a monster at first sight, Muffet’s reaction is ambiguous:

Did you hear what they just said?
They said a human wearing a striped shirt will come through.
I heard that they hate spiders.

Then, after the battle:

Oh my, this has all been a big misunderstanding~
I thought you were someone that hated spiders~
The person who asked for that SOUL…
They must have meant a DIFFERENT human in a striped shirt~

It can be interpreted either way. Perhaps Muffet had never seen a human, and was only looking for a striped shirt. Meaning of course, she would have probably attacked any poor creature in stripes who wandered in. 

However, notice she says that her client must have meant a different “human in a striped shirt.” She doesn’t say, “You must not be a human,” rather, she seems to believe that Frisk is simply the wrong human. Perhaps she can tell humans from monsters.

But that of course, is all conjecture.

In this AU, Muffet may act innocent and bears a deceptively youthful complexion, but in reality is much, MUCH older than she appears.


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