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Hiya! Swinging on by to ask some questions I have lingering around. I've been doodling about these past few days but for the life of me I can never be consistent in drawing a male's head. I suppose you'd have any tips or guidelines you'd use whenever you're having such troubles? -AC

Hello there, Absolutely Cute!

Well this is an extremely interesting question. You see, we all believe that there has to be a difference between male and female in general. The thing is, gender doesn’t make the difference. We are shapes and we are all made in different ways, no matter if feminine or masculine. Of course there are different tropes, but still, what you really need to learn is to focus on each and every character you draw for the shapes they have and not their gender. Let’s take a quick look, I just made a few sketches but if you want more I’ll make a proper tutorial

Look at Darius. Big strong man. Pointy jawline, harsh lines, straight to the chin. He’s basically a square with a big neck.

And then look at Sarah Fortune. Her face is soft, rounded, with less strokes and a smaller nose.

…but Illaoi? She’s female, but she’s also very masculine. So what happens? Shapes. Her face is different from Sarah’s since is broader and her neck is thicker, but still I like to make her softer than Darius just because she doesn’t have a big important chin.

On the other hand, Zyra is also female, but still, different from Sarah. Her face is thinner and her chin is pointy. Same lines that also Darius has, but different effect.

Our baby boy Ezreal is definitely male, but being so young and cute, he has the same shape that also Miss Fortune has.

What you need to focus on, is the best shape to represent a certain character, or that best sums their facial features, regardless of being a female or a male character.

Very good practice comes by watching people in the pictures or around you. We all have different faces and trying to find the line that suits best every face will definitely improve your style! If you’re drawing an original character, it’s very useful finding a good faceclaim, so that you can practice on a picture and then edit features and quirks.

Hope that helped!! Sorry for the super quick sketches, I had to reboot photoshop like 4 times today - silly program.


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Hi miely! I say fight me so many times as well >~< Ay, we can be 'fight me buddies' (ง'̀-'́)ง fite meh - Soonfire anon ♡

bring it ON soonfire anon

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Imagine|| James Potter

You walk into the Gryffindor common room, taking care to tread lightly so as not to wake any of your sleeping housemates and alert them to the fact that you were returning well after hours. You begin to limp towards the staircase, your ankle in agonising pain.
“Well hello, trouble” a voice from behind drawls. You spin around as quickly as your injured ankle allows and find yourself face to face with James Potter, a grin plastered across his face.
“Someones out late, a rendezvous with a secret lover? A late night study sesh with the Charms professor?”
“No,” you whisper, your voice cracking.
“Hey,” James says, concern causing him to drop his teasing tone. “Y/N, what’s wrong.”
“Nothing,” you insist. “Why are you out of bed anyway?”
James looks sheepish at this question.
“Ah, well. Sirius took the map with him to his broom closet meeting, and um, well you didn’t come back, so I guess I was just, ah… waiting for you.”
You see the sincerity in his eyes and the flush in his cheek and realise he is being legitimate. Your heart flutters at his kindness.
“That’s awfully considerate of you,” you reply earnestly. “I was just… walking. And now I’m done. So I’m going to sleep now.”
You turn and walk towards your dormitory, the pain in your ankle causing silent tears to stream down your face which you hope James was oblivious to.
“Y/N, wait,” concern was in James’ voice and you knew that he could tell. “What happened, why are you limping?”
Your emotions and pain overcome you and you collapse to the ground, sobbing. James is instantly by your side with his arm around you.
“It was the Slytherins,” you sob. “They confronted me on the way back from the library. The- they used Cruciatus. I managed to clean off all the blood, but I was too afraid to fix my ankle.”
You feel James stiffen in anger as you recount your story and lean into his chest.
“Come on,” he says softly. “I’ll fix you up.”
Slipping one arm under your knees and another behind your back, James easily lifts you. Your arms go around his neck and you press your head into his broad chest. James carries you to his head boy dormitory and sets you down on his bed. 
Brackium Emendo,” he whispers and the pain in your ankle ceases entirely.
“Thank you,” you say, wiping the tears from your eyes. “That spell, I always struggle with it.”
“So no secret lovers then,” he laughs nervously. “Just meddling Slytherins.”
I nod.
“I think it’s because Slughorn gave me house points in Potions. Oh, and because I’m muggle born trash, obviously.”
“Hey,” James says, grabbing my hand and holding it in between his. “Never say you’re trash. You’re not. At all. Y/N, you are one of the kindest, most intelligent, well-natured witches I know.”
You turn to look at him and realise how close your faces are. The firelight dances over his features, illuminating his eyes and lips. Your heart begins to flutter again.
“Thank you,” you whisper. “James, I-” you trail off. Not knowing how to say the thought that has been in your head for the past year and has been in your heart for far longer.
“Yes?” he probes. “You can trust me.”
You smile serenely because you realise the honesty in his words.
“James,” you begin again. “I- I think I’m falling in love with you. And I know that this is probably unexpected because I insult you so often, but I just think that was me being defensive. And this was probably a stupid thing to say because you probably don’t feel it back and, oh Merlin, what have I done. I’m so sorry, James, really-”
Your babbling is interrupted by James pressing his lips against yours. The kiss is gentle, simple even. But you have never had one quite as perfect.
“Don’t ever apologise for that,” he says sternly, his eyes intently finding yours. “I have been wanting to hear you say that my entire life.”
And this time, it is you who instigates the kiss, and his firm arms wrap around your waist and pull you down onto the bed. Your lips move against his as if you’d been doing it for years and his hands run up your back and through your hair, sending electricity down your spine.
“Y/N,” James breaks apart and looks you in the eye. “I have loved you ever since I met you.”


Okay to start with, I AM SO SORRY FOR THE SLYTHERIN STEREOTYPE. It’s based off Mulciber and all them as described in OotP. This is my first imagine, and sorry for the poor quality but I’ll try and improve.

Please request and give feedback!!

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hi um not to trouble you, but i have just started making graphics and i just feel really disappointed in everything i make. everyone on this site is so good with aesthetic on point and sometimes i have the urge to delete everything and give up. you are so good at edits can you give me tips on how to edit and/or how to get rid of this stupid feeling.

hello~ you aren’t troubling me at all, don’t worry ^^ aww ;v; don’t rush!! it does take time to make nice graphics and have your own style. i’m pretty sure those people have been making graphics for years. please try not to compare yourself to them and instead, compare your recent edits with your old ones uwu you’ll see the improvement, i’m sure of it!! ^^ i have been making gifs/graphics on this website since 2012 and it’s only recently that i’ve kinda gotten the hang of making them. ^^; and of course not everything i make looks good! ;v; (like this takeomi graphic that i made LMAO it’s honestly so ugly… and i made that last year :’D) i honestly think that i’m not the best to ask for tips, but i could tell you what i usually do when making a graphic~ ^^

  • download lots of texture packs. i usually download from deviantart ^^ they have a lot of good ones there. when i make a graphic, it takes so much time for me to choose which texture suits the cap/gif the most. i open a lot of textures and drag them to the cap/gif one by one and see if i like how it turns out. one or two textures is enough (at least that’s what i think ^^)
  • download a lot of fonts. i usually just go on dafont and check out the new ones~ there was a time when i reached 123 pages just to download fonts that i like haha. i say download a lot but don’t use like 5 fonts in a single graphic. (unless you’re making a typography edit i guess haha) 1-2 different fonts is enough.
  • get inspired- but do not copy. there’s a big difference. read quotes, listen to songs, look at magazines, check out websites about design~
  • have a certain theme in your graphic (especially if it’s a set). i tend to have a color scheme when i make them~ like… i use just b&w or i add some red color in each of the graphics- be it on the character’s accessory, the background, the clothes, etc
  • check out tutorials~
  • experiment! this is the part that i enjoy the most~ haha when using a texture, i change the blending mode of that texture and see which one is the best for that graphic. you could also try using filters ^^
  • make graphics for yourself, not for others. (unless it’s a request lmao) if your aim in making graphics is just to get all dem Notes™ and Followers™ then just… idk… i guess you won’t be satisfied with the graphic? i mean… if you want like a thousand notes and your post doesn’t reach that number, then you’d definitely feel down, right? right. just go and enjoy making graphics~ haha

and i guess that about all the advice i could give you~ i hope this helps!! ;v; if you need any advice on a certain graphic or gif, come off anon and i’d try to help in any way i can uwu