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hello! i'm having trouble buying my first binder. i have a large chest and rather small shoulders- 18 inch shoulders and a 40 inch chest- and i'm trying to get a binder from gc2b. i'm in between sizes L and XL and i'm not sure if i should go up or down a size- i have a lot of tissue to compress but i'm worried it won't be flat against my shoulders if i go up a size, and that's something i really don't want to have to deal with people pointing out. what's your advice?

Kii says:

If you are between sizes, always choose the larger one!

Hello human my old friend, I’ve come to stalk you once again. My gentle paws softly creeping. About to pounce while you lay sleeping. When my throat contracted filled with a ticklish ungodly mess, you know the rest. And so you awoke to the sound of hairballs.



HES ALLOWED TO STAY!!!! I’m going to have to be on my toes the next five months but HE CAN STAY!!

Thank you all so much!! I am truly blessed to be a part of such a loving community <3

Hello fellow witches! I’m in dire need of help / positive vibes / protective spells whatever it is you can offer.

To make a seriously long story short, someone in my apartment complex made a false claim that my dog was “terrorizing” and “attacking” people and animals in the complex. My dog (Remus) who is also my familiar, isn’t the most traditionally “pretty” dog in the world and due to his lack of fur (hes a Mexican hairless) people tend to fear him.

What actually happened was a womans dogs came up to mine and started barking and growling at him. He escaped and tried to play by barking and dropping down and showing his neck. I ran after him at which point this woman started SCREAMING as if being mauled which startled my dog and he ran off thus leading to me hunting down my terrified animal that was previously abused (I adopted him). Also as a note: my dog is missing over 50% of his teeth due to a genetic mutation so him attacking anything is laughable at best.

I’m speaking with the leasing office tomorrow about this claim but if they don’t back down my familiar will be forced out of my apartment and will have to live with my parents AN HOUR AWAY FOR 5 MONTHS since that’s when my lease is up. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help. Protection spells, spells to sway an opinion, curses on that stupid woman (jk…sorta) ANYTHING you can do to help or would be appreciative.

THANKS SO MUCH! Below is a picture of said “terror”.

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in which they both have lots of scars.

fem!reader x newt scamancer, feedback is appreciated 

Y/N had always been keen to trouble. If you thought that Newt had a lot of scars, you sure as hell haven’t seen Y/N. There wasn’t an inch of her skin that wasn’t painted with marks and dents. Of course she hid it well, she was used to hiding, a secretive thing she was, but if it wasn’t for her trouble challenging self she would have never met the magizoologist.

They had met on accident, or actually a dragon in need of saving had brought them together. Y/N was faster to find the little thing, being the talented witch she was, what she wasn’t talented in was reasoning. That’s where the hello trouble part came in, no matter how talented in witchcraft her wand was out of her reach and she only had her bare hands left to protect the poor baby dragon. That’s how Newt found her, a group of wizards stood around the woman who was grasping the Norwegian Ridgeback to her chest, using her body as a shield to protect it. If the blue coated wizard wouldn’t have shown up in the exact moment Y/N would have never even made it, her body shaking as the wizards showed her no mercy, disgusted at how she’d go that far to protect a dragon.

He had to patch her up that night, Y/N falling in and out of consciousness, grabbing Newt by his shirt with the last strength she had to ask if the fire breathing baby was okay. Newt was amused by the woman’s care, he’s never met another mage who’d see a beast’s worth higher than a penny. Maybe that’s why he immediately took a liking to Y/N, greeting her with a shy smile as she woke up the next morning, looking around in his brief case of magical creatures. That’s how they came to be, Y/N, with her impulsiveness, and Newt, with his shy self, the gang of fantastic beasts.

Currently they were back in America, to visit the Goldstein sisters. Y/N didn’t mind them at all, but she much more preferred to be alone or to be just with Newt. So naturally the two didn’t see each other much this week, Y/N didn’t even have time to tell the wizard that she has tracked a hippogriff that was illegally transferred to the states. Or not even the lack of time, it was more or less Newt ignoring her. He has been so caught up with spending time with Tina Y/N felt long forgotten. Thing is, she really did like the man, like a lot, like more than just like, she has grown fond of him during their travels, not having any other people in her life besides creatures. So naturally she felt insulted, wounded even, far worse pain than any scar that lingered on her body, that he had forgotten her. And so in her deep sorrow she has decided to save the winged bird horse herself.

The scums holding the beast gave Y/N no trouble, low levels that didn’t even know how to contain a hippogriff themselves. But that’s where the hard part came in, the animal was so disrespected and hurt Y/N could barely get it back to Newt’s case. It was chained, the metal tightly digging into his neck as the creature flared at Y/N. She sighed bowing down to the hippogriff she already decided to name Silverstein, him inspecting her carefully as she took a step closer, completely ignoring if she was allowed to or not. The beast stood immediately on his back legs as she went closer, the chain tied to his neck hitting Y/N as she trashed to the ground, her wand flying out of her pocket as she rubbed the blood of her now bruised cheek. She, being her Slytherin self, immediately grew frustrated. All she wanted was to help and she was going to do so. She stood, looking Silverstein right in the eye as she charged for his neck, the beast’s beak digging into her side as she clung at his feathers, a scream ripping though her throat. But as she fell back, the chain from the hippogriff did too, setting it free as he stepped back, extending his wings to stretch.

The owner of the magical creatures was just getting down to his brief case as he heard Y/N yelling. The hair on the back of his neck immediately stood up, skin erupting to goosebumps as he ran to the sound, finding a hippogriff he’s never seen before and Y/N in a pile of her own blood.

“Merlin’s beard, what did you do?” Newt kneeled down to the witch, trying to get a better look at her wound but she only pushed him away, standing up with shaky legs as she held onto her side, completely drenched in red. He mustn’t see.

“Well, you were too busy and this guy needed help.” She explained, Newt frowning at her words.

“So you decided you’d rather rescue him alone?”

“Well I did it, didn’t I?”

“Y/N, you’re about to pass out, you taming a hippogriff is about the same as muggle pigs starting to spit dragon fire.” He said angry not at how reckless the woman he’s fallen in love with was. He loved her for that too, but the fact that she wouldn’t even tell him actually hurt him. And she was hurt now too, as he looked back at her, it wasn’t the physical pain that was in her eyes, but what Newt said, an insult shooting her like an arrow straight to the chest.

“Then tame him.” She spat, turning around, falling at first, but as the freckled man reached to help she stood again, wincing horribly as she walked off. She made it to the shed, feeling around her clothes for her wand without any luck, and fuck it then she’s going to do this the muggle way. She looked around the room, finding the first aid kit they had just for the strangest emergencies like this, Y/N sitting down as she yelled out in pain again, the gash on her side flooding the floor immediately. She ripped her shirt, bottom lip bruising from the way she was biting it to contain more screams, as she began to clean the wound. She didn’t even know why she was so angry with Newt, well she did, she was hurt, and jealous, and even more sad because hell, he’d never like her. They were just allies, people with similar goals, two creature loving freaks. She was beyond too irrational for the man, Newt’s moves were always counted and careful, gentle even, his shyness making him incredibly observant and vary of his surroundings. While Y/N was a mess, scattered with the ugliest scars, she was a hurricane, destroying everything she touched, people running away from her the moment their eyes too sight of her. That’s why she had no one, Newt was just caring enough to help her out, but she should’ve left the same night they met in Norway, she shouldn’t have staid to only bring so much trouble into his life everyday day.

Tears filled her eyes now, trembling hands going by her wound with a needle and a thread as she shook violently with everything building up inside. Another ugly scar she’s placing upon herself, a taint showing how nobody could ever love her — the creaking of the door made her raise her eyes, Newt standing upon her as she looked down again. She tried to stand then, trying the hide herself behind what was left of her shirt, the needle and thread still hanging from her wound that she was surprised she has stopped screaming about. But then a set of warm hands were on her, her eyes coming to meet a pair of calming blue ones as Newt pulled out his wand, murmuring a spell for her flesh to heal. The moment her skin stuck together she pulled away, trying to hide behind her damn shirt.

“Y/N, did you forget how we met? You mustn’t hide your scars, I’ve known about them since the day I first laid my eyes on you. And I don’t mind. Is this what it’s all about? Wait — are you jealous?” He asked, the witch’s mouth slightly agape because god no, the night she was passed out he helped her recover, he saw her wounds, yet even knowing about them he stuck by.

“Me? Jealous? Don’t be silly, Newton, what could I be possibly jealous of?” She tilted her head away, in an offended manner as Newt smiled at her.

“It’s fine, Y/N. I’m sorry that I’ve been ignoring, you should’ve told me rather than going on foolish adventures by yourself. Also, I didn’t mean what I said back there. For someone who has never dealt with a hippogriff—”

“Silverstein.” She interrupted.

“— you did great, I was just mad at the moment because I hate seeing you hurt. It was surprising how this week I didn’t notice that you were hurting because of me.” It was the wizard who darted his eyes away now, Y/N’s eyes wide at his confession but her heart quickly swelled, seeing him so concerned over her.

“You didn’t hurt me, maybe tad bit, but no you didn’t, don’t you dare blame yourself. It’s just me being stupid, ignore me from now on, okay? Just, please be happy. As long as you’re happy I’ll be okay.” She said, nodding to herself, more to herself even, to assure that she would actually follow what she just said.

“But, but how can I be happy when you’re not?” The corners of his mouth raised again, eyes shilly coming to look at her as the woman stared at him in shock now. 

“But — but, Tina?” She only mustered.

Tina? She’s a friend, Y/N. And you — you’re something special.” He smiled fully at her now, her own eyes starting to glisten. “We can be ugly scarred together.”

“We can be ugly scarred together.” She repeated, a smile spreading on her lips.

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The twins eagerly prance around the office, messing with whatever their little hands could touch. When Ukitake enters, their attention immediately switches. They throw themselves at him, not caring if their weight forced him to his knees. "Welcome back!!" They cheer.

“Uff! Ah, thank you thank you, boys.” He smiled warmly wrapping his arms around them both and forgetting all about how they almost toppled him over them. No matter how many times he experienced them, he could never tire of their enthusiastic greetings that never failed to make him feel so warm and very much loved. But the feeling often seemed to last only for so long before his eyes began to wander and he soon pouted at the mess that never ceased to take him by surprise. With a quick exhale, he stood up and took both their hands in his guiding them to where the mess was most apparent.

 “How about we get you two some big sheets of paper and those colour pencils Rukia brought us so you can draw hm? But first will you help me clean up?” 

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Hello! I'm having trouble drawing Yamaguchi's face, would you mind if you did a tutorial? Even a short and quick one. Thank you! It would be a great help!

Hi anon! Even now I still struggle every time I draw Yamaguchi 💦 I personally think using official reference helps a lot. ((I usually open it alongside my drawing canvas to help)

The key features I usually keep in mind is Yams’ smol eyes, freckles, and his cowlick hair.

I also browse other artists drawing of Yams to be used as reference ((as I said I use reference a lot 💦)) I’m not really comfortable doing a detailed/thorough tutorial for drawing because there’s so many way to draw one character! (mine is just one of them) I hope this help!

Family troubles

Hello! Can u make a bts reaction when they want to meet your father but u don’t want to because your father is really mean with u (he doesn’t support u in anything, always tells you evil things, humbles you…) and u just want to protect them. Thank you!!

Firstly I would like to WARN everyone reading this, that this piece of writing contains some hints of psychological abuse. If any of you feel uncomfortable with this kind of topics, please do not continue reading. Please listen to me and avoid this. This could be TRIGGERING ON SOME PEOPLE. Thank you.

Jimin: He wouldn’t understand why you seemed to avoid the topic of your family whenever he brought it up, and it would honestly hurt him quite a bit. You’d already met his family, and they had all fallen for you immediately, the guys had met you and made you feel at home whenever you visited Jiminnie at the dorms, so why were you so reluctant to even mention your family to him? His mind would start wandering into dark thoughts, making him more miserable by the minute.

“Jagi…” He’d whisper carefully, his heart twisting with nervousness, as he looked at you with sad eyes.

“Yes baby?” You’d reply, turning around to look at him. He sighed, and you braced yourself.

“Are you ashamed of me?” He asked you, his voice shaking as his eyes glistened with the threat of tears.

“What? No! Jimin how could you say that!” You told him, rushing to his side and cupping his face in your hands.

“You’ve met my family, my best friends, even my manager. So why are you so against me meeting your family? Are you embarrassed of me?” He asked you again, this time one lonely tear wandered down his cheek, and you wiped it away gently, sighing. You’d been dreading this conversation since the start of your relationship, but you knew you couldn’t put it off anymore.

“It’s not that baby… I want you to meet my family, but I’m scared of you meeting my dad. We don’t have a good relationship, he always shouts at me, and never approves of anything I do. I don’t want him to scare you away, and I honestly don’t want to see him if I can avoid it.” You told him, your voice breaking with every other word, as you looked up at him. He instantly regretted asking, and he rushed to your side and wrapped his arms around you, kissing the top of your head.

“It’s okay Jagi, I’m sorry I asked. We don’t have to go meet him, but you need to know nothing will scare me away from you, ever. DO you understand that?” He told you, kissing you repeatedly.

Suga: You had been dreading this situation ever since Suga asked you out. You had prayed almost every night that this moment wouldn’t come, but your boyfriend had insisted so much on it you just didn’t know what to do anymore. Here you were, sitting across your parents on their dining-room table, nervously holding onto your boyfriend’s sweaty palm underneath the table. Your mother was bringing out the dishes, looking at you with a sympathetic smile, you could tell she too was suffering with what was happening.

Your mum had never actually met Suga before, but she knew all about him from the stories you told her, and the pictures you sent her. You were both really close, and you knew you could tell your mother everything. Your dad however, was a completely different matter. You never quite understood what your beautiful, warm, loving mother was doing with a man like that. He was mean to you; he treated you like dirt, always making fun of you in front of your friends, and any boys you decided to bring home. Suga didn’t need to see this.

“So, Sugar was it?” Your dad smirked from across the table. Suga tensed up.

“It’s Suga, actually. But my real name is Yoongi.” He replied, trying to keep his cool. This hadn’t started well.

After about an hour or so of your dad pushing all of Suga’s buttons criticizing his music, his clothing, his career and his friends, he had had enough the moment he started trash talking you. You saw the immediate change in his body language, as his eyes became darker, and his muscles tensed up. He stood up abruptly.

“Okay, this is enough. Talk about me all you want, I don’t care. But don’t you EVER dare talk about Y/N that way. I don’t care that you are her father, you have no right. She is wonderful and amazing, and you should be damn proud to be her father. I’m sorry but I will not tolerate this. Y/N we are leaving. Thank you for a lovely meal Mrs.Y/L/N.” He exploded, glaring down at your father, taking your hand in his and dragging you outside back to your car. You couldn’t stop the small smile from forming on your face, because your boyfriend had just defended you in front of your very intimidating father, and you knew you could trust him, and feel safe with him. If he had managed to not get scared away, you knew he was a keeper, and he would stay with you for a very, very long time.

J-Hope: “I JUST DON’T GET IT Y/N!” He yelled at you, finally losing his cool after almost two hours or arguing with you.

“I don’t care if you get it Hoseok, you are not meeting my father and that’s final.” You replied, staring at him with the most authoritative stare you could possibly muster.

“But why?! That’s all I’m asking for! I just want to know why” He begged, his voice still loud, as he grabbed you by your shoulders and stared into your eyes. You couldn’t meet his gaze.  You felt your bottom lip begin to quiver as a wave of flashbacks rushed through your brain. Your whole childhood came back, images of you running after your father like a puppy, begging for approval. Memories of him shouting at you, telling you how useless you were, embarrassing in public, humiliating you in front of your friends, of the boys you brought home to introduce to your family, all rushed back, making your heart twist and squirm, feeling like it had suddenly shrunk to the size of a pea.
“Jagi are you okay?” He asked you worriedly, cupping your face with his hands, as he gently rubbed your cheek with a thumb, wiping a tear you didn’t know had fallen.

“I just don’t want you to meet him… He hurt me a lot in the past. He wasn’t there when I needed him. He was horrible to me. I don’t want to see him again, and I don’t want you to see who I become every time I am around him. Hobi please, don’t ask me to do this. You know I love you, my mother loves you, my friends love you. Just please not him” You begged him, tears now furiously water-falling down your face. His heart shattered into a million pieces, and he didn’t need to say anything, he just wrapped his arms around you tightly, a silent promise to protect you, and never let anyone else hurt you the way you had been hurt before. He would rather die than watch you suffer like this again.

Rap Monster: You and Namjoon shared a really profound bond, you talked about everything in bed, until the early hours of the morning, fingers laced with each other, your head on his chest, while his arm rested around your frame. You talked for hours on end, telling each other every single detail about yourselves and your lives, so it wasn’t really a surprise to you when you found yourself telling him all about your troubled relationship with your father. You felt him tense a little underneath you when you described the way he treated you, his arms tightening around you, holding you closer, but he stayed silent. He listened, like he always did, and it did you so much good to finally be able to get it off your chest.

So when your parents invited your boyfriend and you out for dinner at a restaurant one night, he was prepared. He smiled charmingly at your father, treating him as politely as he could, although you could see right through him, and the amount of self-control it took him not to punch the man in the face whenever he made a comment about you. He knew he had to keep it together, he was the better person.

Whenever your father made a snide remark about Namjoon, he would reply with something about how successful his band is, how happy he is with his lyrics, and he would enjoy bringing up his successes at school over and over again, watching your father shift uncomfortably when he couldn’t find anything else to bring him down about. So he channeled his frustration towards you, and Namjoon retorted with long beautifully decorated paragraphs of reasons why he was wrong, and why you are amazing at everything you do, contradicting his every statement.

You couldn’t stop yourself from smiling, because your boyfriend was so charmingly mature it was astounding. He could have easily replied to your father rudely, but instead, he shut him up in different ways, making your father stay quiet for the rest of the evening, which the rest of you actually enjoyed. Namjoon paid for dinner, and then said his goodbyes to your family so charmingly you felt your knees go weak and your heart soar with happiness.

“You did so well baby!” You’d congratulate him with a kiss as soon as you both got home. He flashed you his beautifully irresistible dimpled grin.
“It was hard jagi, but I did it for you.” He told you, loosening his tie. “ I would do anything for you. I love you”

V: Your mum loved Taehyung, she often invited him over for dinner and pampered him like you had never been pampered before. She thought he was adorable, and was so happy to finally see you so involved in a relationship with someone. Truth be told, you had never really had a relationship this serious before, and your mother had begun worrying about you, so when you finally brought V home, and formally introduced him to her, she was ecstatic.

Taehyung also loved your mom, to the point of calling her mom too, every now and again. He often texted her to ask her things about you that you hadn’t told him about, and she would reply, telling him to buy you a bouquet of daisies, just because you liked them a lot, or about a dress you had been dying to buy but didn’t have enough money, anything to help him make you even happier.

One of the many nights you and Taehyung were over at your mom’s place for dinner, you both noticed the young boy a little out of it, almost as if he was upset over something. You excused yourself to go to the bathroom at one point, leaving both your boyfriend and your mother sitting alone at the dinner table.

“What is it Taehyung?” She asked him sweetly, bringing him back from his thoughts.

“No-… It’s just that…Y/N has never introduced me to her father, and I know you, and you like me and we get along, so why is she so against letting me meet her father?” He asked her, pouring all of his worries into your mother, because he knew she could see right through him, and lying to her would have been fruitless.

“Ah, you see, Y/N has a pretty rough relationship with her father. They don’t get along. He has always been quite harsh on her, always telling her horrible things, and bringing her down. It took her a while to get over the hurt. You know, before you, she had never had a serious relationship. You make her happy, and I think she wants you keep the source of her happiness as far away from the source of her pain as possible, so please understand her. She is still scarred.” Your mother told him soothingly, looking into his eyes, tears starting to brim hers at the memories of the painful moments of your childhood.

Taehyung nodded, finally understanding the situation, and feeling kind of happy that you love him so much that you wanted to protect him. In his mind, he wished he could teach that man a lesson, but in the end he is your father, and he should be polite to him. He made a mental note of hugging you extra tight for the rest of the night.

Jin: Jin loved your family, that is, the members of it he had met. He had already introduced you to his friends, and his parents, and they were all very welcoming, and he had met your mother, your siblings and your best friend, but he had never met your father, and it had been something that had been bothering him for a while now. He didn’t understand the hesitance, which is why he went behind your back one day, and invited your family over for dinner at you place one night. Your WHOLE family.

Your heart almost popped straight out of your chest when you walked through your door, and saw your family waiting for you at your shared apartment with Jin. Your sister waved at you, your brother just sort of shrugged, and your father refused to look at you. You could hear your mum chatting happily with Jin in the kitchen, and you almost smiled, the both of them got along so well it was crazy. It drove you up the walls when they both ganged up on you being all overly protective though.

Dinner started, and with it, so did your personal piece of Hell. As soon as you took the first bite out of the dish Jin had prepared, you heard your father’s first snide remark.

“Well at least YOU can cook. Y/N’s so terrible at it not even the dogs want to eat her food.” He crushed your feelings. This was just the beginning. Soon he was dissing your taste in decorating the apartment, the extra pound you had put on since you moved in, how clumsy you are when you accidentally dropped your fork to the ground after he had made a snide remark directed towards Jin…

“I don’t know what you see in her, she is a useless woman. You must like her in bed, because she is too stupid to be good at anything else” He spat at Jin. This was too far. Jin sat up, and stared your father down.

“We invited you over to OUR house for dinner. You have been nothing but appallingly rude to Y/ N all night long, and now I can understand why she didn’t want me to meet you. You are incredibly impolite. Please leave our house and don’t come back again. I’m sorry Mrs.Y/L/N, you can stay and finish dinner with us, your company is always welcome, but please keep your husband away from me before I do something irrational.” Jin angrily stated, his gaze cold as ice as he stared at your father and pointed towards your door. Your heart fluttered, and you suddenly felt safe, and protected. Your mother nodded, and smiled at you both, as she ushered your family away, not before giving Jin a small smile and a thumbs up.

“Thank you for doing this for me Jagi” You’d tell him, admiration in your eyes, as he smiled.

Jungkook: Halfway through your lunch with your parents, your father had already started harassing you and your boyfriend, with the most appalling of comments about your job, your house, his job, his looks, your intelligence (or lack of it according to him), and you could see Jungkook becoming aggravated beside you. You were starting to feel nervous. Your poor boyfriend had honestly tried his best tonight, he had worn his best clothes, styled his hair as neatly as possible, and tried to be as polite and charming as he could, but your father couldn’t care less.

It got too much for the young boy, and he stood up from the table, excusing himself, and leaving out the door for some fresh air, without looking back at you. Your mother shot you an apologetic look, but you were too upset to care. You felt tears stinging in your eyes as you stared down at your hands in embarrassment. Had your dad seriously ruined yet another thing that made your life happy? He began commenting on how rude and weak your boyfriend was, laughing loudly.

That’s when Jungkook retuned, fists balled up tightly beside him, his chest heaving. He looked completely infuriated.

“Look sir, I have tried my best tonight. All you have done is insult me, and insult my girlfriend. We do not deserve this kind of treatment. I don’t usually speak to adults like I am speaking to you, but you deserve no respect. You are awful, and I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with you on a daily basis. If you think anything you say will make me leave then I am sorry to disappoint you, but I love your girlfriend, regardless of whether you support this relationship or not, so I suggest you either get used to it, or move out of the way. Y/N let’s go home.” He would tell your father, and you would just nod silently, too shocked at his behavior to reply. You honestly thought he was going to leave you at one point, and had begun fearing you had scared him away.

“Thank you Kookie. Thank you so much for not leaving me back there” You told him, hugging his waist with tears in your eyes.
“You thought I was going to leave?” He asked you, shocked. You nodded.

“Okay, he is a bit scary, and incredibly rude, and his behavior was inexcusable, but nothing in the world is going to stop me from being with you.” He whispered into your hair, kissing the top of your hair.

“He is so going to start hating you from now on” You giggled against his chest, and you felt him tense up. “But it’s okay, because I love you”

He smiled down at you, and you hugged him tighter, flashing your pearly whites at him once more.

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hello! sorry to trouble you. for my class we have to do a 1 minute recitation of a speech that already exists, fictional or not. i wanted to do something from critical role but i don't know if there's anything that has been around a minute long. do you remember any big speeches (or some dialogue that i can cut together) that might work? (sorry if this is a bother!!)

hmmmm i know there are a couple but i can’t remember specifically what. i’ll publish this and see if any other people have ideas for you? ^^

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“I don’t want any trouble!” (thcprcp) ((hello!))

Glanni grinned with that Cheshire cat smile, though his eyes glimmered with malice. He leant heavily on his cane and stared down. “Oh? But trouble is so fun.” A low chuckle rose from his throat.

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Hey! Quick question, if it isn't much trouble - i just bought my first crystals, would it be okay for me to cleanse my amethyst and citrine by submerging them in a container of salt? This one of the cleansing methods that most work with me, and although I've only seen warnings about exposing them to sunlight, I'd like to be sure

Hello! No trouble at all. :)

That’s how I do it, honestly. And I haven’t seen any troubles so far. :)

So uh… @pawprint212  (|||❛︵❛.)

I don’t think there’s much I can do to make up for this being so late (months at this point D:) but here’s that one request from a while back asking for Wander opening up the Goosebumps book. 

I think I actually ran out of memory for SAI or else I think I would have added more shiny stuff

Super Fancy Small Cosplay Props

Hello! Do you have trouble working with Worbla? Not sure how to make fancy armor decorations, or can’t find the perfect small pendant online to match what your costume calls for? 

I haven’t seen too many tutorials floating around about working with plasticine and Worbla, but it’s something new I started trying out recently and I’ve been getting very good results with it! So I’m making a tutorial, to share my progress with people! Featuring Jesse McCree’s hat from Overwatch. 

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