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8 Most Underrated Kelly Clarkson Songs
The overdue "Piece By Piece" love is just the start of it.

Pop stars come and go, with every new hit single keeping their careers going for at least one more album cycle…or not. Very few are able to keep their names at the top of the charts with any consistency, but Kelly Clarkson is certainly one of them. The former American Idol winner returned to the show one last time in February to perform her latest single “Piece By Piece”, and it was a true show-stopper. It’s virtually impossible to watch her (and rewatch and rewatch) without tearing, up, just as she did as she sang the touching, personal lyrics. Thanks to the big moment (which now has over 15 million views on YouTube), the song went from completely off the charts to the Top 10.

Looking back at her complete discography, “Piece By Piece” isn’t the only track that has been rudely denied its day in the sun. In fact, there are quite a few gems you may have missed in your listening, so here are a few to get you started as you complete your Clarkson education.


Like “Piece By Piece,” this was another ignored single from this latest era. “Invincible” was released as the second official cut from Piece By Piece, but sadly very few people took notice. The track is easily the most inspiring on her new album, and it feels almost larger than life, but that’s just how Kelly does things. Listening to “Invincible” truly makes you feel like you can do anything and conquer the world. Not bad for a pop song, right?

“All I Ever Wanted”

Despite being the title track from Kelly’s fourth album, this song really didn’t get its due. Complete with a surprisingly rocking chorus, “All I Ever Wanted” shows that despite her poppy image, the American Idol can create something with some great guitar work where her voice doesn’t sound out of place. This was released as the fourth single from the album, but after finding success on radio and the charts with hits like “My Life Would Suck Without You”, “I Do Not Hook Up” and the slowed-down “Already Gone”, perhaps people needed a little break from her.

“The Trouble With Love Is”

I am still shocked to this day that this song never made it big. “The Trouble With Love Is” was actually Kelly’s fourth single ever, following her Idol win and the still-rocking “Miss Independent.“ While it was featured on her debut album Thankful, “Love Is” may be better known because it was featured in Love, Actually, which is where I personally picked up on the sultry, slightly-jazzy tune.

“People Like Us”

One of just a handful of new songs recorded for her Greatest Hits—Chapter One collection, “People Like Us” never reached the heights of recent single “Catch My Breath,” but it still hits rather hard. When that chorus kicks the door down and the backing singers jump in, there’s literally no way not to freak the geek out.

“Run Run Run”

This John Legend duet hasn’t yet hit the public’s ears in a major way, but that doesn’t mean it won’t in the future. The song is featured on her latest album, Piece By Piece, and it could serve as a great single at some point during the promotional campaign. The somber tone is a noticeable shift from the upbeat and soaring sounds that the pop record has in droves. “Run Run Run” would be a great close to this chapter in her career, so keep your fingers crossed.

“Wrapped In Red”

Christmas music is always welcome, but sometimes you get tired of hearing different renditions of the same handful of time-tested tunes, right? Thankfully, when it came time for Kelly to tackle the holiday market, she crafted some original music as well. New Christmas songs are either great or terrible, but this is Kelly Clarkson we’re talking about, so was there really any chance that this was going to suck? It’s only a matter of time until carolers are singing this in the street come every December.


From the second that the guitars begin, you’ll be tapping your feet and clapping along—that’s how catchy it is. Sadly, while it was easily one of the best tracks off Kelly’s Stronger album, “Hello” was never released as a single. Instead, after three cuts had been sent to radio, her record label decided to move on and start pushing her greatest hits collection. That’s fine and all, but where is the justice for “Hello”?