{{ Hm, If I didn’t know any better I would say the all mighty ‘Megadad’ has finally decided to grace us with his presence once more. }}

{{ But I don’t know, it has been quite awhile since he was last seen. So who’s to say this isn’t just a visual glitch in the system or something…again. }}


Hi Jumin! I’d like to show you my kitties! The two pictures on the top are of Misty. She passed away almost a year ago now, but she was my best friend for over 10 years of my life. She was a total sweetie and I miss her a lot. ❤ I have a tattoo of her paw print on my wrist so she’ll always be close to me.

The bottom two pictures are of Kyo. He’s 7 years old now but he still acts like a total kitten. 😹 He’s part Abyssinian, which could explain his rambunctious and talkative personality.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my babies. Say hi to Elizabeth 3rd for me please! 😙

The Furred Yoshi?


“A..Yoshi? You’re furry for being a Yoshi.”

The young girl pointed over towards the other as she eventually brought her arm close to her as her sapphire hues shone with curiosity. She could say that about being the ONLY Human in a family of Koopas after all.

Eventually, she looked around her surroundings before she continued,“Oh and what’s ypur name? I’m Penny and I’m the youngest of the Koopa family. I know it’s weird but you know. they’re my family.”

i did all my replies???? now onto inbox things. 

but i just wanted to say i am back! life has been shit and my job has literally gone through hell. like everything that could go wrong has gone wrong tbh but hopefully it’ll calm down and my show should be over in about two weeks and then i have a break from theater for A WHILE so i will be here more. also i’m going to adding another muse (who is my og babe) so keep an eye out for her! 

“please leave” banishing powder

for those times when @breelandwalker‘s banishing powder is too kick-ass. instead of a “gtfo,” this is more of a “hi please leave me alone.” because i’m passive as hell.

  • salt (table salt is fine; perfect, actually)
  • coffee grounds
  • chamomile (from a tea bag)
  • a dash of vinegar
  • a dash of vanilla

translation: “go away go away go away GO AWAY please :)”

mix; sprinkle around to get rid of unwanted entities (without being overtly rude*), or put on a taglock to gently push a person out of your life

*there are times when you should probably definitely be rude.