• Magnus: *jokingly* So how's the prettiest person in the world?
  • Alex: I dunno. How are you?
  • Magnus: *chokes*
  • Alex: *oops* jUST rEmeMBeRED!!¡¡ pOTTerY tO Do!!!! gOTtA gO!!!
  • Alex: *walks away*
  • Magnus: Did she really mean that?
  • Alex: Did I really mean that?
Skip Beat Character Summaries
  • Kyoko: RAGE. ACTING. TEARS. EMBARRASSMENT. MORE RAGE. ★✧✴~❤princesses❤~✴✧★
  • Shou: ultimate fuckboy
  • Ren: *passive-aggressively cares* *angsts*
  • Kanae: I am an emotionless robot I promise why are you laughing I aM AN EMOTIONLESS ROBOT NO ONE CAN TOUCH ME
  • Yashiro: um yes hello this is my OTP aren't they cute I ship them so hard
  • President Lory: I ALSO SHIP IT. I SHIP EVERYONE WITH EVERYONE. LONG LIVE LOVE. *exits in an explosion of fireworks and rose petals*