Harry: It definitely feels like the last five years I’ve been in this band have all been preparation for this game.
Louis: I’m absolutely dodgeball obsessed. I’ve always lived and breathed dodgeball; it’s just such a big part of me. Have you ever played dodgeball before, Louis? No, no, never played. +

let me present to you: marauders slam poetry au

remus would be so nervous when stepping on the scene the first time, his breathing getting raggedly, but he does it, and the applause is mindblowing and he almost runs down and sirius is there to hug him and tell he did great

remus writes both about trans issues and mental health issues. he writes this one poem about having a panic attack with his binder on and he almost starts crying on stage because it’s so brutally raw and honest but it’s so good to get it out and it feels amazing when people applaud and scream and “oh.” 

sirius mostly dabbles in gender/queer stuff. he writes this one poem titled “HOW TO EXPLAIN TO YOUR PARENTS THAT THEY ONLY HAVE ONE SON.” it took him a lot to get that one out and regulus is in the crowd to hug him afterwards. him and remus also collabs.

james writes love poems (sorry but that is canon) but he also writes race related stuff. a lot of his works are actually quite comedic and all of them are so sharp they could cut you.

peter is super super super talented and does stuff related to the body positivity movement (him and lily have a collab on society’s different attitudes towards plus size women and plus size men) and race related stuff. 

lily writes some GREAT ones on rape culture and misogyny. she does a rly great one on catcalling throughout her life, like a progression sort of thing, the different times it happened and how she felt every time. she’s generally badass as fuck.

basically the marauders + lily doing slam poetry and being the outspoken blatantly queer and feminist kids your parents warned u about and fighting social injustices with the wildest weapon of them all: words.


Untold Stories: Éomer and Lothíriel

And as he gazed upon the Swan Princess of Dol Amroth, she lifted her eyes, stormy and grey, identical to those of her kin. “There is Elvish blood in the veins of that folk, for the people of Nimrodel dwelt in that land long ago,” the Elf Legolas had said. But he was certain one of the immortal maidens stood before him in that very moment, and nothing would convince him otherwise.

finding-meme-o asked:

Hi OMG can u pls write headcanons about a patrochilles zoo date it would be adorable

  • achilles’s favorite part of the zoo is the lions, he drags patroclus to see them as soon as they get there even though it’s all the way across the zoo from the entrance. they have to stand there and wait for like 20 minutes until one of the lions finally roars and achilles lets them go on to other habitats
  • they go to the reptile house, and patroclus gets freaked out by the snakes and lizards and achilles thinks it’s hilarious. he’ll occasionally slip behind patroclus and make hissing noises just to see patroclus jump
  • in payback patroclus makes achilles buy him ice cream but joke’s on him because achilles was going to do that anyway what nerds
  • pointing out weird-looking animals and saying “look it’s you!” !!!!
  • patroclus loves the monkeys because sometimes he looks at them and sees the traces of the evolutionary link between mankind and apes, but also sometimes the monkeys throw their own poop at each other. it’s the best of both worlds. he explains this to achilles, who laughs, probably a lot harder than he should
  • daring each other to see who can lean further over the fence into the tiger habitat until a zoo employee makes them stop!!
  • “i was going to win though”
    “achilles, you were going to fall over. you were 2 seconds away from being mauled by tigers”
    “yes, but i was going to win”
  • later in the afternoon the zoo gets crowded. patroclus grabs achilles’s hand so he doesn’t lose him in the throngs of people, and achilles starts rubbing his thumb on the underside of patroclus’s wrist, and patroclus has to stare intently at the elephants to keep from shoving achilles against a wall and making out with him, on only their second date, and surrounded by elementary school kids on field trips
  • when they’re leaving, achilles pulls patroclus aside, and says in his most serious voice: “i’m not lion when i say i really like you, do you want to go out with me again?” and patroclus is like “oh my god that was TERRIBLE, it’s a good thing you’re so pretty. see you friday night”