mikeisthekey  asked:

I love the songs that automatically play on your blog. Would you happen to have any song suggestions similar to these? Thank you!

Yes, of course! :D

1. Your Great Name - Natalie Grant
2. Hello My Name Is - Matthew West
3. Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) - Chris Tomlin
4. Lord I Need You - Chris Tomlin
5. Should’ve Been Me - Citizen Way
6. Hands To The Heavens - Kari Jobe
7. Second Chance - Rend Collective Experiment
8. Jesus In Disguise - Brandon Heath
9. Write Your Story - Francesca Battistelli
10. Overcomer - Mandisa
11. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong United
12. Find You On My Knees - Kari Jobe
13. Break Every Chain - Jesus Culture
14. City Of God - Love & The Outcome
15. Chasing You - Jenn Johnson & Bethel
16. Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) - Hillsong Worship
17. I Can Only Imagine - Veritas
18. This Is Amazing Grace - Phil Wickham
19. Miracles - Audio Adrenaline
20. Worn - Tenth Avenue North


Hello studyblr community!

My name is Karla [or Natalie (my middle name), whichever], and I am 21 years old attending what will hopefully be my last year in community college in Southern California. I will soon be heading off to university (: *fingers crossed*

I am a new studyblr account, however, I have been creeping on all of you studyblrs for the last year from my main account. Some of my favorite accounts would have to be @studydiaryofamedstudent@studyhardstudymore@studyplants@studeying@studywithinspo@limestyle@genspen@studytildawn@studypetals @scholarly @celines-studyblr @cmpsbls @itslahe @asazora @sciqueen @darwinsgirlfriend @plantstudies @universityanxiety @19hf @ashstudys @booksflowerstea @educationandclass @lemonadeandlanguages @icanfocus and many more! 

I’ve been scrolling through studyblr for motivation for not only school but my health. I see some of your bullet journals and I’m amazed at the determination some of you have and I hope to get that from this. In the last two years, I have gained 20 pounds. I use to be fit and healthy, weighing a little under 100 lbs (I am a fairly small person, 4"11) ever since I have gained weight, I stopped caring about myself, my health, and a bit of my GPA. This community has motivated me to change my life. Thank you all for the inspiration and I hope that this will definitely be a life changer rather than just a phase. 

For any question, feel free to ask 😊

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Hello studyblr! My name is Natalie and just yesterday I found out about this little gem! I’m going to be a freshmen at CSUN and I’m really excited to learn new study habits and hopefully share them! I’m studying Psychology ☺️