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It’s time for another monthly blog round-up (what do you know, it’s actually almost exactly a month this time). Here’s a new selection of whump blogs to follow. I may have already rec’d some of these, and as usual sorry to anyone who’s been around for a while but I had somehow missed!


























(Just a note, I don’t tend to track the blogs that are more sickness than injury, but if you need suggestions for those I can certainly point you to some people who can help.) If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know!

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Dating Hal Jordan Would Include:
  • He has the most ridiculous pick-up lines. Even after you start dating he keeps using them.
  • Seriously. Every day. You ask him if he gets them from a book.
  • He makes the sweetest gestures without even thinking, like making an umbrella construct for you when the two of you get caught in a storm or flying by your favorite pizza place to pick up food after a mission.
  • When you can’t reach things on high shelves you just ask him for help and a glowing green hand will appear and grab whatever you need.
  • If he finds a really nice planet while he’s out saving the universe he makes sure to take you there on a date. He keeps a little notebook with your favorite places in the galaxy.
  • Having said that, his idea of an ideal date is probably making out on your couch. He’s very cuddly.
  • You wear his flight jackets a lot (especially when he’s not around.) They’re warm and they smell like him.
  • He will announce to Everyone that you’re his girlfriend and tell them all about you because he is just so proud. The entire Green Lantern Corps knows your favorite color. Some alien crashed through your roof, greeted you by name, and apologized for the mess.


… HUH?!

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

Excuse me, but… who are you people and where did you come from?

Last time I checked, there were like… 1700?

… Are you all sure you’re on the right blog?! X’D

Omg, seriously, guys, thank you so, so much for this, that’s like… WAY more people on here that I ever anticipated. I’m a little speechless right now.