Beyond Sight

Aside from the challenge of living,
ventures lie skimming the surface
where open sunlit waters…sparkle
where gentle sunlight caresses your face
where warm winds stream through your hair
with the promise of twilight
that fades in the sky
folding the thickness of the day
into a whispered dream
a dream that fits in my hand
held close to my heart
where I count
the playground of stars…

 Photo taken at sunset

    Hiking boots caked in mud barely left a trail as the vampire crossed into Olympic territory.  Forks was a place she often visited to reconnect with her and Peter’s old friend.  This time she came out of concern, rumors of the happenings occurring in Forks had reached even the most displaced Nomads and Charlotte had grown worried.  She knew Jasper was capable, but she wished to check on her old friend herself.  She knew he’d risk anything if his mate was threatened and she didn’t wish to see harm come to either of them.   

    Dressed in Peter’s winter coat, she made her way through the tree lines before coming to a stop in a clearing.  Pale hands stretching as she stopped, dark eyes examining the area before taking in a deep breathe.  Her eyes scanning the trees.  “I know you are there.” She called out, knowing it wasn’t uncommon for hikers and regular town citizens to stray off path. 


Hi everyone :) I’m Sarah. I know that I’m really late… but I’m here now. I’m a freshman in college, I like reading, writing, listening to music, singing, playing my bass clarinet, photography, and everything Disney. I guess technically if you want to label me I am Pan, but I personally prefer to just be me and fall in love with whom ever I want to. Thomas was the first viner I ever watched, and his funny and relatable videos are what kept me hooked to his channel. @thatsthat24

Frank shielding Karen because the last time this happened he lost his entire family, and he couldn’t lose her too.

Frank shielding Karen because she is the only person who was able to help him remember his family. 

Frank shielding Karen because she never stopped looking for the truth for him and his family. 

Frank shielding Karen because nothing is black and white and even though Frank is a killer and Karen knows that—she also knows it’s more complicated. Karen knows they belong in the grey. 

Frank shielding Karen and using his entire body so hopefully she never feels that kind of pain. 

Frank shielding Karen because for the first time in a very long time Frank finally feels something. 

Frank shielding Karen because he never wants to go without that feeling every again. 

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(not my gif–full credit to the maker)