room 211 Hotel T'Point // Mifune Design Studio {ph cr. Yasunori Shimomura} 


“…that don’t look like me, punk.”
“!? ‘Course it don’t, as if I’d ever draw you!”
“Well, he’s a looker, I’ll give 'im that. Smart chin. Who’s he?”
“Shut up.”  

Just… stop trying, Steve. Ssshh. Get kissed. Sit down. 

(Stucky ☆★ Palette #2 for memoryrecovery

and so this month marks a whole year of me obsessing over these nerds and thus eventually creating this blog. 

last year at the exact same time I remember going to tumblr with my main account and liking every dan and phil posts in secret and drawing them secretly in my sketchbook. Finally i caved in and made this blog thinking it might just be a phase. little did I know I had truly succumbed to these two nerds. 

Heres to 1 year of phantheraglama!  

Frank shielding Karen because the last time this happened he lost his entire family, and he couldn’t lose her too.

Frank shielding Karen because she is the only person who was able to help him remember his family. 

Frank shielding Karen because she never stopped looking for the truth for him and his family. 

Frank shielding Karen because nothing is black and white and even though Frank is a killer and Karen knows that—she also knows it’s more complicated. Karen knows they belong in the grey. 

Frank shielding Karen and using his entire body so hopefully she never feels that kind of pain. 

Frank shielding Karen because for the first time in a very long time Frank finally feels something. 

Frank shielding Karen because he never wants to go without that feeling every again. 

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(not my gif–full credit to the maker)