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Hi, any tips on making a grimoire? I've never made one before so I don't know if I just buy a journal or make it all by hand. Thanks have a good one! :)

Hello dear!!!

Yay, I’m happy you’re planning to make your first grimoire! First of all, don’t worry! You can use everything that works with you!
Are you comfortable with a simply notebook? Or do you want a fancy and pretty little book? It’s your choice!
I used a lot of pretty notebooks, and I love them!

Something you could write on it:

  • Herbs correspondences
  • Crystal correspondences
  • Tarot cards meanings
  • Moon phases
  • Other divination techniques (pendulum boards, ouija board, runes etc)
  • Months/Days/Time of day meaning in witchcraft 
  • Types of witches
  • Types of witchcraft
  • How-to (make spells, curses, potions…)
  • Dreams interpretation 
  • Symbols in witchcraft 
  • History of witchcraft 
  • Deities (if you want to)
  • Spirit work (if you want to)
  • Astral travel (again, if you want to)
I hope I helped you a bit! And, enjoy making your grimoire!


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hello amazing admin for this blog! do you have headcanons for any of the inhericharacters? :)

Hello my dear anon I have so many <3So, let me share a few

- The Menoa Tree took Eragon’s capability to bear children. It’s terrible for him, because he never could quite get used to never having his own family, but at the end he finds peace with that being a father to the new young riders

- Most the new riders were young children of all species. However one of the first human riders was the middle aged, mother of five Birgitt of Carvahall. Everything was beyond awkward for Eragon.

- Roran was kind of scared of heights as a child, Eragon was a little monkey and he used that as avantage whenever

- Murtagh, as a child, wanted to be an hedge knight or an explorer. He got to live that sort of life for a while at the end of Inheritance and he really liked it, he discovered new places and actually made friends for once. He came back a couple years later to find Nasuada in an arranged marriage to Orrin where she’s princess consort of Surda and he’s prince consort of Alagaesia and they interfer in each other’s lives minimally.

- Nasuada is terrified of making the vision of the future Galbatorix gave her come true, to the point she barely wears yellow anymore and she was very careful not to have four children (she ended up having two girls and a boy by Orrin and then two bastard twins by Murtagh. I have names too!)

- Nasuada really liked making her own court on the ashes of Galbatorix’s. It helped her go on when she had very little to be happy for. She was a patroness of art and fashion and encouraged cultural exchange between the races

- She is also bisexual and she had a thing with Trianna going on and off through her teen years and she’s kind of an unofficial mistress even after Inheritance. I like to think this is not a problem with Murtagh and they are very polyamorous

- Elva after the end of Inheritance tries to adapt to the life of a normal girl and lady in waiting to the queen. It doesn’t always work but one thing she really likes is embroidery: it relaxes her and everything she has seen gives her lot of ispiration for tapestries

- Nasuada’s mother is alive, she just didn’t want anything to do with Ajihad so she abandoned them.  Trianna’s mother left her with the Varden at the age of thirteen claiming she had too much talent to go wasted in an healer’s shop in Surda. This abandonment was one og the first things they bonded on

- Selena was a very rebellious child and abused for that by her parents. She was the hunter of the family and a bit of a sadist since childhood, Eragon’s hunting bow was hers. She never really had a good heart - she just did her best to change her true name because she had fled with Morzan to be free, and suddenly she realized she wasn’t free at all

- Morzan had is finger chopped off as a very young child for theft, he was the son of two famous outlaws from Dras Leona. The ‘Blackhand’ nickname comes from his infamous mother, who was given that because she was a very good thief and came from a Nomad Tribe

And… I probably have so many more but I won’t make it too long. Feel free to submit your own y’all <3

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Dear Kuno, Hello secret santa here,, ur a cutie and absolute sweet heart, i hope ur haveing a wonderful dayโคโœจ -your secret santa<33

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YUO HeC C..!!!!!!!!

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Hey ObsidianPen, yesterday wasn’t a really good day for me, and I just wanted to know if you have any personal struggles that you deal with, and how you handle them. I have very bad OCD, anxiety, and depression. I know that this is a VERY personal question (so you don’t have to reply), but I just wanted to ask you specifically, because, even though we’ve never met, I value your opinion, and feel like I’ve gotten to know some portion of you that shows itself in your writing. โค๏ธ Have a nice day :)

Hello dear anon,

I deal with some pretty severe anxiety as well. For me, it isn’t necessarily worrying about things, more so that I just can’t stop thinking about things. I’m always coming up with some new project I could be working on, something I should be writing, doing, etc., to the point where it’s difficult for me to just chill and not for a minute. If I ever try to take a day to just to relax, I start to get extremely distressed that I’m just wasting my life away, even if I’ve done 100 other useful things that day (like cleaned, grocery shopped, gone to work, done laundry… you know, adult things).

I usually just end up doing the things that I feel I should be doing, and then I feel better. If I feel I should be writing, I write. If I think I should be in the glass studio, I go there (barring that I’m not stuck at work or something, of course). Some people might think that’s unhealthy - ‘you should take a break every now and then!’ - but I don’t think it is, because these things are what make me happy. They’re work, but they’re also play. Some people chill by playing video games. I chill by writing some disturbing fiction or busting out the charcoal. Whatever makes you happy, I say.

I also run a lot, and that really helps with anxiety. 

But I know everyone is unique and suffers for different reasons, and therefore need to cope differently. So, here is a list of random techniques that I either use myself or that friends have told me work for them:

1. Pamper yourself. Put some deep conditioning stuff in your hair, put on a fancy face mask, and paint your nails (in that order, unless you want nail polish in your hair). Then watch a movie or something while it all sits. This is great because you’re doing something nice for yourself, it stops you from doing other things, forcing you to just sit and relax, and you feel awesome afterwards! 

2. Long walks (with doggos, if you have them). Listen to music, too. Walking is one of the best things for depression. Running works better for me, but I know that’s not everyone’s idea of a good time, so… 

3.  Color. I mean it. There are some awesome adult coloring books out there (although why they need to be ‘adult’, I dunno). If drawing is not your thing but you love art, this is super fun and a great way to relax.

4. Do nice things for other people. Volunteer somewhere locally, make a random card for someone who deserves it for no reason other than they are nice and you like them, leave candy on your co-worker’s desk/in their bag/whatever. Give them the fancy adult coloring book page you worked on earlier. Giving someone else a gift is giving yourself one as well. 

5. Leave nice comments/reviews/etc. on fanart or stories you’ve read before or a drawing you’ve admired in the past, but never commented on. Nothing makes an artist’s day brighter than a thoughtful comment, and like I said, it feels good to make other people feel good. Better yet, make a post about your favorite creator and tag them, or make art for a story you like. They’ll love you for it, and love brings love!

6. Take up poetry! It’s a fun artistic hobby that gives you a creative outlet without needing to buy any supplies. 

7. Deep breathing exercises. For as much as I write about doing these, I am absolute rubbish at them. But! They are supposedly really great and do work. https://www.calmclinic.com/anxiety/treatment/breathing-exercises

I think that’s enough for now, but if I think of any other good ones I’ll add them later. Or if someone else want to add to this, feel free!


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i saw someone ask if they were always a witch and i thought that was a great question. so my question is, have i always been a witch or is it just chance that my sister kept teasing me about how i had the aesthetic down pat and i found it so interesting haha. anyway was i??

Hello dear i asked the pendulum board and it said yes i hope this helps and blessings to you and yours

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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!


When you realize that no one’s waiting.

(For those who don’t get it Tsukki is shielding Kuroo away from a crashing car–Kuroo didn’t see it coming because he’s facing away his window side)

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1) Taako pulls off some sweet flips with Carey and Killian, so much so it becomes a regular thing, one day it's going great but Taako ends up with a super broken arm (like breaks in three different places) he's not in pain but he's on enough painkillers to make an elephant high. Kravitz of course comes to the hospital after Killian calls apologizing. Taako looks at Kravitz, sniffling and just asks "are you my husband????? These nice ladies said he was coming." Kravitz just smiles and corrects

2) him. โ€œIโ€™m your fiancรฉ love.โ€ Taako just smiles and spends probably twenty minutes just holding Kravitzโ€™s hand while asking Kravitz if he likes ferrets and Mongeese. Killian is apologizing so much โ€œheโ€™s on the really REALLY good shit, heโ€™s gonna be like this for at least the rest of the day. It was the only way they could get him to hold still for the stitches and X-rays and shit.โ€ Taako tries to shush everyone when they try to curse โ€œthereโ€™s a little tiny baby human nearby, I know it.โ€

3) of corse that baby is Angus, who brought some crackers from the cafeteria. โ€œSee! Itโ€™s the tiny human who likes to read!!!!โ€ Killian has to direct Taakoโ€™s hug to Kravitz. Taako doesnโ€™t mind, heโ€™s hugging a handsome guy, a handsome guy whoโ€™s apparently his husband to be!!!!! Taako just kinda doesnโ€™t stop hugging Kravitz, mostly because heโ€™s tired and mostly because Kravitz is holding his arm so it doesnโ€™t hurt. โ€œI love you, you know that?โ€ Taako just tells everyone how much he loves Kravitz.

4) Taako finally sleeps and he can go home when heโ€™s not loopy anymore. Lup films all of it. -Bunny

I had to drabble this, under the cut

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Hello, dear <3 Simply for scientific research, why do you think Jiminie is as graceful as a baby giraffe when he walks or stands or sits, but suddenly he's smooth like a snake when dancing (most of the time anyways)?

When I will understand why he smiles like the warmest weather

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then looks at you and it turns into thunder

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When I will understand how he gets embarrassed for the smallest things 

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then manage his hip thrusting like he was part of Magic Mike

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When I will understand how can he be the shortest in BTS

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then jumps the highest

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When I will understand how he gets shy when someone looks at him 

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Then stares at someone for minutes like he is willing to consume all their soul

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When I will understand how much bullying he does not respond to 

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then out of the blue become the most savage of the team

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When I will understand how he ATTAC

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When I will understand some of these I will make sure to answer you by then ^^

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Why do you think they made it seem like Dean does'nt care if Cas calls Sam instead of him at first I thought he was a little bent out of shape about it but now it's like whatever

Hello, dear! Let me give you a kind of long answer to your question. I’ve been saying for over 2 years now that there’s an unrequited love story going on since Jeremy Carver took the reins of the show.

Season 8 (and the first episodes of season 9) was mostly about Dean’s feelings for Cas. Season 9 (and a huge part of season 10) was about Cas’ feeling for Dean. IMO, season 10 gave us the clues we needed to understand the unrequited love story being told through subtext. Season 11 emphasized that story (e.g. Dean felt a lot more desperate than Sam to save Cas whereas Cas felt unloved and expendable). Season 12 gave us the beginnings of “I can tell you/show you how much you mean to me” without making it totally clear. That’s why in season 13 we can still see that neither Cas nor Dean are sure of where they’re standing regarding their feelings for each other. That much is obvious!

I mean, in season 13 Dean spent 5 episodes hitting rock bottom until Cas came back. The audience knew just how much Cas’ death affected Dean. Jack knew it. Sam knew it. BUT CAS DIDN’T KNOW IT. The moment Cas came back Dean hugged him and said, “Welcome home, pal”.

I’ve written many posts where I’ve tried to explain that every time Dean has attempted to tell Cas just how much he really feels, Cas has left. (This is just one of them)

Dean was overexcited in 13x06 simply because he got the win he wanted (Cas). The moment Jack disappeared and Cas said he was going to talk with the angels, Dean immediately invited himself to go with Cas in episode 7. Notice that he didn’t invite himself and Sam. “Introduce ME”, “I’ll bring a six-pack”. Dean didn’t use the “safe” plurals, and Cas left AGAIN.

From our point of view, we understand Cas, but what about Dean’s point of view? Cas didn’t call him in 13x07. Dean was the one who made the call when Cas tried to explain about Lucifer. Cas could find a way to let Dean know that something was wrong, but the thing is… Cas wasn’t the one who called!

And after Dean and Sam went to the place to see what was going on, Cas didn’t call again. One more time Dean was the one who made the call (of course, by this point Cas was trapped in Hell, but Dean still doesn’t know that!) When Asmodeus answered the phone pretending to be Cas, he said he was following a lead and was going to tell Dean when he knew more. He didn’t give any details and quickly ended the call with a “See you soon, Dean”.

What makes you think that Dean hasn’t called Cas? In 13x08, Dean asked Sam about Jack (not about Cas), and Sam’s answer was: “I talked to Cas and…” If Dean had been calling Cas and the angel hadn’t picked up, I think the message Dean got when he learned Sam had been able to talk to Cas was pretty clear.

It’s important to notice that as long as Cas is alive, Dean can manage. By the end of 13x08, Sam reminded the audience that Dean had a very rough time at the beginning of the season but was apparently fine now (no matter if Jack was missing and Mary was still believed to be dead). “It feels really good to hear you talk like that again”, Sam said.

Dean decided to respect Cas’ choice to go look for Jack alone in 13x07. He told him not to do anything stupid (though he knows that hasn’t really worked before). Dean has always called and texted Cas when he’s been worried, but this time (according to Dean), Cas has decided to communicate with Sam instead. I guess Dean has simply respected that choice too.

Let’s remember Dean has NO IDEA that Asmodeus has Castiel trapped in Hell. Obviously, our Prince of Hell is avoiding Dean as much as possible because it would be a lot more difficult to deceive him than to deceive Sam. Arthur Ketch is working for Asmodeus; we don’t know what he might have said about Dean and ‘his angel’ (Sam was ready to buy the lie that Ketch had a twin brother, but Dean wasn’t fooled). Ketch could have perfectly told Asmodeus to be careful. 

In 13x09 we saw Dean calling Patience and leaving a voicemail just once. However, we later found out that she had 6 missed calls from him. The last time an enemy had kidnapped Cas to trade him was in 9x18 when Metatron caught him and exchanged him for Gadreel. In that episode we got a shot of Cas’ phone with 6 missed calls from Dean. Coicidence much? 

Going back to Patience, the last thing Dean said in his voicemail to her was a request for her to call him back. After that, Dean’s next line was a question to Sam: “Any word from Cas?” 

In the previous episode, Dean didn’t ask Sam that; he asked about Jack. This time he seemed resigned to the idea that Cas was purposely ignoring him but not Sam. Do you really think that Dean hasn’t left voicemails and missed calls to Cas? Dean Winchester who constantly calls and texts Cas when he disappears!? The problem is that Cas is not calling him back. He’s communicating with Sam, though, so Dean knows he’s okay; he’s just not willing to talk to Dean.

That explains why Dean didn’t call Cas to tell him about Jack in 13x09. If Cas doesn’t want to talk with him, then Dean can let Sam inform Cas of what’s going on.  Of course Sam would not call Cas to tell him Jack had murdered someone without having enough info first. In the episode we saw Sam reluctant to accept that Jack had really killed Derek. Once they found Jack, they learned about Mary so most likely Cas was not at the front of their mind from that moment on.

I don’t think it’s so hard to buy that Dean didn’t call Cas, considering that “Casmodeus” has decided to favor Sam and not Dean. I really want to know how Dean will react when he finds out that Cas has been trapped all along.

I don’t believe for a minute that Dean’s like “whatever” when he sees Cas is communicating with Sam and not him. On the contrary, the first thing I thought when I saw that was: “Damn! That’s not gonna add anything good to the idea Dean has that his feelings for Cas are unrequited”. But I’m here precisely for this kind of drama! Let’s see what the new year brings for our favorite hunter and his angel.

Hellborn - Chapter 3

Genre: Smut; Angst; Demon!AU, Dom!Jimin, Sex Slave!AU

Word count: 5k

Summary: After you are kidnapped by a demon and declared as his sex slave your life has been filled with pain, fear, and anger as every day has been taken up by useless plans of escape as you try to figure a way out and learn more about your intimidating master.

A/N - Iโ€™m back! And let me tell you - writerโ€™s block is a fucking bitch

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Dirty talk? Tree Bros Fic

Connor pulled the door shut behind him and shifted the grocery bag on his arm. He turned to head towards the kitchen and made eye contact with Zoe, sitting on the couch watching T.V.

“Oh. Uh hey I thought you had um…”

“Yeah no. Jazz band practice got canceled at the last minute today.”


Connor continued towards the kitchen.

“What’s that?”

“Uh bread. We’re out.”

“Oh. Thanks.”

“No prob.” He called over his shoulder as he put the bread away, balling up the plastic bag and tossing it in the recycling bin.

He hesitated at the kitchen threshold. He and Zoe had sorta been tiptoeing on eggshells around each other as of late. Things had been better between them but there was still a definite tension. Finally Connor pulled himself from the threshold and ploped himself down on the couch next to Zoe, wincing at the way she flinched slightly.

“So what’re we watching?”

“Series of Unfortunate Events. The Netflix show not the movie. I’ve been meaning to get into it.”


Zoe was about halfway into the first episode when Connor joined her. They were both enjoying it though Connor was asking her a lot of questions.

“Will you shut up and just watch!” She snapped.

“Sorry! I never read the books. I just know you were obsessed with them.” Connor drawled.

“I’m surprised you remember that.” Zoe commented. It has been a while since she had thought about her younger years.

“How could I not? You carried one everywhere you went.” Connor chuckled.

About a quarter way through “The Wide Window” Zoe caught Connor on his phone tapping away.

“Quit texting your boyfriend and pay attention! Maybe then you won’t ask me so many questions.” She smirked, tossing popcorn at him.

“Shut up! Evan’s probably coming over tonight so…yeah…”

Suddenly Zoe was struck with a definitely marvelous idea.

“You should totally prank call him! Like talk all sexy to him over the phone!”

Connor threw her a disgusted look as a blush rose to his cheeks. “Fuck no! First of all he doesn’t even like talking on the phone and second-”

“Come on ya pussy! Do it! I dare you!”

“Fuck off!”

“Come onnnnnn!” Zoe threw her arms around his neck and pouted up at him, giving him her best puppy dog eyes.

Connor hesitated. This had been going relatively well. He didn’t want this devolving into another fight.

“Uggggh! Fuck! Fine!” He growled and reluctantly began typing out Evan’s number into the phone app for the first time. Zoe grinned and nuzzled him to which she was promptly shrugged off.

“Put it on speaker!” Zoe urged and Connor reluctantly obeyed. He tensed as it rang. What was he even going to say? “Shit. How am I even gonna do this?!”

“Just talk dirty! It’s gonna be great!” Zoe giggled.

The moment he heard the click of the phone being picked up Connor spoke up

“H-HEY! Hey babe! I’ve uh…I’ve been thinking about you all day. Can’t wait for you to get over here. You…you hot little thing. Can’t wait to get my hands on you…uh-”

“Um…Connor? I-If you’re looking for Evan I-”


“H-hello dear.”


Zoe was clutching her stomach and laughing hysterically. Connor, enraged, shoved her off of the couch.

“Fuck you! I hate you so much!”

He jumped off of the couch and ran toward the stairs. “Connor c'mon! I’m sorry, okay?!”

Connor ignored her, stomped up the stairs and slammed the door behind him. Great just great! Now he had freaked out Mrs. Hansen and she probably hated him and would never let him see Evan again and it was all Zoe’s fault! He flopped back on his bed, buried his hands in hair and screamed in frustration.

He was so embarrassed he couldn’t even bring himself to answer the door when Evan came over. Zoe came to the door and was confronted with a very confused and embarrassed looking Evan. “Oh um hi Zoe I uh-”

“It was me alright!”

“Uh what?”

“I dared Connor to say all that stuff to you, he didn’t know your mom was gonna pick up the phone. It’s my fault, alright!? Just…just go talk to him okay?! He’s upstairs sulking in his room right now.”

“Ummm ok.”

Evan awkwardly shuffled past her and up the stairs. He hesitantly knocked on the door. “Uh hi C-Connor…I’m here.”

The door swung open and Connor stood there, not meeting his eyes. “Come to tell me your mom wants you to stay away from me?”

“I d-don’t think you’ll have to worry about that.” He said as he followed Connor to sit down on the bed.

“How do ya figure?” He asked.

“…W-well first of all because my mom loves you. Second b-because we had a loooooong talk about this before I c-came over. And third…she gave me these.”

Evan who was now very red in the face reached in his pocket and pulled out-

Yup. Those were condoms.

Now it was Connor’s turn to burst out laughing.