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BTS reaction when you sleep with them in one bed for first time

anon: Hey!!!! Love your blog ❤❤ Can I request BTS relations to your first time ‘sleeping’ with them?? ;)  Sorry if it is a bit weird 😅

It’s really cute request not weird ^^ I hope that you liked it!     


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He would be a gentelmen. Giving you half of the blanket, making sure that you are all cover with it. Jin would softly say “Good night” and hug you tightly. It was the first night that he sleep that well. Next day he will do a breakfast and will eat it with you in bed

“Sleep well jagi~ Dream about mee~”


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He don’t care that you’re in one bed with him. Yoongi just want to rest and he made a blanket burrito from him. (Of course he gave you one blanket too.) You were more stressed than him. He’ll passed out after few minutes being really close to you and put your hand on you waist. Maybe he’ll tease you a little bit following day because he “felt your stress”

“Go sleep, Y/N. Enjoy being in one bed with me. But in normal way you pervert”


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Hobi before going to bed would make sure that you will have your own space. He wanted you to get enough sleep and place for this sleeping which is important. But he’s fluffy ball and he want to you spend a night in his arms. When he woke up  first thing that he want to  see is your face.

“I want to waking up with you every day and spend rest of my life with you” -maybe its strange that he think like this beacause of you sleeping but I think that somehow it  match.


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Our leader have to deal with big war of hormones. He would pretend that it’s really nothing but inside he would be fighting with his “instinct”. Namjoon wouldn’t do anything with you without your permission and he just went sleep, kissng your forehead for goodnight and hugging you.

“Maybe next time this will end in another way babe, but today just rest” -I’m sorry! I know I’m little, bad pervert


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Your peaceful face will make his heart soft. He thought that you can’t be more pretty but now he knew that you can and there is nothing impossible for you. He wanted to know what you are dreaming about and he hope that he is part of your dream.

“My sleeping beauty. I’ll wake you up with a kiss tomorrow like in this fairy tail~ Goodnight”


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V would make a pillow  barier. Just for fun, because why not? But after few minutes he’ll kick off all of pillows and come closer to you. Talking all night with you about everything. I feel like this night you two won’t sleep and just enjoing association of second person

“Do you think that maybe we could sleep together  tomorrow too? Hmm.. I think that the best option will be living together”


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Warm body of loved person in his arms. What more someone in love would want? Jungkook spend a lot of time just looking at you while you were sleeping and softly stroking your hair. He thinks how beatiful you look while asleep and how it’ll be to waking up with his Y/N everyday. Jungkookie would remembering all things which he did with you and all memories that he had with you.

“I want this moment to last forever. I think that time spended with you is my most beatiful moment in life”

Boyfriend Jaehyun

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  • be prepared to eat
  • a lot
  • he loves eating and seeing you well fed
  • sharing food is what 99% of your relationship consists of
  • prefers chill, nights in. with LOTS of food and good movies. or sometimes you just talk, with music playing in the background
  • gets so embarrassed if you play his songs
  • “jagi,,, this is awkward, can we listen to something else?”
  • “you said put something good on and nothing’s better than your voice”
  • in the beginning, he acted like an angel
  • (which he is)
  • but I mean … an innocent angel
  • but there is nothing innocent about Jung Jaehyun
  • he let you borrow his laptop when yours broke one week and by Sunday, you had discovered that Jaehyun was far from the saint he portrayed himself to be
  • when you told him, it took 3 whole hours before he could stop blushing
  • but now that you’re more comfortable with each others, he’s okay with telling you about his pervy thoughts or initiating risky skinship
  • by risky I mean you sitting on his lap or kissing your neck around the boys (the older ones,,, he’s still trying to convince the younger ones of his innocence)
  • the boys groan and gag at all your kisses
  • but secretly love seeing their friend happy
  • Jaehyun is so unashamed of his love for you
  • he’s affectionate 24/7, which is why he can’t keep his hands to himself, not even in public or around his friends
  • despite this comfortable attitude to skinship, he was a bit hesitant about sharing a bed with you the first time
  • even though you did nothing but cuddle, even that made him anxious
  • although he loved the skinship did YOU?? that thought plagues him often. he’s afraid of suffocating you or overwhelming you. but he can’t hold back. he has so much love that he can’t contain
  • although most nights spent together are innocent, there are times when you try … you know, doing more than just cuddling
  • but those are ALWAYS the nights that one of the kids comes in to annoy you
  • like Jeno will barge in to show off his new car drawing or Jaemin invites you to an Iron Man marathon. then there’s Donghyuck who just wants to annoy you lol
  • he loves kissing your nose tho
  • and if you kiss his dimples, he turns into a pile of mushy goo
  • the others can find him annoying sometimes, since he talks about you a lot
  • he’ll tell them all about your dates, about how cutely you held his hand, or about … some less cute activity
  • and it’s great that their friend found love BUT CAN YOU NOT TALK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE?!?!
  • his life revolves around you, but not in an obsessive way
  • he still hangs out with the guys or with his family when he can
  • and he takes time to be alone too
  • but he’s always thinking of you
  • he’ll take you home any extra food (not his, you bet your ass he ate everything) from lunch with the guys
  • and saves a cupcake his gran baked to give to you
  • he thinks bouquets are too cringey but if he sees a pretty flower, he’ll definitely pick it for you
  • you mean so much to him
  • and he’s afraid that when his schedule is packed, and he can’t see you often, that you might doubt that fact
  • or forget about him
  • (not that you’ll cheat, that doesn’t cross his mind, he trusts you too much)
  • (but what if you forget about him?? if you get bored of waiting??)
  • so this relationship needs to be 50/50
  • you can’t just expect him to give his all
  • make sure you show your love too
  • cook or order food for him as often as you can
  • ask how he slept
  • remind him to take his vitamins
  • there’s more ways to show love that with words, and those are the ways that are most romantic imo
  • anyone could say “I love you” but waiting up until 4 am with cold pizza for him is more loving than words could ever be
  • making him watch 22 Jump Street and he starts saying “my name is Jeff” at least 5 times a day
  • works even harder to improve his English, feeling embarrassed if he pronounces something wrong … esp around your family
  • he just wants to impress them,, so messing up in any way makes him feel so bad,,
  • Jaehyun is just the perfect guy, tbh. He was probably a prince in a former life. He puts you first, always, and never has a bad thing to say. He’s a happy, positive person so this impacts the relationship greatly. There’s mostly smooth sailing and any arguments are rare and sorted maturely. At the end of the day, all he wants is your happiness. And Jung Jaehyun tries his hardest to ensure you’re happy

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inspired by a mood board by @anieekkjeeex

You always woke up holding his hand, he liked the contact. That was if you’d fallen asleep on the sofa, in his bed or really anywhere. He always found your hand, he said he didn’t know how it happened, but really he always grabbed your hand before he fell asleep because it grounded him.

When he was away, he’d send you a selfie in the morning, and if he forgot, he’d send you one in the evening. You always sent one back, usually of the view outside your window. He liked those because it reminded him that you were home, safe and unharmed. He also liked seeing the progress of the bird’s nest at the end of your garden. Recently, the chicks had left the nest. Tom had named them and constantly asked you how a specific bird was doing. Like you knew which one was which!

When you did manage to go and visit him on set, he’d take you on a tour of the location, arm slung around your shoulders as he pulled you close to his side. He always spoke too quickly and gasped for breath when he remembered he needed oxygen, but his excitement was contagious and you would tug him to different places and encourage him to explain a silly anecdote he has of the place.

He would transform his hotel room on his days off, sheets hung overhead isolating the two of you from the rest of the world. You’d marathon all the movies you could think of, and would only leave your little heaven to get some pizza. It was nice for Tom, he savoured these days more than he ever told you because it was just you and him. He wasn’t Tom Holland: Spider-Man, he was just Tom. Your loving, dorky Tom.

Tom had arranged for one of your dates night for a hammock to be set up, fairy lights twisted through the branches above. It was in the corner of a filming lot, not the most romantic place, but somewhere that it was private, just the two of you. Tom always tried to keep you away from paparazzi, by your choice. You were the one who didn’t want to be in the limelight, so you asked to stay as secret as you could. You just didn’t want everyone to know of your love life, and Tom appreciated that. So he called in a few favours and got this place sorted for you. The two of you swung gently in the breeze as he ran his fingers gently through your hair. Neither of you spoke as words weren’t needed, there wasn’t any awkward silence’s, not when it was just you and Tom.

At one of the locations, there were ducks. So, of course, Tom chased them as he is a child trapped in an adult’s body. He proudly strutted back to you and held a duck close to his chest as he beamed at you. You rolled your eyes, grinning as you took a photo. You then told him to put the duck down, neither of you knew if it had fleas! Throughout the next couple of days, whenever Tom saw the duck, he grinned and pointed it out to you, waving enthusiastically at it, as if it knew he was saying hey.

But before you knew it, you had to go home. The day came too quickly, and it was a sombre day as Tom kissed your forehead as he pulled you close to his chest. For a few minutes, the two of you stood in his trailer, swaying to the imaginary music. Someone knocked on the door way too soon, saying Tom needed to go for hair and make-up. With a heavy sigh as you pulled away, looking up at Tom as you kissed his lips with all the passion you could. He gripped your waist, as if afraid you’d slip away right between his fingers. You practically had to rip yourself away from him, and it felt as if you had left half your heart with Tom as you boarded his flight. Before turning off your phone, you saw he had sent you a selfie. Him and all the crew smiling at you through the screen.

When you got back, the first thing you did was visit Tessa. You set your sunglasses on her nose, grinning as you snapped a picture before sending it to Tom. He knew you were home, knew you were with his best girl. It was only two months before you saw each other again. It’ll fly by…right?