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Okay...weird shit happejed to you throuout yojr life, but has anything happened on Halloween specifically (other than you selling your soul to a demon)

Alright, it’s time for the requested and promised Ouija Board Story™

Listen, before I start this I wanna put a REALLY STRONG trigger warning on it- I really, truly recommend you not read this if you’ve been affected by suicide or get very easily freaked out by thoughts of death and the afterlife. I am not fucking kidding around here, okay? Someone in my family killed themselves over the summer and I’ve been trying so hard to not think about this whole event, because it’s terrifying to imagine anyone I know in this situation. Really think about it before you keep reading, okay? While this is an interesting and cool story I’m posting for Halloween, I don’t wanna get anyone too freaked out. If you think this is gonna mess with you or sit with you, just keep scrolling. 

This happened in 2015. My friend Zoe (@commando-rogers) decided to have some friends over for Halloween, because like, who doesn’t want plans on Halloween, right? Also there was Alexa (@starshiprangpr), Patricia (@trishaslats), Liz, and Ian (I don’t know if they have accounts if they do I’ll add them later). I’ve known these guys for years, so it was sure to be a fun night. 

Now, like. I’m bored with life. I’m freshly 20 years old. It’s Halloween. I’m dressed like Mabel Pines. I’m ready to fucking party. And we did have, you know, regular, normal fun at first- ate junk food, joked around, stuff like that. Average hangout. But then, a few hours into the night…Zoe pulls out a fucking Ouija Board. 

I’m immediately on the other side of the room, tbh. I’m very interested in paranormal stuff, and I was raised Catholic, and I’m also not a dumbass, so I know not to fuck around with Ouija Boards. You just don’t use them, ever! It’s never a good idea! Even if nothing talks to you through it, you’re still opening yourself up for something to happen. But I also knew this was five against one, so I didn’t stand much of a chance complaining. I conceded to watching whatever happens from a safe distance on the couch and not actually touching the board. Lord knows, I insisted, with my luck? Touching the board will get my ass possessed. 

The girls seemed to somewhat agree with me on that- Ian was the only person who agreed to use the board with Zoe. Ian’s a very smart, logical guy, you know, like the token genius asshole friend that you love to death even if he gets a little condescending occasionally? Love the guy. But he was pretty sure it was all bs and nothing would happen, versus Zoe’s deep belief in the paranormal, so they made a bit of a weird pair working the board. I remember texting my friend Raychel about what was about to happen, and getting the response “YOU MOTHER FUCKING WHITE PEOPLE FIT ALL THE HORROR MOVIE ARCHTYPES GET YOUR BULLSHIT TOGETHER AND DONT DO THIS”. And I agreed with her, honestly, but I did actually have a strong curiosity to see if anything would happen. Zoe had told me all about her trying to use the board by herself before (bad!!! idea!!!)- she said she never got any words out of the board, but her camera or phone or whatever she was trying to film the session with would always malfunction or die unexpectedly. No one expected what happened though. 

Now, before I really start, I wanna say- could this have all been an elaborate hoax by Ian or Zoe? Sure. Absolutely. Believe that if you want- but Zoe was so freaked out and even got all shook when we were going over details the other day, and Ian seemed really rocked, and honestly I can’t think of anything they’d get out of keeping up a ruse on it for two years now, especially when people they’re good friends with were literally crying during this mess, so…I really don’t think this was fake. Like, I want to believe it was fake. As I mentioned in the trigger warning, this has really stuck with me and been bugging me as of late, so if one of them suddenly fessed up that it was a prank? I would fucking jump for joy! But it doesn’t look like that’s the case (otherwise, they’re just, you know, dicks by this point). So, anyway, whether you believe it or not, just know that I am absolutely not lying about anything that happened in this story. I’m recounting everything truthfully. 

Okay, so…Ouija Boards have rules, you know? You have to be polite, say hello and goodbye even if nothing speaks to you, you have to keep at least two fingers on the planchette and ‘charge’ the piece, I’m not going over all the guidelines right now. And also, when a living person is manipulating the planchette…Like, you can tell. You can feel it. Zoe and Ian charged the piece, we all said hello, and we waited in silence. 

Zoe asked ‘Is there anybody here?’

Nothing happened for a long moment, but then…the planchette slowly started sliding towards ‘YES’. 

Ian was trying to look like his eyes weren’t wide, and going ‘Zoe! Zoe are you moving it!’ but Zoe was already having a mild freak out, her voice higher then normal and repeating ‘Holy shit holy shit holy shit!’ (like I said…she’s a deep believer in the paranormal). 

When it finally landed on yes, she took a deep breath and tried to seem a bit, I guess, politer. “Um, okay, hi, I’m Zoe? This is Ian and our other friends. What’s your name?”


Patricia made some joke about the name but got shushed. 

“Are you…usually in my house?”


“Are you…here for someone?”


We’ve only been at this for a few minutes and there was already that feeling in the air- you know, the one that gets over described every time anyone recounts a paranormal experience? Just a heavy feeling in the air, a twisted feeling in your gut, the feeling that someone is right behind you. Tension was building even though nothing had really happened to warrant it yet. 

“Who are you here for, Kevin?”

The planchette starts to slide towards the ‘I’. Cue to five girls yelling “IAN” in high pitched, worried (and some teasing) voices as the boy in question’s eyes are flying out of his head. 

It spells out the rest of his name. Zoe asks, “Is there anything you want to say to Ian?”


Me, an asshole who needed to cut some tension before she got sick: “Hello from the other side~~~~~~”.

Pillows were thrown at me.

The board respelled ‘Hello’. 

I will literally never forget the awkward forced smile on Ian’s face, or the raised eyebrows, or the way his confused voice cracked when he said, “…Hi, Kevin?” 


“How do you know Ian?”


Ian looked at is, giving an insistent whisper of “I don’t know any dead Kevins!”

That had us all stumped for a few moments, before “Do you think maybe like, past lives?”

Zoe asked Kevin if that was right. The planchette flew to the ‘YES’. 

“So Ian was your friend in his past life then? Who was he?”


“Evan! So how did Evan die?”


“Oh. Were you, like…with him?”


“How did you die then?”

Nothing happened for a few minutes, the piece didn’t move an inch. They recharged it and Zoe tried again. “Was that a rude question? Do you not want to talk about that?”


“I’m so sorry, we’re not trying to be rude.”


We started brainstorming for better questions (Zoe or Ian had to be the ones to formally ask, though). 

“Where were you from?”


“And what year did Ian die?”

(I’m going to admit here that I can’t remember the exact year, it was definitely around the 1920′s or 30′s, though. We all thought it was a bit odd that the death year wasn’t exactly close to Ian’s birth year)

“What year did you die?”

He spelled out the same year. 

“Oh? Um…how long after Evan did you die?”

A long pause, and then: …W…E…E…K. 

“But you didn’t reincarnate like Ian?”


“Why not?”

The board fell silent again. They recharged. “Sorry. Um…Why did you decide to find Ian in his current life?”


Before we could all start flat out cooing at that, it kept going, spelling out ‘…S…A…F…E.’

“Oh, so you’re his guardian angel?”



No response. “Okay…How did you know Ian was Evan?”


(cue everyone going ‘awwwww’) “You have the same eyes when you reincarnate?”


“So…what were you doing before Ian was born?”

It fell silent again. 

“Kevin? We’re sorry?”


“What did you mean by ‘close’ to a guardian angel? Are you not an angel?”


“So…what are you, then?”


“Okay, sorry. Um…Is anyone else here with you?”


“Who’s here with you?”



WHEN I TELL YOU WE SCREAMED. No one was Goddamn prepared for an answer like that! We’re just a bunch of asshole teens! None of us actually wanna die! What the fuck!!!! 

While we were all busy freaking out and trying to rationalize, Zoe managed to choke out a “Is…Death here for someone in this room?!”


“Is Death going to effect someone in this room?”


That got us to all calm down slightly, but….We were literally just told DEATH IS AMONG US. We were still freaking out, and were trying to figure out what Kevin meant by that. After a while though, something clicked. 

“Kevin? Does Death just have to be with you in order for you to talk to us?”







We all slowly recovered from that scare, a little more wary about pissing Kevin off but also…more curious, because there was a lot to ask and a lot he seemed to want to hide. 

“Um…so is Heaven and all that real?”

A very, very long pause. Zoe and Ian almost went to recharge and try a new question, but then it slowly slide over to ‘YES’. 

The pause seemed to make it clear it wasn’t something he really wanted to go into. But, “So…what’s Heaven like?”

A long pause. …D…R…E…A…M.

“…And…is hell real?”

The planchette immediately flew around the board, spelling: …N…I…G…H…T…M…A…R…E.

None of us really knew what to say about that. 

We asked a few more questions, but Kevin still didn’t want to talk about himself that much. He liked talking about Evan, though (After this night, we had a running joke for a little bit about ‘cant believe we’re shipping Ian with a ghost’. There were some ‘implications’ I remember we all picked up on) But he still avoided questions pertaining to him. Zoe had a very worried look on her face around this point. She had been very curious about Kevin’s unwillingness to talk about certain topics, and things were slowly piecing together in her mind. She tried once more to get answers. “Kevin, I’m really sorry for asking, but I just- Um, I’m sorry, but did you kill yourself?”

There was a bright flash in the room. 

That made everyone jump and look around- we had caught it in the window, but we couldn’t see anyone outside or around the house. Zoe’s parents and brother were upstairs. We couldn’t find anything that would have caused it. It was just a flash, but we were completely alone and with the timing of the question…Well, everyone was unsettled about it. 

We eventually settled back down and recharged the board. “Kevin?…Did you?”

Slowly, it slid towards the ‘YES’. 

“…Because Evan died?”


“And…that meant you couldn’t be reborn?”


“So…what happened?”

It stayed still. 

I had a very sick, sinking feeling in my stomach at this- I’d gone to Catholic school for 9 years, and I knew suicide is classified as a sin. In the more modern times the Church stopped being awful about it, always prayed for suicide victims and didn’t deny them burials anymore and always told the families the same spiel about being in God’s hands, but…It was still considered a mortal sin none the less. I told the group as much. 

Zoe said in a small voice “Were you…in hell?”

A long pause. ‘YES’. 


“Um…for how long?”


“That’s why you’re not a guardian angel then? Because you were in hell?”


“How did you…get out to find Ian?”


We’d all been on edge with the turn of the conversation, but that. Fuck. I nearly lost it at that. Zoe and the other’s asked who Lilith was, because she’s not common curriculum, but, well, short story answer- She was created before Eve, but she didn’t want to submit to Adam, so she was tortured to give birth to a dead child every day, but other accounts and stories of her do go on to say she became a lead torturer/essentially queen of hell. Fucking. 

Lilith let you out of hell?”


“Why? Like what for?”


“You don’t….You have no idea why they let you out?”


“So you found Ian and became his…Guardian demon? Is that a thing?”


“Does everyone have one?”


“Do I have an angel or a demon?”


Zoe, even though she’d been talking to a seemingly reasonable demon all night, looked a little worried about that. Back then we had a running joke in our friend group that Zoe was Satan, and well “Um, do I have a demon because of all the jokes I make?”


“Um??? I’m sorry? Fuck.” 

We were all a little #shook but trying not to laugh at the look on her face at that. She went on to check with Kevin that having a demon instead of an angel didn’t actually mean anything bad, she wasn’t in like, undead trouble or anything, the only difference is the demons are usually working off a debt or something versus the angels not…But when Zoe and I were going over this the other day, she did suddenly realize that she hasn’t made a single Satan joke since this night and she’d ‘feel weird if one was made now’. Make of that what you will. 

He said me and the other girls all had Angels (Shoutout to you, Sarah! I’m still kicking at 22!).

Patricia, however, wanted some proof that ‘Helena’ existed and was there for her. Which is reasonable. She asked if her angel wanted to tell her anything. There was a brief pause before the planchette spelled out: …E…R…I…K…I…S…G…O…O…D. 

We were y e l l i n g. Listen, I know that’s clearly not going to be convincing evidence to a bunch of random people reading this, but basically Erik had been dating her best friend at the time and she was just…Very worried about the relationship. Very worried. For many reasons.‘Erik is good’ is exactly the thing she needed to hear from a guardian angel. (And, spoiler alert from two years in the future: he IS good!) But like. She teared up hearing that. It was nice. 

We tried to stray into lighter topics than the whole hell thing, because, again, fuck- I remember thinking to myself at some point ‘this poor guy is after-living the plot to a really great book’- but none of us wanted to upset him again and none of us wanted to get anymore upset ourselves. Liz had already had a panic attack by this point (the hell talk obviously got to her), and she was actively trying not to sob as she asked if she could speak to any passed on family members. We were told pretty much everyone gets reborn and there was no one else around except for Kevin and the other guardians (and good ole’ Death, of course). 

Ian’s got a big birthmark on his face, right? It’s adorable and we often made a lot of jokes about it (fondly), so at some point, while trying to stay on lighter topics, someone asked ‘Did Ian have that birthmark in his past life?‘


Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about that theory that birthmarks have to do with how you died in a past life, but….shook. We all started trying to figure out if we had any meaningful birthmarks. Zoe got further freaked out because she has one on her wrist and one on her temple. What the fuck did she theoretically get up to in a past life?

That was the last really substantial thing he gave us, all the other questions tapered off so we could try to pretend we hadn’t learned we were talking to a demon who went to hell for no seemingly good reason and also no one would be able to talk to dead loved ones. After we finally came to a loss for questions, and people started having to leave- we just did the proper ‘goodbye’ and everything, followed all the rules, put the board away and split up. Liz was still drying her eyes when she left. Ian was mumbling to himself and swearing up and down he didn’t fake all that.  Zoe was frantically researching the information we received and kept repeating that that was the craziest fucking thing that ever happened to her (and she actually did find some thread about guardian demons). We talked about it for a bit before I went home. 

And, it’s like…Again, this could be nothing. But it doesn’t feel like nothing. It feels like a shifted view because…Even if it’s not real, it’s still an outlook on the afterlife that I had never considered before, and it’s…horrifying? This whole night I’ve just never been able to shake, I can’t get it out of my head, because if it is true? Fuck. If it’s true, fuck. The whole drive home I couldn’t help but think ‘ignorance is bliss’. 

It just left me with so many questions, questions I literally don’t think you can get the answers to until it’s too late, and…I don’t know what to do about that. 

The Same Costume

Request:  Hello! I was wondering if you could make a drabble for peter parker x reader where its halloween and reader and her friends dress up as “sexy” avengers and she’s dressed up as spiderman? You can do whatever relationship status with pete, whether it be crushes or girlfriend, etc…. thank you so much!

Warnings: None!!

Pairing: Female Reader x Peter Parker

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: THIS IS SO BAD PLS DONT FIGHT ME I’ve been so busy and nothing was coming to me so I tried my best :’)

This is just kinda something to break up my mini hiatus so I’m not going to add the tags to this one !! (p.s 70 days until Halloween)

“Peter, would you stop spacing out and pay attention to me for a second?” Ned’s voice snapped Peter out of his daydream and he quickly looked up to see he best friend waving at him. Ned had been going on and on about his project for Robotics Lab so eventually Peter had just tuned him out.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said. “I am paying attention. What’s up?” Ned let out a long sigh and pointed over to the group of girls standing in the lunch line. Peter noticed almost immediately that you were one of the members of the group and averted his eyes. You looked really nice today with your hair pulled back and he felt his face begin to heat up.

“I heard that there’s going to be an awesome Halloween party at Bethany’s house tonight. Y/N is friends with her so I was thinking we could ask her to score us some invites?” Ned explained. You, Ned, and Peter had American Literature together and all got along really well. You had your other friends, of course, but you also liked to hang out with the two of them whenever you could. You had a lot of things in common with them surprisingly, and Peter felt a connection with you right away. He had developed quite the crush on you, although you were oblivious to it.

“I don’t know, Ned,” he said, pushing the thoughts out of his mind. “Parties aren’t really our thing.”

“But Y/N will be there!” he exclaimed. “We haven’t seen her outside of school in so long. Besides, it’s a costume party. You know how much I love those!”

“Fine,” Peter finally gave in, “but you have to be the one to ask her.” Ned beamed and waited until you looked in their direction before flailing his arms around to get your attention. You laughed, quickly excusing yourself to go and talk to him.

“Hey guys,” you said with a grin. “What’s going on? If you’re gonna ask to copy my English homework you’re out of luck because I didn’t do it either.” Peter’s heart rate was doubling as each moment passed, and he tried his best not to stare.

“Actually, it’s about Bethany’s party!” Ned piped up. “Are you going to be there?”

“I sure am!” you replied. “My friends and I are all coordinating our costumes, it’s gonna be fun. Are you two going? It would be so great to see you there.”

“W-we don’t have an official invite,” Peter stammered. Your smile grew even wider, making his stomach flip.

“Well then, consider this it,” you laughed. “You have to go in costume though. It’s a tradition and, as weird as it seems, you’d stick out more if you weren’t wearing something dumb.” The bell rang as you finished, cutting your conversation short. You waved goodbye to them, leaving Peter staring after you in awe. He couldn’t believe that he was actually going through with this. He could vaguely hear Ned babbling endlessly about last minute costume ideas, but he was only half listening since you were occupying all of his thoughts.

Peter had no idea how he found himself standing at the front door of some random girl’s house wearing a Luke Skywalker costume later that night, but for some reason he did. He turned to Ned, who was dressed as a very unconvincing Yoda. He was a jumble of nerves, feeling extremely self conscious, meanwhile Ned was having the time of his life. It was finally an excuse for him to whip out his Star Wars merchandise and he couldn’t have been more excited. Peter reached out and hesitantly rang the doorbell, already regretting every decision he had made thus far. His breath caught in his throat when you were the one to answer the door.

“Peter! Ned! I’m so glad you guys made it!” you exclaimed happily. Peter couldn’t help but stare, his jaw dropping. You were wearing a skin tight Spider-Man body suit with thigh-high boots, showing off every single one of your assets. Your eyes gleamed from behind your small mask and Peter noticed the slight tinge of pink on your cheeks. He suddenly realized that he had been staring shamelessly and tore his eyes away, embarrassed.

“H-hi Y/N,” he said, trying to keep things casual. “Nice costume. I uh… I didn’t know you liked Spider-Man. That’s cool, he seems like a good guy.” Ned nudged him a little, and Peter quickly stopped talking.

“Oh, yeah,” you laughed. “My idea was that my friends and I should go as the Avengers, but as you can see they took it a little differently. Technically I don’t think Spider-Man counts, but I really like him so that’s who I picked. I think it turned out pretty cute, you like it?”

“Y-yeah I think it’s… nice,” Peter squeaked. He cleared his throat, cringing at his own awkwardness. You giggled and let them inside, leading them into the kitchen. You were talking with Ned about something relating to The Force Awakens, but Peter couldn’t focus. He was totally distracted by the way you walked, the way your outfit accentuated your curves, and just generally how fantastic you looked in the Spider-Man suit. His suit. Well, something similar to it at least.

“What do you think Peter?” you asked, looking at him expectantly. He froze, not having any idea what you had been talking about. His mind went blank and he started to panic a little.

“Sorry, could you excuse me for a second?” he said breathlessly, turning and rushing past you.

“I should probably go after him,” Ned said to you as you watched him leave. “Parties aren’t really his thing. We’ll be back in a little bit.” He went off in pursuit of his friend, already knowing exactly what was going on. Peter found an unoccupied room and ducked inside, running his hands through his hair. He jumped when the door opened, but relaxed when he saw it was Ned. They stood in silence for a moment, just sort of letting him cool down.

“Peter, you have to tell her you’re Spider-Man!” Ned blurted out.

“Shh!” Peter gave him a severe look and looked around nervously. “What if somebody hears you?”

“But this is the perfect time!” he whined. “You heard her, she really likes you! Besides, you haven’t taken your eyes off of her ass since we got here. You have to make a move.”

“You’re crazy,” Peter said, although he had to admit he was considering it. Ned noticed this and his face lit up.

“I’ll tell her to meet you outside down the road in 5 minutes. Now’s your chance, Parker! Don’t blow it.” He ran out of the room, leaving Peter there with really no other options. He fumbled with his costume, pulling the suit out from his backpack that he never left home without. With the suit on he felt a lot more sure of himself and carefully climbed out the window quietly. From up on the roof he could see you walking outside, shivering a little in the cold October air. You stumbled a bit, still not used to walking in your heels. Peter smiled as he watched you go. He slowly followed, careful not to make his presence known.

“Hello?” you called, a little on edge since it had already gotten pretty dark. You tugged nervously on your costume, the tight fabric starting to chafe a little. Peter took a deep breath and built up the confidence to say something.

“Uh… hi,” he said, trying to pose in a non-creepy way as if he hadn’t been following her.

“Oh, you’re here!” you exclaimed as you whirled around but stopped dead when you saw it was Spider-Man. It wasn’t even one of those cheap costumes, it was the actual Spider-Man. You recognized all of the details of the suit, details that couldn’t be replicated. Your eyes widened and you quickly pulled the mask that you wore off.

“I-I think that’s one hell of a costume,” he said. “I’m not sure if I’d wear it, but the effort was there.”

“Sorry, is this weird for you? I mean, I bet it is. I didn’t mean for it to be offensive but I also wasn’t really expecting to see Spider-Man out here, you know? I can take it off. No, actually I can’t that would make it so much worse.” you rambled nervously. Behind his mask Peter couldn’t have been smiling any wider. Seeing you so flustered and shocked was really cute and he was loving it.

“I’m not offended at all, it’s the opposite really,” he laughed. “Why are you out here all by yourself without a jacket?”

“I’m actually waiting for someone,” you told him. “He’s great. He’s in my class and we’re friends but I want to ask him if he wants to go out- Oh wait, sorry you probably don’t care about that part. Forget I said that.” Now it was Peter’s turn to be flustered. 

“No, no it’s fine! Do you… Do you like him?”

“I mean, a little,” you admitted. “Don’t tell him, okay? Not that you would, you’re Spider-Man, but still.” Peter nodded slowly, taking a step back.

“Your secret is safe with me,” he said. “I have to go, I think I hear someone calling for help…” He looked behind his shoulder, pretending to pick up on something.

“I don’t hear anything,” you said curiously.

“No, trust me. Someone’s having a bad night, I should go help. Good luck with that Peter guy, I’m sure he’s nice. Hope things work out.” With that, he shot off into the trees leaving you there alone. You flipped your mask over in your hands, trying to ignore the fact that you had never mentioned Peter’s name to him and that Spider-Man had a very similar voice.

[IDEA] Crimson Frost

Originally posted by dailymcugifs

Word count: 1,200+
Pairing: Peter Parker & Reader
Warnings: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming
Summary: Idea: After Peter’s fight against Vulture, Tony wants to officially announce Spider-Man as a new member of the Avengers. Peter declines, much to the dismay of another addition to the team - you.
A/N: Spider-Man: Homecoming finally hit German theaters today, and I had to see it ASAP! It was so fucking good, gosh. Anyways, a rough idea of this came to my mind after Civil War, Homecoming added the final touches, and it would be fantastic if some of you guys could give me a piece of their thoughts about this. I would love to continue this, maybe in several parts! (Oh, and don’t worry; the request isn’t forgotten, I already got quite of it written down!) Enjoy! 💕

It seemed too good to be true.

Peter stood in awe (and shock), glanced to Tony Stark, Iron Man, who threw him a charming smile, and then back to the suit. The new suit, which looked really, really cool. If Ned could only see this.

And let’s not forget that Tony next to him wanted him to join the Avengers. Officially. Tony even had a a press conference planned. Peter would live in the new Avengers facility, he would train with the team, he would finally meet all of them properly!

“Mr. Stark, I … um … I am really honored to be offered this, joining the Avengers, with Iron Man as a mentor.”

Tony looked at him curiously, his smile a little bit fading. “Don’t beat around the bush, kid, spit it out! Is this a ‘yes’ or a ‘no?’”

Peter cleared his throat, looked to the ground and quickly back up to Tony. “A ‘no.’”

“You sure about this?” Tony asked, brows furrowed.

“I just have the feeling I have still some things to learn before I am ready; I’m gonna lie close to the ground and continue being a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Keep helping the little guy.”

“Well,” Tony said, moving a hand so the doors closed around the Iron Spider suit. It pained Peter a little to see this, but he wouldn’t change his decision – for now.

“I respect your decision,” Tony continued and turned, laying a hand on Peter’s shoulder and leading him back to Happy. “Taking back the suit did help you after all – even more than I expected.” He smiled once again, now patting Peter’s shoulder. “Happy’s gonna bring you back to Queens. Greet your aunt for me.”

“She … she doesn’t really like you.”

“What? I’m hurt, kid, really hurt.” Tony touched his chest, where his heart lay, jokingly. “Greet her anyway.” He smiled. “Good luck out there, Spider-Man.”

Peter smiled back, debating whether he should try this luck out again and go in for a hug, but he decided against it. “Yeah, thanks, Mr. Stark.”

“Wait in the car,” Happy said to him, moving his hand in the direction he originally came from, “have to have a word with the boss.”

“Alright.” Peter nodded and awkwardly waved Tony. “Goodbye, Mr. Stark.”

Tony smiled, waving back before shifting his attention to Happy.

Peter turned, a tiny part of him sad that he had to leave all of this behind before it really started.

“This was a test, right?” He spoke up, looking back to Tony. “This was a simple test of my character, am I right?”

“Of course,” Tony answered, smiling once again. “You did well.”

Peter chuckled, and continued his way back to the car. “Soon,” he said to himself when he nearly reached the doors leading to the garage. “When I am ready.”

“And then what?”

“Huh?” Peter flinched, head jerking into the direction of the new voice. A girl was standing next to him, a couple of feet away. She smiled at him curiously.

“What happens when you’re ready?” she asked, stepping a bit closer, head now tilted to the side. The h/c tips of her hair pulled up into a high ponytail fell on her shoulder.

“I … um … I-I’m not gonna -” Peter stuttered, not really sure if he could just tell this another person he didn’t know. “W-who are you?”

The girl’s e/c eyes widened, her mouth forming an ‘o’ shape. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I forgot you don’t know me. Yet.” You laughed. “Time to introduce myself, I guess. Hello, Peter Parker, I’m Y/N L/N.”

Peter kind of expected an offered handshake, but instead you wrapped your arms around him, pulling him into a quick hug.

“It is so cool that you, Spider-Man, are joining the Avengers!” you said excitedly, hand on either side of Peter’s arms, keeping body contact. “I saw all the videos on YouTube, and the fight against Captain America’s team, and I know of the fight against Vulture! I am so impressed! Can’t wait to get the chance to train with you, and getting to know you, and I’m sure we’re gonna be amazing superhero friends!”

The words flew out of your mouth in a rapid speed, and Peter believed if he hadn’t been bitten by a spider he wouldn’t have been able to understand anything.

Suddenly, you stopped, your eyes widening again. “Sorry, I keep babbling, how rude of me. I’m just really excited, and – oh, god, you don’t have to be friends with me if you don’t want to.” You drew back your hands, clutching them to your chest, a nervous smile on your face. “’M sorry.”

“N-No, you don’t have to be!” Peter reassured you, holding his own hands up. “You seem really nice, and I’m sure we would get along just fine, but … I am not joining the Avengers.”

A pause.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.


Your smiled faded in record time, your facial expression going from sad to angry, and back to sad (or rather utter heartbreak) in a mere second.

“I-I-I-I don’t think I understand what you just said. You are not joining the Avengers? Why? I mean … did Mr. Stark show you the suit? The new, totally awesome suit? Did he tell you about the room next to Vision? I’m next to Vision, too, and it’s totally awesome … and … and … and,” you seemed at a loss of words, “Like, really awesome.”

Peter stared at you shocked, watching how you visibly swallowed. Then you noticed something behind his back.

“Happy!” you called, not even waiting until he reached the two of you. “Peter says he’s not joining!”

Happy looked to Peter, then to you. “Well, he isn’t. Tony had said you shouldn’t get this excited about the whole thing.”

“But Mr. Stark said-”

“-that you shouldn’t get this excited about the whole thing,” Happy repeated. “I’m sorry, Y/N, but you aren’t supposed to be here anyway. You had to wait until after the press conference.”

You stood there like a kicked puppy, and Peter had the strong feeling to be the one who kicked. He searched his brain for the right thing to say, not longer wanting to see this sad look on you. He didn’t know you, but he just knew he would do anything to keep the sad expression away from you.

“You have a phone?” he asked, making you furrow your brows.

“Y-yeah, ‘course.” You reached into the back pocket of your jeans, pulling out a Stark phone.

“Would you open your contacts for me?”

You nodded, realization quickly dawning. The phone unlocked with your thumb swiftly touching the screen, and you opened your contact list, giving the phone to Peter. He noticed that the only saved numbers were from Happy, Tony, and Rhodey.

“You can text me,” Peter said, tapping the button to add a new contact, “we can meet up anyways, train, chat, whatever. Get to know each other.” He handed the phone back to you.

You accepted it carefully, as if you might break it, and stared at the fourth contact. Peter Parker. A spider emoji was next to his name.

As you looked back to Peter, a bright smile adorned your face again, making it impossible for him not to smile back.



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Unspoken Regrets

Unspoken Regrets Ϟ pt. 1

requests open♡


Yoongi x Reader

requested ⇢ anonymous

Summary: Yoongi left his family to pursue his dream, but he also left her. Years later he sees her again. She’s a corporate lawyer that’s assigned to a client who is suing BigHit for copyright infringement. Yoongi realizes that there are some regrets he has, only it may compromise the case against the entertainment company.

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Don’t Leave Me.

Description: You knew how dangerous Spencer’s job was, somehow you had remained positive that he was too smart to get into a seriously bad situation; that was until you get a phone call from his boss and suddenly everything came crashing down.

A/N: Thanks to the anon who requested this! I love writing angst it’s probably my favourite genre to write, suffering is fun. Also, thank you for 300 followers!

Warnings: None.

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BRAD - one last question

You pushed the door open to your little apartment and you let your friend in as you pulled off your heels. You laid them on the ground next to the door and you sat down on the couch next to your friend and relaxed a little.She looked over at you and grinned.

“Oh you liked him” she said. You looked at her puzzled. She wasn’t even looking at you, she was just staring at the roof smiling.


“You know what I mean…”

“Nope, no idea.”

“Brad silly” she said, this time she did look at you.

“Pfff. Yeah right. He was a complete jerk”

“But you liked it. I know you did.

“No, I didn’t. Quit messing with me, I went with you to hang out with your crazy friends today, so please, leave me alone”

“Whatever, you like him” she said to herself but she still heard. You rolled your eyes. She grinned.

You had met her friends before tonight, Brad too. You had never liked each other though. You didn’t understand why she thought anything else this time.

Oh whatever, you would never. Never.

“Y/N?” She said. She was laying on the couch now with a wet cloth over her forehead.


“How do you feel about blind dates?”


“It’s just- I met this guy, not for me of course, but I feel like he would be perfect for you…”

“Ehhh, I guess you have good taste in guys” You said smiling.

“So is that a yes?”

“I guess, but he better be good”

“Definetly. You’ll love him”

“Does this seem appropriate?” You said as you adjusted your dress.

“Umm, I mean, you look amazing but… maybe put on a jacket or something over because it’s a bit-”

“Too exposed?”

“Not really, just put on jacket over top, you’ll be fine” Your friend reassured. You stared at the mirror a little running your hand over your dress. Once you were happy with the way you looked, you head out to your car. You said goodbye to your friend. She grinned at you and wished you good luck in tone that sounded a bit sarcastic.

You got in your car and rushed to the restaurant. You were late.

when you finally got to the restaurant, you looked for a table where he might be.

Then you saw him.

“Oh my god” you rolled your eyes. You walked over to the table and sat down in the chair. You didn’t say hello. You leaned on the back of the chair and you crossed your arms. He looked surprised.

“Oh, now this is what I call a cruel joke” Brad said. You rolled your eyes again, you had a feeling you’d be doing that a lot throughout the night.

“I’m gonna kill her. Now I have to look at you for the rest of the night” you complained. He chuckled.

He took a sipp of his water and then the waiter came by. He handed you the menu.

“Is there anything you need?”

“Just a water thanks” you said. The waiter nodded and left.

“Oh, so you’re staying after all…” Brad said smirking.

“Well I didn’t get all dressed up for nothing”

“Aha, sure” he smiled.


“You want to stay”

“Ha! Keep dreaming boy” you smiled this time. The waiter came with the water. “Thank you” you said and took your water. He stared at you with a grin. It made you uncomfortable.

“Out of all the people… It just had to be you”. You didn’t know exactly what he meant. It was probably about the date set up. But the way he said it was a bit weird.

“Fine. If you hate me that much, I’ll leave.” you said and waved to the waiter signaling for the check. You pulled some money out of your purse to pay for the water.

“No, no you don’t have to pay” he admitted.

“It’s just some water I’m not letting you pay.”

“Fine, then have more than just water”


“I never said I wanted you to leave, I got all dressed up too”

“Alright. Since you’ll miss me so much, I’ll stay.” You decided. “But I’m not letting you pay”

“Even though it’s you, I still am a gentleman. I pay”


“Fine, then let’s play a game to make this date less miserable.” he grinned.You cupped your hands around your face and leaned on the table paying attention.

“Loser pays for dinner. We ask each other stuff and have normal conversations. But, we can’t answer anything with yes or no.”

“Okay” you agreed. The waiter came by.

“Did you need something?”

“Ye-” You looked at Brad. “I wanted to order actually”

“Almost lost the game” Brad cut in.

“Oh, I’m gonna win. Prepare your wallet, I’m ordering expensive.”

“Same here”

The waiter laughed discretely. But you both noticed. You ordered your food and continued to try and trick each other into saying yes or no. Neither of you lost.

It had already been a few hours, neither of you came close to losing. But, on the other hand, it had been quite nice to have decent conversations with Brad. There was a lot you didn’t know about him, his music career for example. He had turned out to be much more interesting and less of a jerk than you had thought.

You had both almost finished with your meal, and still, no loser. So, you decided to distract him a little bit. You reached for your jacket, and casually, but slowly slipped it off. Brad’s eyes widened, making you feel pleased with yourself, but h quickly shook it off and looked away. 

“Trying to distract me with your looks huh? Cheater,” he mumbled. You couldn’t help but smile. He smiled as well, and reached for the collar of his shirt. Keeping his eyes locked with yours, he began to undo two buttons of his shirt, revealing part of his chest. You blushed, very obviously, and looked away, embarrassed.

Brad chuckled to himself, but then his face went serious.“Were you really that disappointed when you saw I was your date?”

Guilt began to form in you, you knew clearly that the answer was no, but you also knew you could not say that.

 "I- I guess you caught me off guard, I wasn’t expecting it that’s all… I mean, everyone know were not to fond of each other.“

 “I think you just assume too much of me, I mean yeah, sometimes I can be a jerk, but if you really get to know me, I’m more that I appear.” 

“I’ve noticed”

A genuine smile appeared on his face, and you noticed how nice his smile actually was. How one tiny dimple formed on his right cheek every time he laughed. And how beautiful his dark brown eyes were.

“I really thought one of us would have lost by now, anyways, I’m full,” he said as he leaned back in his chair and he waved to the waiter to come. "You don’t want anything else do you?”

“No thanks, I’m okay,” you answered. Brad’s eyes widened, and his lips curled into an evil grin.

“I win.”

“What?!” you gasped at the sudden realization that you had messed up. Soon after the waiter returned, and since you had lost the game, it was your turn to pay. 

“Let me see,” Brad said and took the bill from you hands. “Wow, um- okay so like I said earlier, I’m still a gentleman.” He reached in his pocket and pulled out his walled. “Let’s split it, because I don’t even have this much money on me…”

“Thank You,“ you said with a sigh of relief.

After paying the very expensive bill, you made your way out of the restaurant, and he walked you to your car.

“So, now that we’re done, can I ask you one last question?” Brad said. 


“Do you like me?” he asked. You looked down at the ground and blushed. After tonight, it was very likely you did.

“Can I answer with yes or no?” 

“I would rather you answered with yes,” he smiled and took a step closer to you. 

“Then yes”

 “Good” he said and he put his hand behind your neck to pull you in for a kiss.

Calum Soul Mate AU

Laws were put in place years ago to help preserve the innocence and freedom of youth. In the world we live in, ink that is needled into the skin shows up on your soul mate. Tattooing of anyone under the age of 18 is illegal. It didn’t use to be this way, actually it was quite the opposite. Marks were mandatory to be put on infants at birth, usually males. A corresponding mark showed up in white on their female counter part, as various sexualities were not recognized. The practice stretched back centuries, through Chinese culture. Many researchers say that the black marks placed on someones physical body showed up white on their soul mate because of yin and yang, representing how the two people are interconnected, yet still separate and opposite.

Calum grew up fascinated by the white swirls that littered his mothers body, not one etch of black on her skin. The white tattoos contrasted with her coffee colored complexion in a way that made Cal wish he had the same. He wanted to share the same patterns on his skin as the person he is destined to be with. His mother was adamant on him understanding it was important to wait though, to enjoy his time without a partner. Instead of stories from books before bed time, his mother picked a tattoo, and told Calum the meaning behind why his deceased father got it. Every night she chose a different one, never spoiling the meaning behind another, until one day she wasn’t there to tell him the stories anymore.

Calum was hardly tall enough to see inside her casket, his sister, Mali, picking him up so he could peer inside. The ink was proudly on display, but now her skin didn’t glow and the white mixed with the bloodless, pale tissue that encased her bones. It took a long time for Cal to get over her death.

Your first tattoo appeared at the ripe age of 15. There was a slight itching feeling while it was showing up, and the skin around it remained irritated for a few hours before fading, leaving a beautiful white mark behind. Of course, you knew how this whole soul mate thing went, but you didn’t have to attend the informational class until your 18th birthday. It was unusual to have a soul mate older than you, but not impossible. Everyone just assumed that was the case with you, your partner couldn’t be 15 as well, it was illegal to get a tattoo. Regardless, the numerals on your collar bone made you grin. Every day you would brush your fingers over the tattoo and be absorbed in curiosity. Random scenarios flittered around your mind about your soul mate, you couldn’t wait to meet them.

Calum didn’t care about meeting his soul mate. Before his mum died that’s all he could ever think about. She put him in various sports and activities to try and distract him from that need, but at the end of the day, the desire was still there. That died with his mum. When he got one of his sisters friends to tattoo him at 15, he didn’t care about how it would be on his soul mate at the end of it too. He didn’t care about the sacred event that was taking place way before it ever should. He didn’t care. Cal hardly thought about his soul mate at all. It only brought back memories of his mother, and unfinished stories about his father. Cal felt unfulfilled; he got tattoos to drown his skin, and an empty heart.

You had been searching for your partner for awhile. White tattoos lined your body now, and you couldn’t wait for them to finally be explained to you. So many hints were left behind in the ink on your skin. A name under a bird, initials on both of your hands, and you scoured the internet for any other leads, but it just came up with dead ends. People told you to stop trying so hard, and that it would “happen when it happens”. Patience was not at the top of your list at the moment though. Finally, on your 19th birthday, you decide to take matters into your own hands. It was an easy decision, but now standing under the illuminated Tattoo Parlor shop sign, nerves were creeping up on you. It would be your first tattoo, so the pain was definitely on your mind, but so was the thought of what your soul mate would think of the design. Obviously they weren’t opposed to the markings, but it still lingered as you pushed open the door and stepped inside.

It was cold as shit inside the shop tonight. The temperature outside had dropped drastically, and the owner of Hanky Pankys Tattoo Parlor was a cheap ass who didn’t want to pay for heat. Calum stayed bundled up in a flannel and graphic tee with black skinnies, an outfit he adorned commonly in the winter months. Working as a tattoo artist was easy for Calum, it paid good and he enjoyed it. His favorite part of the job was when soul mates came in together, and as Cal was etching the black ink into one of them, he could see the white developing at the same speed on the other. Only black marks were to be seen still on Calum. It almost made him frustrated. He wanted to pick up his tattoo gun and write ‘who the fuck are you’ in the small space left on his arm. He had been getting lonely lately. It didn’t make sense to him to date someone when you are destined to be with another. He had faith that one day, his partner would come and they would love each other in a way he couldn’t love any other person he fucked.

The man inside looked up as you shuffled over to the counter. “Hello!” he beams up at you, a mop of curly hair hanging from his head. You shyly wave back, mouthing a hi, before stuffing your hand back into the pocket of your hoodie. It had to be colder in here then it was outside.

“Do you have an appointment?” he continues, reaching for a large binder on the counter.

“Um, no.” you mumble back. He places the binder back down before looking at you. “Should I have made one?”

This was just perfect. You had finally worked up enough courage to finally get your tattoo and now it wasn’t gonna happen. Just your luck.

“Well, we do accept walk in’s, It’s just that we’re getting ready to close and I only have one artist in right now, and he’s busy with someone else so…”

You looked down at your scuffed up shoes before sighing. “Should I just make an appointment for tomorrow or something?”

He smiled before once again reaching for the binder. “Sure thing, just fill out this form here,” handing you a sheet of paper, you look over the mandatory questions like your name and address. “And what were you looking to get done?”

“Just something small around my ankle area is all” Picking up a pen that had been strewn about on the counter you almost started the questionnaire before another voice stopped you.

“Wait!” You turned your head to the right to see another guy running down the hallway towards you. His flannel was pushed open to where you could see the Green Day shirt underneath and his hands were out stretched towards you, covered in black rubber gloves. He stops in front of you, your hand still poised over the paper. “I’m just patching up my other customer, I can get you in tonight-”

“Calum” The other guy snapped, “The shop closes in 10 minutes, I lock up tonight.”

“Thats OK Ashton, just let the other dude out, lock up, and then I’ll let her out and lock up again. It’s no big deal.”

“You know Michael won’t like tha-“

“Ashton!” Calum slammed his palms down onto the counter, leaning in close to Ash before whispering out “My rent is due next week, and as of right now, I’m fucked. I have to get the extra money.”

“Whatever bro,” Ashton replies, holding his hands up in surrender. “If Mikey gets on my case about this I’m telling him she’s your soulmate.” He points at you. “He’s such a sucker when it comes to that shit.”

Calum just shakes his head before turning to face you again. “Ash will handle all the legal stuff with you, come on back when you’re done. Last door on the left.” You barely have time to nod a yes before he’s stalking back down the hallway.

“Welp, looks like you won’t be needing this one…” Ashton plucks the first paper out of your hand before replacing it with a different one.

Nearly 15 minutes later and you were finally done with all the paper work, Ashton rushing out and locking the door, waving a goodbye, while you strolled down the hallway. Much less enthusiastic. You almost felt as though you were imposing on your soulmate, tattoos always seemed to be more of their thing. That didn’t stop you from opening the last door on the left though and walking into the small space. The room almost looked like that of a teenage boys bedroom. It was brightly lit by various miss matched lamps placed here and there, Green Day wafting around from a set of speakers on a shelf, and a ebony haired boy with his back to you, slumped in a chair.

“Is this your favorite band?” You call out from the doorway.

He sits up fast, turning to face you, obviously startled. Calum quickly stands to turn the dial down on the music.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Is this your favorite band?” You repeat, “Green Day?”

“Gee,” He smirks at you before slouching back down in his chair “How could you ever guess?” he mumbles sarcastically, motioning toward his shirt.

You roll your eyes, “Just because you’re wearing their shirt doesn’t have to mean they’re your favorite band.”

“That’s very true….” He trails off, eyebrows scrunching together quizzically.

You laugh lightly, trailing farther into the room towards him. “My names Y/N.” You stick your hand out from your pocket for him to shake.

He reaches out with a glove covered hand, eyes never leaving yours, shaking your hand and replying with a short “Calum.”

“Nice to meet you, Calum.” You pull back into the warm confines of your hoodie.

“Well,” Cal awkwardly starts, clearing his throat. Why is he so nervous all of a sudden? “You can go ahead and lay down right there.”

And so you do, shifting around to get comfortable on the hard plastic. How can some people sit in these things for hours at a time?

Calum rolls over to the other side of the room, fumbling around in some cabinets before calling out “Do you trust me to do this free hand?”

Your eyes go wide as you jerk around to look at him. “What the hell?! Are you crazy?!”

Cal laughs loudly, throwing his head back, before looking at you from over his shoulder. “So is that a no?” He innocently asks, and you can’t help but laugh, trying to get comfortable once again.

“It’s not going on your body now is it?” You get out between chuckles, and he just giggles along with you, rolling back to your side with a few different supplies in hand.

“So, you want something small? On your ankle?”

You begin to shake your head yes before catching yourself. “Wait, how did you know that? Were you listening to me talk to Ashton?”

“Only a little,” He looks up at you from under the slight fringe in his line of sight. His eyes are a deep brown color, nearly the same as every puppy you had ever encountered.

You decide to let it go before telling him the small, yet significant tattoo you wanted. And then Calum got to work.

Cal traced out the black yin symbol, applying it to your ankle and then removing the paper. Soon the buzzing sound from the tattoo gun nearly overpowered the bass and guitar from the speakers. You read up on tattoos online, but nothing could have prepared you for the pain that shot through you when Calum first punctured your skin with the needle. And he was used to this, reminded people who were jumpy to stay still so they didn’t fuck up his work and give his name a bad rep. With you though he didn’t do the passive aggressive reminding, he lifted the gun away from your leg and looked up into your face. It gave him a major sense of discomfort to see your jaw clenched in pain, body tight with disease.

He let one hand gently be placed on your clothed thigh, a soft “hey” escaping his lips so you would look at him. Once Cal noticed he had your attention he continued on with comforting words. “I need you to relax for me, it hurts more if you don’t” and almost immediately your body went slack once again. Hunching back over your ankle, you hear a muffled “Thank you, princess” before the gun is placed back on you.

It didn’t take long till you noticed Calum’s left foot bouncing up and down, and halfway through your tattoo, he lifted his other foot up to try and scratch at his ankle. You could see how much it was bothering him, but he didn’t stop etching away at your skin, shading in the black symbol perfectly.

He declares himself finished with “The best fucking tattoo you’ll ever get in your life” and patches you up in wrapping. After that, he abruptly stands up, ripping off the black gloves and throwing them across the room before placing his foot on the chair he was previously sitting in.

“Why the fuck does my ankle itch so badly” He’s mutters distractedly to himself, yanking up the ends of his black skinny jeans best to his ability, but you’re already gasping before he is, because the black initials on his hands match the white ones on yours. And your black yin symbol matches the white yang one on his ankle. Both signs are fresh and slightly red from irritation, but they match nonetheless, yet are still opposite.

“Oh. Shit. Fuck. I just tattooed my soul mate? Holy fuck Y/N you’re my soul mate! Damn it, this wasn’t how it was supposed to go.“

And just like that everything clicked. There were tales of how when you finally discover who your soul mate is, you get a rush of knowledge. A rush of knowledge about that person and their life, but only they can unlock it for you, that you both have to go through together and unlock each and every door, no matter what was lurking behind it. And you felt that with Calum, and he felt the same with you. But on top of that rush, there was another one, one of pure love that knocked the air out of you both.

Even though you only met a couple hours prior, your spirits have lived every single moment together. Now it was time for your physical bodies to do the same.

“Can I… Can I see them?” Calum whispers, carefully stepping towards your frame. “The tattoos, I need to see them. Please. I went through a long period of not caring about this moment, but now that it’s here, I’ve never felt anything more incredible…”

And so you stood, stopping right in front of Calum, unzipping your hoodie to reveal the flimsy tank top underneath. You reach out and tug at the bottom of his shirt, silently asking him to do the same for you. Quickly he shrugs off the flannel onto the floor, before reaching back and pulling the graphic tee over his head, tossing it to the side. You can’t take your eyes off the black ink that stains his skin, and he couldn’t take his eyes off you if he wanted to.

Reaching down he grips your waist with both hands and pulls you to his chest. “So beautiful.” And it’s true, Calum can’t think of anything more perfect then the sight of you, covered in his memories. He reaches a shaky hand up to trace from your collar bones, down your arm, to your hand, over every white mark on your skin. Even though it’s freezing, you two feel impossibly warm.

Lightly, you place your lips to each collar bone, kissing the center of both black tattoos before looking up at him. “Thank you.”

“For what, Y/N?” And when he pulls you even closer and kisses your forehead, you know why Calum is the one for you. “For the look I got into your life, by the tattoos. You gave me something to live for.”

“Well you never really reciprocated anything back so,” he chuckles.

You gasp at him, slapping his bare chest, then shoving him away. He doesn’t give you too much time to protest before latching onto your upper arms and yanking you into him. “Ready to finally kiss your soul mate?”

All you can do is nod your head and reply back with a “hell yeah” before his lips are on yours and the rest of the world crumbles away.

Living With You

read on ff.net and ao3

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen

rating: t+ for sexual joking, swear words, and violence

pairings in this chapter: nalu, gruvia

characters in this chapter: natsu, lucy, juvia, gray

reblogs are appreciated <3

Waking up early for once, Lucy was excited to find that Natsu was not in her bed. The twerp had finally decided to respect her space after he had both slept next to her and ran into her while she wore a towel.

Not that she minded him sleeping next to her, of course.

She enjoyed having him next to her while she slept, and although it wasn’t a familiar feeling, she liked the idea of having someone sleep next to her while she was in her most vulnerable state. Someone to protect her and be ready to fight whatever came her way. And that definitely described Natsu.

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Christmas Shopping time



*Sam looks around at the lights and parents dragging their screaming children away from the mall Santa. He lost Bucky in the crowd.* 

“Bucky? Bucky, there you are what are you doing?“ 

“Looking for a good Christmas present for Vision. Like what do you get someone who’s not all the way human?”

 "I don’t know batteries.“ *Bucky snorts and begins to laugh along with Sam when he points through the crowd.* “Hey is that Steve and Tony?”

“Hey! Sam! Buck!”

“Hi! Woah, Bucky, you in a mall? In a Christmas rush? Marriage changed you so much already? Muffins, say hi to your uncles!”

*Roberta and Chris are too busy having fun and laugh at the ride as Tony drives them around*

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anonymous asked:

What about a scenario where Kuroo meets a girl of another class who's really good in science too and they get on really well bc they make same stupid jokes about science stuff and can talk for hours about complicated scientific subjects? Ty!

HELLOOOOOO I literally suck at science and there isn’t much about scientific topics but i hope you like it still!

((this is longer than i thought it would be))


College is scary.

He just had to leave his family, his friends, Kenma, and he was alone.

Kuroo sighs as he shuts the door of his dorm room. He throws his backpack over his shoulder and walks nervously to his classroom.

God hallways are confusing.

He’s been walking around for what seemed like fifteen minutes and to no luck, he couldn’t find the damn room. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes.

“Hey, are you alright?” a small voice catches his attention and he opens his eyes. 

You stand in front of him, a few of your books in hand. 

He thought you were beautiful. A rosy blush appeared on his cheeks and he coughs.

“Yes. I’m fine.” He gives a small smile and looks down at your books. General Principles of Organic Chemistry.

“Are you sure?” You ask as you tilt your head to look him in the eyes.

He chuckles and scratches the back of his head.

“Actually, no. And judging by your book. you must be taking Organic Chem. I’m taking BioChem, in case you were wondering.” He stutters at the last part, accidentally oversharing.

Damn it Tetsuro.

You giggle at his nervousness and you shake your head.

“Yes, I am. I’m _____. I’m guessing you need help getting into class?” You say as you tuck a stray piece of hair into your ear.

He nods and gulps. He can’t make him look like a dork now, can he?

You walk towards the classroom where you friend was in, also taking BioChem. Kuroo catches up with you, slightly disheveled and nerves bubbling up inside of him.

“I’m Kuroo Tetsuro, by the way.” He looks down at you and you smile up at him. He feels his stomach fill with butterflies as you do so.

“Nice to meet you, Kuroo Tetsuro. Here’s your class. I’ll see you around, okay?” You turn to walk away but he calls out to you. What if he never does see you around?

“Wait!” You turn back to him, Kuroo standing by the door of the classroom

“Can I have your number?” He waits nervously. Was it too soon? What was he even doing? 

You laugh loudly at his tense face and walk over to him. 

“Give me your phone then.” He takes a breath of relief and you smile as you watch him frantically searching for his phone.

You input your number and give it back to him.

“I have to get to class, and you do as well. Text me.” You wave goodbye as you run across the hall to get to your class.

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Late nights - Reggie x Reader oneshot

Authors note,

hey this is my first fanfiction ever so please don’t kill me lol and it’s such a creative name hah I didn’t know what to name it but it’s just a fluff oneshot really, I don’t really know what this will categorize into oops and it’s a Reggie x Female Reader yay! Also please send me request I’m open for anything :)

Words - 1,237

Warnings - cussing oops

2:03 AM

I woke up to several messages by my boyfriend of 10 months. I clicked my phone on and saw his name.


That was the name that popped up on my phone. I never called him by Reggie, not since 6th grade when I found out his last name. I unlocked my phone and read the texts he sent me.

“my baby sister keeps crying I can’t sleep my mom is literally so tired im gonna take over for her :/ ” delivered at 2:00 AM


Reggie’s mom had a baby just 2 months ago, I come over to babysit with Reggie every once and a while when her hands were full. I knew having a little sister made his family sleep deprived, and it showed during school.


“wish me luck lol” delivered at 2:00 AM

“I wish u were here, u have the magic touch when it comes to her, she wont stop crying.” delivered at 2:01 AM

“oh god she’s needs a diaper change” delivered at 2:02 AM


I facetimed him to see if he was okay.


“Mantle, you woke me up with your texts and I wanted to see if you were okay.”

I heard the sound of Julia crying at the top of her lungs through the phone.

“Julia hush please, I have school tomorrow and this really big test come on give me a break. (Y/N) I need you right about now, my mom and dad won’t mind, actually they might, but my parents like you too much and mom knows you can calm Julia down just like she can.” He whispers.

“Aw Mantle you know if I could I would, my mom is way too strict to let me go anywhere at this time.” I say looking at him trying to carry Julia and hold the phone at the same time. “please don’t drop the baby, put your phone down!” I tell him groggily.

“(Y/N) go to sleep.” he mumbled. “I need both of my girls happy and healthy.”

“You need it more than me. You have that huge ass test in 1st period!” I exclaim.

“Hanging up now (Y/N), I won’t pick up if you call. Baby go to sleep I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” He replies.

“But-“ I soon got cut off by him hanging up.”

I text him right after.

“you know ihy right?” sent at 2:34 AM

Mantle replies with,

“I love you too, goodnight”

With that I soon fall asleep.

I woke up suddenly to my alarm which read

7:35 AM (Y/N) get ur ass up

I got up quite lazily and began to do my morning routine.

A few moments later I go downstairs and greet my mom and dad. They know Reggie picks me up for school every morning so they are used to him.

Then my phone vibrates.


“I’m coming up to your house now” delivered at 7:54 AM

“Mom, dad, Reggie is coming up to get me.” I only ever called him Reggie in front of my parents and his.

My parents nod in response. Then as if on cue I hear familiar knocks and open the door to a very cute but tired Mantle.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. (Y/L/N)”

“Good morning Reggie, nice to see you again.” My mom says. My dad nods in response I still don’t think he is very comfortable with Mantle yet.

“(Y/N) you ready?” he asks.

“Yeah just let me grab my backpack.” I smile sweetly.

After grabbing my stuff, I say a quick goodbye to my parents and Mantle does the same, in a kiss ass way, he wants my parents to like him, not just tolerate him, but I know they like him well, at least mom does, dad is unclear.

While walking up to his car I ask him,

“Did you get any sleep? Did you eat? How’s your mom?”

He chuckles and says, “I got a solid 4 hour nap, no I didn’t eat, my mom is stressed but is doing a lot better I’ll tell her you’re thinking about her.  Also do you want to pick up donuts?”

“Mm yes please, I’ll go in and get them.” I say excitedly.

“(Y/N) I got it keep your money.” He says while opening the door for me to get in.

“Ha, you’re funny you literally paid the last 3 times.” I exclaim.

“Fine, (Y/N) only because I have no energy to argue with you, but little missy I’m paying the next time, and next time, and next time.” He grins while closing the door.

“Thank you.” I mouth while he goes to the driver’s seat.

Soon enough he’s in the car holding my hand while the other one on the wheel, I happily hand feed him donuts with my free hand. We soon walk into school and are greeted by Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead.

“Hey guys, and Suicide Squad.” He smirks looking at Jughead.

I elbow him and glared at Reg harshly.

“Sorry.” He says immediately, I smile.

“Hey (Y/N) and Reggie.” Veronica, Betty, and Archie say while Jughead rolls his eyes saying Reggie’s name.

“I still wonder how you two ever got together, you both are so different but yet are perfect for each other.” Jughead admits.

The rest of the gang gives little statements agreeing to Jughead.

As if on cue, the bell rings for first period. Reggie walks me down to my class like he always does, hand in hand firmly.

“I’ll see you at lunch yeah?” I say to him tip toeing to peck him on the cheek.

“Of course (Y/N) I wonder why you even ask.” He replies sleepily.

Class went by so slow, Cheryl was in most of my classes, which did made it somewhat bearable. We’d always laugh at stupid little jokes.

Soon enough it was time for our hour lunch, we had an hour because we could go to tutoring or something for part of the lunch and eat. Everybody ate lunch at the same time. I meet up Mantle and he’s talking to Moose and his gang about whatever it is they talk about and I steal him away from them.

We sneaked food into the library and picked our usual spot on the floor, since the library is packed for the hour lunch and there were usually no seats at the table he puts his bag down and plugs his charger to the outlet we were sitting next to.

“How was the exam?” I asked him while pulling out notes to study for a test that was next period.

“I totally fucking failed it (Y/N).” He shrugs.

“I need to help you study Mantle.” I whisper to him.

“I’d be 100% passing all my classes if you helped me study.” He chuckles while trying to open a bag of chips quietly, but failing of course. The librarian didn’t even care.

“But for now, (Y/N), I want to take a nap.” He says and shuffles to put his head in my lap, finishing up the bag of chips. I kissed him on the forehead once he got comfortable

I ran my fingers through his hair and studied at the same time while he slowly fell asleep on my lap at the library like he seemed to do more and more since Julia was born. He looked comfortable on my lap so that was what happened while I listened to music on my earphones and studied.

Wow I love this man.  

Keep it on the Ice - Chap 9

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The serene sound of ice skates gliding and then scraping across the ice was a grounding force to Levy. At one time the rink had been a second home to her; and of course she had to sing her praise of it for introducing her to Gajeel. She needed a date with the ice, and soon.

“Fizz!” A man with a build that could rival her boyfriend’s strolled towards them, Levy knew him from description alone, Orga Nanagear; head coach of the Crocus Cyclones.

“Coach.” Jellal tipped his chin up in greeting.

“Wasn’t expecting you back until tomorrow,” Orga’s eyes trailed over Levy, “and who might you be? I thought Fizz’s woman was a fireball?”

Levy snickered. “She is. I’m his sister, Levy.”

Orga grabbed her hand, shaking it with enough enthusiasm to pass as a member of her very own fanclub. “Levy McGarden? You could be a pro!”

“I’m sorry?” she asked, tilting her head in confusion.

“Your figure skating, you could be a pro. I’ve heard about you, and seen tons of videos. And damn if you’re not handy with a stick and puck too!”

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Time Travel Series Pt. 5

Each part is their own thing, but they can all be explained by the description in Part 1

This is SUPER LONG sorry, but please feel free to request things so I know what to write


Originally posted by minghaon

-There is no rhyme or reason to Hoshi’s time travelling

-This boy is literally just gonna travel to any time and place that pops into his head

-He literally never thinks before he does it

-He just freaking goes for it

-One time at like three in the morning Hoshi sits up in bed 

-And he’s like “Wow it would be cool to see the pyramids being built”

-Dino is like pretty much asleep next to him

-”Ya hyung, that sounds cool. Maybe tomorrow you can-”

-And Hoshi just jumps back in time

-Dino literally just falls out of the bed from the shock of Hoshi jumping right next to him in the middle of the night

-When Hoshi gets back from seeing the great pyramids it’s morning time 

-Joshua and Jeonghan are just sitting there in their robes with their coffee mugs, tapping their feet angrily and scolding Hoshi like a couple of moms

-But anyways

-Hoshi just time travels on a whim

-He thinks of something he wants to see and he just goes there

-One time he’s sitting in the kitchen, talking to Vernon

-And Vernon is telling him about the little he remembers from New York

-And he mentions Grand Central Station as he stirs his noodles on the stove

-And when he turns around 

-Hoshi is gone

-And Vernon just rolls his eyes

-He just sarcastically calls out to the empty chair where Hoshi was sitting 

-”Cool hyung, thanks for letting me finish my sentence before you time traveled”

-Hoshi, meanwhile, is standing in the middle of the Grand Central Station lobby 

-He’s just looking up at the ceiling in awe

-Not really paying attention

-Neither are you

-Cuz your train was late and now you’re late

-And you’re trying to rush out of the station

-You look at your watch to check the time

-And bam, you have completely run into someone

-And you’re just soooo embarrassed like

-Crap now you have to deal with this 

-And you look down at the person YOU LITERALLY KNOCKED TO THE FLOOR

-You’re expecting to deal with some angry businessman 

-But like

-It’s just this really cute boy 

-He looks really confused for a second and then he looks up at you

-And you’re already like 

-”I’m so so sorry, I should’ve been paying attention, I feel awful”

-And you’re scared that he’s gonna yell at you

-But he just starts laughing

-And you freeze and your heart speeds up

-Cuz his laughter is so beautiful

-So you just slowly lean down and help him up

-He’s just like lol they’re so cute, what are they blushing for

-”It’s totally fine, I wasn’t paying attention either”

-And he’s just smiling at you with that over-the-top, takes-up-his-whole-face smile

-So obviously you’re smiling back 

-”It looks like you’re running late and I don’t want to bother you but, could I get your name? I’m Soonyoung”


-He just kind of nods

-”Well it was nice to meet you, [Y/N], good luck with whatever you’re late for, hopefully I’ll see you around”

-And you just kind of nod and say goodbye and run off

-Hoshi comes back to the dorm in time for Vernon’s noodles to be done

-”Of course you came back in time for the food, hyung”

-*cue another Vernon rant*

-But Hoshi is only half listening 

-He’s kind of out of it and sort of smiling as he serves himself a bowl

-Vernon doesn’t notice until Woozi walks in and points it out

-”Hyung why are you smiling like that?”

-*cue more Vernon sarcasm*

-”He wasn’t listening to me again? Wow. So cool. I just feel so appreciated. I just love that everyone follows along and appreciates everything I say”

-Hoshi just kind of shrugs off the question

-But he’s just smiling and blushing the whole night because he can’t get you out of his head

-And then when he sleeps, you’re in his dream

-Which is cool and all

-But Hoshi?

-He does this really strange thing where he sleep jumps

-Like literally travels time in his sleep

-He’s usually ok

-Aside from the time with the dinosaurs

-And the accidental involvement with that future bank heist 

-DK still hasn’t forgiven him for that

-Or that one time he woke up in a medieval pub and Jeonghan was there and everyone was calling him “Sir John”

-Jeonghan had to beg him not to tell anyone

-Hoshi was like ok, honestly what the fuck, but ok

-So he’s dreaming of you

-And he just happens to travel to your location

-You’re in a little coffee shop

-It’s nighttime and you’re reading a book at a corner table

-And Hoshi just appears in the seat across from you

-He’s immediately awake

-Sees you and blushes harder than he ever has because with just one meeting you already have him crushing hard enough to sleep travel to see you

-You’re not paying attention bc your book

-So when you look up and see Hoshi, you assume he just sat down, not appeared out of thin air

-”Oh hello Soonyoung”

-He jumps when you speak to him cuz he was looking around the coffee shop and trying to think of a way out of there without anyone seeing him in his PJs

-”Oh hi [Y/N]”

-And you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy inside cuz he’s smiling and blushing again

-At that point, Hoshi’s like, well I’m already here

-So he orders coffee 

-You guys start talking

-And since he’s dressed the way he is he really starts to pay attention to your clothes

-”What’s today’s date?”

-”It is March 21st”

-”And the year?”

-”You don’t know what year it is Soonyoung?”

-”I just always get kind of mixed up you know? As soon as I’m finally writing down the correct year, it’s New Years again and I have to get that into my head”

-You laugh a little

-”It’s 1933 Soonyoung”

-”Of course, right”

-He tries not to make it obvious how his heart drops at your answer

-Cuz maybe, just maybe if you were from the present, he could’ve started something with you

-But when he travels specifically for a location he doesn’t always specify a time

-And now he’s just kicking himself for it

-Because you two talk for hours and all he wants is to spend time with you

-But he’s like “No Soonyoung, this is the last time you see them, you’ve got to forget about them so you don’t cause any problems”

-Lol ya right Soonyoung 

-He starts traveling to see you like all the time

-It weirds you out that Hoshi always needs like an exact date and location to meet up… like EXACT

-But at the same time you don’t mind because it gives you the chance to show him your favorite parts of the city and at the best times to see them

-Hoshi doesn’t travel randomly to see cool things anymore

-He just likes going to see you and what you have to show him

-Because talking with you and experiencing things with you makes everything that much better

-So the little bookshop you show him on a random corner is just as cool as seeing the pyramids built because you’re there telling him why you love it so much and how you found it and random stories of times you’ve spent there

-So Hoshi is just living happily going back to see you all the time

-And there’s a voice in the back of his mind thats warning him that it can’t stay like this forever

-But he just keeps ignoring it

-But then one day

-You two are walking around the city

-Arm in arm

-And everything’s just as fine as usual

-But you manage to run into the one person 

-The only person in the whole of New York City

-That just happened to be in that exact place at that exact time

-The one person that could ruin everything

-It’s Joshua

-And you’re like apologizing to Joshua and trying to pull Hoshi forwards

-But Joshua grabs Hoshi’s arm and just gives him this look

-And he lets go and lets y’all keep walking

-And Hoshi’s heart is just breaking 

-Because he knows what that look means

-He knows what Joshua is gonna say

-”We’re not supposed to make friends in other time periods, we’re not supposed to get involved”

-Joshua is talking to Hoshi later that night in the dorm

-Hoshi is just leaning off the edge of his bed with his head in his hands

-”You need to stop going to see them”

-Hoshi knows Joshua isn’t trying to hurt him

-He knows he’s telling Hoshi to do what’s best for everyone

-Because honestly the more he goes to see you the more hurt both of you will end up when something potentially worse happens

-Joshua is just trying to be a voice of reason


-”Can I at least tell them goodbye?”

-Joshua turns back to face Hoshi

-And he’s ready to put his foot down

-Because yes, the one thing he hates more than anything is hurting his members

-But he needs to be strict to protect not only Hoshi, but you, and everyone else

-But when he turns to tell Hoshi no

-Hoshi is just staring up at him 

-Tears filling up his eyes so much that they’re just spilling out

-And Joshua feels himself start to tear up just looking at him

-”Fine, Soonyoung, but this is the last time”

-Hoshi just nods his head

-Hoshi waits a long time to jump back and say goodbye to you

-Cuz yes he needs to plan what to say

-And yes he needs to be super careful and cautious about everything

-And yes he needs to take a little time to concentrate on the present

-But mostly he’s just stalling 

-But one day he just sighs

-Pulls in this big breath and jumps back in time to see you

-You’re waiting for him as always

-That beautiful smile pulling across your face as you wave at him from across the street

-He tries to smile back

-He tries to smile the whole time he’s with you

-He tries to joke and play

-But he’s not all there

-And of course you notice 

-”Soonyoung what’s wrong”

-No response 

-”Seriously Soonyoung, I can tell that somethings wrong with you, don’t think I don’t-”

-”I’m leaving”


-So Hoshi just tells you that he’s moving away for a job

-He can’t come back

-And you’re just so upset 

-Both of you are on the verge of tears but you’re both trying really hard to be strong for each other



-”I have something else I need to tell you”

-”What’s that Soonyoung?”

-He’s like c’mon Soonyoung don’t be a coward

-He regrets forever that he didn’t actually tell you

-He just pulled you forward and kissed you

-”This won’t be the last time I see you Soonyoung”

-”Yes it is [Y/N]”

-And then he just left

-He’s dying inside after that

-The other boys can tell

-He’s so dismal

-It’s like he lost everything 

-Hoshi just lives on for weeks regretting how everything worked out

-So the boys are also lost

-Because what can they even do to help him

-And then one day at the dorm they get this call

-And Mingyu picks up the phone 

-Everyone just kind of ignores it until 

-”I’m sorry you said you were calling from a nursing home?”

-And everyone’s just kind of looking at each other because none of them have any family in that nursing home

-”They’re asking for who? Soonyoung?”

-Hoshi was confused at best when Dino knocked on his door and told him a resident at a nursing home requested that he visited 

-But Kwon Soonyoung is a good kid and you bet he’s gonna go visit this person

-He gets there and goes to the front desk and tells the lady there his name

-And she’s like “Oh yes, they’re expecting you”

-Hoshi asks her if she knows any reason this person might have asked for him

-”Oh well they’re very old now, they don’t have any family around. The doctors are saying they don’t have much time left at all. We think they might be lonely. They saw you on a TV broadcast one day and immediately requested to see you.”

-And Hoshi is just nodding along

-Wondering who this mystery person is and why they wanted to see him

-The lady knocks on the door before telling Hoshi to go on in

-Hoshi walks inside, see the person on the bed, and freezes 

-He wasn’t sure at first but the framed picture of a couple in New York city in the 1930s on the nightstand was enough to confirm his thoughts

-”You might be the time traveler Kwon Hoshi, but I was the one that was right about seeing you again”

-Your smile was just as beautiful as it had been the last time he saw you

Sorry it was sad and I didn’t warn, pls request things for me to write!!! I’d appreciate it!!! 

NCT Chatroom: Control the maknaes #Part 1

/Ayo_its_Jeno logged in/

/moon_taeil logged in/

*moon_taeil started a conversation with Ayo_its_Jeno*

moon_taeil: kiddo!

Ayo_its_Jeno: Hyung!

moon_taeil: it’s 9am you know where you’re supposed to be right now?

Ayo_its_Jeno: is that why you started this damn conversation -_-

moon_taeil: I started what?

Ayo_its_Jeno: this sweet morning conversation :)

moon_taeil: I think you’ve been hanging out a lot with Donghyuk these days

Ayo_its_Jeno: Not at all, I swear I’ve been practicing

moon_taeil: who’s next to you right now then?

Ayo_its_Jeno: nobody, I’m on my way to SM building, trust me hyung!

moon_taeil: okay I’ll video call, answer

Ayo_its_Jeno: wait , no I mean …

moon_taeil: You mean?

Ayo_its_Jeno: Well I’m in the house of Donghyuk’s grandma

moon_taeil: figured, listen Donghyuk’s goodbye stage was last week, and you young boy you’re about to debut

Ayo_its_Jeno: I know…

moon_taeil: so stop hanging out with him in this period, go meet Jaemin I bet he’s practicing right now!

Ayo_its_Jeno: Jaemin’s with us tho…

moon_taeil: *facepalm*

Ayo_its_Jeno: :)

moon_taeil: the manager’s going to be so mad if she finds out none of you is in the practice room

Ayo_its_Jeno: can’t we rest for today only?

moon_taeil: is it the week-end? is it christmas? no so move your asses RIGHT NOW!! I’m gonna be there to check!

Ayo_its_Jeno: you’re not even the leader…why are you nagging?

moon_taeil: what?

Ayo_its_Jeno: I said okay fine, we’ll be there in 30min hyung :)

*Ayo_its_Jeno left the conversation*

*after 40 minutes*

*moon_taeil started a conversation with Ayo_its_Jeno*

moon_taeil: can I know why is the practice room empty?

Ayo_its_Jeno: well… so Jaemin got into this accident and he hurt his leg so we had to take him get checked up, he’s fine now thank god :)

moon_taeil: I ask you again, why is the practice room empty?

Ayo_its_Jaemin: okay fine! we stopped to get some ice-cream, happy?

moon_taeil: not at all, I give you 15 minutes, bye!

*moon_taeil left the conversation*

*Ayo_its_Jeno started a conversation with Capable_markLee*

capable_markLee: what’s wrong?

Ayo_its_Jeno: glad you know there’s something wrong

capable_markLee: it’d be weird if it was to simply say hi

Ayo_its_Jeno:okay hyung can you like get Taeil hyung out of SM’s building

capable_markLee: someone’s gonna kick some ass

Ayo_its_Jeno: and I lied about Jaemin being with me

capable_markLee: where is he?

Ayo_its_Jeno: he’s at some party, with his friends, I don’t know man, don’t ask me

capable_markLee: a party? at 10 freaking am?

Ayo_its_Jeno: as if we could party at night -_-

capable_markLee: is Taeil hyung looking for Jaemin too?

Ayo_its_Jeno: literally looking for everyone who’s not in the practice room!

capable_markLee: try to call Jaemin first, bro don’t waste my time, I have some work to do

/Jaeminiiie logged in/

capable_markLee: well Jaemin’s here, settle things with him, good luck!

*capable_markLee left the conversation*

*Ayo_its_Jeno started a conversation with Jaeminiiie*


Jaeminiiie: WTF calm down!

Ayo_its_Jeno: I’m in a deep shit and it’s getting deeper because of you, don’t fucking ask me to calm down!

Jaeminiiie: *checking if there’s any hyung in the conversation* now that cursing makes sense, what?

/ice_winwin logged in/

Jaeminiie: Winwin’s here, should we add him figure out whatever you’re freaking out about?

Ayo_its_Jeno: are you nuts?Taeil controls him very well, the dude can’t speak korean that well he’ll spit everything

Jaeminiiie: How good it is dropping “hyung” of each one’s name

Ayo_its_Jeno: you’re still in that party?

Jaeminiiie: I didn’t go to any party, what are you talking about? and what party starts this early wtf

Ayo_its_Jeno: what? wait OMG that’s Donghyuk, I FUCKED UP DUDE WHERE ARE YOU??

Jaeminiiie: the amusement park with some friends, where are you?

Ayo_its_Jeno: on my way to the house of Donghyuk’s grandma, but now that I know he’s in a party, what the hell am I supposed to?

Jaeminiiie: why did you reply to Taeil’s message in the first place?

Ayo_its_Jeno: cuz I read it and it marked seen for him dumbass

Jaeminiiie: Oh shit I need to get out of here

*Ayo_its_Jeno invited haechan_screwDisney to the conversation*

Ayo_its_Jeno: hello mother fucker

haechan_screwDisney: Hello spoil sport :)))

Jaeminiiie: guys we’re screwed, I can’t make it in less than 20 minutes

haechan_screwDisney:okay what’s going on?

Jaeminiiie: Donghyuk get the hell out of that party, Taeil’s looking for us!

haechan_screwDisney: Oh no, he’s gonna wushu our asses!

Ayo_its_Jeno: who taught him that technique for god’s sake?

Jaeminiiie: is that important right now?

haechan_screwDisney: who else other than Winwin

Ayo_its_Jeno: wait, but like, what kind of parties is it Donghyuk? the fuck you partying this morning?

haechan_screwDisney: it’s my friend’s birthday, his grandma doesn’t handle too much noise in the evening, well I guess that’s why

Jaeminiiie: did that answer your question Jeno? can we get to the main point again?

haechan_screwDisney: what was it?

Jaeminiiie: Oh my god *facepalm*

Ayo_its_Jeno: I’ll end up wushu-ing your ass myself Donghyuk

*moon_taeil asked to join the conversation*

Five Lives Through Two Eyes

I am so very sorry this is a day late @llinstead 🙈but I’ve not been very well which meant I was behind with getting this finished for you.

Merry Christmas from your secret Santa 🎅🎄This is different from what I usually write so was way out of my comfort zone but I hope you like it!

Thanks to @callmelauramiller for the title!

Five Lives through Two Eyes:

I roll over and yawn, stretching out my legs on the bed while I enjoy the warmth of the mid morning sunshine as it beams in through the window. I think to myself that I’m pretty darn lucky to have found you and turn my head to the spot where you laid last night for snuggles. Suddenly, I realise there is no longer a hand on my side like normal. No warm embrace to lean in to. My senses are heightened, and I am acutely aware that your presence beside me is lacking. I prop myself up and look around, blinking lazily in the daylight. You definitely are not there, the room is empty. Sheets thrown back in a crumpled heap and my heart sinks, if I’m being honest. I’m not sure when exactly you left, or why - but I know I want you back immediately. I have to find you. There was so much commotion last night during the wedding and the ensuing festivities that I had to take myself off for some space when it all became too much. I didn’t mean to leave you out there in the living area without me, but I wasn’t keen on the way that Susan was looking at me. Like she wanted to hold me close and squeeze me, when we both know the only person I allow to caress me is you. So this empty bed is quite worrisome to me, and I need to know where you are. I won’t be able to rest peacefully until I do - you know that all too well. So I jump up and get off the bed as quick as I can, hoping I can find you in the kitchen…but all that greets me there is Schmidt and his dear lady love making doe eyes at each other. It’s quite sweet I suppose, but he doesn’t appreciate me jumping up on the counter to join them and share my congratulations with an affectionate rub of my head against his arm. I get shooed away by him instead and he brushes my hair from his shirt with an insulting air of disgust.

“Get outta here, furball! We leave for our honeymoon today and I do not want my allergies playing up on the plane! Please just…go do your cat stuff elsewhere today.”

It hurts my feelings slightly - but it’s okay, because i decide I’m going to cough up the biggest hairball of my life into his sock drawer while he’s away. I never really liked him much anyway. His hair is too shiny - it’s not normal to be able to see your reflection in a humans hair. Cece, on the other hand, is totally awesome and a complete delight. I think I might love her almost as much as I love you. She has kind eyes, and she sneaks me treats under the dining table when you aren’t looking - but don’t tell her I told you that, because she knows I’m on the special diet you set up for me and yes, of course she knows she shouldn’t be doing it. Cece just can’t resist my adorable fluffy face - her words, not mine…but if the shoe fits, right?

She picks me up and tickles under my chin , right on the sweet spot that makes me purr.

“Don’t listen to him Furgie,” she coos “someone’s just grumpy because he can’t find his holiday fedora!”

“It’s not just any fedora Cecelia - it’s perfectly adjusted to the shape of my skull and I simply don’t have time to wear another one in before we leave!”

She looks at me and rolls her eyes at his dramatics but then places me down on the couch, returns to his side and wraps her arms around his neck. She whispers something about not leaving their bedroom long enough for him to need his hat, and suddenly he is all smiles and sunshine again.

I decide to leave them to their post-wedding love bubble and carry on my search for you. You aren’t in our room and you aren’t here in the living area so I think I should maybe try the second to last place I was last night.

My luck is in, because Jess has left her bedroom door ajar after returning from the bathroom. I approach and sneak in. A quick glance around confirms you aren’t here either, much to my dismay. I figure I could do with some affection from my next favourite loft mate while I’m here anyway, so I wag my tail and lean my weight back on my hind legs, give my butt a good wiggle and leap up on to her bed to say hello. I get the shock of my life as she lets out a high pitched scream when I land next to her, but then I’m reminded why - she’s sharing her bed with Nick and I suddenly remember how I accidentally spied on them getting back together last night…

It was during my escape from the crazy chair dance - Gavin had missed treading on my tail by millimetres for the third time, and I wasn’t hanging around to wait for him to finally get me, so i dashed into the first safe space I saw: Jess’s room. I’d always liked it in here, it smells like cinnamon and vanilla. There are usually plenty of cushions to cuddle up with too, and she seems to quite like me being there. Always scratching behind my ears and tickling that sweet spot at the base of my tail. She’s a doll.

I had run in to her room for refuge from the wedding party, but heard quick footsteps behind me and disappeared under the bed to protect myself from harm. Jess’s feet appeared as I peeped out and I felt relieved it wasn’t one of the big footed men. Assuming it was safe, I emerged again - but she was quickly followed in by Nick. I paused immediately, not wanting to be seen as I was standing next to her bed, still mostly hidden from view. I like Nick - he always lets me eat his scraps (probably just because he’s lazy and it’s easier than cleaning up) and he quite often smells like bacon - however I’m not sure the feeling is entirely mutual, so I figured it was safer for me to stay put and just wait it out until the coast was clear. I remember seeing how sad Jess’s face was - I wanted to run out and rub myself around her ankles to cheer her up a bit. I’m not sure what Nick had done to upset her, but he was rambling on about being sad that Reagan hadn’t been able to make it for the wedding.

“She couldn’t get out of work, so that sucks a little. But she called me earlier, invited me to visit her when she moves to New Orleans so we can see if this could go somewhere…”

“Well that’s awesome, congratulations.”

“Yeah but I can’t believe it, why would she want to be with me? It doesn’t make any sense! You of all people know I’m just the weird detour you take until you find the guy you wanna be with - I basically just help women realise that they could do a lot better_”

That was when she grabbed him by his jacket and made him stop in his tracks, yelling “Stop it, Nick!”

I glanced from his shocked face to hers and even though I’m no expert in human interaction, I knew this was a big moment.

“I’m tired of you being the only person who doesn’t see how incredible you are…”

He didn’t say a word for a while, just stared at her open mouthed and a little dazed. I contemplated making a quick sprint out of the room to leave them to whatever it was that was going on, because the vibe in the room was pretty loaded and we all know I’m a sensitive soul. But just when I was going to take my chance, Nick was stepping back towards the bed and I had to retreat underneath it again. I heard the springs of the mattress twang above me as Nick sat down.


“Yes, Nick. You’re incredible…”

If it weren’t for my superior cat senses there’s no way I would have heard her reply, given that she practically whispered it.

“No one’s called me that before.”

“Well…I’m not just anyone.”

My view was severely restricted at this point and all I could see was shoe to knee but Jess stepped closer to the bed until she was stood right in front of him. I remember thinking this must be exactly the kind of situation humans are referencing when they say ‘you could cut the tension in the air with a knife’

“Nick, you never give yourself enough credit for the amazing person you are - everything you helped us set up here for Schmidt and Cece tonight being a perfect example.”

“I wanted to help - he’s my best friend…he’s one of my best friends. What’s promoted this sudden declaration of fondness for my amazing character?”

The springs creaked again and Nick was laughing nervously as he returned to his feet. I took my opportunity while they were both distracted and scurried from under the bed to the half open door where I stopped to peer back around. They were toe to toe and had their gaze locked on each other. Jess spoke.

“The thought of you leaving to go to New Orleans, Nick…i can’t…it makes my chest hurt.”

There must have been a thousand words unspoken after that, as whatever the deeper meaning behind it was, Nick seemed to understand perfectly because that was when he leaned down to kiss her. We’re not talking a friendly little goodbye kiss here either, he had his arms wrapped tightly around her waist and her hands were either side of his face like she was holding on for dear life.

It was cute.

But then they carried on pawing at each other and I decided it was definitely my time to leave them to it.

So here I am, stood on Jess’s bed while I continue my search for you. I’m looking at her ridiculously happy face as she breathes a sigh of relief and flops back down on her pillow with a giggle.

“Oh! It’s Furguson!”

Her head leans towards Nick - who hasn’t taken his eyes off her the whole time - and she presses a kiss against his lips on top of the smile he’s wearing.

“Morning, Miller”

“Good morning, Jess…” His voice is soft, and he’s speaking as though he thinks he might still be dreaming. His arm comes up and reaches across to her bare shoulder, where he strokes his hand down her skin with a goofy smile.

“So, that happened…”

“Boy, did it!” Jess is laughing, burying her face in the crook of his neck. Nick wraps her in his arms and is holding her tightly to his chest when I hear him whisper into her hair “I’m never letting you go again, Jessica…”

They’re kissing each other again like crazy teenagers but suddenly appear to remember they aren’t alone because now they are looking at me with expectation in their eyes. I blink my congratulations at them, but it goes unnoticed.

“I’m gonna need you to leave now, Furguson” Nick is instructing.

“Yeah, we kinda have some business to attend to…” Jess is giggling again. I’m stood wondering what the ‘business’ is, and whether it has anything to do with your whereabouts but then Nick is waving a hand at me to shoo me from the room “Get out of here you furry little pervert!”

I’m insulted, frankly, and jump from the bed while making a mental note to give him the same hairball treatment as Schmidt.

That’ll teach them.

No one around here treats me like you do. You’ve been so good to me since taking me under your wing. Life was fine at Daisy’s, but I never felt appreciated the way I do by you. You understand me. You look after me. You love me.

I’m missing you more then ever now, while I’m sat here in the hall wondering where you’ve gotten to. But then…

Then I can hear the sound of keys in the lock and I’m running to the door just in time to see it open and - oh - what a glorious sight awaits me.

It’s you!

My human!

I jump into your arms and you chuckle, tucking me under your armpit and scratching the top of my head. I don’t think I’ve ever felt happier in my entire existence.

“Well hey there, Furguson. Did someone miss their Daddy?”


Yes, I did.

“I got you somethiiiing…” you sing as you place me on the kitchen counter and remove a delightful smelling parcel from your pocket. It’s a fake mouse. But it’s stuffed with catnip and I feel giddy with excitement! My favourite thing in the whole world - except for you, of course.

“Let’s go give this mouse a try, Fergie. Would you like that, huh?”

I don’t need to answer because you pick me up anyway and head towards our room.

“Then later, I got you something special for lunch. I was feeling flush so wanted the best for my boy - today, you’re feasting on Salmon!”

It’s like all my Christmasses have come at once. I’m purring louder than ever before because I want you to know how happy you make me. My favourite person in the whole world. Please don’t leave me again. I rub my head against your shoulder.

“Hey, Thanks Ferguson. You know I love you too…”

I’m A Wanted Man (Tony Stark x Reader)

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Based off the Crime AU’s which means I get to do whatever I want! Muahhahahaahahahaha!!! I know you asked for either of the last two but I went ahead and tried to do both.. Hope you like it!(: (Also the title is based off the song “I’m A Wanted Man by Royal Deluxe)

- “You’re a cop and you got called to a crime scene to arrest a criminal but you realize the criminal is the person you’re dating”

- “We’re dating and we both have very dark secrets we are anxious to tell about but it turns out we actually have the same secret”


The first time you met Tony Stark he thought you were a stripper. Not because you were dressed provocatively or anything like that, but because you were a cop coming to shut down one of his wild parties. 

“Ahhh! Rhodey you didn’t!” Tony slurred as he opened the door to see you standing on his front porch highly unamused by the loud music and rowdy crowd. 

“Tony I didn’t.. Your neighbors probably-” Rhodey was trying to explain what was happening to his friend but Tony was only half listening as he grabbed your hips and brough you close.

“Why would my neighbors get me a stripper?” 

“A wha-?!” Your previously annoyed face turned to one of shock as you pushed yourself out of the billionaires arms and defended yourself. “I most certainly am NOT a STRIPPER! I am a COP and you need to stop this party now Mr. Stark before I have to bring you in!” 

Tony laughed it off and was about to grab for you again, but thankfully Rhodey was there to keep him back. “Thank you officer. I’ll handle it from here. I promise you won’t get any more complaints about us… at least not tonight.” 

“Yeah… Good luck with that,” you told the man trying to pull the billionaire away before turning on your heel and walking away.


It was a few days later when you found a vase of flowers on your desk with a small note from Tony himself apologizing for his behavior. You simply rolled your eyes at the gesture and threw the note away, pushing the flowers to the corner of your desk and getting to work. 

Of course when you got to work the next day there was yet another vase next to the first one. You figured he forgot he had already sent you flowers so you threw the note away before even reading it.

The next day your boss was standing next to your desk which was absolutely covered in flowers with a single note laying in the front. 

“(Y/L/N), if you don’t stop this nonsense I will!” Your boss was not amused as your cheeks were burning red in embarrassment as everyone around the office watched on with poorly concealed smiles. 

“Yes sir,” you muttered willing your boss away as you walked up to you desk and plucked the card our of the flowers. All it had on it was ten digits and your blood boiled as you realized what this stuck up man child wanted. 

You quickly jabbed in the numbers onto the old black phone sitting on your desk and waited a few rings for, “Hello? Is this the cute little cop who shut down my party the other day?”

“Mr. Stark-!” Your tone was incredulous as you could still feel your coworkers stares on you.

“Please,” you could hear him scoff on the other end of the line. “Mr. Stark was my father. Call me Tony. Or Daddy. Whatever you’re into.” 

“MISTER Stark!” You hissed vehemently, praying no one could hear what was coming from the other end of the phone. “This type of behavior is entirely inappropriate and I insist you stop it before I’m forced to take legal action!” 

“Aw come on babe!” You wished the name didn’t make your stomach flip. “Lighten up a bit.”

“You almost got me fired Mr. Stark. Now if you could kindly leave me the hell alone.” You were about to hang up when you heard Tony shouting on the other side

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m sorry.” The sincerity in his voice kept you from slamming the phone back down on the desk. “I really don’t want you getting fired. You look way too good in that uniform.”

“Goodbye Mr Stark!”

“I’m kidding! I’m kidding!” Your patience was running thin but you figured if you didn’t let him say everything he wanted to now he would just keep calling and sending you flowers. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to know if maybe I could take you out some time. As my way of saying I’m sorry for thinking you were a stripper. And then for almost getting you fired.” 


“I won’t stop until you say yes,” the smirk in his voice let you know this was all just one big game to him. He didn’t care that he was getting under your skin or that your boss had come back out of his office and was staring at you with stern eyes waiting for you to be done with this situation. Your stomach dropped as you swallowed your pride and did the only thing you knew to get the billionaire off your back.

“Pick me up at 6 and don’t be late.”


Somehow that date wasn’t a disaster. Neither was the one after it. Or the one after that. And none of the ones leading up to Tony Stark asking you to be his girlfriend. At first you were kind of skeptical because there was no way the notorious playboy wanted to settle down with you, but you gave it a shot and said yes. 

It was the best decision of you life for about eight months. You were having the time of your life, and you didn’t think anything could bring you down.

How wrong you were.

You were at work when one of your coworkers pulled you aside to watch the video clip playing on a loop as a news anchor on CNN talked about the tragedy. It was his escort. Tony’s military escort through the Afghanistan desert on one of his business trips you didn’t bother telling him goodbye for because he promised he’d be back in two days tops. You watched in horror as it blew up over and over and you didn’t even realize you were crying until your coworker was holding out a box of tissues. 

It was something you couldn’t unsee as the next weeks passed in a blur. The armored tanks exploding into the sky passed before your eyes every time you blinked as reporters tried interviewing you and government organizations brought you in for questioning. There was nothing you could do to get the lump out of your throat or refill the oxygen that had escaped your lungs the first time you saw Tony’s name flash across the TV screen that day in the office. You were in a trance. And it didn’t end until you saw his face.


Four months, two weeks, and five days is how long it took until the jet touched down and revealed the man you had loved but never got to tell. His face was bruised, he was wearing a sling, and you knew he was hiding some deep bags behind those huge sunglasses. 

The press had a field day as they snapped pictures of your heart felt reunion. Tears were streaming down your face, and you could tell Tony was trying to keep everything in. 

“You’re safe now,” you kept whispering in his ear as he shook his head in the crook of your neck. “I promise I’ll keep you safe.” 


You expected Tony to need some time to readjust to his old life style. You figured a few weeks before he would be comfortable again. But it had been three months and he only seemed to be getting worse. 

You watched as the man you loved slowly slipped from your grasp and the connection you once shared withered away. He started avoiding your gaze, wouldn’t come to meals, spent more time than ever locked away in his lab, and you could count on your hands the number of times he had spent the night with you in bed. You were losing him and you couldn’t fathom why.

“Tony we need to talk,” it was one of the rare occasions he had decided to grace you with his presence for a meal. 

“No we don’t,” he answered swiftly with a muffled voice as he continued to look down at the fork pushing his food around his plate. 

“Is this just how it’s going to be? Us never talking while you avoid me?” Your voice sounded broken and Tony gripped the silver fork tighter in his grasp, turning his knuckles white. 

“I have a lot going on,” he shrugged his shoulders and gritted his teeth, still refusing to meet your eyes. 

“And so do I, but that doesn’t mean I avoid you! It means we should talk it out like a couple Tony!” You were close to shouting at this point and Tony had finally snapped his head up to look you in the eyes. 

“You don’t understand (Y/N). You might think you have things going on, but you need to just suck it up because I promise you it is nothing compared to what I am trying to keep from you. To protect you.” His voice was wavering as he tried to keep his cool, but you were done. You stood up and threw your napkin onto the table for dramatic effect.

“The only person you have ever tried to protect in your miserable fucking life is yourself Anthony! Grew the fuck up and stop acting like the center of the universe because I am done treating you that way!” And with that outburst you left Tony sitting by himself in the kitchen as you grabbed your gear and headed out for your last shift at the police department. 


It was a relatively quiet night in LA in terms of crimes. The office was relatively empty, and you were thankful because it allowed you peace and quiet as you packed up your desk. 

Your fingers lingered on a picture of you and Tony on your sixth month anniversary, the night he had whisked you away to your favorite place in the world and vowed he would never stop loving you. You were wondering where that man had gone when your radio buzzed in the center of your desk.

“We need a dispatch out to the old automotive factory on the east side of town.”

You placed the picture into the box with the rest of your stuff and picked up your radio along with a set of car keys. “This is officer (Y/L/N), I’m on my way.” 

It only took you a few minutes to get to the large run down factory on the outskirts of town, and you turned off your car before getting out and walking up to the quiet building. A lot of reports were often made for these places because kids liked to come vandalize them, or people would try to have parties in them. But something in your gut told you this was different as you pushed open the large door and entered the facility. 

“Is anyone in here? This is Officer (Y/L/N), please come out with your hands up,” you called out in an authoritative voice as your gun swept over the room and you checked for intruders. 

You were about to lower your gun and call it in as a false tip when someone in a metal suit stepped out from an office in the back of the facility. Their hands were raised and they took steady steps closer to you as you quickly lifted your gun back up, ready to shoot.

“Stop right there!” You shouted, but they didn’t listen as they continued to close the gap between you. “I said stop!” You fired you gun, but the bullet simply bounced  off the red metal as the person continued their advance. 

“Wow (Y/N),” the voice stopped you in your tracks as you reached for your radio. “A year and a half of being together and you don’t even recognize me. I’m hurt.”

“Tony?” Your voice came out in a confused whisper and you shook your head as the mask of the suit lifted up to reveal the man you thought you knew better than anyone else in the world. He was only about two feet away from you at this point and you struggled to figure out how any of this made sense.

“Surprised?” His smirk was wicked but there was a hint of sadness buried deep behind it.

“What are you doing here?” You asked as your brain finally starting kicking into gear. 

“I came for this,” he revealed a small computer chip. “The new company I’m working for needs it.”

“New company? Tony you work for yourself,” you were only becoming more confused as he answered your questions.

“I did,” he whispered, his eyes drifting off before snapping back to you, “But like I told you earlier I have a lot going on.”

“And that means breaking into old factories to steal computer chips?” You scoffed. What in the hell was he thinking. “Tony you know I have to take you in for this right?” 

“No,” his hand that had been by his side raised up slightly and you saw the center start to light up. “I don’t think you do. It’s your last night on the job, the police department will never know. But your new job might. Hard decision there baby girl.” 

Your blood froze in your veins as Tony mentioned the job you had never told him about. You had been wanting to for weeks now but with him avoiding you like he does it was nearly impossible. “How did you know about that?”

“Because it’s my companies job to know,” he replied nonchalantly. 

You looked at him confused about to ask who in the hell needed to know, or who had access to know, SHIELD’s files when you spotted it. It had been covered by the darkness of the old factory but your eyes finally adjusted enough to catch the insignia you had been trained to fear since a child. “HYDRA?” Your eyes snapped up to Tony’s as your breathed out the cursed word and wondered how in the hell they factored into all this nonsense.

“They found me when I had been captured. They took down the terrorist cell holding me captive and said I could either join them or stay in those caves for the rest of my life. I think my choice is pretty clear.” His jaw was clenched and his voice thick.

“Tony you don’t have to do this,” you said as you tried to take a step towards him. His hand went up further and you could hear the whizzing of whatever was gathering energy in the center. 

“But I do,” his eyes held a pain that had been haunting him for months now. “And if you let me go as a police officer this can all go back to normal, but if you try to stop me as a SHIELD agent I will be forced to take action. I’ve tried protecting you this far (Y/N), but what they’ll do is far worse if I let you take me in.” 

Your chest tightened as you stared into Tony’s eyes. You knew what you needed to do. You needed to take him in and see justice over the evil that was HYDRA. But as you turned around and walked away you knew what you needed to do was something you couldn’t do. 

You had promised Tony when he stepped off the plane all those months ago that you would keep him safe. And while it broke your heart that he was still only looking out for himself you hoped you were keeping your promise as you got in your car and drove away. Not looking back to see him flying off in his metal suit as you radioed in that it had been a false tip and all was quiet in the old run down factory. 

At least for now Tony Stark wouldn’t be a wanted man. But how long could you keep up protecting a man working for the organization you swore to SHIELD you would do anything to take down? You shook your head and cleared your thoughts spending the rest of the ride wondering if the man you loved was going to come to bed tonight. 


Oh my gosh. So that was long. And also why do I keep making everyone a HYDRA agent? I don’t know. Marvel did it so I guess it’s okay (not really but this is super AU so). I know it’s probably not exactly what you wanted but I still hope you enjoyed it!(:

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25 metres

title: 25 metres

word count: 4k

pairings/other notes: jikook, yoonseok, santa!jimin, elf!hoseok, elf!taehyung, manager!yoongi, sadcashier!jungkook, mall!bangtan. jungkook is a shy cashier and loves how the Christmas exhibition is only 25 metres away from the 7/11, especially when he can get the best view of the new santa with chiselled thighs.

a/n: hello! I promised 9th december but it’s 2 days later. haha. I’m not sorry. I stayed up again to write this, I’m super tired but I hope you enjoy it! should I make a second part? I got asked on ao3 to write a sequel but I think it fits better as a oneshot, maybe I’ll write a spinoff. anyway, thanks to all of you for being so kind! my first fic did p well, I was legit expecting only 10 notes but it got a lot more than that and it’s encouraging me to put myself out there. anyway, enjoy!

With you, shawty with you

With you, shawty with you

With you, under the mistletoe…

           the song has been on repeat for the past hour, and jungkook thinks he might physically tear out his ears if it means he doesn’t have to hear justin bieber wail anymore. he slumps against the counter, cheek brushing the cool plastic.

           just five more hours, jeon jungkook. five more.

           the bell at the door jingles, signifying the entrance of a new patron. jungkook hastily straightens the red hat on his head, sits up, and smiles as warmly as he can.

           “Welcome to 7/11!”

           A young mother pushes past the glass door, five-year-old in tow. the small boy is chortling as he fiddles with the reindeer antlers on his head, his mother smiling down on him with such love that jungkook feels himself melting a little. the brunnette places a coke down on the counter, fishing for her wallet. jungkook is eye-level with what seems to be a squirming lump, and he paints on the biggest grin he can muster.

           “hey there little guy! came from the christmas exhibition?”

           the five-year-old takes one look at the handsome jungkook, who is all angular features, with a smile so wide it radiates sunbeams. jungkook stares back at the curious toddler, pulling a funny face in an attempt to make him laugh. the child cocks his head, and opens his mouth. tears start to pool at the base of his eyes, and jungkook silently curses.

           “Mom!! stalker!

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