hello august

Sweet Sixteen

summer was meant for swimming
breaking into a run the minute your hot little toes hit the sand on the beach
diving in headfirst
spluttering up all salty / wet
laughing into the sky

summer was hanging out poolside
being the one with the boombox
(and the good tapes to put in it)

summer was learning to accept how you looked in a bikini
(flirty boys helped with that)

summer was paddling a canoe upriver on a quiet Sunday morning
with only birdsong and heartsong for music

summer was being enthralled by the sudden flight of a heron
the plop of a turtle
the peaceful eyes of a foraging doe
wildflowers dancing with the wind
ripples on the water
clouds reflected therein

summer was meant for growing and dreaming
floating on an emerald swell
thinking about a girl

Azuki Lynn