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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!

“You messed the end up here. Now I have to change it.“

Erm, no Booth, you better not have changed it!!! What could be a more fitting end to this video for Christine, than this honest, beautiful live display of love between her parents?!

The tackle hug is such a wonderful moment- Brennan is so overcome with emotion and she just has to let him know how much he means to her.

And look at that face!!!! That’s what love looks like! (Of course Booth’s speech was amazing and it makes me super emotional but I won’t go into that now because otherwise I’ll be here all day, lol.)

(Also, I love that in the video you can see Brennan’s adorable little head in the background, lol <3)

Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.

[fic] show me how much you love me [1/1]

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rating: mature


In addition to pet names, that’s something else Eren also likes dishing out – compliments. It makes Levi squirm whenever he starts waxing poetry about his cheekbones or admiring his skills with the 3DMG. Luckily they’re alone most of the time when Eren decides to do so, because it leaves Levi both mildly embarrassed yet wanting more. Though he can’t say that out loud, of course, he thinks Eren can sense it somehow – the smug asshole will wrap his arms around him and place gentle kisses all over his face while muttering praises in between giggles.

It’s not all that sexual, but Levi won’t deny that having Eren speak of him in such a manner does do things for certain parts of his body, and yeah, maybe he’s spent a few sleepless nights imagining what it would be like to have Eren saying nice things to him while pounding him into the mattress.

Once it actually happens, though, he’s not even laying on a mattress. 

-   -   -

yyooo so i was chatting with the wonderful shingekinomadoka and she was like ‘dude you should write more praise kink but like the other way around’ and since she also likes bottom!levi, this monstrosity was born. tbh it’s just porn ahjasjfdsjjdsfksdf jfc. 

there is mature content under the readmore, so proceed with caution

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parkkate  asked:

Hello, yes, it's me again 😂 This is such a ridiculous line, but I can't wait to see what you'll turn it into (5 & drarry of course 😂) "You ate the last one, didn't you" 🤗

(Hmmmm let’s see what I can do with this…)

“You ate the last one, didn’t you?”

Draco blinked innocently. “Me? I would never.”

Harry narrowed his eyes, and then, before Draco could close his mouth again, gave him a snog. Deep, probing, before pulling back with an angry sound.

“You bloody wanker! Those treacle tarts were mine! I only got one!”

Draco cleared his throat, his cheeks a little pink. “Well, perhaps you should have eaten them faster then.”

Harry scowled darkly. “Say goodbye to your macarons!” he snapped, rising and heading towards the kitchen. Draco yelped and scrambled after him, spewing apologies. Too little, too late. Harry drank in the words with glee, as he cast a body bind on Draco, and proceeded to eat his macarons in front of him, slowly, one by one.

(Send me one line, I’ll write the next 5, one of the options for my 1k milestone)

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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but why is Malik sometimes called that and sometimes Marik? I noticed it in the manga too, but I wasn't sure if it was a spelling error or not since the version I'm reading reads like it was translated by someone who doesn't speak Japanese /or/ English. Also, I love your episode commentary. Makes my day every time it updates.

Not a dumb question, an interesting one! Also thank you! ^//////^

So what we have here is a triple-threat language collision. 

Malik is a legit Arabic name, appropriate for a character from modern Egypt (and probably an indication that the Ishtar clan had at least some contact with the outside world since I don’t think it’s a name that would be found in Ancient Egypt although possibly a version of it was).

Kazuki Takahashi wanted to use that name, but it doesn’t correspond very well to Japanese letters/sounds, so in Japanese it became マリク or ma-ri-ku. This is because L is usually transliterated to R (the phoneme R/L is the same in Japanese but R and L are two distinct ones in English (and Arabic)), so “li” becomes “ri”. And Japanese kana (letters) always end in a vowel sound (except  ん or ン, which is “n” by itself!) (although sometimes the vowel sound is not pronounced or only pronounced very softly, especially “u”), so “k” becomes “ku”. Essentially “ma-ri-ku” with a very soft “u” is what it sounds like when a Japanese person says/writes “Malik”.

Then when Yu-Gi-Oh was translated into English, instead of realising  マリク was simply a transliteration of Malik, the translators, perhaps unfamiliar with even common Arabic names, simply performed the same process into English; transliterating the sounds as close as possible. マ becomes “ma” , リ becomes “ri” and  ク becomes “k” (because the “u” sound in “ku” is so soft), to yield the non-name-in-any-language Marik.

Meanwhile, fans who speak Japanese and are also unfamiliar with Arabic names started using the slightly-more-Japanesely-accurate Mariku. And fans who are familiar with Arabic names start using the actually-a-goddamn-name Malik.

Bonus round: THEN some people started using Mariku to refer to Yami Malik and Malik to refer to Original Flavour Malik. Which I understand is a convenientish way to distinguish them but (a) only when people know what code you’re using since Marik/Malik/Mariku can be used to refer to either of them and (b) I’m suspicious that it fell that way because of ingrained sexist/queerphobic cultural baggage about names, relationships, gender presentation, and even fucking phonemes (R is a hard, manly sound; L is a soft, feminine sound ¬,¬).

I personally prefer Malik (and Isis) because they’re direct translations into English of the names Kazuki Takahashi chose, instead of the names that resulted from a bilingual game of Telephone. Especially in fics, I prefer having the more realistic / real world names, since I write in English obviously. And honestly part of my reason is because there’s a lot of islamophobic around these days and I like using/normalising the Middle Eastern names. Also I just think they’re really nice names!

Mama Pryce's Voice Mail:
  • *beep*: Hello! It's your daughter Maketh! I just wanted to say that I hope you're having fun on Coruscant! I miss you already!
  • *beep*: Hi, it's Maketh again, just wanted to say that I still miss you, and I still hope you're doing well!
  • *beep*: Hi, Mom, so remember those disruptors you wanted me to pick up from down the street? Well, I went to do that, but then these people came and tricked me and stole them from me! It was really scary, and they...please don't be mad.
  • *beep*: Hi, Mom, don't worry about anything, I've got a friend staying over, he says he'll help me, you keep enjoying your trip, I'm sorry I worried you! Ignore that last message!
  • *beep*: Hello, yes, it's me again...remember how I said that I was having a friend over to help me? Well, now he's invited his friend over, too, and so I think we've got this, you keep enjoying Coruscant, hope you're as excited for Empire Day as we are, we're getting everything cleaned up!
  • *beep*: I hope you really enjoyed your Empire Day, it's going really well here...*explosion noise*...lots of fireworks! Don't worry about us, Mom...but are you coming home soon? I'd really like to know...I miss you...
  • *beep*: Okay, no really, Mom, where are you? You were supposed to be home last week! Why aren't you here? Can you please call?
  • *beep*: Moooooooom, the landlord's here, and he was really mad at me because he said I've been messing the place up, and he yelled at me, and he yelled at my friend, and my friend's friend didn't stand up for me, and I just feel like you would be much better at dealing with these sorts of things because you're just so good at dealing with these things, I mean it's YOUR lease, you're the one who owns this place, I'm technically a dependent, and the landlord's really scary, we're almost out of food, can you please come home soon, I'm starting to be really scared, where are you?

lost-your-memory  asked:

HELLO, IT'S ME, I WAS WONDERING ... (again, yes, I can be clingy sometimes) ... I was thinking about what you said about friends, safety net, everything in life. So ... can you write something about Cat & Lucy's first encounter ? Better yet, an evolution of their friendship, much like Kara's makeshift family ... And I also have a VERY VERY VERY important question : is Lucy Carter's godmother ? LOVEYA ♥

+ anonymous ask: I’m curious as to how Lucy and Cat first met in WFH-verse. Like how did they grew close from being her employee to a friend since Cat rarely involves herself with her employees outside of the office. I just love how close they are in your fic.

oh my sweet lord. i love them so much my fingers slipped and i wrote 1.3k words. under a cut.

WORK FROM HOME, the headcanons

supergirl/supercat. AU. Romcom. Cat’s building a new house. Kara is her hot contractor. AO3 / TUMBLR

Cat and Lucy’s bromance.


Cat doesn’t meet Lucy as much as clashes into her.

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