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WHOOOOAAA what do we have here??? Yes hello everyone it is I Jess (aka jungyeonni…lmao but you all know that because of the title..anyways). I was originally planning on doing a giveaway when I heard about the preorders but I finally decided to officially do one in honor of Twice coming to KCON LA (ya girl is so hyped) 

prize: Twice’s 2nd mini album “page two” (either mint or pink, your choice) + main poster


There are many rules that I will be stating so if you’d like to join please read carefully. :))

To begin with if you are below the age of 18 please do tell your parent(s)/guardian about this due to a stranger (which is me) will be sending you this album to your personal address or PO box or whatever. (yes you will have to be comfortable in sharing this with me)


1. You do not need to be following me in order to join (but if youd like please do check out my blog). click me ^^

2. I will be shipping world wide and I will try my best to get the prizes to you as soon as possible.

3. Reblogs are the only way to enter, likes don’t count I am sorry (although feel free to like it so you can have easy access to the post.) You can reblog this post as many times as you’d like, each reblog is an entry.

4. There will only be one winner, I’m sorry I can only afford so much lol im a broke college student.

5. No giveaway blogs are to be accepted, you will have to be a legit blog and yes, I will be checking.

6. Please keep your ask or private message open to make it easier to contact you.

7. The giveaway will be closed at 11:59PM PST on the 14th of May. So 3 weeks from now. I will be using a name generator to pick the winner. The winner will be announced on the 15th of May at 12-12:05AM PST.  

Keep in mind I will be buying this album at a little store in LA, so I will have to apologize in advance if the version color you wanted is sold out. I will be discussing this in further detail with the winner.

Without further ado GOOD LUCK and please support TWICE :))

anonymous asked:

Yixing is such a sweetheart and seriously I've NEVER seen an idol where i said smth like 'I want to marry him' but with Yixing ... it's like.. he's perfect??? He's not even my bias but he is such a good human being, caring for fans, the exo members and his family. He's kind and cute and i hope he will always be happy. Your blog just kinda made me love him even more. Thank you. Have a beautiful day!

hello~ yes!! thank you so much for your message ;;; reading this made me so happy ughudsd pls give Yixing more love~ this is a very long reply (i would like to expand on your ask~) and i know my view of Yixing is biased because i’m Yixing biased (have always been Yixing biased tbh *u*) but i really hope i can convince some of you (or refresh for memory) on why Yixing stans (xingmi) and EXO-Ls love him to bits. I really think Zhang Yixing is a very humble, polite [(x) (x) (x) (x)] and kind hearted [(x) (x) (x)] person who always put others before himself (x) ;_; 

I know all artists work very hard, are very determined and strong, but Yixing in my eyes, he’s a little stronger than the rest? I cant even imagine how hard it must have been when he left home at 17 to train in a foreign country, where he had no family, no friends and no knowledge of the language spoken there (he’s definitely not the first, nor the last idol who has had to go through this, but it must have been so hard). People in our generation often forget to care for our parents and grandparents, but Yixing - if he was given one day off, he’d spend it with his family. Yixing who puts on shoes for his grandmother, Yixing who holds his grandmother as they go for walks [(x) (x)]. He often tells the fans not to wait for him and to go home, spend time with their family and to care for them. Why? Because he misses his family so much and he doesn’t want his fans to forget the importance of family. Also I have to point out, his birthday messages (2012 // 2013 // 2014) truly show Yixing. The one thing Yixing said that really stood out to me (everything he said in his bday messages are important tho!) was “Even if you’re sad, don’t be afraid! Because I am here to write a healing song for all of you!” being able to hear something like this from the person I admire most when I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life was just so encouraging (I teared up when I read his 2013 bday message ;;; actually tearing up rn as well ;A;)

He’s very talented as well: he draws well, sings well, self-learned piano/guitar, composes songs, dances well - but he steps away from the spot light and lets the other members shine instead. When EXO was on Happy Camp in 2013 (Wolf Era) and they were asked to rank themselves according to appearance, Yixing immediately moved towards the end of the line and insisted that the other members are more handsome. Recently he said that his main role is an exo member and that he is happiest/most at ease when he is with the members. He stresses the fact that he is an exo member - he doesn’t want us to think he is putting his movie filming before exo (because he rlly isn’t :|) I don’t recall Yixing ever telling us he is tired but recently he has said that he hasn’t been able to sleep and that he is very tired having to jump from exo schedule to his movie filming schedule (yes, he “signed up for this,” ofc yixing knows the idol life is very busy/tiring but he enjoys performing on stage, dancing and singing. we cannot just tell them to “sleep in” or “just get more sleep” because their schedules are very packed, but as his fans, we can give him strength by supporting him, encouraging him)

Yixing is hardworking and determined to keep going when he is tired, determined to improve himself, determined to achieve his dreams. One of his dance instructor once said “As long as it is what he wants, there is nothing he cannot achieve.” His weibo username is “努力努力再努力x” (work hard, work hard, work even harder). However, yixing is very stubborn though ;; when he is injured, he continues to push himself to keep going (i still remember back in october 2012 he injured his waist and couldn’t walk without the help of staff members ;; and he refused to use a wheelchair because he was stubborn :x). Speaking of Yixing and injuries, everyone probably knows about how he injured his hand during a music show recording. I’ve seen a lot of people say that he “should not be on stage because he has haemophilia/blood disorder” - haemophilia ranges from mild to moderate to severe, depending on the clotting factor an individual is lacking and the degree of deficiency. Small cuts do not affect most people with haemophilia any more than anyone else, they may bleed a little longer but internal bleeding is the biggest concern for people with haemophilia. Just wanted to point this out - I’m not saying that Yixing’s injury wasn’t important (i was very worried tbh ;_;) - but a lot of fans don’t seem to know much about haemophilia except it is a x-linked blood disorder and that it can be life threatening for an individual with it. (NOTE: also just wanted to clear some things up, I am in no way romanticising yixing/idols + the injuries they encounter idk I’ve seen some posts floating around about this :|) 

Yixing adores his fans; he loves and cares [(x) (x) (x) (x)] for each and every one of them. He often reminds the fans not to buy him presents and to save the money to spend on themselves/their family. In the song he wrote for his fans, ”Because of You” (因為你), he called himself ordinary (as in ordinary person like everyone else) and us, his xingmi and EXO-Ls, his heroes and the reason why he is happy everyday + why he holds back his tears (in the song he said it’s because our love touched his heart ;;). In his song, he also says “Don’t know how high or how far I can fly, but (i’m) hoping all of you will stay by my side.” He doesn’t know where he’s going to end up in the future, he doesn’t know what will happen in the future - no one knows, and that’s all part of the human experience; but he clings onto the hope that his fans will always love him, support him and stay by his side. EXO-Ls, please stop doubting Yixing, please give Yixing more love, please have more faith in Yixing.

bonus: best of yixing (x) (x) (x) (x) my baby uhguhgd \o/