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Bathroom Echoes

Stuart Twombly / Reader

Author: Me, myself and I.

Words:  1780

Warnings:  Fingering, penetrative sex [ unprotected, use a condom kids ]. Mentions spanking.

A/N: I wrote something similar to this on one of my other writing blogs [ which is deleted now ], but I ended up deleting it. I rewrote the whole thing and added so much more to it. The first one was just her giving him a blowjob but come on, just a blowjob? Gotta spice it up more. Also, note this might carry to a part two so look out for that. My next writing will hopefully be posted sometime this week, I do start school on Friday but we’ll see what happens! 

And holy shit, 50 new followers?! Hello, yes welcome, oh, my god. And we got 200+ likes on ‘Craving’ in just a week?! Um, what? Insane, insane, insane. Thank you, everyone, who read it, gave it a heart, reblogged it or even noticed it, and who clicked follow. This is all just mind blowing to me that my writings get read by so many people in a matter of days and give me feedback. I can’t thank you all enough. I love you all so much and stay tuned in for my next one. Hope you enjoy this as much as ‘Craving’. <3

[ Gif, never mine ]

I stroll into Google, carrying two cups of coffee and greeting people who bothered to glare at me. I make my way into this large office space with around thirty plus people typing away on their computers. Notice my boyfriend at his desk and run up to him, leaning down behind me and placing a wet smooch on his cheek. 

“Hey, babe.” I grin putting the coffees down on his workspace.

“Hey, bumble.” He half smiles calling me by my nickname from when we were kids.

Stuart and I’ve been dating for a while now, a little over a year, we’ve known each other since high school. We never talked to each other until he asked me to prom. Of course, I said yes and we hit it off from there. Our sex life is great, I mean I can’t complain, we try to have sex once every week but It isn’t enough. I thought once a week was fine but lately, I’ve been wanting more.

I grab an empty wheelie chair, identic to Stuarts and sit down next to him. He turns back around to the computer and continues to work as I push his cup closer towards him.

“Thanks for the coffee.” He picks it up, taking a sip and pursing his lips together.

He places the cup back down and continues to type away like everybody else in this room. Signing, I lean my elbow on the table with my chin in my hand, studying those eyes I love with the computer screen reflecting onto them. Thinking of all the things I want to do to him, making myself tingle all over and chew my lip. He notices as his eyes dart to me for a second and back to the machine.

“Hey, Stuart… Would you want to do something after work or maybe right now?” 

“Like what?“ He turns his head, scanning me up and down.

I stand up, fixing my dress and walking behind him as his eyes follow. Gripping his shoulders and leaning down, gliding my lip up his ear.

"Like skin on skin.” I whisper, softly giggling as he shifts in his seat.

“Right now? Babe, not here. Maybe later tonight.”

I groan moving back to my chair and flopping down, picking up a pen off his desk and fiddling with it.

“Hey, Stuart.” A slim, tall blonde approaches him, rubbing his shoulder and my eye slightly twitching with jealousy. 

"Oh hey, Kaley.“ Stuart smiles looking up at her.

Her eyes meet mine and that smug look flies right off.

"Who’s this? Your new assistant?" 

"This is my-” Instantly cutting him off and standing up tall, trying to get to her height while punching the wood aside of me.

“His girlfriend.” I growl.

“Oh, feisty. Need to put some chains on her.” She smirks crossing her arms, giving me nasty looks as her eyes travel up and down my body.

“Trust me, he already does.” Stepping forward to her as Stuart hastily gets between us, holding me back.

“Hey, babe, come on now quite it.”

“Yeah, quite it psycho.” She scoffs giving me a wink and strutting away.

“Son of a bi-”

“Hey! Calm down alright? What’s your problem?” Stuart cuts me off holding my forearm.

“My problem?! What hell is your problem?! Letting her touch you and feel you up! Are you kidding me?!” I snap throwing his hand off me.

“Babe, can you not create a scene here, please?”

“Create a scene? Am I embarrassing you?”

Stuart signs loudly and grabs my arm, pulling me along with him. 

“I’m not the one creating the sence! She is!” Everyone’s eyes glued on us as I continue to shout.

He opens a large door and drags me inside as the lights flicker on by themselves. A clean, one toilet bathroom.

“Not to mention that perfect bitch called me a psycho! Like what kind of person would-” Stuart’s hands hold each side of my face and crashes his lips onto mine.

I hum falling into it, closing my eyes as my hands find a spot to rest on his chest, heart rising. The kiss breaks and I open my eyes slowly to him staring at me. We take a moment, taking each other’s features in and feeling his breath against my lips.


“Shut up.” I mumble gripping the collar of his shirt and smashing our lips together as our teeth collide.

Sweeping my tongue across his lip and into his mouth while his hands explore down my back, to my ass and getting a good grip on it. I groan, sending the vibration through both of us as our tongues dance together. My hands hooking into his belt and grinding my whole body against him. His hand moves down up my inner thigh, taking my dress with him and touches his hand up my soaking panties, feeling his smirk on my lips. Slipping his hand in my panties, running his finger along my slit and into me. I gasp, gripping his forearm as he teases me, taking his finger out, back up my slit, stopping before he hits my clit and back down inside me. I pull out the kiss, biting his bottom lip with a growl as his eyes match mine and his finger slowly pumping in and out of me. He licks his lips darting his eyes down at his hand movements and back up to my eyes as soft moans escape my lips. My hand snakes around his neck, pulling him close as his finger curving in a way made me crazy, I yell his name, digging my nails into his skin. My head falls back, panting as his mouth latches on my throat, sucking roughly but yet so sweet. He walks me backward until my ass hits the sink, gripping onto it as he lifts me up on the edge, my back pressed against the cold mirror. His hand leaves where I need him most and he swiftly slips my panties off and continues pumping two fingers in me as my lingerie hands around my ankle. I cup his throbbing erection through his jeans, struggling to undo his belt not quick enough, my body begins to come apart. His fingers moving faster and his thumb pressed against my clit, getting a tight pinch in my abdomen and my legs start shaking, body trembling.

“Stuart!” I scream clenching around his fingers, arching my back and flinching as he continues to touch my bundle of nerves.

Panting heavily as his hand pulls away, coated in my juices. My eyes follow his hand as it leads up to his face, sucking his fingers dry causing me to shudder. 

“You’re so hot screaming my name.” He mutters as I  pull him closer and connecting our lips.

My hands move to his belt and down with his boxers. His dick springs free as I wrap my hand around him, stroking him firmly causing him to groan and escape the kiss. I bite back a smirk, tapping my finger over his precum as he signs loudly and sucking my finger while humming, loving the taste of him. 

“I- I don’t have a condom on me.” He whispers somewhat breathlessly.

“That’s alright, you can just pull out.” I giggle running my wet finger up along his shaft as his hips buck.

He grasps sink underneath me, pushes himself all the way in as both of us sign at the feeling and I adjust to his size.

“Stuart, move.” Giving him the ‘okay’, he starts to thrust, creating a speedy pace.

I wrap my hands around his neck, tugging the hairs as my hips roll into each thrust with his eyes locked down on my movements.

“Faster.” I whimper.

With those words, he looks up to me to double check and I nod. He starts to slam into me quicker than before, rough just how I like it. Moaning between each thrust as he leans close to me, breathing heavily against my neck, moving as humanly possible. I pull on the back of his shirt, twisting into a fist as his hand pushes my thigh back and my body was about to slip.

“Stuart-” He cuts me off grabbing underneath my thighs and settling my feet back on the ground.

My legs weak as I turn around, bending down in front of him, practically waving my ass in his face. He pushes my dress up and his strong hands grope my ass as he pushes his dick back in. Moving painfully slow as I grip the sink, thinking as though I would break it. His hand moves to grip my hip and a hard slap lands on my cheek causing me to flinch. I hum, biting down on my lip as he stops moving, just standing there, enjoying the view. Becoming impatient I move onto his dick, moaning at the new angle. His grip on tightens, and he pounds into me suddenly fast as I scream. Taking a bunch my hair, pulling my head back as I notice him in the mirror, biting his lip, eyebrows furrowing, and his nose and cheeks red. Hitting all the right spots as he caresses my ass and lands another hard slap making me yelp. The sounds of pleasure and skin slapping skin, echoes throughout the tiled walling. I get a tight familiar feeling in my abdomen as my toes curl in my shoes, screaming his name and clenching around him. I see stars and my body begins to feel weak again as I almost fall he wraps his arm around my middle, holding me up. He slows down his rhythm, letting go of my hair and pulls out, cumming all over my ass, moaning. I breathe heavily as he pulls his pants up and grabbing some toilet paper, whipping my ass and helping me stand up straight.

“You alright?” He smiles looking me in the mirror.

I nod my head and he throws the paper away, flushing in down the toilet as I pull up my panties and fix my hair. He hugs me from behind, leaning his chin on my shoulder smiling happily. We make our way to the door and open to see everyone eyes on us as I swallow thickly.

“I think they heard us.” Stuart whispers in my ear.

I look around and spot that tall blonde from before, staring also with an awful expression. A smirk stretches across my face and I flick my hair back, strutting my way down the office.

“That’s right, he’s mine. Not yours.”

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Idk if it just me but Kyungsoo and Jongin are starting to look a lot more alike.

Hello my dear anon, i apologise for the late reply. But yes i agree with your statement. After all we do say that couples do mirror each other for example they unintentionally copy each other habits or dressing style. But still there are many little things that makes Kaisoo look alike :)

(Cr to the pic owners)

If you’re interested there was a post i wrote on how they mirror each other you can find it here: 


Okay, everyone who hasn’t read Acid on the Horizon yet, I’m assuming three things here:

  1. You don’t like/haven’t seen “Voltron: Legendary Defender” (in which case, I’m sorry, it’s on Netflix and KissCartoon, go watch it, I’ll wait);
  2. You don’t like/haven’t seen Pacific Rim (in which case you’re a goddamn liar); and,
  3. You are simply unaware of the joy that comes from a VLD/PacRim crossover fic.



I have linked the first chapter several times in this post now. Go read it, come back and tell me what you thought of it. @materassassino wrote this fic and it was either the first or second thing of hers I read because HELLO VOLTRON AND PACIFIC RIM YES YES YES and it’s all complete and ready for your reading pleasure.

marypsue  asked:

Hello yes I see you wish to talk fics. What is your favourite thing that you almost wrote into a fic but then decided not to, for whatever reason? What is your favourite idea that you haven't yet written but would someday like to? What is your favourite idea that you haven't yet written and never intend to?

Hmm … I kept imagining more scenes with Nuala getting ready for the fundraiser–like, a montage of Stan and Ford trying to figure things out by themselves before they call Mabel, and Nuala getting increasingly frustrated by humanity and how many rules there are and how much work it is to walk everywhere and also Ford can tell that she’s scared and homesick and trying not to show it, and it culminates in them taking her out for sushi and she flops her head on the table and refuses to deal with utensils so Ford feeds her bites of sushi a la Dipper feeding Mabel nachos in that Golf War scene. It wouldn’t have advanced the story and would have messed with the pacing but dang would it have been cute.

I am definitely going to write a series of stories that branch out from Mabelgram about the Mabels in the other timelines hearing her message and acting on it to make things better! Some of them save their worlds and some of them just create a little extra hope, but Mabel is a beacon in every universe.

I’ve decided that the book history Renaissance au isn’t going to get a full write-up; I love it but I think I mostly love it as an idea and an aesthetic instead of a story. It wouldn’t be different enough from canon in terms of themes but at the same time it would require a master’s thesis’ worth of research to do it justice. Also, a lot of what I like about it could be reworked into an original story, so I think I’ll save my enthusiasm for that. 

caffeinatedmusing replied to your photo “Yes hello it is me and that modern!AU shite again (ʘ‿ʘ)✿ I uuuh wrote…”

Geralt would be the patient that everyone in the OR knew and either loved or hated.’ nekker bites again?’ ‘thats the third time this week.’ 'shhhh, he just wants to flirt w the RN’

He’d totally be that patient! And once he found out there’s a vampire working at a local hospital, he’d feel it’s his responsibility to check how things are going every now and then. You know, just to make sure no necks are bitten. Just that, only professional interest, and nothing more… though maybe it wouldn’t hurt to chat and have a cup of coffee with the vampire every time he visited, right? Right.

wakeup call.

length: 2233 words
genre: im throwing up oh my god
insp: this gr8 gifset thank you
plot: you’re in a long distance relationship with hyungwon and after a year of not seeing each other you decided to wake him up on a particularly rough morning
a/n: hello everybody!! I just want to let y’all to know, that yes— we are alive— as you can tell from this fricking scenario bc i wrote it back in like november— BUT REGARDLESS, I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY YOURSELVES! ( we are not accepting requests at this moment )

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Okay! So I already wrote this to @thatsthat24 (A.k.a Thomas Sanders) in his ask,
However! I really really want him to see it because he has been such a help for me lately
So here we go again!

Top 5 reasons for loving you (Thomas) and your channel:

1. You are a living Disney character

2. You are a positive person but real about it

3. Your butt has it’s own fandom

4. You voice is to die for!

And finally and most importantly
5. You are a person worthy of looking up to in today’s society; you have wonderful character an open mind and such a beautiful heart.

Please do not forget even on your darkest days, we love you Thomas!

Don’t forget to Smile in any situation!!

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Oh my goodness I'm so glad I've found someone who agrees w me ! The whole point of Skam is to get a reaction from people, we don't know nearly enough about what's going on to start hating on Julie and the characters! There's so much more that can happen and there was so much good in today's clip too (I mean imagine hello) and things are actually moving along now!

Yes! Exactly!

Ive seen Hate for all the squads and characters today and it’s just so silly because by doing that you refuse to accept the possibility that we may not know the reality of the situation.

In a way this reaction is kind of a compliment to the completely successful immersive production of Skam. But also shows that people just can’t take a step back and realise that no one is at fault here not truly. That people are not wholly bad or good because of their actions or mistakes. 

I’m hopeful to see how Skam and Julie will change people’s minds by the end.

Even said it best today:

 Imagine all the people
Living life in peace… You…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one

Yoongi Teacher AU

Yes hello so…I wrote a thing 
This is the result of a conversation with my friend and I decided to write it because WHY NOT but then it ended up being EXTREMELY LONG AND VERY FLUFFY AND IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO WRITE sorrynotsorry 
ANYWAY enjoy Teacher Min Yoongi ;) 

You swore Kim Namjoon knew everyone at this school.

You’d been teaching English for two months in Daegu, and you could still barely recognize the faces of all the faculty, staff, and students. Your co-teacher Namjoon, however, knew the entire high school by face, name, street address, and had probably taken each of them out to dinner at some point. He’d introduced you to a few, and they were all very welcoming, but your perpetual shyness had stopped you from getting very close with them.

Until today, that is. When Kim Namjoon tricked you into a blind date.

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Dear 2P Russia- Yes please! I have the alphabet, Conversation starters and basic words wrote down in my note hook already. Things like Hello, Goodbye, thank you, you're welcome, sorry. And other things like Perfect, nice, okay, amazing.

2p Russia: Good. That makes this easier.

could you imagine cuddling with michael??? it would be so nice. like im sure his skin is so soft and smooth so as you would lay on his chest as it slowly rose up and down you would brush your fingers over his sides, which would sometimes lead to him giggling like crazy and batting your hand away because “babe stop stop that tickles” so you would just laugh at how cute he was and kiss his chest before laying your head back down and he would go between rubbing your back and playing with your hair and as time would progress the two of you would just lay there cuddling, skin on skin, and eventually his hand would still and you’d hear soft snores coming from his mouth so you would slowly look up to him and see his parted lips and messy hair and he would look so beautiful with the slight glow coming from the moon outside your window that made his skin look softer than usual and you would fall asleep so much more in love with him in that moment than ever before

Sacred Halloween Doctrine (or Something)

yes hello i reached a follower milestone a few days ago, so i wrote a short, ridiculous halloween fahc raywood thing that mostly involves candy and excessive dialogue
on ao3 (bc it’s somehow over 1k words bc i have lost control of my life)

What follows is a bordering-on-violent scuffle for Ray’s phone that ends with Ray upending the bowl of Halloween candy over Ryan’s head and Ray quickly thereafter ending up on the floor.

“Pushing people is cruel and childish, Ryan,” Ray says, picking himself up off the floor while Ryan brushes Tootsie Rolls out of his hair. “I demand compensation for my suffering.”

“Yeah, well, all the candy is now either in my hair or between my fucking legs, so you’re out of luck in that department.”

“If you think I won’t eat Milky Ways that have gotten more intimate with you than I have,” Ray starts, and then Ryan has to defend his lap from Ray’s shameless candy lust. Or something.

“This is the start of the weirdest Halloween porno ever,” Ryan says.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Ray replies from where he’s now sitting in Ryan’s lap, pulling candy from between Ryan’s legs.

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D'you think you'll ever write a book or story concerning your groups? It's something I'd be really interested in checking out.

Hello, Meepit!

Not sure if this is the yes/no thing so I’ll just say…
I do plan to. I really want to. However, anything I “officially” write would most likely be based on what I’ve created but very much it’s own world within a larger fantasy setting I’ve been creating with many other species. Don’t know if I’d ever blog on the species and their cultures, since I’m not sure I have the time commitment and I have another blog project in mind…

If I wrote something in a more strict “warriors” setting then it would, I suppose, be OC fanfiction? I’d like to, I just, again, need the time to fully get a story out.

I’m highly flattered, I must say. ^_^

The Unturning - Ark - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

oh hi yes hello there

the unturning | les mis | enjolras/grantaire | canon-era, the barricades, grief, angst, humor, mythology, sex, first time | rated e | 8k 

“Come, Grantaire, look not amazed: you who so often spoke of me as Achilles and Euryalus. Did you think I never heard?”

good morning

Sherlock could feel the warmth radiating off of him, radiating off of John. The heat soaking into the skin on his back like sunlight.
He was dreaming. This was a dream.
Sherlock rolled over gently, trying not to wake him. He looked so soft under Sherlock’s sheets, he looked so right. He reached out so he could touch his pinky with John’s, just so he could touch him. Be connected.
John smelled like home and it took a lot of willpower to prevent himself from scooting closer and burying his face in John’s neck just to inhale deeply. But he could, if he wanted to. Now he knew that John wouldn’t mind.
This wasn’t a dream. He could see him and touch him and he was real, he was there in the watery morning light, asleep. Content. Beautiful.
The sight of it all was enough to make Sherlock’s chest burst open wide.
John started to shift and wake, and when his eyes opened, he smiled. Sherlock returned the soft sleepy smile and couldn’t stop. Neither of them could.
John’s voice was quiet from sleep. “Morning.”
“You slept in my bed.” It was the only thing that Sherlock could think to say.
“I did, yes.” John’s small smile grew wider. It reached his eyes and made them shine.
“You did.” Sherlock smiled too, he didn’t remember the last time he smiled like that, or felt like that. He didn’t think he ever had.
He was going to say something more when John moved forward and kissed him. He kissed him like it was a hello and a finally and an always and just like that, every coherent thought in Sherlock’s head evaporated.

Dan Howell: Hello

A/N: Hey you, sorry I have not posted in a while I just haven’t felt very inspired, that all changed when I listened to Adele’s new song ‘Hello’, so I decided to do an imagine where You are singing your song ‘Hello’ at the an award show that Dan and Phil are hosting and whilst singing the song Dan and Phil are watching and you and Dan keep remembering things about your relationship.

Hope you like it.

Includes: Fluff/ The Feels

(y/s/n): your stage name

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Hello! You're so amazing! Could I have Kuroko, Kagami, Takao, Murasakibara, and Akashi moving into their first home with their s/o? Cute things like not being able to find where the silverware or bedding is and all the boxes.

Sure thing, bae, but I already have a post out like this for Murasakibara that I wrote up in the start of this blog, so you can go ahead and check that out under his tag whenever you’d like~!~<3 It’s fluffy, too, so it’s all good vwv

Hope you like your request, bae~!~<3))


“Yes, ______-kun?”

“Have you seen my box of pajamas around anywhere?”

You poor thing. After you and Kuroko had finally managed to get all of your boxes into your new home, you could barely find anything you needed the moment you needed it. Really, all you could find was really obscure things like knickknacks and plates and such, but not your clothes! It was already late and gosh you were tired. You just wanted to slip into your PJs to go to bed with your blue headed boyfriend, but your Goddamn pajamas were nowhere to be found!

“Hmm? No, I’m sorry, ______-kun, I haven’t seen it.” He replied, making you groan and flop back into your recently set up bed, glaring at the ceiling. “Nyeh…I’m so tired, Tetsu…I wanna sleep.” You whined, turning your gaze to him as he sat beside you, petting your hair. Instantly, your look softened. “I know. Today has been a pretty busy day with all the moving and unpacking.” Smiling down at you softly, he leaned down and kissed your forehead, already in his white and blue stripped pajamas. “Would you like to borrow a pair of mine for the night?”

You smiled at the thought, nodding to him as you leaned up to kiss his nose. “Okay, that sounds really nice…Thank you, Tetsu~” You cooed in a much happier manner, making his own smile widen as well. After this, he climbed out of bed to retrieve a pair of baggy gray shorts and a loose white top for you from his box set off by the corner of the room. You had changed into it in the bathroom, but they were actually a little big on you. The shirt was fine with a nice baggy feel, but the shorts? Well, they refused to stay up. He had a thing for large pajama clothes. You didn’t really care, though, since it was only for the night, so you just kept it up with your hands.

“Tetsu, your PJs are so comfy~ They smell just like you~” You purred happily once the two of you had gotten into bed together, cuddling into his chest affectionately from beneath the covers. The pale skinned boy blushed at that, but a sweet and fond smile angled his lips regardless of it as he brought you ever closer to himself. “I’m happy you’re comfortable now, _______-kun. I hope you sleep well in them.” He leaned down and gently kissed the top of your head just as your eyes fluttered shut.

“I love you. Sweet dreams…”

Kagami stared into the fridge in your new kitchen with a look of complete distress after the two of you had managed to bring the boxes with your things into the rooms they belonged in. It was late in the afternoon, around six almost seven, and he was starving. After so much work, who wouldn’t be, right? You two had spent the entire day packing up all of your things and moving them into your new home! You both skipped breakfast and lunch, so you were running on empty. Yet, the sight before him was a devastating one.

The fridge was completely empty.  

You whimpered as you looked down into the empty shelves of the fridge beside of your large boyfriend, leaning into him as your stomach let out an especially loud growl. “We need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.” You whimpered, nuzzling into him as he wrapped an arm around you. “Taiga, I’m so hungry, but I don’t wanna go to the market now…! What are we supposed to eat?” Looking down at you, the redhead soon gave you a positive grin after a moment of thought. “I know what we can do!” He let you go for a moment, rushing over to one of the boxes in the kitchen, rummaging through it.

“Babe,” He chimed out once he found what he was looking for. “We are saved~! This was on our door this morning when we got here!” He pulled out a flyer to a nearby takeout restaurant. “We can order takeout! All I gotta do is find my wallet and we’re set!” He looked around, scratching the back of his head. “Now, where did I leave the damned thing…” He grumbled, narrowing his eyes a bit in thought. “Ah, don’t worry, I can cover the takeout for today! Just go find your phone and order for us while I get some money~!” You chimed, immediately brightened up to the concept of food before you rushed off to retrieve your wallet.

In the end, the takeout menu turned out to be extremely cheap, so you both bought a ton of food to last the night and even the day after! Well, if Kagami didn’t eat all of it first~! After retrieving a blanket from one of your boxes, the two of you cuddled in the living room and ate together, happily feeding one another as well. It was a sweet way to end the day together, surrounded by cartons of food and nuzzled deeply in a blanket with you seated upon his lap.

Really, you’re quite the adorable couple.

You and Takao were tired as hell.

It took a lot of work, surprisingly, to move into a new place. Since you had both managed to bring in all of your boxes into your new home relatively early in the day, you two had thought about getting a head-start on putting everything where it was supposed to go. Big mistake. You guys were completely tuckered out! Of course, it seemed like a big mistake at the time since you were just whining on the ground together about how tired you actually were after the extremely long day.

“I don’t want to move…” You whined, having draped yourself horizontally over your boyfriend’s chest, wriggling around a little bit. “I don’t either…” He whined as well, completely sprawled out on the ground with his limbs stretched over, those steely hues of his set on the ceiling. “You know what would be nice, though?” He asked, smiling to himself now. “What?” You responded. He hummed as one of his hands gently rubbing at your tummy in an affectionate manner. “A nice, long, hot bath…I could really go for that now before bed. What do you say? Wanna take a bath with me?” He replied, turning his view down to you with a loving smile. “That…that sounds so perfect right now. Yes, yes I do.”

You guys often did things like that, actually. You two loved taking baths together, though it never took a sexual turn. Really, the two of you just liked soaking in the bath together, cuddling into one another, washing each other gently. It was something about your relationship that you both really enjoyed: the fact that not everything had to be some sexual experience.

So, happy as can be, the two of you gathered your tired selves up and wandered over to the bathroom together where you two had stayed for a good hour and a half. You both just held onto one another for a while in the water, cuddling, almost falling asleep, actually. Thankfully, though, you snapped yourselves out of it before you could at the last ten minutes and spent that remainder of the time actually cleaning up.

Afterwards, he had carried you out of the bath, wrapped up warmly in a towel of your own as he took you to your room. Gently so, he had placed you in bed and dressed you in your favorite pajamas before doing the same to himself. Once he was done, he crawled into bed with you, pulling you to his chest and cradling you against him as his lips repeatedly pecked at your skin. You absolutely adored whenever he got so affectionate like this.

“I’m so happy we finally moved in together…~”

“I am, too~ This all really is perfect~”

“Yeah, it really is…Well, get some rest, ________-chan, you deserve it~ I love you~”

“I love you, too, Kazu~”

Since this morning when the two of you moved into your new home, Akashi has denied any and all access to your bedroom all together. He said he was working out a nice surprise in it for you and didn’t want you to see it until it was done, so you were pretty much stuck in the messy rest of the house while he brought in boxes to your room and took empty ones out. While he had been working in your room, however, you had decided to make yourself busy and unpack some of the rest of your things. At least that way, you wouldn’t be tempted to go sneak a peek at the surprise.

To be honest, though, you were getting impatient~!

You wanted to see what he was doing!

Pouting to yourself at the thought, you leaned up in front of your cupboard to put away the plates you had in the box beside you, a little whine leaving your lips. You were just so excited! It was getting to you again, the thought of what he could be doing. You always did love surprises, after all. In your brooding, however, you hadn’t noticed that the redhead himself had actually come up behind you when you had finished up with all the plates until he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

You let out a surprised squeal at this, jumping, before turning around to face him. He laughed softly in amusement at that, grinning down at you as you pursed your lips at him. “Seijuurou-! You scared me!” You whined. “Ah, I’m sorry, dear. I hadn’t meant to, I swear.” Lying little strawberry. “I actually wanted to come and tell you that the surprise is ready.” Instantly at that, your eyes brightened, excited once again. “Really?! So I can see it now?!” You chimed. “Of course. Now, come on,” He reached down to pick you up bridal style, nuzzling his cheek affectionately on yours. “Let’s go to our new room.”

Walking you over, he made sure to handle you with utmost care, making sure not to let you slip from his grasp as he opened the door. Moving inside, he watched with a fond smile as your eyes widened in complete disbelief, taking in your set up room in all its beauty. All day, your redheaded boyfriend had been spending his time arranging your bedroom to fit both of your likings, sweet photos of the two of you hanging on the wall to give it a real nice feel of the two of you. “So, do you like it?” He asked, sweetly nuzzling his nose against your cheek. “Like? No, I love it~! Ah, Seijuurou, you’re amazing!” You chimed, cupping your boyfriend’s cheeks in your hands before giving him a deep, loving kiss which he happily returned.

You two really were the sweetest couple.