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yes hello good morning i still haven’t stopped thinking about Todd and his space rabbit and Todd and his dumb sunglasses or Todd and his depleting supply of pararibulitis meds or Todd and his using his stoner hoodie as a squishy pillow and basicallly just Todd and his frightening manic certainty and determination 🙃🙃🙃 is he okay

Bucharest and plums [Bucky Barnes Imagine]

Requested: Nope.

Summary: Bucky Barnes is living in Bucharest. After you took interest in him, there’s no power on Earth that will separate you from each other.

Warning: It’s kinda angsty and sad :( Fluffy at the beginning though! Didn’t proofread because whenever I do it, I cringe at my work lol. Enjoy!

A/N: Requests are always open!! Feedback is appreciated :D

Word count: 2109 words

“Hello my dear. Good mornin’. What would ye like to buy?”

“Good morning. The usual, please.”

Your life in Bucharest was pretty ordinary. After you decided to move out from your parents’ house, you had finally settled in a small apartment just the perfect distance away from your favorite places in town.

Every now and then you would see and meet interesting people. Like the woman whose photographer career had brought her to Bucharest, the man whose wife left him lo travel the world, the boy that ran away from home and many others.

“Here ye go, darlin’.” She handed you a bag full of pantries. “Thank you,” you smiled. “I see you’re running out of plums!”

“Yes, we are. We’ve recently sold ev'ry single one of ‘em to a man that comes here ev'ry Sunday.” She smiled at you. “A v'ry handsome man, if I may add.”

“Oh Gosh.” You laughed.

“Speakin’ of whom.” She nodded to your left side, a small smile playing on her lips. You watched from the corner of your eye as said man approached the stand.

“Dă-mi șase, mulțumesc.” You did not quite understand what he said. For you attention was focused on the thick gloves he was wearing. Gloves weren’t a necessary thing to use. Yes, it was cold, but not cold enough to wear them.

Your eyes roamed his body until they landed on his face. His surprisingly blue eyes stared into yours before he ran off with what he bought.

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Yes, hello, good morning, I interrupt the local broadcast to announce that, since i had nothing better to do today, i just started writing a klance fic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

so to anyone who might be interested, here i am, dropping a link


Imagine: working at the GCPD and Ed accidentally asks you out

You stepped out of Captain Essen’s office and let out a loud sigh. This case you were given was a headache, and your partner, that asshole you had for a partner was more interested in on bagging the record keeper that assisting you in the case as it should be. Dougherty you asshole.

“Good morning, Detective (Y/LN)”, Ed greets you with a smile. Although you’re a little tired for jot getting enough sleep last night—you didn’t make it to you home for being hunting leads—still, you try to smile back.

“Ed, hello. Morning, yes. Good, not so sure”, you say and let out an exhausted kind of laugh. Ed frowns a little and walks closer to you, looking at you face with concern.

“Are you feeling unwell, Detective?”

“No, no… I’m just a little tired that is all” you try to smile more convincingly. Ed was always kind to you, he was a sweetheart, but you didn’t want to trouble him with your problems.

“Perhaps…” He clears his throat before continuing. “Perhaps I know something that might help with that”.

“Yeah? What is it?”

“A necessity to some, a treasure to many, I’m best enjoyed among pleasant company. Some like me hot, some like me cold. Some prefer mild, some like me bold. What am I?” His smiles broads as he waits for you to answer his riddle.

You press your lips together and think of the answer. You’re not sure.

“Mm… Is it Coffee?”

“Yes, Coffee. We should get some” he says surprising you. Was he asking you out? Suddenly you see that his face reddens. “I-I mean…! I didn’t-, I can get it for you, you don’t need to come… Well, you can come, but I wasn’t implying that-”


“Yes, Detective?” He swallows, his fingers clenched together over his chest. And the way he looks at you, like a scared puppy, you can only smile with a funny feeling in your stomach.

“I would love to go out to get some coffee with you” you reply. He looks at you a little confused, and embarrassed. He settles his glasses.

“Would you really?”

“Yes”, you smile at him, and stretch out a hand to him. “Lets go”.

He looks puzzled. “Now? But I have this body that-”

“Well, he’s not getting anywhere now, is he?” You say and Ed lets out a giggle.

“No. I suppose no” he takes you hand shyly and you smile at each other.

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Excuse Me, Mister Wayne? - Part 2

Part 1 Can Be Read HERE

Warnings: This fic will be heavily daddy and teacher kink, some swearing, smut, violence - I will keep adding to the warnings as I write, for this part… nothing that hasn’t been labeled already.


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