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I have a LOTR replica ring with chain, it’s hard to see the writing on the side in the picture, sorry!

I have two small candle stick holders, each one holds three tiny candles. Not sure what the exact size is though.

A cute tiny peacock, I don’t know what you would call it. It can hold some tiny, maybe herbs or some other secret!

A glass bottle with a seashell topper.

And lastly, a cute vintage tray. Can be used for display or hold crystals, possibly turn into an altar.

I also have countless other trinkets or knick knacks, old antique bottles, and lots of books!

I’m looking for:
Blue lace agate
Crazy lace agate
Any other crystals
Books on learning tarot, and runes.
Any witchy books on the moon, familiars or anything else. I enjoy reading and learning.

Message me at @lucifare for more pictures! I’m sure we could work something out!

Rules for RPG horror games

1) Save every 5 seconds. (You’ll thank me later)

2) Don’t trust anybody.

3) Don’t.Touch.The.Piano.

4) If you see a weapon,pick it up.

5) Get a calculator.(There is always a number puzzle)

6) Have your finger on the sprint key…just in case.

7) Don’t get attached to any characters.(One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made)

8) Go to the bathroom before playing.

9) If you forgot to do 8),sorry you’re on your own.

10)  Don’t have anything breakable nearby.You might either rage or jump with fright.

Hello everyone! As promised, I am here with a new 30-day challenge. It’s focused on introspection and geared towards self-exploration. But wait, there’s more! It’s designed for witches who are just starting out in their exploration of witchcraft. 

You can do this challenge regardless of your length of time practicing, but it’s likely to be most useful for people who still feel that they’re just getting started. I wanted to create this so that witches could answer it as they begin their Craft, then (hopefully) look back on it later and see how (and if) things have changed because of their magical work! 

it would be really great if those of you doing this would tag the posts with #rootsofcraft so I and other witches can read the responses easily, compare, and learn more about how diverse our community can be. As noted, I designed this to be highly introspective, and I do hope the questions inspire a lot of thought!

In a few days, once I’ve typed it up, I’ll be posting a second challenge, called Fruits of Your Craft, designed for those who consider themselves more experienced witches. 

Neither of these are really confined to any skill level or number of years/months spent practicing; it’s just a matter of how you, personally, feel about yourself. Do you feel that you’re beginning, or more experienced? So, feel free to do this, or the next one, based on that rather than the amount of time spent. 

Enjoy, and I look forward to reading responses to the questions!

Roots of Your Craft 30-Day Challenge

  1. Divination. Does it work? Would you use it? What do you think of those who do? Why?
  2. What do you think Magick actually is? What is the power or force behind witchcraft?
  3. How powerful do you believe Magick to be, and why?  
  4. What are your beliefs about ethics and morality? Do you think practicing witchcraft will change your views? If so, how?
  5. Do you plan to be open about witchcraft to people you know? Why or why not?  
  6. What kind of belief system were you raised with? Do you feel it suits you, or are you making a change?
  7. What was your earliest memorable exposure to the concept of witchcraft? How did it influence your interest in it?  
  8. Do you think you will work with or worship deities as part of your Craft? Why or why not?  
  9. Was there a tipping point that convinced you witchcraft was worth practicing? What influenced your desire to learn more and why are you learning about it?
  10. What kind of witch do you want to become?  
  11. What kind of witch do you believe you will become?
  12. What do you think your life will be like in five years, magically speaking?
  13. What worries you most about learning witchcraft? What might be a risk?
  14. What excites you most about learning witchcraft? What might be a reward?
  15. If you could list one thing that you hope to gain from practicing witchcraft, what would it be?
  16. Which of the four classical elements best describes you at the beginning of your journey? (Earth, Wind, Air, or Fire)
  17. If you’ve practiced spellcraft, what was the experience of casting your first spell like? If you’ve not yet cast one, what do you think your first spell will be and why?
  18. Are there any witches or magicians in fiction or history that you particularly admire? Why or why not?
  19. If you were to think of your beginnings in witchcraft as a certain color, what color would it be and why?  
  20. What are your general thoughts about newer magical traditions such as pop culture spells, and technowitchery?
  21. What are your general thoughts about older magical traditions such as rune Magick, kabbalah and esoteric eastern traditions?
  22. Do you think that tradition is important in witchcraft? Why or why not?
  23. What role do you think dreams play in magical life, if any? Why or why not?
  24. Are you more aligned with chaos or order in terms of the Magick you have or will practice? What do you think Magick itself is more aligned with?
  25. Curses. Do they work? Would you use them? What do you think of those who do? Why?
  26. Blessings and protective Magick. Do they work? Would you use them? What do you think of those who do? Why?
  27. Do you have an affinity with an animal or type of animal? What does it mean to you? If you don’t, but had to have one, what do you think it would be?
  28. Do you think that there is any potential in utilizing certain ritual places or “ley-lines” between ritual places? Why or why not?
  29. What role does the archetype of death play in magic to you, if any? Why or why not?
  30. What do you think of practicing magic in a group setting? What about practicing alone? Why?


Happy Imbolc!

Hello witches, I wish you all a wonderful Imbolc and good days to come!

Here’s a little spell to celebrate:

Spring Calling + Self-transformation Spell

{All of my spells can be modified to suit your practice and/or needs}

{For Winter Spirit Water}
- Snow water
- Pine
- Dried dead plants and herbs (not as tragic as it seems haha)

{For Spring Spirit Water}
- Rain water
- Flower Water
- Daisy petals
- Red and yellow roses petals
- Lemon peels

- 2 long bottles
- 2 green candles
- Paper and pen
- A fire source (lighter or matches)

- While performing the spell you can light some incense or diffuse essential oil of your choice
- You can also play some music
- Ground or meditate a little before starting the spell

- Mix the ingredients for the Winter Spirit Water into the first bottle
- Place one of the candle inside the bottle
- Do the same for the Spring Spirit Water using the second bottle and candle
- Place the two bottles in front of you. The Winter one on the left, the Spring one on the right
- Light the Winter candle first
- Visualize Winter changing into Spring
- With the Winter candle light the Spring one
- Keep your visualization flowing. See flowers grow as the Sun warms the earth
- Once you feel you are ready, blow out the Winter candle and then the Spring one (I know there is a common belief that says that you should not blow out candles, but I find it more respectful to gently blow the flame out than to suffocate it by pinching the wick. But that’s just my opinion, do whatever you’re comfortable with :) 
- On a piece of paper write: 

Winter leaves us and brings with it our fears and regrets. It gives us the strength to go forward

- Glue or tape the paper on the Winter bottle
- On another piece of paper write:

Spring emerges. As the snow melts, we change into our better selves. As the flowers grow, we grow with them

- Glue or tape the paper on the Spring bottle
- Keep these bottles on your altar until Spring arrives! 


Give Her A Hand

Context: In a previous run of our Shadowrun campaign, our BnE expert, Xaren, had his hand chopped off as punishment after he cheated in an arena to save his teammate’s life. Today, the party was stumbling through a labyrinth and got separated from each other. This exchange occurred between an NPC and a member of the party, Olin, who absorbs metal through her skin for nourishment, can use it to regenerate wounds after rest and is deathly allergic to magic.

DM: You enter the next room, and you see an old witch tending a gigantic cauldron. She’s stirring it with a huge stick, there’s a broom in the corner, etc.

Rigger: What’s in the pot?

DM: You can’t see.

Olin: I start walking around the room.

Mage: Hello! Can you tell us where the exit is?

DM, as witch: Hello, dears. I’m afraid there is no exit.

Rigger: What’s in the pot?!

DM: You can’t see, the cauldron is like twelve feet tall. it’s too tall to look inside.

Olin: I poke the cauldron.

DM, as witch: Don’t touch that.

Olin: (slowly moves her finger forward)

DM, as witch: You really don’t want to touch that…

Olin: I’m going to roll Willpower to see if I resist touching it. (fails spectacularly) …Alright, I poke it and eat some of the metal.

DM: Alright, so there’s a hole in the cauldron now, and a liquid–

Rigger: What color is it?! I don’t know why I care so much about this, but I’m curious!

DM: …A boiling purple liquid starts pouring out of the cauldron. Olin, you feel incredible pain on your finger and as you pull away your hand, it’s covered with black scars that start spreading up your arm.

Mage: ..Ohhh, it’s magical alchemy. So that means..

DM, as witch: Well, it IS necrotic.

Olin: (Whips out a knife and chops her own arm off to stop the spreading)



Olin: (Grabs her severed arm and starts flailing it around) Look at me, I’m Xaren! :D

DM: You can’t see, it’s too tall to look inside.

Global Spell:  the Web of Protection

Hello, witches!  One of the practitioners over on the Discord server (WITCH HAVEN) wanted to create a spell that will be cast globally on March 28th (New Moon of March.)  This person put a lot of thought and effort into this, and I am happy to share it with you all.  There were many witches that came together and collaborated on this, so shout out to each of them for being grade-A badasses.  (I will link them below for kudos)


To protect the + Community (LGBTQIAPK) from physical, mental, and emotional harm AND to inspire respect, love, and acceptance from the global community. 


  • Craft a + symbol with the + Community’s rainbow inside of it.  (See example above.) 
  • Quartz, to amplify energy.


1.  Create your + symbol (graphic design, coloring, sewing, etc.) and while you are making it, visualize bright light pouring into the symbol.  Think about each group of people recognized, and not recognized.

2.  Cast a circle, invoking each element to aid in the energy/spell work.  Invoke deities if you have them.

3.  Inside the circle, begin meditating while holding the symbol.  The + signifies our connectedness as witches and the community we are trying to protect.

4.  After meditating upon the symbol, envision a web of white light encasing the plus sign.  This symbol represents everyone you want to protect.

5.  Recite:  “We unite as one to add our protection to those who are in need of it.  We entreat our global community to continue to aid us in our pursuit of equality, love, respect, and acceptance.”

Optional 5.5. Then envision each color associated with the elements encasing the symbol, then a web of silver and gold light representing love, acceptance, and respect.  (Another option: the silver can represent the Goddess and gold can represent the God.)

6.  Continue to keep this focus of each color melting into each other, forming a white light.  After you feel your spell is complete, send it from the base of your heart up through your head and into the world.

7.  Close the circle moving counterclockwise/widdershins thanking each element and deity for their aid.

8.  Your + symbol should be placed at the highest point in your house OR kept under your bed for seven days.  Afterwards, you may keep it, burn it, or bury it.  It is entirely up to you.


Collaborators:  @aquariwitchmom, @hearthandsoul, @talamh-criostal, @wattle-and-witchcraft, and several others who must remain anonymous/in the broom closet.

Meeting Your New Tarot Deck

Hello there my witches and diviners! Here’s an introduction Spread I like to do for New decks so I can get a grasp on them. This is a reprint of the Dalí Tarot Universal deck I got for my birthday.

Shuffle your cards (I’ll usually “bridge” my cards once the entire time I use them, and that’s the first time I use them) cut your deck how you like then make your Spread starting top to bottom, left to right.
1: Please introduce yourself (card the deck thinks of as the best summary of its facets/personality)
2: What’s your strength as a deck?
3: What are your limitations?
4: What can I learn from you?
5: What’s the best way to work with you?
6: What’s the outcome of our relationship?

Please introduce yourself: Knight of Swords.
Majestic and proud and a touch materialistic, the deck likes to think of itself as the “crown jewel” and craves attention and recognition.

Your strength as a deck: King of Coins
Matters of the physical world, whether it’s wealth, health or goals are questions best answered by this deck. Advice and insight into sensuality and the pleasures of life are easily handled by this deck

Your limitations as a deck: Ace of Swords
Deeper matters of the mind, and cleaving clarity may be limited. What this could mean is that the deck, like the sword is a tool, and like the ace represents, only the beginning. The decks job isn’t to discern nuances in emotions or relationships but to show truths. It’s limit is also a strength. The sword is double edged, I may not like all the answers I get.

What can I learn from you: The Lovers
About relationships in all their forms. Relationship with myself, others, romantic, business or otherwise. Life is made up of relationships, and being able to get insight into those as well as strengthening my own relationships is awesome:

Best way to use/work with you: III of Swords.
Asking questions and reading answers with an open mind and an open heart. Don’t let biases shade the answers I seek because each reading is separate and stands on its own not influenced by past readings

Outcome of our relationship: Wheel of Fortune
Balance and natural order will be strengthened and restored when lacking. This is comforting to read because sometimes when using the cards and seeking answers it’s because you feel out of sorts, but the answers and messages delivered will bring you back to base.

Now I know what you might be thinking, “those aren’t exactly the interpretations I have for that/those cards.” This is a personal thing for me, but I always base my intro spread on the meanings the included book/pamphlet have. Think of it as a new phone. You unpackaged it and follow the designated set up directions, then later on you personalize it. Especially with this deck, the imagery is a very important aspect of the cards and their meanings.

Klaus Mikaelson - His Witch.

Words Count: 12 74

Warning: None, just maybe a lot of mistakes.

Summery: The Mikaelsons need help killing Daliah, a powerful witch arrives in town. Is she willing to help them or not?


Niklaus paced in the yard in the Mikaelson house, he and his siblings trying to think of a way to stop their aunt Dahlia. Hayley was trying to put Hope to bed.

“I can’t take her down on my own.” Fraya told her new found siblings.

“Then we get more witches.” Nik said getting frustrated.

“Well then you’re lucky.” Marcel said as he walked in the yard. “Because Davina said that the ancestors and the living witches of New Orleans just felt a powerful witch come in New Orleans yesterday.”

“I didn’t feel anything.”  Fraya said frowning.

“That’s because you’re not a New Orleans witch.” Marcel explained.

“Great, how can we find her?” Klaus turned to Marcel waiting for an answer.

“Davina agreed to help if you stop harassing her.” Marcel said crossing his hands in front of his chest, with a small glare on his face. “And help her bring Kol back.”

“Reasonable request.” Elijah said. “Consider it done.”

“Okay then, how can Davina find her?” Rebekah asker her on and off boyfriend.

“She’ll be able to feel the source of power if she concentrated hard enough.” Marcel once again explained what Davina had told him.

“Then let us take a trip around New Orleans then.” Niklaus said and he, Elijah and Marcel left the house and went to pick up Davina.

Davina was walking around New Oleans with the two Originals, Fraya and Marcel. They were all following her as she closed her eyes and walked to where she felt the most magic coming from. Suddenly Fraya stops and gasps, they all turn to look at her.

“I can feel her, we’re very close.” Fraya said gasping for air. She calmed down after a bit and, Davina and her walked up to a skyscraper.

“She’s in this building.” Davina said and Fraya nodded in confirmation.

Klaus compelled the door man and found out who is the newest resident. They were given the number of the floor and get in the big elevator it fits them all comfortably.  They got to one of the top penthouses in the building.

“She’s here, I’m sure.” Fraya said once they got out of the elevator. Klaus rang the bell and they all waited for it to open.  When the door opened they all were shocked. They didn’t know what to expect well they thought that they’ll be met with an old witch. They didn’t expect you at all.

“Yes?” You asked to the group of vampires and witches in front of you.

“Hello, I’m Klaus-“ “I already know who you are.” You interrupted they hybrid. “What do you want?”

“Can’t we just say hello to the newest witch in town?” Klaus asked giving you a charming smile that most women fell for and Marcel along with Davina rolled their eyes.  

“You can, but that’s not why two Mikaelsons, an ex-Mikaelson, a new Mikaelson and a harvest girl doing on my door steps.” You crossed your hand and raised an eyebrow.

They all looked at each other, wandering how you knew them.

“Looks like you have been well informed.” Elijah said taking rains of the conversation.

“Yes, a witch must always know what she’s waking into.” You said and leaned on the doorframe. “Now how can I be of assistance?”

“We need your help with something.” Elijah said. You raised an eyebrow and nodded your head for him to continue.

“Won’t you invite us in, love?”  Klaus asked before Elijah could continue.

“No, now Elijah please preside.” You said, Klaus glared at you and huffed. He was acting like a kid in our opinion. Klaus was very much interested in you, you seemed like a witch with so much power and knowledge, yet you looked young.

“Our aunt Daliah wants to take Klaus’ daughter and we need your help in taking her down.” Fraya said hopeful. You hummed and thought about what you wanted to do, before your eyes settled on Davina.

“Why did you bring Davina then?” You asked. You knew form just looking at her that she didn’t really want to be here.

“We made a deal with the little witch.” Klaus said and you raised an eyebrow.

“And you Davina, do you think I should help the Mikaelsons?” Everyone turned to look at Davina. She shifted uncomfortable under the attention.

“I-I think you should help them save Hope. Only because she’s young and she doesn’t have a say in anything her family has ever done.” You nodded at her satisfied with her answer.

“Okay then, I’ll meet you at your house in two hours.” With that you closed the door in their faces, and turned around to see a young teen girl standing behind you, her arms crossed in front of her chest.

“Are you really going to help them?” She asked you.

“Yes.” You nodded. “Davina is right, and you know I can’t let a child get hurt, no matter who their parents are.”

“Yes, but-“

“There’s no but.” You said. “You have to keep out of sight though.”

“Yes, I know. As usual.” She huffed.

“Darling you know it’s only to keep you safe, you can go out, just don’t mention me and try to stay low.” You told the young girl and hugged her. “I have to get ready.”

You changed your clothes and made sure your spells still stood. The boundary spell on the flat allowed only who you invited to get in.

After you made sure everything was okay, you left the flat and went to the Mikaelson’s house. You walked in the yard and looked at the balconies that looked at the yard or is it like a living room. There was a coffee table, chairs and sofa.

“Who are you?” A voice asked, you turned to one of the stairs and there stood a hybrid.

“Hayley I presume.” You stated already knowing he answer, Hayley nodded. “I’m (y/n), I’m here to discuss wither I’ll help you all or not.”

“I thought you said you’re going to help.” Fraya said walking in.

“I have people I care about and if helping you endanger them I’m afraid I won’t be able to help.” You said thinking about the girl in the flat.

“That is understandable.” Elijah said walking in with a blond girl and brunette boy. Rebekah and Kol. Closely followed by Klaus.

“And who is it you want to protect?” Klaus asked with a smirk on his face.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” You asked him with a smirk of your own.

“Indeed I would.” Klaus said, you decided to ignore him and turned to Elijah and Fraya.

“Now tell me what is it you would like me to do?”

“Our aunt Daliah is trying to take my daughter.” Hayley said.

“Our daughter.” Klaus said, giving Hayley a look.

“I want to see her.” You said, looking at the parents in front of you.

“Absolutely not.” Klaus said glaring at you. You raised an eye brow and moved your head slightly to the right.

“How do you expect me to protect someone I dint even know how they look like?” You asked the hybrid.

“She’s got a point.” Kol said. Reluctantly Klaus agreed. Hayley left only to return not two minutes later with a baby girl in her hand. You could tell she looked more like Klaus more than Hayley. She certainly is a beauty. You smiled at the little girl, who was looking at you. When she saw you smile, she started to giggle. It confused everyone. You looked at Elijah.

“I’ll help you.” You said. “Now tell me everything about Daliah.”


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