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Rules for RPG horror games

1) Save every 5 seconds. (You’ll thank me later)

2) Don’t trust anybody.

3) Don’t.Touch.The.Piano.

4) If you see a weapon,pick it up.

5) Get a calculator.(There is always a number puzzle)

6) Have your finger on the sprint key…just in case.

7) Don’t get attached to any characters.(One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made)

8) Go to the bathroom before playing.

9) If you forgot to do 8),sorry you’re on your own.

10)  Don’t have anything breakable nearby.You might either rage or jump with fright.

📅🕯️Busy Witch Routine🕯️📅

Hello Witches,

Now, I know as much as we’d prefer to spend our days riding broomsticks and brewing our potions in the big ol’ cauldron.

We still have responsibilities * shudders*, some of us are mothers, students, workers, or just people with a hectic schedule.

These are ways to get some witchy practice without completely throwing off our daily routines.

                                  🌅 Waking Up 🌅

  • Do some Yoga poses for 2 minutes.
  • Brush your teeth counter-clockwise to banish negativity from your day.
  • Stir your Coffee/Tea in a clockwise motion to invoke positivity to you and your day.
  • On your way to work, whisper a silent greeting to the sun. Enjoy its warm rays on your commute.
  • If you’re willing, try to pack or purchase a healthy snack like fruit and veggie bowls.


  • Ditch the soda! Try rejuvenating yourself with water instead, maybe add some lemon, cucumbers, or even fruits to your water to detoxify your body.
  • Meditate for 2 minutes, but don’t forget to eat and energize your body again.
  • Carry crystals with healing and or corresponding energies pertaining to your work, school or plans for that day.


  • When cooking/ cleaning, take a moment to play some of your favorite music to invoke spiritual energy.
  • Take a few minutes to google something you’ like to know! Crystals? Candle colors? Moon phases? Research and learn something new!
  • Mediate! Even if it’s for another 2 minutes. Anything counts! Clear your mind and relax.
  • Whisper a “Goodnight” to the moon, enjoy its glow for a few seconds.

Hope this helps you in your journey! We actually do things on this list and it’s been easy to manage! 

~Kinara and Nessa

Mind Your Own Business Jinx

When someone states an opinion or tries to butt into a matter that they know nothing about. To make them unsure of themselves in future conversations, make them think twice, and strikes a blow to their ego.

Originally posted by gurl

It is a short lived jinx, but quite effective. Perform in the evening, new moon is best, but not required

  • Paper with targets name
  • white wine ~ for regret, an ending of some sort (any kind, but Chardonnay, or Pinot Grigio work best)
  • string
  • Red pepper flakes ~ for hard luck, trouble
  • Black pepper ~ to make someone move out of your way
  • Salt ~ to protect, to create a barrier between you and the jinx
  • Bowl
  • 2 glasses

On the paper with the name, cover the name with the reverse rune Fehu, and Isa. Like this:

Sprinkle a line of salt between you and the bowl that you will be mixing in. Pour two glasses of wine, the glasses are to be kept on either side of the salt line.

Mix together black pepper, red pepper flakes, and a little bit of wine into the bowl and mix. Wash the string in the mixture, saying “Think before you talk; Your opinion is unsure; Your voice quavers if you speak. Be silent, you know nothing.” Tie the string around the piece of paper with their name on it, and pour the rest of their wine over it in the bowl. Dwell on what they said, and how wrong it is.

Take a sip of your wine, the white wine on your side of the salt line is for success and energy. It is literally on your side of the situation. The salt and the wine will protect you from any backlash.

Throw away the paper because their opinion of you or the situation is trash.

I suggest a quick cleanse of the space once you are finished.This jinx will fade over time, so if you start having problems again, you can recast it, though the negativity may start to leak through to you, the more times it’s cast on the same person. 

I’m not spooked...


I came home from the cat show to find a Hello Kitty balloon in my backyard. Jelly Bean is having a blast with it. Last night I did a spell with her to summon fun. Guys, which of us is the witch and which is the familiar? 

Blakes Element salts

Hello there!

Salt - the Witches best friend. There is black salt, purple salt, pink Himalayan salt etc etc.. I’m quite sure that there are posts similar to this floating around, but I wanted to share my element salts.

Of course you can change every ingredient and exchange it with another one, but for me these were available and not really expensive. Most of the ingredients are already in your kitchen or easy to access.

🔥 Fire salt
Ingredients: cinnamon, chilli, coffee + red food dye
Charge with sunlight

💧 Water salt
Ingredients: leafes from a growing bush, rosemary, moss + blue food dye
Charge with moonlight

🌳 Earth salt
Ingredients: nuts, cacao, oats + brown food dye
Charge with moonlight

🌪 Air salt
Ingredients: tangerine, peppermint, lavender + yellow food dye
Charge with sunlight

What´s the use of element salts?

Well, I use them for almost everything. For spell jars you maybe associate with a special element (e.g air for creativity), small altar jars that are supposed to represent each element or even if you want to cast a circle.

If you use them, feel free to tag me in your posts! I´d love to know what you did with them or what ideas you have.

Have a lovely and blessed day!

Types of Ghostly Encounters

Hello lovely Witches!

I thought it would be interesting to post my thoughts on different types of spiritual encounters and hear what other Witches have experienced. 

I want to focus specifically on the spiritual. Elementals, Fae, and other creatures deserve their own posts. 

1. Echos

Echos are emotional leftovers. They’re an emotional energy stamp left on a place, item, or even person. They can manifest as an image, a smell, a sound, or even a moving scene. A particularly traumatic or emotional event can linger in its entirety. I once lived in a house where I would hear the same domestic fight play out in the kitchen over and over. 

Echos are not sentient. Echos can be left by people who are still living. They are not spirits in the traditional sense that we think of them but they make up the majority of paranormal experiences we encounter. 

2. Departed

Departed are the spirits in the traditional sense. They are the consciousnesses of people who have died. They are sentient and can interact with the living. 

Keep in mind they are people and retain their personalities. The spirit of the old man in your house may be perfectly lovely and kind, and the spirit that inhabits your local swimming pool may be a total bitch. Interact with these spirits the same way you would with the living.

(On a related note: the only danger a Ouija Board presents to you is potentially connecting you with a dick. There are spirits who will lie to you and try to scare you. You always have the power to end the conversation and send them away.)

3. Essence 

An Essence was never human. 

There is some debate within my circle as to whether or not an Essence is a creature akin to a demon or if they are literally the essence of good or evil, a conglomoration of human emotion given sentience. Whether or not they come from nature or human belief.

What I do know is when dealing with an Essence you must be cautious. They are powerful, can manipulate objects in the physical world, and are the main culprits for the worst types of hauntings.  


No matter the type of encounter you are entitled to protection of self. Do not give attention to loud negative spirits and remember that you can tell anything to go away. 

My favorite line is “you don’t pay rent so get out!”

(If I ever find a spirit who is willing to leave me rent money in the couch cushions I’ll welcome them in with open arms.)

That’s it for today’s post! Let me know what you think and what type of ghostly encounters you’ve had!