hello tumblr i'm back sort of

H-hello tumblr, I’m still alive! Surprise!

If you’re in the mood for (really excellent) accidentally-transported-to-an-alternate-universe-where-we’re-married!? Newmann fic, go read @earninganincomplete/PerniciousLizard’s fic Alternate, for which I have finally finished some artwork I promised *cough*definitely-not-over-a-year-ago*cough*


“…that don’t look like me, punk.”
“!? ‘Course it don’t, as if I’d ever draw you!”
“Well, he’s a looker, I’ll give 'im that. Smart chin. Who’s he?”
“Shut up.”  

Just… stop trying, Steve. Ssshh. Get kissed. Sit down. 

(Stucky ☆★ Palette #2 for memoryrecovery

Hello world!

Wow, it’s been more than three years since I’ve last seen the Tumblr dashboard. Well anyway, in case anyone out there who still knows who I am (I once used to be known as a certain “tarch-7″) is wondering what the hell am I doing here well… you’ll find out very soon when things get ready. :P 

I first need to catch up on how this thing called Tumblr works, because I properly forgot most of the stuff. 

I sort of have been in the HTTYD fandom since the January release of RTTE this year (on Grapevine), and I’ve been doing some stuff you could occasionally see posted on @graphrofberk (hello buddy, and thanks for posting the art! :D).

Right, I’m bad at introductions. Anyway, let’s get this started!

anonymous asked:

Hello :) I've seen some gifs floating around Tumblr of Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth on some sort of show, Tom is holding a hammer and worries that he'll hit the studio floor if he misses? I'm not sure that was a very good description, but if you know which ones I'm talking about, I was wondering where is the original video? Thank you :3

Hey there. :)

That sounds a lot like the interview they did for a Russian talk show called “UrgantShow” (I think?) back in 2012. You can watch it here.

- Mona