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Roxas??? ?????? ????????
wow he surpassed me, I don’t really like rock music that much but this blond is another story, maybe that’s why i can tolerate him. I can’t understand how Ventus is his older brother.

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i hope you won't mind, i really like your summaries so i thought i'd ask, do you have any thoughts on how ikesen ieyasu's route will go in terms of... the sinning? /// i assume his event endings are all fluff and sweet because he doesn't have a route yet... so i can't see the sin potential of this tsundere lol

Hello, Precious!

I don’t mind at all!

Because Ieyasu shows up frequently in Masamune and Nobunaga’s routes, we have gotten hints that there’s more to him than meets the eye. Looking at his Shot Thru the Heart reactions, we can see more about him, as well.

This pseudo-re doesn’t just share SLBP Ieyasu’s name and penchant for wearing yellow– they both physically close the gap created by keeping their MCs at arm’s length, emotionally, and they do it with the same quirk of pulling her in sharply right before a kiss.

For them, it doesn’t matter if you’re standing right next to them– it’s still too far away, so I wonder if he’s also a salacious kiss demon like his SLBP counterpart.

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2017/08/20 Blog post by Wakana 『マリンワールド!!~福岡番外編~』

『Marine World !!~ Fukuoka Special Edition~』

During the Obon holiday, I went home to Fukuoka at the same time as my parents (my parents are living in the Kanto area at the moment), we all travelled there to see my grandparents.
Everyone went to visit the family grave in Kumamoto, it takes around 40 minutes from Hakata to Kumamoto via shinkansen, that’s really fast!!

Here we have my grandparents’ little kitty cats. First, Momo-chan (she is really big, isn’t she?) and then there’s Jojo (actually, he is Jojo 2.0). He is a recent addition to the family, so so cute, the last time I saw him I fell madly in love with him. Whereas Momo-chan is all fluffy and affectionate, Jojo is totally tsundere.

Hello, this is Wakana (0 ¯ ▽ ¯ 0) /

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ALRIGHT, GUYS. There seems to be some confusion with Grimmjow’s dialogue, but it’s okay; I speak fluent Tsundere.

“Hello, Ichigo. It’s been awhile since we’ve last met, but it’s good to see you again. I’m glad you’re doing okay. I’m fine, myself.”

“I’m sorry about how our last fight ended. Hopefully when this is all over, we can have a nice sparring rematch.”

“Nel, I find it rude that you interrupted my conversation. May I please have a minute to continue?”

“I am unsure of what I want to do. So for now, I am here.”

“I don’t want my home destroyed, so I’m helping you in order to protect it. Now I will use fighting you as an excuse so that way I don’t sound sappy.”

((This has been a PSA.))

Out of nowhere a… something appears. Something very dark and evil- it seems to be a humanoid, but they’re surrounded by darkness, to the point where the only thing that can be made out is their silhouette, and bright red, malice-filled eyes. And then they speak, in a somewhat warped and twist, but yet familiar voice…

“Well, well, well, look what I stumbled upon. It’s a little black-haired, twin-tailed tsundere. Hello, Noire.”

…Who/whatever this thing is, it’d probably be a great idea to remain calm and slowly try to escape from this situation as safely as possible. The power rolling off this entity is enormous.