hello trickster


This is what happens when one decides they want to try drawing. This is what happens when one decides they want to try drawing, and they’ve been reading too much frostiron and seeing a few things from a certain blog. This is your fault @starklymischievous

The inspiration for this picture is, of course, the lovely @genius-and-trickster, because hello, have you seen the Loki and Tony perfection? I need not say more.

Hello, Trickster

Characters: Gabriel x Reader (ish, whatever), Dean, Sam
Words: 1888
Requested by @1superwhogirl1  (Jumped to the head of the pack because she made me two amazing icons. Thanks again!)
Summary: Gabriel is a dick. He wanted revenge on the reader, but he didn’t count on the reprocussions of what he did to her.

Originally posted by mermaidsjump

         You were attempting sleep after the latest hunt. It should have been easy, but you just couldn’t get comfortable. You rarely had trouble sleep, especially after a long hunt. What was going on?

           “Having trouble?” you jumped when you heard a voice in your room and then laughter to follow.

           “What the hell, Gabriel!?” you squealed, seeing the archangel sitting across the room from you.          

           “Hello, Trickster,” he grinned, “Remember that time you drew the angel banishing symbol and sent me away from that hunt you were working on?” he cocked an eyebrow at you, smirking.

           “What did you do to my bed?” you growled.

           “Not to your bed, Sugar,” he said.

           “Gabriel, what did you do?”

           “Just, have fun getting comfortable,” he said and disappeared.

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