hello this is my present for you .you know why

Valentines Day (Phillipa Soo x Reader)

Pippa Soo x Reader because I’m feeling like a very queer girl with a quill.
Warnings: literally, the fluffiness will suffocate you.

You sighed. Another day in London, another day without your girlfriend.
This internship was taking too long. You wanted to be home, New York, the greatest city in the world. Today, it would be Valentine’s Day. That was her favourite. The red and pink hearts, all the candies and sweets.

Getting dressed for your job quickly, settling for a pearly blazer and a midnight skirt, including black tights. Putting a bit of concealer and eyeliner on, you decided you looked presentable.
Stepping into the frigid English air, you decided that Thames would be the best place to write about your journey. Traveling over the river, you remembered something. Pippa had not called you.
Slightly perplexed, you checked your phone. No missed calls.

You left a voicemail.
“Hey, Pip? I miss you lovely, call me soon! Love you so much.” Sending it, you sat down at a small cafe near an airport.
You decided to call Lin.

“Hello! Uh, do you know why Pippa isn’t answering my calls?” You asked him.

“She flew into Tha-” Lin began to explain before you practically dropped your phone.

There, entering the shop, she was. Beautiful gleaming brunette hair, slightly curled at the edge from windswept travel. Eyes the colour of frosting flowers in the autumn. She was dressed in a light blue shirt a matching skirt.

She wasn’t aware you were there, as her gaze fixed on the unfamiliar surroundings.

“PIPPA!?!?” You shouted, many people’s heads snapping up from their laptops in the meantime.
“(Y/N)?!?!” She screamed, as you both ran into basically each other. She pressed her mouth to yours, smiling.

“I-I came to find you, I couldn’t take not being with you any longer!” She rambled.
“Talk less.” You sang, touching her nose with yours sweetly.
Taking her hand and leading her to a table, you looked up and some of the people had “awed” expressions on their face.

“Actually…I came for a very specific reason.” Pippa smiled broadly, her eyes brimming with happiness. She fiddled with the hem of her skirt before reaching into her pocket for something.
“Pippa, what do you mean..?” You questioned, unable to keep from smiling.

She sighed before stepping down to one knee, and revealed a velvet box, red, for Valentine’s Day.

You couldn’t speak, tears fell down your cheeks.

“(Y/N), you are the best, nicest, loveliest girl I’ve ever known. I love you so much. May I ask…(Y/N) (Y/L/N), will you marry me?” She looked up at you.

A small yes what all you could choke out, as she slipped the small ring on your finger. It was a silver band, with a glittering diamond, surrounded by crystals which shone in all different colours.

That was when everyone, even the baristas in the shop, lost it. There was clapping, cheering, murmurs (and shouts) of congratulations.

She smiled a bit, and whispered in your ear.
“So, (Y/N) Soo or Phillipa (Y/L/N)?” You giggled.

“(Y/N) Soo.” You kissed her once again.

In that moment, time was limitless, as everyone had become part of something priceless.

An Avengers Christmas

A/N: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Holidays! 💖

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Y/N.


Clint: Are you almost here yet? HURRY!

Y/N: Merry Christmas, Clint. I’m almost to the tower, calm yourself.


Y/N: You just want me there so you can finally open the gifts, don’t you?

Clint: What? NO! Of course not.

Clint: You’ve been gone FOREVER! We have to spend this day as a family. And open the gifts, together… So hurry.

Y/N: I was gone for 2 days. You can open ONE gift. I won’t tell the others.

Clint: Why couldn’t we send Pietro on the mission, again? Why did you have to go?

Clint: I think I’ll open the gift he got me.

Clint: I can’t believe this.

Y/N: What is it?

Clint: It’s a purple shirt that says OLD MAN.

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Christmas Special Fic

The weather was perfect for Christmas… the snow was covering the entire front yard and the lights were perfectly beautiful. I walked into the house to find an enormous tree in the corner of the living room, and the fireplace warming up the cold day. 

“I’m home!” I said out loud, making my boyfriend hurry to meet me. 

“Oh hello there” he said wrapping his arms around me “it’s nice to finally have you here" 

"I’ve missed you like crazy” I said between kisses “and I’ve missed being home too" 

"I know, that’s why I made you your favorite food” I’ve always loved how he was always so cute and careful with me. 

“Smells great” I said as I walked into the kitchen “but I  thought we said no presents”

“this is not a present, hon” he said as he took care of some vegetables “we have to eat, you know?”

“I take my favorite dinner as a gift”

“I take you as a gift” he kissed my lips and then proceed to pour some salt to the fish “it’s close to be ready, take a seat”

“let me get the table ready, at least”

I looked for everything; to plates, forks, knifes and wine glasses. I was really enjoying Christmas eve, mostly because I was having a nice and private dinner with the love of my life after a couple of months. I loved law and I was happy to study, but I hated how much time I had to spend away.

The food was delicious. My beautiful, handsome and cute boyfriend was also a great cooker. Every girl’s dream.

“I know we said no gifts, but…” I started taking a little box out of my purse “I saw this at college and thought of you”

He looked at me with love and then grabbed the present in silence. He was acting weird, but maybe it was because of the wine.

The present I gave him wasn’t any big deal, just a photo of us inside a beautiful frame, and two tickets to his favorite band.

“you’re the best girlfriend of the world” he kissed my lips after he saw what was into the little box “I can’t believe you gave me this… you know how much I love you, right?”

“I love you with every piece of me” I said between kisses. After a couple of minutes, he stopped and grabbed my hands.

“I know you’ll kill me, but I have something for you too”

He left me alone in the kitchen and went upstairs…he took so long, I almost went to check if he was okay. 

“Here” he said with one of his hands behind his back. He was nervous, and I saw his hand getting sweaty “God, this is so difficult” he whispered to himself before he went down in one knee. I covered my mouth in surprise “(Y/N), you… you are the woman of my dreams and… uh, sorry, I’m so scared, aha… I love you and I hope you love me back enough to share the rest of your life with me. God, please say yes, you’re the only one… I want you to be the mother of my children, I want to grow old with you, I love you (Y/N), there’s no other words, I-” his eyes were full of tears and mine were already crying “I adore you”

At that point, I was literally sobbing. I was so happy! Of course I said yes, and when he put the ring in my finger I swear I though I was going to pass out. 

“Yes! Of course!” he held me between his arms as he kissed my neck and my hair. 

That was the best Christmas night ever… and it was only getting started.

[151121] B.A.P MATRIX Sinchon fansign  fan account

It’s a bit long but i tried to be very detailed so please have patience ; ;

So today I went to the Sinchon Matrix B.A.P fansign and i was number 77. They entered the place with their Take You There clothes from Mucore today.

I was just taking pics while waiting for my time to come and Himchan kept going “Even if you take all these photos of us you wont upload them all!” and we went “Yes we will!!” and he just went “You only upload like one or two! I’ll see if you really do upload it all!” and a bit later he also went “Did any of you cheat on us while we were away” lol.

The order was Yongguk, Himchan, Zelo, Daehyun, Jongup, Youngjae.

When my time came i was standing in line and the staff looked at me and told me not to be nervous and tried to help me relax which was nice I guess. And then the person in front of me moved onto Himchan, I was waiting for the staff to tell me I can go and Yongguk was looking at me too. But the staff was talking to someone and Yongguk kept looking at me and i looked at them both not knowing if i was allowed to go. In the end Yongguk just motioned for me to come so I did.

Yongguk: Hello~
Me: Hello!
He started signing and then after looked at my questions on the sticky notes. 
Sticky note one: Please write me something to help me through hard times.
He took a few seconds before writing “Continue to dream” (basically even if it’s hard think of your dream that youll achieve)
Sticky note two: Is there a reason you bought the pink iphone?
For this he laughed pretty loud and gave a pretty big reaction and wrote “Out of curiosity”.
Me: (Before my turn he had this green sprout thing on his hood) Why did you take it off? It looked pretty…
Yongguk: I forgot we weren’t allowed to put things on
We both smiled in the end lol.
Gave him present, held hands before i moved onto Himchan.

Himchan: Hello ____!
Me: Oppa! My mom likes you the most!
Himchan: Ah really? Please tell her i said thank you!
Me: She said she’s cheering for you and B.A.P even all the way from Africa! (Because although I’m Korean, i lived in Africa before moving to Korea for uni)
Himchan: Africa? Wow why Africa?
Me: My family is currently there! I used to live there before coming to Korea for uni.
He nodded and smiled a few times, asking more questions about Africa before writing my sticky notes.
Sticky note one: How did it feel when Youngjae petted your head in The Qmentary? –> “You all would know…”
Sticky note two: Is there a reason why in particular you’re weak towards Yongguk? –> “Just..”
Gae present, held hands before going to Zelo.

Zelo: Hello! /starts signing before looking up at me; How old are you?
Me: How old do i look?
Zelo: Hm… 20?
Me: No~ I’m 22
Zelo: Wow really??
He then read the sticky notes before looking around his hyungs, not being able to answer the questions for a long time lol.
Sticky note one: Which hyung do you think is the easiest? Why? –> Daehyun. Because roommate.
Sticky note two: Please draw yourself with glasses on! (he did draw it but i’m not gonna upload the pic sorry!)
I gave him his present and held hands before moving to Daehyun.

Me: Daehyun oppa! Zelo said you’re the easiest!
Daehyun: Huh?
Me: Zelo said you’re the easiest!
Daehyun: /turns to Zelo; Yah!
Zelo: /turns to me with big eyes; You need to tell him the reason why!! /turns to Daehyun; It’s because youre my roommate hyung!
Daehyun and I laughed and Daehyun went onto signing and replying my sticky notes.
Sticky note one: When you sing while facing Youngjae in YWF what do you think about –> This kid!
Sticky note two: Who does oppa belong to? –> Yours <3
After he wrote that he looked up at me, eye smiled and went “Yours!!”
I smiled a bit too much then gave him his present and was about to move to Jongup but he stopped me.
Daehyun: Will you come tomorrow for the Inkigayo prerecord?
Me: I’m not sure because 4.30am is too early..
Daehyun: Ah yes.. it is…
I smiled then he suddenly
Daehyun: /voice filled with aegyo, tilting his head from side to side; Are you really not coming tomorrow? Really? Are you sure you cant?
Me: I dont know yet ; ; I’ll have to see!
Daehyun: come come come! I’ll see you tomorrow!
He then held my hands and i moved to Jongup.

Jongup: Hello, how old are you?
Me: 22! (korean age lol)
Jongup: Ah me too!
Me: Really? (because i’m 94liner and he’s 95 liner. But he’s an early 95liner so he basically friends with 94liners)
Jongup: Ah wait… how old am i…?
Me: Ah.. it’s because you’re an early 95liner right?
Jongup: Ah yes. /Goes onto signing;
Sticky note one: I bought 16 albums and didn’t get your photocard at all… what do you think about this? –> “Woah (헐/Hul)”
Sticky note two: Do you still like Olaf? How about Baymax? –> “I love it lots”
Jongup: You mean Big Hero Baymax right? 
Me: Did you watch it?
Jongup: Yes, I loved it a lot!
Me: (he had the green sprout thing on his head) it suits you
Jongup: Thank you~
I gave him his present, held hands and moved onto Youngjae.

Youngjae: hello ___~
Me: Hello!
He went straight into signing and i just watched him.
Sticky note one:  When you sing while facing Daehyun in YWF what do you think about –> “Ah… sh…(아..C/아이씨…)”
Sticky note two: Tell me a secret no one knows –>He drew an arrow for the sticky note one answer and wrote “Secret” (I’m guessing the reason why he thought that while singing facing Daehyun is a secret)
Me: I knew you’d write something like that (for the second question). I knew you’d write “it’s a secret”
Youngjae: /suddenly stops smiling and gets all serious; Ah really? Did you really know I would? Was this answer a bit too obvious?
Me: Yes.. It was really obvious -_-;; (i said it jokingly though lol)
Youngjae: Ha.. so it was suspected huh.. should have written something else…
Me: I think pink really suits you though!
Youngjae: Ah thank you!!
Gave him his present, held hands and i returned back to my seat.

After the fansign we had like.. 12 extra minutes to just chat with each other and question answer time.

fan1: Why are you all so handsome?
Himchan: You’re out!
Daehyun: Next question!

fan 2: How did each member get the alphabet for MATRIX?
Daehyun: It was organized by the company

fan 3: Will you perform Be Happy on music shows?
Daehyun: I want to! As a follow up track. So basically– nevermind.
Himchan: Unfortunately we dont have plans of it yet but I will ask.
Youngjae: It’s a good song right? I like it too

fan 4: Has Himchan won Youngjae recently?
Youngjae: I just lost on the way here in the car on a game lol

fan 5: Will Zelo reveal his abs at the concert?
Himchan: Why are you all laughing? (to the fans lol)
Zelo: I… have pretty pale skin so… it all depends on the light… If the lighting at the concert is alright maybe..? But I stopped working out after having so much schedules. But it sounds like an okay idea…
Himchan: So will you or not?
Zelo: Uh…… I’ll think about it.

Then Youngjae started talking about a secret call out that only the members and the fans would know. He gave the fans a mission to think about what lol Daehyun made Youngae say “I love you~”  and like other things happened which I’m too tired to write at this point.

Then they said good bye and all left. I had an amazing day today ;u;

BTS reaction to their girlfriend surprising them with presents

(Hope you like it. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a reaction so I’m a little rusty. Enjoy~)

Rap Monster:

Rap Monster: Ya, what did you do? Buy the whole mall? 

Y/N: How do you feel about turning BTS into a four member group? I don’t think I can afford the number of gifts I have to buy since you guys keep winning every time you release a song.

Rap Monster: Oh~ You bought us gifts? Show me what you bought us <3


Jin: *trying to process how much it cost when he sees you put the bags down*

Y/N: Jin? Hello? *waves hand in front of his face* Don’t worry, it didn’t cost that much. I just wanted to get you guys a present since you did so well on your tour.

Jin: My girlfriend is perfect. I can’t believe you bought us gifts for finishing the tour. You’re so thoughtful.*completely touched by your love*


Suga: I know I told Namjoon you had no style but I didn’t know you’d buy a whole new style. Why did I open my mouth?

Y/N: *Glare* I’m going to let that one slide, since I bought these for your and the boys to congratulate you on your album release…. DID YOU REALLY SAY THAT TO NAMJOON? I THOUGHT YOU SAID I LOOKED CUTE.

Suga: Y/N, you don’t have to buy us anything. Your support is worth more than anything. Also, you’re the only one who could make that look cute, so its okay no matter what you wear. *smiles*

(#rip you know he dead)


J-Hope: Oh my god, what is all this stuff?! Who did you rob?! Quick! Get rid of the evidence!

Y/N: Rob? I bought it! It was going to be a surprise. *pouts* Congratulations on winning the award, Hoseok.

J-Hope: Come here, Y/N. I will give you a present too.


Jimin: I’m dating a crazy girl. This is the type of girl I’m going to marry? We’re doomed.

Y/N: Haha, very funny. You’re lucky to be dating a girl like me. This is all for you and the rest of the members. I wanted to show you how proud of you I am, Park Jimin.

Jimin: You’re right. I am lucky. I love you, Y/N.


V: *just laughs as soon as he sees all the bags* I think you have a problem, Y/N.

Y/N: Yeah, I do. Their name is BTS and they worked so hard to release their album so I wanted to surprise them with presents. And that one member, Taehyung, causes me so much trouble. Poor me~

V: I’m sure he’s grateful you put up with him. You should let him show you how grateful he is.


Jungkook: Y/N… wow… it looks like you had a fun day. How did you pay for all this exactly?

Y/N: *laughs* Don’t worry. It wasn’t that expensive. I worked overtime last week in order to get the boys a present. I’m so proud of you guys. You did so well, Jungkook.

Jungkook: That’s why you were working so hard? For me? You’re so cute, Y/N.

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anonymous asked:

Heyo there; fist of all I love your blog, the job that you do is amazing <3 In my story, two siblings want to run away from their house at the middle of the night. They are ready to leave their house when their little sister wakes up and wants to come with them, wherever they go. They want to make her go away. Do you have any funny prompts about that?

Hello there! Try these out:

  • “But why can’t I come with you guys?” “Because we are going to get you a totally awesome birthday present. You can’t know about it before, or it’ll ruin the surprise.” “Okay!”
  • “Look, tell her something. Anything, but she can’t come with us.” “Why me?” “She likes you more.”

Hope those help!


Is this Happening? Chapter 14

Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


I was up all night working a double so I decided to write a chapter as a Christmas gift to all you lovely readers! You’re the best! Hope you have a Merry Christmas & if you don’t, message me! :]

Chapter 14: It’s Christmas Time

GIF credit

Your POV

“I think I’m falling in love with you Y/N.“ 

Harry’s words kept replaying in my head, and I just stared back at him.

"You are?” I choked.

Harry nodded his head as he kissed my forehead. I couldn’t believe that he already felt so strong about me.

I hesitated at first since I was afraid, but then I remembered everything Madeline said and took a deep breathe, “I feel the same way.” 

- - - - - 

The week and a half that Madeline and I spent with the boys flying from country to country, went by faster than we anticipated. We visited Amsterdam, London and Madrid. It was an incredible and fun experience to travel with the guys. Watching them perform on X Factor UK was exhilarating, Niall’s guitar solo was flawless and since Harry wouldn’t stop grinding on Ronnie Wood, it made the performance perfect. I told him I would forever make fun of him for having an orgasm on stage.

We both got closer to each of the guys and Sophia, being able to spend time with them individually and altogether, there was never a dull moment with them. We became acquaintances/friends with most of their crew and entourage. Madeline and I absolutely loved Lou Teasdale, their hair stylist. She was such an awesome and beautiful person; no wonder the boys all love her.

But I was excited to be back in New York for Christmas. Our plane got in on December 16th, the guys had a couple days off before they had to start working again.

“Harry! Put me down!” I said as Harry picked me up and swung me around in the air as the snow slowly fell on us during our walk in Central Park.

“I’m just trying to be cute like they do in the movies!” He laughed as he set me down.

“Yeah and don’t you remember how your Night Changes music video ends? I am not about to have a broken arm or leg sir.” I teased as I laced my fingers in his.

Harry glared at me for a second then kissed my cheek, “Fine.”

We both walked to Starbucks afterwards and ordered our favorite drink along with five others for the guys and Madeline.

“So what are your plans this week?” Madeline asked as we all settled around our fireplace with our coffee and How the Grinch Stole Christmas quietly playing on our TV.

“Well we have sound check on SNL on Friday, then work all day Saturday, probably going to try to write and record some songs both days.” Zayn began.

“Oh yeah I got this great idea for a song,” Niall said as he pulled out his guitar and started playing a few chords. 

Without even THINKING, I said, “Hey what about instead of just G, Em C D, I think it would sound better in G, G7, C, A7, D7, then back to G.” Right after I finished I realized what I just said and looked at Madeline with huge eyes.

“Say what now?” Liam’s jaw hung open a little and all the other guys just stared at me. Niall decided to try my idea.

“How did you… what…? This does sound better!” Niall smiled after he finished.

“You know how to play the guitar?” Harry asked as he looked at me with wide eye.

“I, ummm” I stuttered until Madeline cut in.

“Hello… you guys know her parents own Sony, she’s was in and out of studios working for her parents during high school.” Madeline saved me.

Note to self: Get Madeline another Christmas present for saving your ass.

“Yeah, I worked almost every weekend at a recording studio when I turned 15. Plus, I told you guys last week about my ex boyfriend.” I smiled nervously.

“OOOH okay, that makes sense.” Louis said as he laid down on his stomach.

“QUESTION. Why don’t you guys make Christmas covers?” Madeline changed the subject, “Do you know how crazy Directioners would get if you guys do that?”

“I want too but we have been so busy recording album after album so we don’t have time to do Christmas songs… but I seriously want too. Because who doesn’t love Christmas songs?” Harry bubbled not being able to contain his excitement, he grabbed the guitar from Niall and started playing ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.’

“Ahhh I guess that makes sense.” Madeline nodded.

“Why are we drinking coffee? Where’s the alcohol?” Louis said as he stood up.

“Oh wouldn’t you like to know.” Madeline teased, “hold on let me show you something.”

Madeline walked over to what seemed like just a mirror sticking out against one of our walls, but when she lightly pushed it and opened up the mirror, it revealed a small selection of alcohol, our very own mini bar, in which Madeline insisted we installed.

“OH SHIT!” Zayn exclaimed as he stood up.

“CAN WE PLEASE?” Louis begged as he held up a bottle of Crown.

“Oh god.” I laughed, “Yes yes go ahead." 

"SWEET. 7 crown and cokes coming right up.” Zayn said as he and Louis made their way to the kitchen.

“We should play a drinking game!” Madeline chimed as she started clearing the coffee from the table.

“NO not again.” Niall shook his head as he laughed, remembering all the things that happened the last time we did.

“YES! But this time we are playing a British drinking game.” Liam said.

After three hours of playing drinking games, we were all pretty drunk. Niall was completely passed out on our couch, and the guys wanted to go back to their hotel so they called a cab.

“I guess Niall can stay here.” Liam said as he pulled on his coat, “I’m not going to wake the poor boy.”

“Can I stay here with you babe?” Harry kissed my temple.

“Yeah of course.” I smiled.

“Hey now, you two better behave.” Madeline shook her finger at us jokingly.

“Or don’t behave!!!!!!” Louis drunkly said as he leaned on Zayn.

I blushed, and then hugged the guys goodnight.

After the boys left, Madeline went into her room, and Harry pulled me into mines.

He closed the door and pushed me against it, crashing his lips into mine, I didn’t fight it at all, instead I wrapped my hands around his neck and drunkenly kissed him back. Harry’s hands were moving all over my body, and after a minute his hands made their way to my backslide. He squeezed my bottom and then lifted my legs around his waist, carrying me towards my bed.

I started getting really wet and I could feel how hard Harry already was when he lowered himself over me.

When I started kissing his neck, Harry let out a small groan, “Babe… I want you.”

“Mmmm, not yet.” I exhaled as he moved down to my neck. 

“I know… I know…” Harry whispered and continued to kiss me.

But with the alcohol running through our bodies, things did not stop.

I wanted to feel Harry’s body. I pulled at the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head and threw it to the floor. My hands went immediately to his back, feeling every muscle from his shoulders down to his backside.

Harry’s hand slipped up the back of my shirt and unhooked my bra. He slowly made his way to the front as if he was waiting to see if I would stop him, but when I didn’t, Harry cupped his hand around my right breast and I let out a moan into his mouth. Harry’s lip made their way down to my neck and licked his way down to my cleavage.

“Harry-” I exhaled trying to catch my breath.

“Y/N… can I?” Harry looked at me in the most seductive way, and I just nodded my head.

Harry pulled down the front part of my v-neck and lightly licked around my nipple before taking it in his mouth, I let out an even louder moan and gripped the sheets when he began sucking and biting my nipple.

“Ha-Harry…” I couldn’t stop moaning.

He moved from the right to the left breast as I moan his name again.

Oh my god.

Harry moved his way back up to my lips and kissed me again.

“I know, I know, I can control myself.” He slurred.

“I’m sor-” Harry put his finger to my lips.

“Never apologize for not being ready, I understand.”

Harry kissed my cheek and laid down next to me as I pulled up my shirt. 

“Babe?” I turned to see Harry grinning at me.


“Can I be little spoon?” He bit his bottom lip.

I laughed and nodded my head.

I wrapped my arms around Harry and slowly drifted to sleep.

- - - - -

The next couple of days, I only saw Harry and the rest of the guys at night. Madeline and I decided to host our first “big girl” Christmas with our families, we invited our parents and siblings to New York so they were flying in on Christmas Eve, and we were so excited. So we decided to go shopping for a tree, lights, decorations, etc. We attempted to turn out apartment into a little Winter Wonderland while the guys were busy. We also took the opportunity to go Christmas shopping, since we have been out of the country we didn’t get a chance too.

“Want to all get the guy’s gifts together?” Madeline suggest as we walked through the mall.

“Yeah I was about to ask you the same thing!” I smiled and held out my fist, waiting for hers, “Oh hey so I invited Oliver over tonight so he can officially meet the guys.”

“Oh nice! I miss him! But you don’t think it’ll be weird?” Madeline browsed through a collection of watches.

“I don’t think so. I already told Harry that Oliver and I are just friends.”

“No… not for Harry, for Oliver.” Madeline sighed.

“Not this again Madeline.” I rolled my eyes.

“I bet you anything that Oliver likes you.” Madeline gave me a sly smile.

“Shush. Let’s not,” I replied as I held up a watch, “I like this one, for Liam.”

After spending 7 hours shopping for Christmas presents and decorations, we went back to our apartment, brewed some coffee and started decorating right away wanting to finish before the guys came back to our place.

Madeline and I sat on the floor in the living room, jamming out to all of 1D’s songs; an hour later we heard a knock at our door.

“OLIVER!” I smiled as I opened the door to see him holding bags in his hands.

“Y/N!” He came in and set his bags down on the couch.

“Your place looks AWESOME! And I can’t believe you girls left me again!” He joked as he hugged both of us.

“THANKS! We definitely missed you though.” Madeline said as she hugged him.

“Dang, that is a lot of presents. Any of them for me?!” He got on his toes and peered at our huge pile of wrapped and unwrapped gifts.

“Of course! But we knew you were coming so we already wrapped yours!” I said as I sat down on the floor and continued wrapping gifts.

“Oh darn. Well good thing I brought yours too!” Oliver said as he took out two gifts from his bags and placed them under the tree.

“Thanks Ollie!” Madeline smiled, “Wanna help? We want to finish wrapping before the guys get here.”

“PLEASE?!” I pouted.

“Oh fine. Jesus Christ, you girls are useless,” He joked as he grabbed some wrapping paper and joined us.

- - - - -

Around 10pm, the guys finally came over after a long day of rehearsing, writing and promoting their tour and new album.

“Oh my god!” Niall shouted as he came in the door, hands flailing, excited by what he’s seeing.

“Shit, this place looks amazing girls!” Louis grinned as he looked around.

“You girls spent all day doing this?” Harry smiled as he looked at all the different ornaments on the tree.

“Thanks guys!” Madeline and I beamed.

“Can I have a cookie?” Zayn said as he saw the plate of cookies on the table, “This place looks great.”

“Yeah, of course, you guys help yourselves.” Madeline said as she went to kitchen.

“Your place makes me miss home. I love it.” Liam said as he hugged me.

“Yeah! Oh guys! This is my friend Oliver!” I introduced as Oliver came out of my room.

“Oliver this is Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and of course you’ve met Harry.”

“Hey guys, heard so much about… well all of you, constantly, even before they met you.” Oliver shook their hands.

Madeline hit him in the arm playfully, “HEY! SHUT UP.”

“Hey Y/N, can I plug in my phone? I want to hear this cover.” Niall asked as he connected his phone via Apple TV.

I pulled Harry down to look at the train set going around the bottom of the tree as I heard my voice coming from the TV.

“Oh my god! I didn’t know she made a Christmas cover!” Madeline’s jaw dropped as she looked at me, genuinely surprised.

“You guys know of Heartstrings too?” Oliver asked as he sat down on the couch, “She’s awesome.”

“YEAH! WE FUCKING LOVE HER!” Niall exclaimed as he sat down next Oliver, adjusting the volume.

“She covered Mistletoe? A Justin Bieber song?” Liam raised his eyebrow as he looked up at the TV.

“Turn it up! It’s probably better than his version anyways,” Louis snickered.

Harry saw the look on my face as I got really nervous, “You okay?” Harry asked as he held my hand.

“Oh yeah, my stomach just hurts,” I lied.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, I pulled it out to see Madeline’s name next to a text notification.

Madeline: WHAT THE HECK. When did you make this cover?

Me: I did it in London, while you were out with Niall. Harry was out doing something and I had a couple hours to kill.

Madeline: You didn’t tell me? How dare you. I’m hurt. JK!

Me: I was debating on uploading it, and I completely forgot that I had it queued to upload today… I’m so embarrassed right now.

“I love it!” Niall beamed. “ME TOO!” Louis high-fived him.

“What does Bieber’s version even sound like? Never mind don’t care.” Oliver held up his hand.

“I wonder who she’s singing it for!” Madeline smiled at me.

“Me… DUH.” Niall swooned and Madeline pouted at him but he just nudged her.

I blushed, I didn’t want to react but I couldn’t help it.

“Definitely a great cover. Look it already has a ton of views.” Zayn pointed at the TV.

“Speaking of Mistletoe, I don’t see any…” Harry nudged me and I looked at him to see him wink at me and I just wrinkled my nose at him.

“You know what? I would love to cover a song with her.” Niall said as he scrolled through all my videos.

“Yeah me too.” Harry’s voice surprised me, “I definitely want to meet her.”

“You know, I heard she got a lot of offers and requests to cover songs with other major YouTube stars and even other famous celebrities like yourselves.” Madeline nonchalantly said.

“Seriously? That’s awesome. I think she lives here in New York,” Oliver added.

“WHAT? SERIOUSLY?” Niall turned to Oliver immediately, “How do you know?!”

“How DO you know?” I finally spoke up.

“Because I follow her instagram, she posted a picture of this statue that can only be found in a park here in NYC.”

Well shit, oops.

“Well there are millions of people that live in New York.” Louis sighed.

“Do you guys want to drink?” I tried to change the subject, since I was getting really nervous about them talking about me, without realizing it was me.

“YES!” Zayn stood up and went with me the kitchen.

“VIDEO GAME NIGHT!!!” Louis exclaimed as he looked through my collection of games.

“Oh hell yes.” Harry joined him.

- - - - -

The next morning, Harry woke me up placing kisses all over my arm and neck.

“Good morning, Y/N.” He said as he felt me move.

“Why are you awake… what time is it?” I groaned as I pulled the blanket over my head.

“Because I get a few hours to take you out and about today.” He pulled the blanket down and kissed my nose.

I buried my face in between his arm and chest, refusing to get out of bed.

“It’s too early Harry.”

“It’s 8:05, I know you wake up earlier for school. Come on get up, I’m only free until 2pm." 

I playfully pushed Harry off of me and then climbed out of bed. 

"Only for you.” I groaned as I shut the door to my bathroom.

- - - - - - - - - - - 


I’ll be posting another chapter LATER tonight as another Christmas gift!

I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I wish for everyone to have a great day!

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Hellooo! Here’s a little (but quite special) university!baekhyun scenario ft. some cute Chanbaek interaction!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ignoring the call, you went over the details of the presentation in your head, perfecting every one.


“I’m busy Baekhyun!”

“Please let me innnn,” he whined, voice muffled through the door.

“Baekhyun, I really need to focus; please go do something else!” You heard a sigh from the other side, signaling that you had won. Pleased, you resumed your routine. This presentation meant everything to you; your professor had noticed your potential and offered you an opportunity to present a research project to some of his colleagues, potentially earning you a major scholarship. You wouldn’t let anything stand in your way of it, even if it meant locking Baekhyun out of your dorm room. You loved your boyfriend to death, but he wouldn’t stop pestering you about taking a break, so you had no other choice. To and fro you paced, uttering the same lines under your breath. Closing your eyes, you repeated the words aloud, directing all of your concentration on these now mechanical phrases.

“Right, so today I’m going to be discussing my findings on genetics and stem cells. Stem ce-”

You paused, interrupted by two arms securing themselves around your waist and a head on your shoulder.

“Jagi, please take a break,” Baekhyun coaxed, kissing your cheek.

You sighed for the nth time that day.

“Baek, how did you get in?”

“I know where you hide your spare key,” he enounced cheekily. “Come on, you’ve been preparing for this for a week now; I know you have this whole thing memorized. Come watch One Piece with me! Then you can go ace your presentation!”

You rolled your eyes, mentally chastising Chanyeol for getting Baek hooked on that anime. All you did was shake your head in response, peeling his arms off of your torso and continuing. Your eyes fluttered shut once more, this time with a newfound satisfaction; although you couldn’t see him, you knew he was pouting like the puppy he is. Confidently proceeding, you let your body relax as your arms dropped to your sides.

“As I was saying, ste-”

Click. Click.

You opened your eyes, alerted by the odd noise accompanied by pressure on your wrist.

“Wh-what?! What are you doing?! Are these real?!” You bombarded him with questions, bewildered at the fact that your left wrist was now handcuffed to his right.

“Now you’re stuck with me,” he answered, giving you a big grin. You stared at him, incredulous. He laughed and placed his hands on your shoulders, subsequently dragging your left wrist up as well. “Relax, I have a key. Come watch an episode with me and I’ll un-cuff you! Only when it’s over though, so you won’t try and run away again,” he said with a wink. His eager expression momentarily softened your willpower, and you inwardly teetered on whether to deny him again. But seeing as you were now restrained against your will, you might as well take a break. He was right, you practically had it down to a tee now; what could go wrong?

“Okay, Baekhyun. You win,” you surrendered.

“That’s my girl!” he exclaimed. He then kissed your forehead, the tip of your nose, and gave you a quick peck on the lips. “You’re gonna do great, trust me,” he added, and you couldn’t help but smile. “C'mon!” He interlaced his fingers with yours, slightly uncomfortable due to the handcuffs but endearing nonetheless.

* * *

You raised your head from the pillow, feeling refreshed. You had been lying on Baek’s bed, head resting comfortably in the crook of his neck. You admit, you needed to take a breather, and you were glad your boyfriend was stubborn enough to convince you to do so. Glancing at the clock, you realized you had twenty minutes before your speech was due, so you sprang up immediately.

“Baek, I have to go! Can you take these off now?”

“Oh! Right. Uh, yeah, just let me find the key,” he said casually, getting off the bed.

“Find the key? What do you mean find it? Don’t you have it already?” you asked, feeling antsy.

“No I do! I mean, Chanyeol gave me these to play with, and he said the key was near the window, but I don’t see it…” he trailed off, running his hand on the windowsill.

“Baek! I have to go! I can’t give the presentation like this!” you yelled, becoming distressed.

“Don’t worry! Here, I’ll call him!” he reassured, pulling out his phone. He dialed Chanyeol’s number and put it on speakerphone.

Hello?” a deep voice answered.

“Hey! Where’s the key?”

Key? What are you talking about?

“The key to the handcuffs!”

What do you mean? There isn’t one.

“Wait wait wait, what?! No, you said that the key was by the window!”

I never said that! I said that Sehun spilled tea on my pillow!

Your eyes almost popped out of your skull as you menacingly glared at your boyfriend.


_______? Is that you?

“Uhhhh I’ll call you back! Bye!” Baek blurted, hanging up. He laughed nervously, meeting your gaze. “Oops?”

* * *

You opened the hall door, slowly sticking your head inside. Your eyes scanned the vast room and were met with those of your smiling professor’s.

“______! Glad you’re here. Why don’t you come in so we can set your presentation up?”

You timidly entered the room, Baekhyun closely behind, hiding your left arm out of sight.

“This is my boyfriend, Baekhyun.” He took the cue and gave a quiet ‘hello’.

“Oh? This is a private presentation, ______.”

“Yes, I know sir, I’m sorry… there was a mishap this afternoon,” you admitted, holding up your wrists. Your professor’s expression darkened, obviously irritated with the situation.

“I see. And how do you suppose you’re going to handle it?”

“I'm… not sure, sir…”

“Well. I didn’t expect something like this from you, _______,” he stated, disappointed. “I’ll call someone down to help you out.” You stared down at your feet, too ashamed to make eye contact.

“Jagiya, I-”

“Save it,” you whispered.

As your professor stepped out to make the call, two other men in suits strolled in, taking seats.

“You must be _______. Please, go ahead and begin! Is this your partner?”


“Yes! I am! I’m Baekhyun,” he declared confidently. You gave him a 'what-do-you-think-you’re-doing’ glower, but he ignored it.

“Nice to meet you both!” one of them spoke, outstretching his hand. The other man did the same. You and Baekhyun exchanged nervous glances before reluctantly accepting them, awkwardly shaking their hands while handcuffed. After an expected hesitation, they eyed you both suspiciously, but said nothing, clearly put off by the abnormal situation. You grabbed Baekhyun’s hand and hurried to the front, beginning shakily.

“Right, so, let’s begin…”

Half an hour later, it was almost over, and frankly put, it couldn’t have gone any worse. The fact that they kept staring at Baekhyun was extremely nerve-wracking, making you trip over your words. Weeks of research and preparation flushed down the toilet as you blanked several times, struggling to piece together your thoughts; it was as if Murphy’s law had personally chosen you as its representative. As you reached a close, you fought the urge to just bolt out of the room to save face, or what was left of it, anyway.

“Thank you for your time.”

“… Thank you. Now, what about your partner? Why didn’t he present on anything?”

“Oh! Uh, I’m not much of a talker,” Baekhyun lied through his teeth. You internally scoffed from the irony.

“But surely, you have something to say? What did you feel was most interesting about the chemical structure of DNA?”

Please don’t answer. Just please don’t.

“Um… I mean, it’s swirly? Which is cool, I guess… and it kinda reminds me of a ladder…? Yeah, that DNA, it’s great stuff…”

If anything could be heard in that silent room, it was the imaginary sound of you banging your head against the wall from his awkward aposiopesis.

“… alright. Well, Miss _______, we only consider the top students for this scholarship. Professionalism is something that’s crucial to us, and unfortunately, you didn’t seem to display that today. I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to let you go on our offer.”

Your heart shattered in that instant, but all you could do was nod solemnly, holding back tears. It had gone horribly after all, and you knew there was nothing you could do to change it.

“Thank you for the opportunity,” you mumbled, barely audible. You rushed out of the room, pulling Baekhyun behind you. You were startled when you bumped into an officer who was waiting outside the door.

“Pardon me miss, but did you need help with these cuffs?” she asked, gesturing to your conjoined wrists. You nodded slowly, and she easily unlocked them with her key, confiscating them in the process. Rubbing your sore wrist, your hair fell in front of your face, allowing a few tears to escape. You were surprised you even had the energy to cry, completely drained from the mortal embarrassment you felt.

“Please, let me fix this,” Baekhyun begged, cupping your face, trying to wipe your cheeks clean.

“There’s nothing to fix, Baekhyun. Just let it go.” You forcefully moved his hands away and walked off, intent on leaving the building. At this point, you didn’t care if he followed you or not. This all felt like some kind of cruel nightmare, and all you wanted to do was collapse into your bed and not wake up. As you exited through the doors of the building, you didn’t make it more than a few steps when you realized that you had left your purse in your haste. Groaning, you debated on leaving it there until the next day. You really didn’t want to go back in there, but you didn’t have much of a choice, seeming as all of your essentials were in there. Sighing, you sluggishly trudged your way back into the building, retracing your steps and reaching the hall’s door anew. You weren’t sure if anyone was still in there, and resolved to knock when you heard voices on the other side.

“Baekhyun, is it?”

“Uh, yes. Listen, I… I’m not actually her partner; I’m her boyfriend. I know you probably don’t want to listen to what I have to say but please just hear me out. _______ worked so hard on this presentation. She put her heart and soul into this, and for the past week she’s done nothing but practice for it. This morning, I did something really stupid and I decided to handcuff us together because she wasn’t paying any attention to me, but then I found out I didn’t have a key. So basically, I screwed this entire thing up. It’s my fault. It’s my fault that she was so nervous; it’s my fault that she didn’t do that well; it’s all my fault, and I’m sorry. But trust me when I say that you won’t find a better person to give this scholarship to than her. She’s one of the smartest, most hardworking people you’ll ever meet, and she’s patient too, because she has to deal with me all of the time. She’s the sweetest and most loving person I know, I just, I don’t know, I love her a lot and I have no idea how I got so lucky because I really don’t deserve her; honestly how does she even put up with all of my pranks, I know I- I’m rambling, sorry. What I’m trying to say is, please, just give her another chance. You have to. I promise you, you won’t be seeing me again. Please don’t let the fact that she has an idiot boyfriend ruin her chances at this.”

Your heart ached at his heartfelt apology, especially since he wasn’t aware that you were listening. After a small pause, you heard another voice.

“Your heart’s in the right place. I like that. I’ll tell you what: we usually don’t give people second chances, but I think we can make an exception this time.”

Sighs of relief came from both sides of the door, but yours was a little too loud and you quickly covered your mouth. The door subsequently opened, leaving you frozen in place.

“Ah! Miss _______.”

“I-I’m sorry, I left my bag…”

“Not a problem. I’m assuming you heard what was just said, so I’ll let you know that we’ll be here next month. Please prepare accordingly.”

“Yes, thank you so, so much! You have no idea how much that means to me.”

“Of course. And, just a small tip… keep that boyfriend of yours out of trouble,” he mentioned, turning back and giving Baekhyun a grin.

You couldn’t help but smile yourself, nodding. The two men left the room, leaving you and Baekhyun. Grabbing your purse from the front, you carefully walked towards him. He had his head down, fiddling with his thumbs. You lifted his chin with your left hand and were met with a very pouty, anxious Baek.

“Byun Baekhyun, you’re such an idiot,” you said with a frown.

“But… I’m your idiot, right?” he asked nervously.

You said nothing but enveloped him in a hug. He relaxed under your touch, breathing into your hair and pulling you in tighter. You let your fingers slip into the back of his head, toying with the tendrils of his hair. God, you loved this kid. No matter what dumb things he’s done, no matter how many times he’s pissed you off, no matter what the circumstance; they were right, he has a good heart. He’s made mistakes but he’s still learning, and he always has the best of intentions. At the end of the day, he’ll always be the Byun Baekhyun that you fell in love with on day one and has never failed to make you laugh and cheer you up.

“I love you, a lot. And I’m sorry,” he murmured, pulling away.

“It’s alright; I forgive you. Just promise me you’ll never do anything like this again?” you asked, lightly patting his cheek a few times.

“I promise,” he affirmed. “Thanks for sticking with me.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” you sincerely confessed, pulling him in for a sweet kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note: I know I said that I would’ve had a Kyungsoo scenario for you guys last Friday, but I’m still working on it; my apologies! Please accept this Baekhyun scenario to make up for it. I really enjoyed writing this one; it started out as a really silly/fun idea, but towards the end, I got a little more serious. I wasn’t planning on it at first, but I took the opportunity to spill a little of how I really feel about Baekhyun during the end. This persuades me to further give a little spiel/rant about him; read more if you want, and skip over this next part if you don’t! There will be more scenario updates at the end of this post.

* ~ * ~ *

I believe Baekhyun deserves a lot of love. In the past several months I feel like he’s lost a lot of fans due to the whole “dating scandal” or whatever. (I really hate that word; honestly, what’s so scandalous about it?) That really breaks my heart. Also, I’ve seen so many people hating on him for being “problematic”. Look, I know he’s said and done some things, but I don’t think it’s right to just label him off and then endlessly hate on him for it. Here’s the thing: In the past, I’ve said and done some problematic things as well. Haven’t we all? I regret many of the things I used to say when I was younger, but you know what, I’ve learned from it. Because at the time, I didn’t know they were wrong. I wasn’t aware that I was being ignorant, but now I do, and having my eyes opened to that has made me a much better person. I believe that if you really love and support Baekhyun, then you should be patient and try to educate him instead of just writing him off! There’s always going to be antis out there, but I know that Baek stans are some of the sweetest and strongest people ever and I respect them a lot. My point is: Baekhyun is a good kid. He’s continuing to grow and learn, and we need to support him. He has a good heart. He cares for other people a lot, and yeah he makes mistakes, but everyone does, and that’s what makes us human. Please show him lots of love. Please stick with him. He works extremely hard and tries his best to make us all smile, and we should do the same.

* ~ * ~ *

Phew! Glad I got that off of my chest. If you read it, I’d love to hear what you guys think about it; feel free to leave me a message! I’m lonely anyway haha. Currently, I have tons of bits and pieces of other scenarios, including multi-part ones. These include Tao, Sehun, Kai, Luhan, and more. So please anticipate! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Greek god thing

I am so sorry

I got bored so here you go! -Queenofyoursoda
Jack was furious. He was the God of love and beauty and compassion but his rage was one colder then the goddess of snow, Elsa, herself. It was all directed at the king of the gods. 

“I am sorry sir….. what?” 

“You are to marry my son Hiccup.”

“……… Do….. Do you know who I am exactly… Who your wife is?” 


“I am the GOD of love. You expect me to be ok with you handing me off to your recluse of a son to be MARRIED, to be held and bedded….. By someone I barely know let alone love? That is against everything that I am!” Jack snapped not afraid of the King. 

“You will marry him. If not it will cause disaster-.”

“…….. Your using me as a bargaining ticket?!” That was WORSE!
The clouds darkened and the King rose. “I will not be talked back to!” He grabbed Jack who squirmed and fought before he was brought down. The blistering forges had him light headed as he was dragged and pushed.
“Meet your husband.” 

The other God turned, he was scared,freckled and missing a limb and……. Pretty fucking skinny for a god in a forge. He raised an eyebrow to Jack then Stoick. 

“Hiccup, Jack.” Hiccup snorted and with that the King left and Jack glared at Hiccup. 

“I hate this.”

“Expected as much to be honest I am surprised he went through with it and got you down here.” The god laughed and turned to his work. Jack’s face scrunched up.

“What was the deal?” 

“I make Olympus weapons, and I get to chose a hand to marry.” He said.
“You chose me because let me guess you think I am beautiful and love me?” Jack said sarcastically.

“Nope.” That through Jack in a loop. 


“I chose you because everyone else in Olympus does.” The god turned and smirked. “I will admit you live to your name and are so beautiful and it is no secret EVERYONE except Fergus the god of the underworld wants you. So I wanted to bask in everyone’s shock that their ugly duckling God gets what they want.” He grinned and laughed. “To be honest I don’t care if you hate me you don’t have to do anything with me…. But if you try to date another God or goddess I will send it to Olympus. I am not below making your cheating public.” The god laughed and…. And Jack didn’t know how to respond. 

“You….. You only asked me to marry you to get back at the gods?”

“Like you would marry me if I asked you myself?” Jack was quiet. “See? Olympians and their need for beauty.” Hiccup grumbled. 

Jack couldn’t really respond and rubbed his arms. He felt upset and confused.
“Your an ass you know that?” 

“I am how people treat me. I know you rolled an eye at me too so don’t try to act innocent.” Hiccup said and whistled to a cyclops.

“I am not keeping you here you CAN leave just don’t cheat on me. Simple as that. I am not going to keep you couped up like some caged animal.” 

“I…..I can’t your mom would smite me…”

“Why?” Hiccup turned and Jack was looking to his feet and growled.

“We are married….” 

“Well…. I guess by the power of the King yea…”

“D-do you know what you are suppose to do to make it official?!”


“N-no!” Well he WOULD like presents.

“Don’t you know anything about marriage?! A relationship?!” Hiccup stared at him flatly. 

“Hello I am the ugliest god want me to show you my lists of ex lovers?” Jack flushed embarrassed.

“We have to consummate….. It is a time where lovers join forever officially…..” Jack said sighing a bit. 

“Oh…..” Jack looked up to see Jack bright red. 

“C-can’t you just say we did it?” 

Jack felt offended. “What you don’t want to?” 

“Well I am not going to fuck you when you don’t want it.” 

That shocked Jack. “What? Why?” Any other God would.

“I seen how the others and my dad work…. I take pride in not being like them.”  

“Oh….. She will know I was lying.”

“My flighty mother who tossed danger disfigured and disappears from Olympia is picture perfect of a happy marriage.” 

“I-I don’t want to displease her.”

To be honest Jack could talk back to stoick. His wife the goddess of home and marriage scared him. Hiccup sighed and went back to making.

“Fine I will make a pretty bed. Until then, here.”

Hiccup held out a very beautiful mirror and Jack took it eyes wide.
It was so beautiful. “What is this?”

“A mirror.” 

Jack glared at the god. “Why?” 

Hiccup picked up supplies. “A wedding present. It is enchanted. Still functional as a mirror but it will let you see what you want as well.” With that he left.

Jack looked down and turned the mirror. A lapis surrounded by pearls and then roles out in waves in the metal and it was carved and shined silver it was light and Jack bit his lip.

“Athens.” Suddenly the city of Athens we in the mirror. 


Sparta was there.

“Olympus.” He could see the gods in rage no reason other then Jack was married. 


There was hiccup. Making the bed.

(THIS IS AMAZING! I have never really gotten fanfic given to me by anyone except a close friend or two, so this MADE MY DAY! Also its like an Early Birthday Present~!! <3 I LOVE THIS~ THANK YOU~!! I separated paragraphs just to give it an easier read because the html was glitching when it was sent through my inbox, but other than that it’s as is. ]]