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Lemon Scent  | 01

Pairing: Dan x Reader -  crushing!dan au

Warning: Smut eventually, fluff

Summary: The internet says that if you’re crushing on a person for more than a year, it means you’re in love. But Dan was sure that he was in love with y/n after a few months. He adored everything about her, but he couldn’t find a way that would be worthy enough. His best friend Phil saw how desparate Dan was for y/n to notice his feelings and he felt responsible to help.

a/n: Hello guys, welcome to my new series! xx


Dan sat down on his bed with his laptop in his hands, getting ready to do his usual rutine of logging onto tumblr and scrolling though endless amounts of pictures and qoutes. Sometimes he even went to read some phan fiction, but this night wasn’t that kind of night.

This night was not different from the other nights he lately had though. He could’t think about anything else than the last words he heard from her before he fell asleep next to her on the sofa while binge watching shows with her.

“You seem weird lately Dan. Is everything a-okay?” she jokingly said, not realising the anxiety she gave him by asking this question. He was really worried about answering it, because he never prepared to answer it, thus he didn’t know what to say right away. The silence was filled with her need to know.

“Dan?” She called his name with a hesitant tone, afraid that she might have touched him a little by asking such a question. But if he really did have problems, it’s a good thing she asked, right?

Dan only hummed questioningly and he counted that as an answer, wanting to avoid actually talking about how he felt.

He was never good at expressing his feelings towards anyone, and he also made himself resistant to these situations. He always made himself look awkward in these situations and he only got embarrassed.

“I asked you if there was something wrong and you had a mental black out.”

“It’s nothing, don’t worry.”

“You sound like you had an existentional crisis just aminute ago.”

“Seriously, I’m fine,” Dan said without actually paying attention to the conversation or the show itself. He was completely lost in his thoughts once again. These back-and-forth conversations were boring for him too, since they were about nothing in particular. 

A few minutes have passed, the show’s episode was coming to an end and Dan was ready to go to sleep. The only thing that tore him from his thoughts was y/n’s voice.

“You know, sometimes I wish we would be more than this,” and then he fell asleep, not being able to control it anymore.


100 Days of AmazingPhil → 1/100


  • the prince: *humiliates and dismisses the old woman in front of all his guests*
  • me: wow what an asshole, he deserves to suffer
  • the prince, as a beast: *pretentiously criticizes romeo and juliet after belle names it as her favorite play*

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