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yes hi, hello. friendly reminder ily all - you’re all great, unique and super important in your own ways. i’m not too hot abt all this negativity going around lately so i’m here to pass a positive quickie. stay sassy! xoxox <3

anonymous asked:

Hello, so I'm a cis female and I have a wonderful trans boyfriend of 2 years. We're thinking about moving in together and thinking of getting engaged in a couple of year... proper commitment basically. But one of things recently that's been going on is the idea of having kids in the future. I want kids in about ten years, but obviously my boyfriend is thinking about it now. He's not gone through hormone therapy so there's lots of options, I was just wondering what they are! Neither of us know!

Well so long as he doesn’t get a hysterectomy, his gametes should be viable even if he does go through hormone therapy. Testosterone doesn’t destroy an afab individuals ability to produce gametes. 

Now if he wants to go ahead and get a hysterectomy, he can have some of the gametes frozen by a proper medical facility to be used in the future. 

As for the when you should have babies, that’s completely up to you two. I don’t know the state of your finances, physical and mental health, etc. 

If you two do decide you want one now then I would suggest a visit to a sperm bank, they should be able to walk you through the process from there.

Hope that helps :)