hello there my friend!

( x )

i have a little au where aoi and guren keeps surprising each other with hugs bcs they’re really stressed most of the time with the work given to them by kureto they hug it out to destress themselves. they get really flustered and awkward too when they hug the other or receive the hug. 

( don’t tag as GureAoi/GureOi whatever) 


when you, a person who can’t look at a carbohydrate without having to run 3 km, go hang out with your friends with their perfect metabolism…. yeah

This blatant abuse of the phrase “hello darkness my old friend” is really getting up my nose.

The next line clearly states “I’ve come to talk with you again”.

You don’t call the darkness up unless you have something to say to the darkness.

It’s rude to leave the darkness hanging.


There are two types of people