hello there mr.malik

1D BSM #23; You meet one of / the cast of the Hunger Games

Zayn (16); *your pov* today I turned 16, I have a feeling that this will be the best birthday ever, “(y/n) c’mon we will be late” zayn said, and I ran to the door, “where are we going?” I asked excited, “it’s a surprise” he said with a smirk, “I don’t like surprises” I said, “I know” he chuckled, the drive was fast, we arrived, it was a tall building, “okay zayn, what are we doing here?” I asked, “stop asking! It’s a surprise” he said, and I just nodded, he took my hand and we entered the building, wow it’s huge, then zayn knocked on a door, and a bodyguard opened the door, “hello Mr.Malik, we’re waiting for you” he said, okay now I’m confused, we entered and then I saw her, oh my god, oh my god, “hello” Jennifer Lawrence said to me, “hello, I love you soo much, you’re my role model” I said to her, she chuckled and hugged me, this is like a dream, I looked at Zayn and he smiled at me and I nodded my head thanking him for this amazing gift, I knew this will be a day to remember.

Niall (17); niall was invited to the hunger games premier, and he decided to take you since you’re a big fan of them, and you were hoping to meet at least one of them tonight. Finally you and niall arrived and you walked inside together, then Josh Hutcherson walked to you and your brother, “hello man” he said, “hey” niall answered him, “so who is this?” He asked and looked at you, “this is (y/n), she’s my sister” niall said, “hello (y/n)” he said and hugged you, you hugged him back, “see you around I think” he said and walked away, you and niall started walking, and then you turned around and saw josh looking at you, then he winked and walked away, this night can’t get any better.

Harry(16); *your pov* “harry where are we going?” I asked him, “I’m not telling youu” he said, I don’t know what happened to him, he just said that he wants to take me to a “secret place”, “whatever” I mumbled, we finally arrived, it looks like a studio, where they make movies and things like that, we entered and a bodyguard came to us, “Mr.Styles please follow me” he said, and I looked at harry and he just smiled, we followed the bodyguard, then he opened the door for us, oh my god, THE HUNGER GAMES CAST, shit shit shit, keep calm (y/n), don’t freak out, “hello” I said and smiled at them, “hello” they all said together, when we get home I will jump on harry and keep kissing him and thanking him for this.

Liam (18); *your pov* liam invited me to go with him to some award show, since Sophia is sick, so I said yes, I was sitting next to the boys, I wanted to fix my make-up, “liam I will be right back” I whispered to him and he nodded his head, I got up from my chair and walked away, on my way there a man ran into.me, “I’m sorry” he said, “it’s okay” I said, “you okay? ” I looked up to see Liam Hemsworth, shit I hope I look good, ” (y/n),yeah I’m fine thanks for asking” I smiled, “will you look beautiful, very” he said and I blushed, then we heard someone say “and the winner of the best movie is : THE HUNGER GAMES”, then liam looked at me with wide eyes and said, “I need to goo, see youu around” he yelled and ran to the stage, I smiled, this was the best thing ever, I will thank liam for taking me with him.

Louis (17); Louis asked you to come on tour for a few weeks with him, in America, so you said yes, like why not?, you are in your seat dancing and singing with some fans, you looked to your left to see Jane Malone, you stared at her for a while, and she looked at you and smiled, she can tell that you’re a fan, “hi” she yelled because it’s hard to hear anything from the yelling, “hi” you yelled back, “can I have a picture” you asked a bit unsure, you didn’t want to bother her, “yeah sure” she smiled, and you took a picture, “thanks a lot” you said, “not a problem” she said, this is the best night, you thought to yourself.

Zarry || Cuddles

I hadn’t worn my shirt all day so I went down the stairs where I knew zayn was at, he had been planted on the couch most of the day. I plop down next to him on the couch and smile at him, “hello there Mr.Malik,” I say with a giggle.