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He may be my teacher but.... Part 3


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I sat up straight and jumped off his desk.“oh my god” I said realizing what I just did. “Y/n are you okay?” Mr.Malik said with concerned look. I didn’t answer his question. I was too busy, quickly, collecting my things. murmured multiple “oh my god”’s under yay breath. Guilt was set at the pit of my stomach. My teacher just fingered me and that was not okay. I knew he could get in serious trouble for this, and I probably would’ve got called a hoe, a slut, I would’ve been called so much names if anyone found out. Right now, I just wanted to get the fuck out of there. “Y/n?” Mr.Malik called my name as he touched my arm. “Don’t touch me” I pulled my arm away then put on my shirt. You were about to head to the door but Mr.Malik got in front of you. You went left to go around him. You left his class room and headed for your car and went home.

Mr.Malik’s POV.

“Shit” I said nude my breath as she left. I just fingered my student. What’s going through her mind right now? Does she feel violated? FUCK! what if she presses charges? I need to talk to her. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Think, Zayn, think.“ As those thoughts consumed my brain, I paced around the room. "What can I do?” I thought but then a light bulb came off. “I am her teacher. I can get her to Saturday school. Detention. I can talk to her then.” I went to my desk and sent an email to he mother. I wen to her file and got Her mother’s email and number. I began to right an email. “Good evening Mrs.Y/L/N,
I am writing to you to fill you in on your daughters behavior this afternoon. Your daughter, y/n, had elbowed me in the face and caused my nose to bleed. When she did it, she ran out of the room snickering, leading me to assume that she did it in purpose. That type of behavior is prohibited in this school. The fact that she didn’t cone back and apologized , showed me that she did it on purpose. She caused my nose to bleed and for it to bruise. For her consequence of this action, she will be attend Saturday Detention. Please tell her this and I would like an apology from her please. She used violence which is a bad thing at this school. Thank you for understanding. If you want to talk about her actions today you may email me or call me at (000) 000-0000. Thank you.

Zayn Malik.”

As soon as I finished I pressed send. I felt bad for lying on her, but it’s the only way I can talk to her. I can’t believe I let this happen. Seeing her everyday just adds more attraction towards her. She’s perfect. I know it’s wrong but damn, she’s just so beautiful. I gather my things and put back on my shirt. I walk out of my classroom, locking the door and having my phone in my hand, waiting for a reply.


“Y/N Y/Middle/N Y/last/N !” You heard your mother yell as you close the house door behind you. “Yes, mom” You say to her. “WHY IS YOUR TECAHER EMAILING TELLING ME THA YOU ELBOWED HIM IN HE NOSE, MADE IS NOSE BLEED AND RAN AWAY LAUGHING AT HIM?!?!” She yelled at me even louder. As soon as those words left her mouth, My heart dropped. “What? No, I didn’t laugh at him. I stayed back and helped him. I did apologize ” I stated back her. “Then why would he email me that you did the EXACT OPPOSITE!” She yelled once again. “I-I-I honestly don’t know ” I replied. “Seriously y/n, not only are you lying to me, but you HURT your teacher. Intentionally!”
“ No mom, I promise I didn’t ”
“Fine. Let’s call him and figure out what really happened.” My mom went to get her phone and then dialed his number. “What the hell is Mr. Malik planning? Wtf, is he mad that I left him?” You thought. You watched your mom as she put her phone to her ear. “Hello, I’m looking for Mr. Malik” she says then puts her phone on the table and on speaker. “ Yes, this is he. How may I help you?”

“I am y/n’s mother. You emailed me regarding to y/n intentionally hurting you. ”

“Yes I did, and you may know, I expect her at Saturday Detention.”

“Yes, see but the thing is that she is telling me that she didn’t hurt you, intentionally. In fact, she stayed behind and helped you. Can you please restate the situation to me please?”
You leaned in and listened intently.
“When the bell rung the class was leaving, she passed by me and brought her elbow back high enough to hit my nose and she did hit it hard. I knew she felt the contact because her arm bare . Also, she did not stay back and help me. She ran off, snickering. If she did stay back to help me, I would be extremely gracious and there would be no purpose for me to email you and assign her it go to Saturday Detention.”

“What the hell?!? It was an accident and I did stay back and help you!”
You shouted without even thinking.
“Y/N!” Your mom said loudly for you to behave.
“If that was so, then why am I assigning you detention? If it WAS an accident , as you say.”
Mr.Malik questions you. Your mom looks at you, waiting for you to answer. “UGGGH” you grunt and run to your room. When you got in your room you fell straight on your bed, face first. “Why is this happening to me?” You said to yourself. “Why would he give me detention? I mean, I didn’t do anything wrong, and I doubt it has to do with what we did. ” you thought to yourself. You decided to just go to bed. Saturday Detention is held 8 in the morning. Its usually held in the library. At least Mr.Malik wasn’t going to be there. Hopefully.

You woke up at 7:30 to get ready for detention. Actually, your mother yelled at you to wake up. After you got dressed in khaki short shorts and a pullover, you put your hair into a pony tail and made your way downstairs to the kitchen. You grabbed a banana and apple juice box and walked outside your house. You entered your car and drove to your school. Once you arrived, you got down from your car and headed towards the school. You walked to the library and the entrance doors were locked. You raised an eyebrow, that was odd. “Oh y/n!” You heard a voice come form behind you. You turned around and saw Mr.Malik with a box in his hand. “I thought detention was held in the library?” You asked him. “ no, your detention is help in my class” he said. “ your detention, what did he mean by that” you thought to yourself. “Follow me” he instructed you. You followed him to his classroom, once you were inside. You just stood there by the door as Mr.Malik put his stuff on the desk. “Take a seat” he said. You did as you were instructed. “Now, you are probably wondering why I lied to your mom and why I assigned you detention.” He said in a low voice. You nodded at him. “I just needed to talk to you. I am also terribly sorry if I caused you to be in any trouble with your parents. ” he said. You scoffed at him. “You gave me detention because you need to talk to me… really? This couldn’t wait until school ” you said to him with a anger and a hint of disapproval in your voice. “Well, I didn’t know what you were gunna do after…after.. we did that…thing. I didn’t know if you were gunna tell, or if your were gunna-” you cut him off. “Mr.Malik. I was just apart of our…. altercation as you were. I wouldn’t have told on you.” You said to him reassuringly. “See… how was I supposed to know that?” He questioned. You nodded at him. You were beginning to understand his worry. You stayed silent. “ I was just really worried. I didn’t know what you would do, what action you would take. I didn’t even know how you felt…” Mr.Malik stood up and ran his fingers through his hair and started to slowly pace in the front of the room. “Goodness, I just didn’t know what to do.” He finished his statement. Mr.Malik was in a vulnerable state right now. You felt bad. You felt as if you shouldn’t have ran out like that. “I’m sorry Mr.Malik, I shouldn’t have ran out like that… I should have been calm about the situation instead of worrying you.” You told him. Mr.Malik sat down on the table near his desk. “How did you feel?”
“About what?”
“After… ya’ know. When you ran out.”
“I, um… Well, I felt regret and… wrong but a little right at the same time.”
Mr.Malik nodded then there was a long silence. You stood up and walked towards him then you sat right beside him in the table.
“How about you?” You asked
“What do you mean?” he replied
“Oh I was just worried and anxious.”
“Oh, yeah.” You realized he already told you. The room was once again silent. “Oh!” Mr.Malik said. “I have something for you.” He said as he rose and went to get his bag. You rose an eyebrow at him. “Well, more of something that belongs to you.” He said as he came back with it on his lap. He looked through it then he pulled out a black cloth with white lettering on them. “Shit!” You said once you realized it was your panties. You covered your face with your hands to hide from embarrassment. “I guess, you kinda forgot ‘em when you were rushing.” Mr.Malik said. You removed your hands and saw a smile on his face. He looked as if he was about to laugh. You grabbed them from his hands. “Not funny” you pouted. “ I’m not laughing” he said with a wide grin. You rolled your eyes at him. “Ya know, y/n. I know it’s wrong. Oh so, wrong but… I…” he trailed off. “Never mind, forget it. You can leave now, if you want.” He said. He suddenly became a little saddened. You knew what he was going to say but you brushed it off your shoulders because you knew it was wrong too. You went to go get your bag from your previous seat. As you were about to open the door to leave, Mr. Malik suddenly shut it with his hand. You turned to face him. He had one hand above your head on the door and the other on the wall beside the door. He was leaned towards you, his face was extremely close to yours. You heart beat quickened. You knew what was about to happen and you just couldn’t bring yourself to stop it. “I can’t just let you go not yet.” Here we go again.

Preference #15: Doctors...

Anonymous asked: you’re his doctor and he flirts with you (pref ideas 1/3)

A/N: I’m really sorry however if I royally messed up on this. I can’t flirt at all. By the way, [Y/L/N]= “your last name”

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Harry: “Ugh. I hate going to the doctors.” He said under his breath as he waited his turn, trying to get more comfortable in his seat.
“Me too!” said the little girl next to him.
“Why are you here?”
“Check up. How bout you?” she asked.
He began to blush, a little embarrassed, “Check up.”
“Oh! Well we’re the same. My mommy says Dr. [Y/L/N] is great. Right mommy?” the little girl asked her mother who agreed and gave Harry a funny look, pulling her daughter closer to her.
“Harry Styles?” you called.
He looked up quickly and followed you into the room, not really noticing you till he sat down directly across from you.
“Alright Mr. Styles-”
“Please. Call me Harry.” He said with a cheeky grin and a sparkle in his eyes.
“Erm… okay then Harry, I guess I’ll check your chest and lungs.”
“Oh, did you need me to take my shirt off then?”
“Heh. No need.” You said taking your stethoscope and listening to his heartbeat beating quickly.
“Your hearts beating rather quickly.”
“Yeah well, I guess my heart likes what it sees.” He said looking you directly in the eye causing you to roll your eyes and blush.

Niall: “Hello again Doctor [Y/L/N]”
“Hello Niall. Feeling alright?”
“Of course. Better than usual anyway.”
“That knee’s not bothering you anymore.”
“Good, good. Well I better continue shopping then.”
“Aw come on Doctor [Y/L/N] you sound like you don’t want to be seen with me”
“Oh Niall. It’s not that. But don’t you find it odd bumping in to your doctor at the grocery store?”
“Well I do. It’s odd seeing a patient of mine here. I’m your doctor.” You said, considering how much you knew about Niall and the fact that he was, what you called, “your cute patient”
You knew you couldn’t date your patients, no matter how much you wanted to.
“Well, don’t think of me as a patient then. Now you know my first name, and I don’t even know yours.”
You began to blush, “[Y/N]”
“Well [Y/N], and not Doctor [Y/L/N], would you fancy joining me for a drink after?”

Louis: “Alright not to worry Mr. Tomlinson, a doctor will be coming over in about a minute.” The nurse assured as Louis sat on the edge of the bed holding onto his wrist.
“Alright, they just better hurry up, my wrist is killing me over here!” he complained.
You’ve really done it this time Louis.
And just as the nurse had said, a doctor did appear about a minute later.
“Ah Mr. Tomlinson, I’m Doctor [Y/L/N], and I hear you’ve hurt your wrist.”
“Yeah. Yeah.” He looked at you and met your eyes, still feeling his wrist limping in his hand. “Ugh. It hurts a lot, please help me.”
“Yep, no problem.” After calling in another nurse, you helped Louis out right away and asked him questions after figuring out what to do.
“How did that happen?”
“Well I was in net playing football and the player kicked the ball hard and I guess the way I caught it pushed my wrist back.”
“Oh. Well I’m sorry Mr. Tomlinson-”
“-Louis, but I suggest maybe laying off the football games until your wrist heals fully. And maybe don’t do much with that wrist at all.”
“Aw, well I won’t be able to do much then.”
“Sorry, but that’s how it has to be. Good day Mr. Tomlinson.”
“Wait!” You turned to face him again.
“So listen I know Doctors usually don’t date patients but since this is the end of my check up and you’re really cute, do you think you’d go out with me? Maybe after you’re done working?”
You thought a second, “Sure. But I hope you aren’t asking me cause of what my hands can do and what yours clearly can’t anymore.” You winked.

Liam: Liam sat in a chair with an ice bag on his head. He’d fainted and banged his head pretty hard on the ground in a public square. Luckily you were there and was able to help him and brought him to your practice.
“Liam. I’m gonna check to see if you have a concussion and check for bruising or anything.”
He nodded as you bent down to his eye level flashing a light in his eyes asking him generic questions, like what day it was, and what year as you checked his head for any injuries.
“Alright Liam. You seem alright. No concussion, no memory loss. Just a bad bump on your head and a couple of minor scrapes and bruising from the fall. You’re a lucky man.” You smiled bandaging up his cuts for him.
He continued to watch you as you did so.
“I have a couple of questions for you if you don’t mind.”
“Sure. Go ahead.” Not looking away from his arms.
“What’s your name?”
“Doctor [Y/L/N]”
“Your first name”
“So you’re a physician”
“Yes. Obviously.”
“You helped me when I passed out?”
“Did you know you’re really cute when you blush?”
You looked at him quickly, looking back down as he met eyes with you. Your cheeks growing redder.
“No I wasn’t aware.”
“Well you are cute.”
“Why thank you Liam. You aren’t so bad yourself.”
His turn to blush, “What do you say going out on a date with me. You know for saving my life and all that.”
You looked at him again, and thought a moment, “Pick me up at 6.”

Zayn: I’m sorry Mr. Malik, your doctor isn’t available today and won’t be back till the end of the month.” the receptionist stated.
“Fine. But I really need to see someone.”
“Well Doctor [Y/L/N] is in if-”
“Sure. Sounds good.” He quickly agreed as he was lead to a doctor’s room.
He sat down waiting clenching to his stomach that continued to throb in pain.
About a minute or two later- “Hello Mr. Malik? I’m Dr. [Y/L/N]” you said looking up from your clipboard, “What seems to be the problem?” He looked at you and wasn’t saying anything, “Um. Sir?”
“Oh. Um. Yeah. Um it’s just stomach pain. You know. No biggie. Probably just ate something bad.” He said trying to play it cool- even leaning back trying to seem more relaxed.
“Oh well if that’s all then.” You said calling his bluff and turning out.
“No. I mean- ah. Help me Doc!” he called frantically and you came back giving him a smirk and asked for certain symptoms and went over to him and checked him.
“So what’s your name?” he asked with a smirk as you checked his abdomen.
“Dr. [Y/L/N]”
“I know that but surely you have a first name.
A smirk grew on your face as you looked him the eye, “[Y/N]”

1D Preference: AU You're the New Girl


Zayn: Straight brown pencil skirt, button up white blouse that showed just enough to keep them guessing, four inch heels, thick rimmed glasses that rested just over the bridge of your nose. You entered the new office carrying a weird confidence you never really had unleashed before, the clipboard and book in your arms tucked tightly into the crook of your elbows. Your finger absently twirled a piece of your curled hair, popping a hip as you stood in front of the receptionist desk. The young lady around your age looked up expectantly at you, smacking her gum within her mouth. “Yes?” “I’m the new girl,” A light smile quirked to the corner of your lips, “I’m supposed to start my training today?” The receptionist nodded briefly, her eyes dropping down to a printed list in front of her. A tight smile was adorning her gloss covered lips when she jerked her finger toward the door in the far corner, “Right through that door to Mr. Malik’s office.” You thanked her, quickly making your way over to the door. Your knuckles rapped against the wooden door, and when there was no response you took it as an opportunity to let yourself in. Upon entering the room, you spotted the smallest scrap of dark raven hair peeking up above the black office chair. “Hello?” You tried quietly, closing the door behind you. “Mr. Malik?” The chair turned, and you swallowed thickly at the appearance of your new boss. His dark brown eyes settled in on you from across the room, his hand scratching at the dark hairs adorning his sharp jawline. “So you’re the new girl?”

Liam: “So here’s your schedule,” The older lady sitting behind the counter in the school office passed across the white sheet of paper with highlighter marks scribbled out across the important parts. She then rolled around in her grey office chair, fetching another neon colored piece of paper to present to you, “And here’s a pass, so your first hour teacher knows you were with me, and here’s an information packet and the handbook,” She handed over a plastic bag filled with paper materials, a small smile spreading across her lips, “You should be all set now.” You nodded in thanks, placing the stack of papers on top of your first hour book. The kind lady had went back to her work, her eyes squinted as she peered beyond her glasses at the illuminated computer screen. “Uhm, m'am?” She cocked an eyebrow at you, swiping her glasses from the bridge of her nose. “Could you maybe point me in the direction of my first class period? I didn’t get to explore much on orientation day..” “Oh! I almost forgot!” The lady threw up her hands, shaking her head in apology. “I’ve got just the person to help you out with that.” She disappeared down a long hallway that ran down the side of her desk, opeing the second door down.“Liam? We’ve got a new student for you to show around.” She reappeared with a stocky brunette boy by her side. He held a kind smile as he held a hand out to you. “Liam Payne, I’m a senior.” “Y/N, also a senior,” You replied shyly, delicately shaking his much larger hand. “So you need a tour of the place, yeah?”

Niall: “They love you, you know that,” Niall promised from beside you. His arm draped tightly around your waist, giving it a comforting squeeze as his lips fell to your temple. It was the holiday season, and Niall had invited you along to go with him to his family’s get together. Of course you had went before when the two of you were dating, and the nerves were there too, sure. But since the two of you had gotten married not months before, the nerves for some reason reappeared in full force. “But what if they just pretended before, thinking maybe we would break up or something,” You rambled without much thought to your words, “but now I’m permanently here, and they may not like me, and your cousins might not want me to play with them or anything and-” He cut you off with a kiss, pressing your back into the passenger door on his car. His hands fell to your hips, thumbs kneading into the bone there as his lips continued their trail of kisses across your jawline and to the shell of your ear. His teeth nibbled softly against your earlobe, his nose nuzzling softly into it as he exhaled slowly. “I love you, Y/N, you know that,” He pulled away from the side of your face to look into your eyes, his icy blue eyes full of emotion as he spoke, “and if I love you then my family sure as hell loves you too. You know, mum wanted you to go shopping with her last week but you had that thing for work? And Greg’s wanted you to babysit Theo with me on multiple occasions , but you’ve been busy those times.” You stayed silent, biting your bottom lip in guilt. “I-I didn’t know..” He kissed you again, his hands framing your face as his thumbs brushed against your cheeks. “I know you didn’t, love, and that’s okay. But don’t ever think that me or my family don’t love you, because we do,” He poked the tip of your nose with his finger, smile cheesy, “Even if you are the new girl.”

Harry: You stood outside the small bakery, nerves flooding over your body as you continually read over the simple printed sign hanging over the door. Your hand shook as you reached for the metal door handle, yet cringed back at the last second, your fist pulling to your chest. You bit on the inside of your cheek, trying again for the door, but it was pulled open the opposite way, causing you to stumble forward. A deep chuckle followed by a large hand steadying your upper arm startled you even more. Deep green eyes were peering at you with a mixture of concern and amusement, the man’s lips curled into a smile, dark chocolate curls flopping messily over his forehead. “Easy there, love.” He spoke slowly, each word laced with a deep British accent. Through all this, the two of you were still standing in the open doorway, blocking the way for a new customer. His hand that was still on your upper arm tugged you out of the way, a friendly smile painting his lips as he welcomed the newcomer to the shop. Only now had you noticed he was wearing a rep apron adorning the name of the shop. “So, care to tell me why you were standing outside the shop doors like you were lost?” You cheeks flamed a bright red, the doors were glass dammit. “Uh, I’m supposed to start working here today..and I uh, was making sure this is the right place.” His eyes were knowing, a smirk flitting to his features, but he didn’t comment on your obvious lie as he jerked his head toward the kitchen. “How about I take you to the back and get you some basic training on the art of bread and pastries, yeah?" 

Louis: Your arms tightened securely around the stack of books and notebooks in your arms, tucking them flat against your chest. It more resembled a shield of some sort as you fought your way out of the busy classroom, head down and hair covering most of your features as you managed to break free of the pack. First day at school and you had made it successfully through two class periods without being knocked down, tripped, or had wads of spitballs spat in your general direction. However that clean chain of embarrassing incidents ended with your thoughts of them. Nearly to your locker, you managed to smack straight into something hard, or really someone. Your books flew from your grasp, littering the ground below. Admission papers along with your first assignments scattered in various places across the hall, flying free of your notebook. And you found yourself on your butt in the middle of the hall, mouth parted and cheeks flushed. "Watch where you’re going,” The voice of your attacker was harsh, causing your eyes to snap up. Standing above you was a shorter boy, chestnut colored fringe nearly falling over his bright blue eyes. A small group of other assorted boys were around him, a clique of some sort, you assumed. Yet when your eyes met his and your mouth parted to apologize profusely, the annoyed expression crossing his features transformed to something, softer. “Oh, I’m sorry, love! I thought you were someone else. Here, let me help you,” He shoved the books in his arms to one of the confused boys standing next to him, before dropping to his knees near you to help you collect your messy supplies. “You’re new aren’t you?” At your nod he smiled brightly, “That’s what I thought. I’m Louis..”

Janitors Closet

R: Can u do a oneshot where like your teacher and so is harry and then zayn starts flirting with you and then harry gets jealous and then he takes you to the janitors closet and fucks you

The final bell rang for the day and your class scattered out of the door before you could finish your sentence. You watched all of them leave out the room till you were left alone with just yourself and a stack of papers to grade. You let out a sigh getting up and going to shut the door so you could properly grad, but you were stopped when one of the English teachers, Mr. Malik, was standing at your door.

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