hello there!! thank you for the follow!!

Hello!!! I know most of you have heard from Dorian that last night I was in absolute agony and on oxygen and literally couldn’t breathe.

It turns out it’s a secondary infection that follows pneumonia often, and spreads across the lung/chest cavity causing honestly the worst pain.

They’ve put me on a cocktail of pain meds, ans I’m actually off oxygen which is good!! The pain is now just based in a smaller region, and it’s not as bad.

Thank you for the well wishes! Definitely send Dorian big.hugs because I woke him and his family up at god knows in the morning crying about death and hyperventilating.

Thank god the old ladies in my ward all had their hearing aids out.

dailymomcellati  asked:

First may I say I've been following Wilde Life for almost 2 years now, and its the only webcomic (aside from k6bd) that I'm embarrassingly obsessed with! As an artist myself, I wanted to ask you if it's alright to use your art to make some icons for a roleplaying blog. The blog isn't Wilde Life related so I would be sure to credit you if you would to allow me to do so! I completely understand if you aren't comfortable with that however!

Hello, thank you! That’s so kind!

I have no problem at all with people using my art for their personal things. As long as you aren’t selling it, I’m A-ok with icons or blog bgs or what have you! :)

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Hello Ma'am, I'm somewhat new to the writing scene, but you seemed... pleasantly approachable, so I wanted to ask. I'm writing a tfp fic where, after his death in Predacons Rising, Optimus is sent back to his younger body, right before he meets Megatronus for the first time. Do you happen to have any advice on tropes to avoid? Tropes to hit on? How Gay is Too Gay when it comes to Autopop and Deceptidad? Thank you for your time and assistance!

Eeee!!! Hello!!!! Goodness, I love helping other people write, especially because it’s shit like what you’re looking to create that has me going “gimme it noooowwww because it sounds so goooooood!!!”

Okay, so, my own fangirling aside, I’m going to give you the advice that I follow myself:

Write the story that you want to read.

Are there tropes? Sure. But they’re fun tropes. Are they overdone? Maybe, but how can you make it funny or heartbreaking, rather than cliché? Better yet? Forget about tropes. Your reader base will find out the tropes on their own and have fun numbering them. If you ever want to see an incredible list that I had no hand in, but have so much fun reading, Check This Out on TV Tropes. It not only tells you what tropes I inadvertently used, but also how they were tropes in Things We Don’t Tell Humans. Which I do plan on finishing, but goddamn is that fic a pain in my ass right now.

How gay is too gay? Okay, look. There’s never anything so much as Too Gay when it’s Op/Megs. Let’s be realistic. Battles are foreplay. Sassing at each other is basic communication skills. Their world is your playground, and you’re the one who gets to choose if we’re going to be on the swings or on the merry-go-round for this chapter, or that long arc. The only time something becomes Too Gay is if you’re the one wincing and wondering if you should tone it down and save some of the Gay for another chapter.

Have Fun!

Don’t write to please someone else, unless this is a commissioned fic. And if you need a beta reader, or if you just want me to read it, I would be super, super happy to have the chance to read your labor of love. Because I’m a sucker for MegOp fics.

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hi!! I just followed you guys today! I don't know how long you guys have been working on this project but I just wanted to ask if you guys had a deadline or know when it should be ready? thanks!

Hello! I don’t have a set date for when the book will be released yet!

After the artist deadline, I’m going to give about a week for everyone to vote on their favorite cover and a few artists need more time to complete their submissions :) I also have to give myself time to compile everything together.

That said, it should be released before the end of April and I’ll share the confirmed date soon!

Thank you for your support! >.<

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hello. so i have a small favor to ask but it's not really related to yoonmin although that's otp af! i've been reaching out to great tumblrs i know to hopefully spread them message about a fan project. i didnt create tho. for all the rest of the tour stops, all the fans say have to say "WE LOVE YOU JIN" and blow a flying kiss at Seokjin when Awake ends. this is to show our love and appreciation for our beautiful seokjin 💜 thank you, please spread the word to your followers and friends.

if you’re going to see bts make sure you show seokjin the love he deserves !!

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Hello, I recently joined Tumblr and wondered who are your favourite Joe/Caspar/Zoella/Alfie blogs because I don't follow very many and my dash is a little dead! Thank you for your help lovely :) x

First of all welcome to our fandom!
There are so many amazing blogs about them but my favorites are

These are just some of the blogs that I regulary reblog things from and the once I see all the time on my dash


Hello folks!
If you see this I’m a goober on your dash
Thank you for that

I’m very near to 150 followers and for the occasion I was wondering if there’s anything you’d like to see
If you have an idea I’d love to hear because I haven’t a clue

Thank you!!

Hello there! I just wanted to thank you so much for doing my request! I asked for the “Bad Date” imagine, and it’s exceeded all my hopes! It’s so wonderfully written and cute and, I won’t lie, I found myself squealing and jumping about slightly (and flailing my hands excitedly) when I saw my request had been made! Again, thank you so much. You’re such an amazing writer and the fact that you take your followers (and fans) requests and actually make them is so wonderful. Keep up the great work! :D

You are SO welcome!!! I am so thrilled you enjoyed it!! I LOVED writing it! Sweet and comforting Newt is my fave ♥ ♥ Your extremely kind words have seriously warmed my heart! xxx You guys are literally the sweetest! 

Hello my beautiful followersss

Just wanted to say hello to you all and thank you for the many follows, reblogs, and likes!!! And of course your sweet and encouraging words ❤ just waned to give you all a heads up I got a lot going on right now with work and personal things so ill be in and out of here the next couple of weeks until things slow down. I’m sorry but I promise you’ll get some good stuff when I get back 😘

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hi! i was just wondering - do you know any yemeni singers, or otherwise singers who sing in yemeni arabic? thank you so much!


I’m not very familiar with Yemeni dialect, but I tried to look for some Yemeni singers and I was able to find the following :

  1. Amal Kaadal أمل كعدل [songs]
  2. Inshaad Adan band فرقة إنشاد عدن [song/ more songs]
  3. Ayoub Taresh أيوب طارش [song/more songs]
  4. Jamila Saad جميلة سعد [song/ more songs]
  5. Hashed Hezam حاشد حزام [song/ more songs]
  6. Akram and Ahmad (Yemeni rap) أكرم و أحمد [song/ more songs]
  7. Loul Hussein لول حسين [song/ more songs]
  8. Muneer Rajab منير رجب [songs/ more songs]
  9. Ali Abdullah Al Samah علي عبدالله السمة [song]
  10. Mohamed Saad Abdullah محمد سعد عبدالله [song]

I found this site with Arabic songs grouped by the dialect [link].

There’s a YouTube Channel called “Yemen Sounds”, it has Yemeni songs and traditional music [link].

I noticed that the singers have some songs in Egyptian dialect of in Modern Standard Arabic though, but these singers are all Yemeni and they have Yemeni songs in their albums.

If anyone has any corrections or additions don’t hesitate to tell me about them.

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weird thing is that I've browsed through your blog before and seen your name pop up a heck a lot but then fully discovered through my stalking of the new pv 2 reaction vids on Youtube (which may I saw yours is the most beautiful) that you have a channel that led me right back to this blog and so now here I am following you, as I probably should have been, hello hahaha

Haha! Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it :D

And thank you again! Glad to know you are following me. You are in for a lot of shenanigans and memes. xD

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honestly my friends or people I know all hate killing stalking and i basically have to hide this blog and hide how much i love it?? like i don't want to hide it from people but apparently i have to (Also btw ur blog is super nice,,)

Hello Ikanai! Thank you for the compliment! I think my blog is just, ick, but, glad people like it haha.

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Hello, everyone!
Here is v1.6.0 patch link for Android.

The followings have been added/improved.
- Christmas DLC Added *Check out the Special menu at the app!*

      *Eve+Christmas Day Included
      *8 Endings
      *Christmas BGMs included
- Customer Service System changed
- Email Crash Optimization

*The BGM composer of Mystic Messenger, Flaming Heart, has contributed the character orgol songs. You can check them out with this Chrismas DLC. Thank you!
*There are about 20 sentences with no voices. We’ll fix them with the following updates so please do not report this as bugs. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For iOS users, please wait a few more days until Apple approves the new MM. We appreciate your patience.
For the bug reports, please go to the help button placed in the game.
Thank you!