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recently i’ve reached a lovely follower goal and I dont know what else to say other than a big big thank you! i know my blog style has changed a lot and i just wanted to say thank you so so so much for everyone who has stuck with me and my blog until now! I’ve been able to talk with so many nice and talented people from around the world, and even though I don’t talk to each one of you, I probably would love to if I wasn’t that bad at starting/keeping conversations :// But in all honesty Its so crazy to see this trash/mess blog that i created 5 years ago just for funsies getting so much love and support from all of you! ♡

♡ :  i love u and ill probably hit that d*e for u 
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tbh i love u all equally 🤐  also sorry for doing your archive dirty like this

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here’s what’s gonna happen:

1) my bff @willowing-love and I are going to be discussing Castiel sex headcanons A-Z

2) I’m going to be posting a daily drabble of said Castiel sex headcanons A-Z for the next 26 days (bc there’s 26 letters in the alphabet. yay counting!) EXCEPT FOR DAYS WHEN I POST ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’. 

3) yall gonna read that shit (I hope lol)

everyone already on my Cas taglist is going to automatically be tagged in these drabbles. but if youre not on my Cas taglist and would like to be tagged in these drabbles, please let me know!!!!


and in case you’re unfamiliar with the sex headcanons A-Z, I’ve copied/pasted the list below the cut!


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I just want to say I never thought I would get to 25,000 followers so thank you guys for all the love and hello to all of the new people out there! 😊😙🎀

“The stars are just as beautiful as you.” || Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N – Hey guys! i’ve got two requests after this one so ill post them tonight for you. Thanks for all the requests too guys! and we now have 88 followers and its CRAZY! thank you all so much, I love you all x

- E x

— Joe’s POV —

She gives me goosebumps just looking at her. the way she see’s the world was always so different to how I always saw things yet it was still so beautiful. everything she saw was still so perfect.

It was our one year anniversary, and I was taking her out to dinner, or as she liked to call it ‘we were taking each other out to dinner’ because she refused to let me pay.

“Oh hello there, m’lady.” I say as she steps out of her apartment complex and onto the footpath where I was stood waiting for her just outside my car.

“Hello, sir. looking dapper tonight!” she says, taking my hand as I open the car door and help her get in.

Wearing a black dress that was just above her knees, and was quite low cut but not too ‘cleavage-ey’ and some black converse, toning it down slightly but I didn’t mind, that was who she was. That was the thing I loved most about her, she was never really girly, but she accepted that and she was herself. She was never afraid to be who she was.

“You look amazing, perfect in fact.” I say, just before slowly closing her door and walking around to the drivers side.

The drive over was amazing, as the darkness slowly fell around us yet having her around me made me see everything in the light. As if nothing bad ever happened.

As if everything was always this perfect.

We get to the restaurant, and I walk around and help her out of the car. “Thank you, handsome.” she says to me, taking me hand and getting out of the car, then stopping to give me a quick peck on the cheek.

We walk in holding hands, feeling electric run through my body as she touched me.

“Want to go down to the beach after this?” I say, looking her in her bright Y/E/C eyes and seeing the whole universe.

My whole world spins for her and only her.

“Sure. your in a very romantic mood tonight sugg!” She whispers, earning a giggle from me and herself.

We finish up the meal and head down to the beach.

The beach held a very sentimental meaning for us. The first date we went on we went down to the beach, and we sat and talked for hours. Its like tie stopped and neither of us wanted to leave. It was just me and her, the universe had disappeared. Everything was perfect in that moment and I couldn’t have wished for anything more than her, and a year later I still have her.

Around an hour later, reaching midnight, we were still sat talking. Nothing bothering us except from the occasional dog bark, but even that couldn’t snap us out of the euphoria we were in. everything was complete. I had her, nothing else was needed.

“Look at the sky. Its completely black, yet its lit up.” she says, looking up in awe.

“the stars are just as beautiful as you. and that’s hard to achieve.” I whisper, intertwining our fingers as feeling the butterflies come back like I had on the first time we sat on this beach.

“you are on it tonight!” she says, laughing and turning her head to look at me, her Y/H/C flowing beautifully in the wind.

And right in that moment, its like time paused. Nothing was different, nothing changed.


Hello my lovely followers! Over 1,000 of you have liked my little sherlolly blog enough to follow it! In celebration, please drop me an ask and ask me anything your heart desires, about Sherlock, sherlolly, any other fandom or ship, or personal questions, anything you have ever been curious about, ask me and I will answer them to the best of my ability! I’m going to work out a contest in the next couple of days, and the lucky winner will get a short one shot (Sherlock ship of their choice) dedicated to them! Thank you all so much for the follows, you have made my little shipping heart so happy!!


hello one and all, tis i, the loch ness monster rising above the surface of this hidden lake to celebrate 500 followers (no but im really cryin over this i still don’t believe that 500 of you thought “imma follow this blog”) with blogrates!!! naturally, i love giving people what they want + enjoy so if you want a blograte:

  • reblog this post!!
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  • blacklist ‘nessie does blogrates’ if u don’t wanna see these on your dash! i’ll be doin these until july 1

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apieceofskyye  asked:

Hello! I would just like to say thank you! I'm not really sure who all nominated me and I know I didn't win but I am still very touched! This was just a blog I made for me to vent out any poems that knock around in my mind. If it was you that nominated me: thank you. If it was some of your lovely followers: thank you! I am honored and flattered that my humble words were thought of! Thank you!

Hello! I did indeed nominate you myself, but thinking back I believe there may have been a nomination vote for you from the outside as well! You received some votes from others in the polling, so congrats! I hope it lifted your spirits.

Keep up the good work!

anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you or your followers know any books kind of like the movie Kill Your Darlings? (Gay poets getting high and drunk I guess??) I just really love the movie and I'm more of a book person so I was curious if there was anything like it! Thank you ❤️❤️

Ha, I have not seen it, but that does sound both fun and light on plot! It’s kinda hard for me to go on that description, but maybe someone who’s seen the movie will do a better job rec-ing?

Thank You

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to make this post to say Thank You
I have been receiving so many imagine requests and I loved writing them all, it’s so much fun. So thank you for sending them in and trusting me to write them for you 😌
And a big Thank You to everyone who has been reading/liking//reblogging/following, it really means a lot to me


anonymous asked:

So Ive been following you and the other BSD suggestion blogs for a while and I love your potrayal of Q. Just stopping by to say that that anon is a cunt and I hope you have a good day (And hope I can interact with you when I get my Jack London OC up and running)

//hello and thank you!! It’ll be really cool having a Jack London OC, I look forward to interacting with you!! ^•^

hey guys, i need more blogs to follow, so are there any blogs out there that post memes and nintendo content?? and please don’t be like “hello yes i post memes and nintendo… oh and as a surprise bonus i post FURRY PORN :3” please… i already suffer enough on this website…..


《04042017 • 🎧 : Beautiful - Monsta X 》

Hello lovely people! And a big hello to all my new followers!! Thank you for nearly 1.5k while I was gone. ♡ You guys are amazing. I’ll be more active on my studyblr as of today, since I’m on autumn break. ^.^ I’ll probably post my favorite March spreads from my bullet journal tomorrow. So, keep an eye out for that. ;) 

pics from: studyblr/ my main blog (i’ve been more active on there as of late)

snapchat: ttstudys

theheartsmistakes  asked:

Hello! I have missed your character's voices inside of my head and LoS did not disappointed. I have been following you sense the beginning and have loved the ride every step of the way. That being said, I have to ask, in QoaaD, will you kind of wrap the whole trilogy up nicely or will you leave it open for TWP? I'm just not sure my heart or nerves can handle another wide open cliff hanger. I will read it, but we'll have some words. Thank you for your time and I love you so much!

That’s very kind. :) Think of it as like City of Glass. It will wrap up the main story for the major protagonists yet leave threads open to be picked up and continued. And it will not end on a cliffhanger, even I wouldn’t do that…

anonymous asked:

Hey!! can i request a fake text about a fight with jungkook where the jungkook is being snappy but they're havinf a normal conversation but the reader catches on and like they have af ight and jungkook ends up saying something like "youre clingy" or anything else that really hurts her and then tries to make it up to her?? the ending is up to you happy/sad. i hope i made some sense!!! thank you <3

Hello anon, sorry this took a while! 

following my latest obsession (aka laziness) i’ll divide this into two parts as well. This is part ONE. 


Edit: I’ve corrected all the mistakes in the photoset. Let me know if you find something wrong with the order!



Part 2 is up, check it out!

Much love, 



Hello pals <3

So, crazy things have happened and I´m literally ONE FOLLOWER away from 2k, therefore I thought it would be time to share some of the love I´ve recieved from all of you in the last couple of months. Thank you for liking, reblogging and commenting on my art, it honestly means the world to me!

So, here´s what we´ll do:

The winner will get to choose 2 Stickers and 3 Postcards from my Redbubble for free! Shipping is on me as well! Follow this link if you want a sneak peek on what could be yours very soon ;)

♥ like, comment and reblog the hell out of this if you want to, every single note counts! The winner will be chosen by a random number generator :)

♥ you have to be a follower to win! This is about mutual love in the end ;D

♥ don´t reblog with a give-away tumblr please. I tried making this look as pretty as possible so it´ll go with your cute theme ;)

The Giveaway will end on Sunday, 11. 06. 2017 at 8pm (UTC+01:00, Germany)!

Please check your Inbox as I will send you a message on tumblr! The lucky person has 48 hours to reply before I´ll pick someone else, so please keep that in mind :)

Have fun, I wish you all luck <3


Here’s my take on Dante and Ari, when they first met, and then, as they slowly grew into young men.

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I love your art and I was wondering if you could give me a few tips about drawing Sora and Riku (especially his majestuous hair!). Thank you so much! By-bye!

So like this isn’t gonna be great because even idk what I’m doing with them half the time so I guess I’ll just break down the thought process that runs subconsciously. When I draw these guys I just kinda get into it and not set up hair guidelines, because I more or less know what I’m trying to accomplish.

Riku is easy because his hair is easier to follow. It doesn’t part in any particular fashion  and his tresses always motion vaguely downward. His princess hair comes from me originally not knowing how to interpret his anime hair into my style. His floaty hair = LOTS OF VOLUME?? was how it came through. Now that I kind of know how to do it, I just kind of ignore it anyways. The thick hair stays for my style hhh.

Drawing sora’s hair is awful and also kind of fun. It’s actually not as complicated once you understand how and which ways it sprouts from is head. It’s easier to keep true to form than riku for me. The profile can be difficult. There’s been times where I sweep it backwards instead of frontwards.


[PR_SS] Circa Collection 570 followers 
(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡ THANKS! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

Hello! Yesterday i make this collection of pillows, rugs and bed covers!!! I gonna be making more CC for house and some clothes recolors so prepare your mods folder!!!

I love making this is so fun and helps me not to stress to much 
\(^▽^)/ So i hope everyone like it! 
Thanks for all the downloads in my last things! Thanks everyone! 

If the link don’t work click Open link in new Tab! If you want me to recolor somethings send me a message!


  • Pillows mesh (Orange Coussin) by @msteaqueen (52 colors) I love the pugs one is so adorable!
  • Bed covers mesh by Pilar (51 colors)
  • Rugs base game (54 colors)
  • Pictures by society6 (the best site ever)
  • Custom thumbnails (every recolor have it)
  • If you don’t find the recolors try type [PR_SS] Circa in buy mode
  • (^▽^)


CC i used from:

@leo-sims @mio-sims@mxims and paintings by me! Thanks you all for the lovely CC!

Thanks for downloading and Have fun!! WCIF friendly so ask me anything!

If something wrong with the links or other things, please send me a message :D If you use my cc tag me #PR_Supernovasims, mysims4screenshots or @mysims4screenshots (<— i prefer this one) and i will like it and reblog the pictures!!!!