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Hello I'm the Swede from one of the posts I have sent. Nope Maddie is painted in a negative light in the Swedish press too. I like and actually adore that there are people in other countries who like Madeleine, but truth is, we don't and that is the way it is. We are paying for the Royal Family after all, so I believe we get a say in such things. She wanting Leo to go school in London was already pushing us, and if she never wants to come back, we want her to be out. It's really that simple.

Thank you for sharing. From all the Swedish people I talk to and the articles I read on a regular basis, that is the impression I get too. It seems like Madeleine has been seen negatively since she went to NYC. People gave her time to get over Jonas as that was awful but then when she went back after Victoria got married she was seen as avoiding her responsibilities and pushing her luck. She did do quite a lot in NYC for Childhood and she went to engagements for Swedish events/groups in the States. She did start to maintain a presence again. But then she moved to London instead of back to Sweden and the last shred of patience people had just went. It doesn’t help that she often avoids interviews and I remember there being a lot of criticism from her Duchies because she didn’t give interviews to the press during her visits there. I think she gets such good exposure when she does something like the Min Stora Dag tea party or the Skavlan interview- where she and Chris both came across incredibly well- but then she’ll do something which makes people distrust her again. It’s like two steps back for every step forward. Again, this is not my personal opinion in case people can’t differentiate. I love Madde, she’s great, her family are beautiful cupcakes, and I want her to be a representative for Sweden alongside her children for as long as they want to be. But for that anon who said I was making it up, I’m really not. She hasn’t been popular in Sweden for a long time and staying in London isn’t helping that right now. I feel for her. It must be hard to want to do what’s right for the family you were born in to and for the family you chose to have but she needs to make a choice before the damage is done and the Swedish people lose all respect for her :( 

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In your wild west au, is Anders A: a quacksalver or B: an angry town doctor complaining about quacksalvers? (btw,this au is great wow. Aveline is terrifying and i love it)

Anders is an angry roving doctor with such terrible PR skills that everyone thinks he is a quacksalver, except his methods generally work. His ingredients are mostly legit but no one believes him. At the very least Hawke, Varric and Isabela buy his remedies. And he still treats the poor/needy for free. Sneak peek, thanks for the ask! :D

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