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Name: M
Age: 19
Country: USA

I am super nerdy and I love to draw and sing. I am in many fandoms including: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Anime, Harry Potter. I collect Hello Kitty items. I am very mature and open about my life. I want friends from everywhere, every state and every country. If we have similar interests that would be awesome. I love to cook. My favorite color is purple. There is so much to knpw about me.

Preferences: I prefer women pen pals but men would be ok too. No one under the age of 18.

anonymous asked:

5'3", chin length light brown hair, hazel eyes, girl, bookworm, I love transformers, Star trek, supernatural, and smallville, really shy until I get to know u then I never shut up, and I like cats.

Ooh a fellow bookworm, hello! I’ve dipped my feet into the Transformers, Star Trek, and Supernatural fandoms, so I would at least be able to follow along :) AND YOU LIKE CATS! That seals the deal. I’d definitely go on a date with you.

What I saw at DragonCon.

So today I went to DragonCon as you might have guessed from my earlier posts. A few points of interest:

  • Homestuck is everywhere and I still don’t get it.
  • I saw a Fox Mulder cosplay. I squealed. Stop judging me, lol.
  • A tiny baby in a Tardis carrier!
  • Jesus Christ, everybody was a Doctor Who thing.
  • Prince Eric and Ariel smiled and waved at me. I was 6 again.
  • Genderbent Loki though!
  • I think I got recognized by a pair of Sam and Dean genderbent cosplayers in the Hyatt (?) but they didn’t talk to me. “Dean” waved a bit abruptly and sweetly like “he” knew me but they were shy. They looked young. If that was you, I wish you would have come and said hello! :)
  • Star Trek has the nicest fandom. So many Enterprise officers cleared paths and opened doors for me. (I’m in a wheelchair.)
  • Stormtroopers are weirdly antisocial.
  • So many different races, social classes, sexualities, etc., having fun together with very little drama that I saw.
  • Staff was great with disability services.
  • There was a Dean, I think, wearing a flower crown and carrying a rainbow flag.
  • Atlanta con-goers are cool with Destiel.
  • I bought Destiel art.
  • There was Samifer art too. Very unexpected.
  • Con-goers love cats. Equally unexpected.