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Hello, once again. It’s time for the Civil War Edition of my Stucky fanmixes! I already had half of these songs chosen beforehand, but  needed more so I asked you guys to submit some! Again, I’ve put the links next to the songs and put my favorites in bold. Have fun!


1. Red- Hymn for the Missing (x)

2. Panic! at the Disco & Nate Ruess- C’mon (x)

3. Bring Me the Horizon- Can You Feel My Heart (x)

4. Borns- Past Lives (x)

5. Nothing but Thieves- Hostage (x)

6. Nothing but Thieves- Tempt You (x)

7. Jaymes Young- I’ll Be Good (x)

8. The Calling- Wherever You Will Go (x)

9. Robin Schulz- Show Me Love (x)

10. BANNERS- Start a Riot (x)

11. Bastille- Oblivion (x)

12. Stars- In Our Bedroom After the War (x)

13. The Count of Monte Cristo- I Will Be There (x)

14. Bring Me the Horizon- Follow You (x)

15. Mumford and Sons- I Will Wait For You (x)

16. Nickelback- Savin’ Me (x)

17. Red- Pieces (x)