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Hello Jen! Can you post some photos of the tourbook? Because i never saw a tourbook from Ed!

Hello! Here are a few photos I just took of the inside of the tour book: 

There are several more photos, some lyrics, the names of all the places the Divide tour is going, and credits for all the production crew. It’s a pretty cool souvenir! Also the cover is made of something that makes you want to keep stroking it. :) 

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Hello Jen, Ed posted a picture of the free podcast but i can't find it anywhere... Could you please post for itunes or apple music? Thank you! :)

Hello! The Desert Island Discs podcast with Ed is right [here], available for free download as an mp3 in two different qualities. And it must be internationally accessible, because I just downloaded it myself. :) The website says it will be available for the next 16 days. 

Alternatively, you can listen to the podcast here on youtube: 

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Hello, 1) how early do you have to be at the venue before the concert starts, in order to get to the front?? 2) how do you pass gifts to Ed and is it ok to find him after the show(if theres a way lol)


1. There is no official arrival time for front row; it depends entirely on you and the other fans who are trying to be in the front at the same show. All you have to do is arrive earlier than the other fans. In some places that might be 8am the day of the concert, but in some places it might be the previous evening. If you really want to be in the front, arrive as early as you possibly can. If you get there and are disappointed that you aren’t first in line, then at least you’ll know you did your best and there was no way you could have gotten there earlier since you went as early as you could. But also remember that you’re going to have a great time no matter where you end up at the venue. As long as you can hear Ed, it’ll be awesome! 

2a. It is perfectly okay to wait at the venue after a show and see if Ed comes out and meets fans. He usually doesn’t for the really big concerts, so please don’t be disappointed if you wait for three hours and he never comes out… but you might get lucky! It is not okay to track him down at the airport or at his hotel or stalk him to a bar or restaurant or something like that. The rule is that you can go wherever he’s making a scheduled public appearance - like at a concert or a radio station or tv show - because that’s when he’s working, but when he’s not working, you should leave him alone. 

2b. As far as getting gifts to him, the best way is to win a meet and greet! That way you can hand your gift directly to him and see his face when he gets it (which is the best part). Other than that, you can try asking another fan to deliver it for you if they’ve won a meet and greet, or sometimes you can get radio DJs or other interviewers to agree to give him something for you if you ask very nicely. At the concert itself, if you see someone from Ed’s production team, you can try asking one of them to give Ed your gift or letter. They are usually really good about that. But I wouldn’t hand off anything valuable to someone who just works at the venue, because you have no guarantee that it will find its way to him. 

Good luck! :)

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Sorry, late to the discussion but I just got home. People need to get real!!!! What Makes You Beautiful, One Direction's debut song sold 153k it's first week in the UK. Zayn sold 112k his first week. Adele's Hello sold 259k, Ed Sheeran's Shape of You sold 227k it's first week. Harry sold 39k his first week. How is Harry doing given the fact he peaked his first week & his sales have dropped when all the other maintain their sales and grew stronger as more people were exposed to the music. 🤔

I know !! Like that’s it plain and simple he’s just no where near what he thinks he is