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Sorachi meets the readers, question corner 243

<Question from pen name Nakasu Syou san>

Hello Sorachi sensei. I am a citizen studing to obtain a teaching licence, but I am not really confident in politics matters, so here’s the question : One of the hot news lately is England secession from the EU, could you, please , explain it to me using Gintama’s characters, so it will be more easy to understand? Thank you really much


It’s somehing like that

Kaga Kaede, the kendo fighter ♥

I knew about Kaga Kaede-chan in the November 2, 2013 episode of Onedari Entamame ~ Hapi★Pure show (the car racing with Hama-chan), and I immediately liked her…but it was in the January 11th, 2014 episode when I finally fell in love with her personality (maybe because she’s the kind of girl I always wanted to be, cool, funny and cute, but also she has the same interests as me)

Supe de Kaga Kaede-chan en el episodio del 2 de noviemre del 2014 de Onedari Entamame ~ Hapi★Pure  (la del carro de carreras con Hamachan) e inmediatamente me agradó…pero fue en el episodio del 11 de enero del 214 cuando finalmente me enamoré de su personalidad (tal vez por que ella es la clase de niña que siempre quise ser, cool, graciosa y linda, pero también es por que tenemos los mismos intereses)

In this episode, Kaedy and RikoRiko went to a little urban dojo, where the sensei teached them the basics of this kind of  kendo.

During the sensei’s demonstration, Kaedy didn’t react scared like others : covering her eyes, screaming, staying in a corner afraid hahaha!, Instead, she stood firmly, even Riko could hide behind her.

En este episodio, Kaedy y RikoRiko fueron a un pequeño dojo urbano, en donde el sensei les enseñó lo básico de esta clase de kendo.

Durante la demostración del sensei, Kaedy no reaccionó asustada como otras: cubriéndose sus ojos, gritando, parada un una esquina asustada jajaja! En lugar de eso, ella se paró firmemente, incluso Riko pudo esconderse detrás de ella.

She got amazed though. “What a cool little girl” I thought

En lugar de eso, ella se maravilló. Pensé “Qué niña tan cool”

When the time to practice came, I noticed Kaedy went with a good posture (at this time I didn’t know Kaedy was a kendo student), she held the fake sword firmly and confidently. Even the hit was fast and strong with a sort of technique.

Cuando llegó el momento de practicar, me di cuenta que Kaedy puso una buena postura (en este momento no sabía que Kaedy practicaba kendo) ella sostuvo la espada falsa con firmeza y confianza. Incluso su golpe fue rápido y fuerte, con algo de técnica.

In the match with sensei, RikoRiko was hit over and over without being able to do anything(Kaedy could not stop laughing in the background).

En la pelea con sensei, RikoRiko fue golpeada una y otra vez sin poder hacer nada (Kaedy no podía parar de reír atrás)

Kaedy was hit in the head, but not before launching an attack. I love that combat posture, like a fencer .

Kaedy fue golpeada en la cabeza, pero no sin antes lanzar un ataque. Me encanta esa postura, como una esgrimista.

She could touch sensei’s clothes at least. (°0°) Little Kaedy looked so cool and she had an excited expression in her face , taking her time looking for an area to connect a hit.

Ella al menos pudo tocar las ropas de sensei. (°0°) La pequeña Kaedy se veía tan cool y tenía una expresión de emoción en su rostro, tomando su tiempo buscando por una área donde conectar un golpe.

Next, is Kaedy VS RikoRiko match! RikoRiko was randomly hitting like a child who hits a piñata LOL (sorry, I’m mexican) sounds funny but this gave to Riko a good advantage, while Kaedy wa blocking the most of the time, but her eyes was focus in the area to attack.

Luego, la pelea de Kaedy VS RikoRiko! Riko estaba golpeado al azar como un niño que golpea una piñata LOL, suena graciosos pero esto le dio a Riko una buena ventaja, mientras que Kaedy pasaba la mayor parte del tiempo bloqueando, pero sus ojos estaban enfocados en el área a atacar.

Then, Kaedy launched an attack with the strong of all her body without be afraid to Riko. Maybe because Kaedy knew some  punches have no value in the discipline, she went for the reglamentary area to hit getting close to Riko fastly without worring about being hit.

Luego, Kaedy lanzó un ataque con la fuerza de todo su cuerpo sin temerle a Riko. Tal vez por que Kaedy sabía que algunos golpes no valen en la disciplina, ella se fue por las áreas reglamentarias a golpear , acercándose a Riko rápidamente sin preocuparse de ser golpeada.

I think RikoRiko was good too, but Kaedy won the match eventually. Finally, after cleaning the place, sensei gave them a present for the show. When they went back to the studio’s show, Kaedy was wearing her own kendo clothes. So cool!!! she looks cute!

Pienso que RikoRiko lo hizo bien, pero Kaedy ganó la batalla eventualmente. Finalmente, luego de limpiar el lugar, sensei les dio un regalo para el programa. Cuando regresaron al estudio del show, Kaedy tenía puesto sus propias ropas de kendo. Tan genial!!!! se ve linda!

Ichioka Reina-chan was the contender in the demonstration. But Kaedy showed everything she learned…looks like an strong hit but the swords are super soft, so it’s ok.

Ichioka Reina-chan fue la contendiente en la demostración. Pero Kaedy le mostró todo lo que había aprendido…parece un golpe fuerte pero la espada es super suave, así que está bien.

K.O. Kaedy wins!!

So, this is the episode when I finally start to follow Kaedy, I loved her coolness and cuteness, all the show you could hear her laughing, always happy…it was charming for me! I hope Kaedy can show us more of her other skills in kendo, trumpet, video games, anime/manga, acrobatics, etc. in the future. ♥


[PS: Sorry about my English]

O.K. Kaedy gana!!!

Así que, en este episodio fue cuando finalmente comencé a seguir a Kaedy, me encanta su genialidad y ternura, todo el show la podías escuchar reir, siempre feliz…fue encantador para mi! Espero que Kaedy pueda mostrarnos más de sus habilidades en kendo, trompeta, video juegos, anime/manga, acrobacias, etc., en el futuro. ♥


puffingirl23  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you could do a thingy for the RFA + V and Saren with a tomboyish MC? Maybe one that's super tough but secretly likes girly stuff? Please take your time and thank you very much (*>-<*)

I’m so so so sorry for the delay :3 I hope you like this!!


  • hi hello yes please sensei teach me your skillz
  • literally MC is sooooo good at LOLOL that yoosung needs to bow down to her
  • “let me join your guild Master MC”
  • they literally game until the day ends and pull all-nighters together 24/7
  • let’s just say that they both look like pandas now (them eyebags yenno)
  • but they’re also total couple goals to all them gamers out there!!


  • wooooo
  • MC is so manly omgg
  • low key loves it when MC and him wear couple fashion (but both of them are in the “male” version of the shirt)
  • ALSO they like to wear caps that are real cool but like his says “BAD BOY” and hers says “BAD GIRL” 
  • ooooh yea
  • das right
  • and they always go dance practice together you know like those hardcore dances like BTS - Danger and stuff and they’re SO GOOD
  • like super in sync!! they post their dance covers on Youtube and it goes VIRAL thanks to Seven ofc


  • she was so surprise because now
  • both MC and her had short hair cuts lmao
  • ngl they kinda looked like twins except Jaehee looks like an office worker and MC looks real cool and she’s got that street fashion going on you know what i’m talkin’ about
  • sometimes she would secretly try on MC’s clothes because they’re JUST SO COOL
  • and one time MC caught her so then they had a dress up party
  • they dressed up as each other and mimicked one another and it was just super fun 
  • also played a prank on Jumin where MC went to work in place of Jaehee hahha


  • wooooow was he shocked
  • for some reason the fact that a woman around him wasn’t acting feminine was
  • really surprising
  • i guess it’s because all the women around him are always trying to seduce him and “leave a good impression”
  • anyway he really liked this new kind of personality
  • it was refreshing and intriguing
  • it drew him even closer towards MC and made her 200% more attractive
  • he LOVED going shopping with her because she’d pick out super hip and cool clothing 
  • finally, he could wear something other than a suit


  • dude he already knew but
  • seeing MC in person just surprised him because MC was just so damn nonchalant and cool
  • like she had nothing on her back
  • carefree, 100% happy-go-lucky
  • he envied her for that
  • but she also brought him so much joy
  • they would play computer games together and MC would be super into his hacking skills and stuff like that
  • she also started learning binary numbers and they communicated in code whenever they had secrets to share on the messenger~~


  • well i mean he’s already the most badass guy in town
  • so when MC came in he knew he had found his dark princess
  • they were literally the perfect couple because they were both like “bikers” 
    • and i mean motorcycle bikers not like bicycles ok pls
  • anyway some people were scared of them lololol because they have this menacing aura but
  • of course within both of them are just soft ass little puppies that need hugs and kisses <3
  • ALSO they both loved eating ice cream and cuddles :)
  • MC lowkey loves cute and fluffy things (especially pink!!)


  • MC was the perfect model
  • cuz she had really really awesome fashion and just
  • everything about her was astonishing
  • he’d never felt so starstruck in his whole entire life???
  • i mean yea sure Rika was his sun BUT BOY
  • btw they wore matching sunglasses and had this really hipster vibe going on and they were like the coolest couple on the block yasss
  • coffee cafes 24/7 and trench coats and dog-tags and earrings on one ear and omogmgmo rings and bracelets!!
  • basically ulzzang couple irl but not cutesy type

thanks so much for your request! once again i’m so sorry for taking forever 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

~Cherry L.

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Genos with an Accent pt. 2

I still can’t get this accent thing out of my head and thanks to the OPM discord and @rayadraws I know how to proceed. 

This is a continuation of this. I was thinking about a situation where Genos’ accent just comes out and this is what happened. 

Since Genos knows more than one language, it would only make sense that sometimes he’d forget a word when he’s speaking, right? Maybe he knows this and he does his damned to keep things like that from happening. He carefully thinks through what he’s going to say right before he says it so he never has any slip ups. Moments like these are very rare so Genos usually forgets they happen until they do. 

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Reunions, Of A Sort

A MHA fanfiction. One-shot.


Summary: A museum Class 1-A visits has an exhibit for older heroes. Toshinori takes a look at the section dedicated to his predecessor, not expecting a comforting talk with a stranger.

The building was large, a high roof making the main area feel more like an indoor stadium than a functional museum. Toshinori had to give a grin when several of his students just stared upwards, some so engrossed that they nearly fell backwards.

“Now that’s how you build a dome,” Sero said, awe in his voice.

Bakugou snorted. “We practice at USJ, and you’re still baffled by a fucking building.”

“Dude, chill,” Kirishima said, grinning and throwing an arm around Bakugou’s shoulders. “It’s never a bad time to appreciate the finer points of, um, architecture.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes.

Aizawa shuffled to the head of the class, hands shoved in his pockets. Everyone quieted down when he raised his voice. “The first and second floors of this building get few visitors on days like today, which should give you the privacy you need to conduct your research.”

Toshinori nodded. “Most of what you need will be here on the first floor, so be sure to look at everything before going up to the second.”

Aizawa waved his hand and the students broke up into groups, several heading directly into the depths of the museum while others consulted a directory. Toshinori watched as the other teacher found a convenient bench and stretched out, pulling a sleeping mask out of his jacket.

“I think I’ll wait on the second floor, if that’s alright,” Toshinori said, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

Aizawa just grunted and propped up his feet, slipping the mask over his eyes.

Toshinori smiled and shook his head. It didn’t take him long to find his way to the stairs, and he was happy to see that they were wide and well spaced. Normally he would hesitate to use stairs if another option was available - his left hip was warped enough to give him issues shifting his weight - but he was feeling good today, and didn’t want to waste his chance.

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Sensei uploaded some official teasers ( the pic on the left side) about an extra scene we’ll have along with Drama CD 4 in February!! I am screaming!! Are Yashiro and Doumeki wearing kimono? Are they in a onsen maybe?? *sweats* They are so hot!! Also I perfectly remember the illustration Sensei posted back then on the 31st of December 2014 before deleting her previous Twitter account (@_yonecoro_)! It showed an always wonderful Yashiro in traditional clothes and smoking kiseru! (pic on the right side) The similarities are strong so I Iike to think she already had this scenario in mind and soon we’ll enjoy the extra scene she has developed for us!! ❤ I CAN’T WAIT FOR FEBRUARY TO ARRIVE!!!  ❤

left picture source: @saezuru_comic 12/17/2016 Tweet (official Twitter account)

I drew this over a year ago while thinking about just how many cats there are in anime. Finally got around to mostly finishing it, even though the style is a little old now. I didn’t like how it looked colored so this is what I ended up on.

Bottom row: Catbus (My Neighbor Totoro), President Aria (Aria), Happy (Fairy Tail), Blair (Soul Eater), Meowth (Pokemon), Nyanko-sensei (Natsume’s Book of Friends) Second row: Korin (Dragon Ball), Gatomon (Digimon), Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty), Chiyo-chichi (Azumanga Daioh), Kyo (Fruits Basket) Third row: Kuro (Blue Exorcist), Nyamsus (Nyan Koi!), Beelzebub (Ouran Host Club), Artemis (Sailor Moon), Luna (Sailor Moon) Fourth row: Doraemon (Doraemon), Mao (Darker Than Black), Kuroneko (Trigun), Shampoo (Ranma ½), Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service) Fifth row: Amanojaku (Ghost Stories), Neko-sensei (Princess Tutu), Baron Humbert (The Cat Returns), Meow (Space Dandy), Suppi (Cardcaptors), Speedy Cerviche (Samurai Pizza Cats) Sixth row: Kirara (Inu-Yasha), Ryo-Ohki (Tenchi Muyo), Chi (Chi’s Sweet Home), Kamineko (Azumanga Daioh), Puar (Dragon Ball)

An Empty Office

A/N: For @qwinn92

“You said he went to lunch.” Temari was dragging her husband through the hall of the Hokage tower.

“He did. But we shouldn’t-” he was trying to argue and free himself but it wasn’t really working.

“We have to do this today! While I’m ovulating.”

“I know, but maybe we can go home and-” they froze after opening the office door.

Kakashi jumped up from his desk chair. Iruka fell from his lap with a hard thud, smaking his head off the desk on the way down.

Still wide-eyed and red faced he reached for him. “Shit! Iruka!”

“Kakashi-sama!” Shikamaru was shocked and confused and shocked. “Iruka-sensei!”

“Um, hello,” Iruka was blushing and rubbing the back of his head where a knot was growing.

“Wha- wha-” Shikamaru couldn’t even talk.

Temari started laughing. “This office seems taken.” She spun her husband and started shoving him into the hall. She leaned back. “Iruka-sensei I’d love to hear all about Shikamaru as an academy student. His mother can only tell me so many stories.” She turned to close the door “I want to be as prepared as I can for my own little Nara.”

“Oh, uh, sure.” Iruka said, face turning red when she winked and closed the door.

He released a tense breath, still holding the back of his head. “Am I bleeding?”

Kakashi’s fingers moved in his hair below the ponytail. Iruka’s hands fell at his sides. “No, I don’t think so.” He sighed, “sorry I threw you.”

Iruka started laughing, turning towards him, letting Kakashi pull him closer.

Shikamaru was still a shocked mess. Temari was grinning. “Apparently empty offices are hard to find.”


Sorachi meets the readers, question corner 237

<Question from pen name: I’m Satsuko, but please make more events>

Hello Sorachi sensei, here’s my question. When Okita fought Utsuro he said that for the firt time he faced an enemy that was impossible to win. Did he tought the same with Kamui?


During his fight with Kamui it was more like a competition of strenght, and even if it was a situation of crisis what they were probaly looking for was glory, so there was still some hope to survive. During Utsuro confrontation, his natural predisposition to fight told him to not lose, but on the other hand his natural instinct of living creature was telling him that win against such a monster was impossible