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“Look, I don’t kknow what you want from me, but could you at least stop staring? Seriously, it’s freaking creepy.”

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Hello Robyn. :) Sorry to bother you. I wanted to ask, wasn't there a time when Louis used to sign as "Louis and Harry" on Twitter? I remember at least one tweet like that but I can't find it. And he also used to tweet "me and Harry" all the time even when it was unnecessary. :) Hope you're doing well, thanks in advance if you answer, xx

they were even that ‘we’ couple on twitter

they didn’t ask about harry but ok!

I mean I know what I would be saying about you and harry 

they literally sound like an old married couple

and, well…

but this is the all time best one, isn’t it ♥


So here today (finally), we celebrate the original airing 104, first broadcast ten years ago today on 20th October 2005.

Say hello to Jamie who by my reckoning is about 75% responsible for TTOI fandom!

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After that night I have not made a move on Robyn again, she wants to wait so I will respect her wishes and just chill. We have been in VA for two days now and I’m loving it, Robyn is loving it here because my family have done nothing but take her out every day. My aunties, my sister and my cousins they all been taking her out but it sucks because she seems busier now, they acting like me and Robyn get to spend time together anyways. Even today I thought I would have got the house to ourselves but my cousins decided to invite themselves over, I won’t ever say no to them coming to the house because that is rude and they barely see me. I guess me and Robyn get to cuddle in bed so I can’t complain there but we haven’t talked, we need to do that. Yawning loudly watching the family play video games “look at this nigga, all tired. She been putting it down on you?” rubbing my chest smiling “oh nah, nothing like that” putting my hood up “we just sleep in a bed together” shrugging without a care, Aaron pushed my hood back “get the fuck outta here, how you sleep in a bed with her and not have sex?” I shrugged hitting his hand away “I can contain my urges unlike you niggas” Aaron scoffed “you believe this guy” he hit Robb’ shoulder “I believe it cuz, you know Chris always been whipped when it comes to ole girl” these niggas are dumb as hell “you won’t understand” I mumbled not really wanting to hear it “aye cuz, you know we finna throw a house party like we always do when you’re here” I didn’t say anything, I just remained silent “the fuck” Robb walked into my view “I thought yo ass fell asleep, tonight we finna turn up with Rihanna” he smiled at me knowing full well I’m thinking about if she will even want a house party.

Jumping on to the kitchen counter watching my momma cook “I’m trying to cook and you’re sat in my way” I was about to pick some boneless chicken from the plate but momma slapped my hand away “ain’t even washed ya damn hands, god knows where they have been” holding my hand looking at my momma “fix ya face” my auntie came along “aye! This my damn house and I am the man, I demand some respect” my auntie slapped my leg “move” what is with these “aye now listen here my kitchen, my rules” my momma and auntie both stopped to stare at me “we here cooking for you and this what you give us?” this is why I never come home, jumping off the counter “all I wanted was some loving from my momma and I get this attitude” shaking my head “Christopher you’re too old to be pouting, I want to give my grandbabies loving. You come home a year later and expect me to be happy” blowing out air walking around the kitchen counter “hmmm whatever, we going to have a house party so I think you oldies need to leave soon” walking out the kitchen, I wanted some chicken and some loving but all I got was abuse.

Laying down in my games room with my knees up and my nephew resting against them, he’s about five months I think. So many boys in our family and it’s very rare for a girl to be born because all my cousins have all had sons, no girls at all. Holding on to Josiah’ hands as he glared at me with them blue eyes, I was jealous when Aaron had his son because then that just left me and I feel as if I will never find the right person or the right time to have a child “I guess I will be everyone’s uncle huh” smiling at him as he smiled at me for no reason “big ole blue eyes you got there boy, them white genes coming through strong” slowly pulling him up with his arms so he could stand on my stomach “don’t ever give your heart to no woman, the best advice I can give cause they just fuck you over” holding his body “hello” holy shit, Robyn done scared me “he is like a dream baby” Josiah got so excited seeing Robyn “handsome little boy you are” Robyn sat at the side of us “you feel that way about me right? You regret me” I was about to answer but Aaron’ loud ass came out of nowhere “stealing my son for so long negro” snatching Josiah from me “I was looking after him until you all came” Robyn is just glaring at me waiting for an answer “well…. I will just go” Aaron knew that something was wrong “I’m a man, what do you expect I just sometimes remember that night. I get mad, I can’t just forget something because you demand me too” stretching my body out, I have been in that position for so long “but you was totally okay with sticking your tongue down my throat and having sex with me that night we got here, this is why I will not let you have sex with me. You’re going to fuck me out of anger and I won’t have it” she is damn right I want to fuck her until she forgets that asshole ever went near her “this was supposed to be about us but all you been doing is going with my mom, tell her no say to her you have to stay here. Shit needs sorting out between us, things don’t go okay overnight” Robyn shook her head laughing sarcastically getting up from the couch “just proves my point that you was going to fuck me just because you was feeling horny, you’re still mad about G but anyways Joyce wants you to come and eat” Robyn walked off in a huff.

After thirty minutes I slowly made my way over to the dining room with my hood up walking over to the empty seat with my plate already done next to my auntie “so now you decide to come, we have finished and it’s cold” I shrugged “what is with your mood swings Chris?” plopping down on the chair “have you taken..” I cut my mom off “I haven’t taken shit, I’m not a child” getting up from the chair, I wasn’t even sat for a minute and she already questioning me “you act like a child I will treat you like one” she shouted, I’m not even acting like nothing she is just being dramatic and unbearable to deal with. She just wants me to get married and have kids because she demands so, shit don’t happen overnight, these women want too much “where are you going in your flip flops on nigga” opening my door “out, somewhere. Get lost in the woods get eaten by a bear I don’t know” Aaron laughed behind me “you’re so childish but come on let’s go for a walk” placing my hands in my hood pocket walking out the house “why you all mad and shit? You not happy that Rihanna is with you in VA? You have always wanted this” he does not even know half of it “let’s sit on the porch nigga, let’s not walk” turning around seeing Aaron sitting down on the porch “come let’s talk” blowing out air “I feel like your father right now, I actually feel more mature” slowly walking over sitting next to Aaron, I didn’t talk or anything I just stayed silent thinking.

“I’m cold as shit and you’re quiet as fuck” pulling my hood down “you know when you’re a father you are going to grow up, trust me. I know right now you’re single and can do what you like but when you have a kid it will change you” I will not get to have that feeling “the reason why I’m feeling like this” not wanting to relive that moment but I’m going to tell him “you know everything about Robyn anyways so might as well tell you, Mijo just wants me away from her but maybe you can give me something different” looking over at Aaron, the look on his face he looks so concerned and scared on what I’m about to say “Robyn is still fucking with G, I heard them having sex. I really can’t let it go that she was having sex with him” Aaron took in a deep breath with his eyes all wide “oh wow” he shook his head “well like what else you want her to do?” frowning at him “wait for me!? I have not had sex for months” Aaron busted out laughing “listen nigga if it makes you feel better then you fuck a bitch, it makes it even” I don’t even want to do that “I want to fuck Robyn! I am dying to fuck her but he has been there” Aaron keeps on laughing at me “you and half the men out there, just calm down. All uptight and shit over what? She is not yours! She is not yours for her to just wait for you. Best advice I can give is just talk it out because she is here in our family home for a reason, if you keep bringing this up then you might as well just not have a relationship. You know I got you cuz, I have been there for all the ups and downs and I never thought I would see Rihanna at this house eating with us. Move on” he shrugged smiling at me hoping that was enough “but I look stupid as fuck, she just picks her people and fame over me” Aaron hit my arm “I said move on, you’re like a broken record just let’s start over. Rihanna is cool peoples and I like her so if you don’t want to move on then Austin will have her” trying to keep my face serious but my laugh wanted to come out so bad “I hate you” laughing like an idiot.

I felt better without Mijo telling me to leave her “Aye Robyn, let’s go for a walk or something” all my family just stared me “why you acting like I asked any of you” Robyn slowly got up from her seat “be good” my mom gave me a look “you know me” smirking at Robyn “shut up” Robyn grabbed hold of my hand roughly “momma she is holding my hand” lifting Robyn’ hand up “and whispering nasty things” My aunties were all laughing which made Robyn go shy “boy if you don’t get out of here” Robyn was about to let go of my hand but I gripped hold of her hand not letting go “come on then, we ain’t going far or anything” walking back outside to where me and Aaron were sitting “I’m cold” Robyn complained behind me “well who told yo ass to be wearing short ass tops in VA, this ain’t no Barbados. You can suffer now” I know she is probably pouting behind me right now, stopping at the porch letting go of Robyn’ hand to sit down.

Robyn stepped in front of me, I slowly looked up and she is actually pouting “I’m cold Chris” she shuddered holding her naked arms “here” pulling my hoodie off, I had a shirt under this anyways so it is no bother for me “thank you” passing my hoodie to her while pulling my shirt down, she always looks sexy in my clothes “I feel all warm now, and smell like you” she openly welcomed herself to sit on my lap, not like I asked her too “you mean sweat then? I have been sweating in that” she clearly didn’t care as she snuggled into me “oh my gosh the moon looks so nice from here” she pointed out, I looked up at the moon. I didn’t really notice that but the full moon looks nice as hell “my family really love you so do I, I don’t regret for falling in love with you but I hate the situation” Robyn finally took her eyes away from the moon to look at me “which situation?” rubbing my face with my hand “everything, every situation. Look Robyn I’m always 100 with you and I’m telling you now I want there to be us, I want to try at least because then I can say to myself I tried. I have changed I know I have but I need you to believe me, I am insecure as fuck because it’s like you could be stringing me along about the whole thing and I could be waiting for what? If you want G then just say it, if you want your people and fame then tell me because I don’t want them people in my life” Robyn turned her body and laid into me with her head on my shoulder, she grabbed my hands with hers, intertwining our fingers together placing our hands on top of her stomach. I have no idea what she is doing “one day me and you will be sat here and there will be a baby in this stomach of mine” I didn’t move or flinch, she turned her face to me pecking my jaw “does that answer everything?” moving my head back so I can have a better view of her face “I guess it does” well I guess that told me to just move the fuck on “you need to let me get in those panties though” smiling like a goof “I think you can wait a little longer” she is doing this on purpose.

Joyce invited me to stay over at her house because Chris and the boys are determined to do this house party, not so much Chris but the boys but I declined. I want to be here for this party and then I can watch Chris, I still don’t want no woman near him but if he says he has changed then he shouldn’t let no woman touch him. Hearing the music blaring I have been hiding in Chris’ room for the most part, I feel like a boring person but G is just depressing the fuck out of me with the constant calling and texting. I blocked his number but he has been using various numbers just to speak to me when I have made it clear I don’t want nothing to do with him because I am going to make it work with Chris, everyone knows this now because I am making it clear. I won’t ever hurt him by turning my back on him because of people and fame, they can either accept it or just leave because I want Chris but not letting him know that because I do not want him to know he has me.

Looking into Chris’ long mirror staring at my see through vest top, my denim hot pants, my white Nike hi tops and my hair pulled back into a long pony tail smiling at my look. Chris is about to hate me wearing this, it’s very revealing. Giggling to myself skipping out of Chris’ room, why wear a bra with boobs like mine even though Chris is about to have the biggest fit on earth. Walking through the crowd of people, they were busy dancing but stopped to gawp at me which made me smile “Rihanna here bruh” some guy said behind me, I couldn’t see any of Chris’ family or anybody I knew. Finally reaching the kitchen, at least there is some drinks here “for you” a glass slid over the counter, I stopped the glass before it tipped over the edge “thank you” looking up, I have not the slightest idea who he is but he looks like something to do with Chris “what’s in it?” taking a sip trying to get a taste for it “I have no idea, all sorts” pausing a little “it’s nice” knocking back the drink “hmmm” squinting my eyes “keep ya eyes up” grabbing the bottle of Corona waking around him, male attention is always the funniest, makes me smile how you can make these men go all weak just showing some leg and boobs.

Stepping outside I finally see Chris stood with a beautiful voluptuous caramel skinned black girl, I already didn’t like this. The girl saw me roll my eyes but I know once Chris clocks me he is about to ditch that bum bitch, sipping my Corona from the straw “cousin in law” Austin came over shouting opening his arms, Austin is so loud Chris looked over but he had to double take and then froze on me “my baby Austin” purposely opening my arms and giving him a hug with a kiss to his cheek “sorry you have lipstick on your cheek” Austin’ smile is so wide right now “oh it’s okay” he froze cheesing “you not cold?” Chris said in my ear “that was quick, I blinked and now you’re here” slowly turning while taking a sip of my drink “you complained about being cold and you come out like this” he pressed his body against me “oh, I got hot I guess” shrugging “go back to your lady friend” I was about to walk off but he placed his hand on my back “I am with my lady friend” I knew this would work.

Chris took my drink from me, with his hand firmly on my hip he dragged me along to wherever he is going, he is not about to leave me. Placing our drinks to the side “let’s dance” he smiled at me, looking around people were staring at us waiting for something to happen “I don’t want too” looking down “shy? Since when” Chris chuckled as we both stopped. Diddy Dirty Money’s - Ass On The Floor started playing, Chris curled his arm around my waist and pulled me into him, not even flinching until suddenly my own body is rolling and gyrating against Chris. Chris moulded against my back and whispered “knew you couldn’t resist” my hips began to sway as Chris slid a hand around me to rest on my stomach, pulling her even closer and coaxing me to move with the rhythm, I relax slightly feeling Chris’ warmth against me. “You’re mine” he whispers a little out of breath. I turn my head to the side, finally getting a look at Chris’ beautiful face being so sensual while still grinding against my ass. I bring my lips to Chris’ ear but making sure to drag them across his neck on the way up “so you say” Chris’ chuckled, turning in Chris’ arms and wrapping my own around his neck “you’re trying it ma’am” he smirked, pressing my body into his, feeling my breasts press and rub against him, Chris’ nose flared biting his bottom lip “never” I shrug reaching up to wipe the sweat forming on Chris’ forehead, my hand froze staring into Chris’ eyes, getting lost in them easily. We’re both shaken out of our staring contest when a song with a pulsing bass and a sensual melody comes on. Chris moves in closer on instinct, hot breath dancing across my exposed collarbone. I feel my cheeks have flushed an attractive pink, I did not expect this at all. Our feet are shuffling slightly, but our hips are fitted so tightly together now that it’s more of an up and down kind of grind than a dance.

“Might wanna slow down here” I pant against Chris mouth not making any moves to untangle us “wouldn't’ want your friend to get too excited too quickly, right?” Chris laughed leaning in and sucking wetly at the spot behind my ear, flicking out his tongue “Chris” I moaned out holding the back of his head. I had to snap out of it, spinning around grinding my ass against him but gasping at the now obvious bulge in his Chris’ jeans. I actually made him hard, my eyes bulged out seeing people have parted ways to see me and Chris just making out “walk out with me” Chris’ voice snapped me out of my daze, with Chris pressed against me I slowly started walking with everyone just talking and giggling. Chris’ length pressed against me I have teased him and now he is about to do what he has been wanting to do, I squealed as he picked me up out of nowhere “nigga!!!” Robb shouted as Chris ran passed everyone with me in his arms.

Chris got to the top of the stairs panting, I am bracing myself for him wanting sex. It is my fault for teasing him “damn” Chris put me down “I had to get out of there” I stood just staring at his face “thanks” I am so confused on why he is thanking me right now “what for?” he seems so uncomfortable right now “I couldn’t walk out of there with my dick all hard, that’s all” he started walking off, quickly grabbing his hand “what you doing? Where are you going?” he pointed to his room “why?” his face all confused “don’t you want sex?” Chris shook his head “no we good, just stop teasing me because I’m sensitive as fuck and anything will get me off” he gave me a smile, I am confused “but why?” he squeezed my hand “trust me I want too but I want it to be the right thing on both ends” my hand slowly let go of his “I’ll be back aight?” I nodded still gawping at him, he really is trying with me.

I decided to stay out of Chris’ way and just stay in one of the guests rooms, biting on my bottom lip waiting for Mel to accept my skype call “oh shut up Lee” I heard Mel say, oh thank god I was about to cuss Mel out through text “biiitch!” Lee pushed Mel out the way “Lee” waving at the camera “how are you guys?” I miss them two crazies a lot “what I tell you about jumping on me whore?” Mel pushed Lee back “we good but how are you? We want details, you have totally ditched us. No phone calls or anything” these nosey asses “what we trying to ask is if y’all had sex yet?” Lee came out with it “nope no sex, I just been teasing him but he is handling so well. I got him hard and I was mentally preparing myself for sex because he picked me up and dragged me upstairs but he did nothing” Lee’ eyes got wide “he probably don’t want to touch you after G” my face soon turned into a mean mug “I am just saying!!” Mel gave Lee a look “trust me, it’s not that. I told him I want to wait, I want him to want me because he wants to fuck me to get his anger out about G and I don’t want that so he knows it because I told him but he proved a lot today, he could have easily fucked me but he didn’t and he was okay about it” both the girls were smiling in awe “I’m happy that you are happy and made the right choice by going back” smiling back at them “thanks for supporting me even if I make stupid decisions at times” I do owe these two so much “oh stop it, Jay Brown been asking where you at and I told him to mind his damn business” oh god I forgot about all of that “I don’t want to go back to LA, maybe I should stay here” I’m really thinking hard about this “shut up and come back” shaking my head, this is going to be hard on us.

Pushing my Macbook to the side of the bed, the house is quiet now so I knew everyone had left or maybe asleep I am not sure because I kept myself in this room since the incident. G called and I was forced to talk to him even though I gave him answers like no and yes or okay, I don’t want to tell Chris because he will just make things worse but G is acting like me and him are an couple. I just don’t get it because he had me and didn’t want me but now that Chris is back he wants me, what was wrong with me at first. Slowly getting up from the bed, I just want to check if the house is locked and the gate is locked because I still feel like this house is creepy and anyone can just come and kill us. Opening the door and poking my head out the door, it’s dead. Running down the stairs, I am actually scared to do this but I am because Chris is probably drunk. I stopped midway hearing footsteps “fuck” I mouthed, it must be his family walking around. Walking down the rest of the steps tiptoeing to the kitchen because I can hear the noises coming from there. I jumped at the sound of a glass being banged down, placing my hand over my heart walking towards the kitchen and kicking the mess out of the way.

I did a sigh of relief seeing the back of Chris with his head slouched down, skipping over to him wrapping my arms around his torso “shit!” he jumped moving away from me “Robyn!” he genuinally looked so scared “the hell you doing awake!?” he slammed his hand on the counter quickly picking a tablet packet and placing it in his pocket “I wanted to see if the everything is locked, you know its creepy here” he swallowed hard “yeah yeah everything is done and locked up” he walked over to me grabbing the glass of water “you can go to sleep, my bad if I woke you” disposing the rest of the water in the sink and then placing it on the counter “you not sleeping?” playing with my hands, I felt nervous for some reason “yeah, after I clean” Chris is going to clean, that’s a lie “I’ll help” I beamed “no!” he snapped and then rubbed his head “just no it’s fine you’re a guest” he’s acting so weird with me “Chris what’s wrong? I don’t like this” Chris turned his body and lifted his body to sit on the counter “nothing at all” looking down at my hands “Chris what was those tablets?” I didn’t even get a chance to see what they were, he was quick to get them “I have a headache” he said looking away from me “then let’s go to bed” slowly walking over to him “talk to me” he still won’t look at me at all, placing my hand on his leg he didn’t move my hand away or anything “I don’t feel like it” I really wanted to snatch them tablets from his pocket but I didn’t.

Chris looked at me sighing, he seemed so sad. I placed myself between his legs, he placed his hand under my chin “it’s late” he finally said “I want you to come to bed” he shook his head “please don’t keep things away from me, tell me what’s upsetting you?” he moved his head “why you want to know? Shit is just stupid” I know when he’s lying, Chris is not the best liar “because I want us to work, no secrets” he looked away from me digging into his pocket bringing the tablet packet out “here” he wouldn’t even look at me while giving me these tablets, I took it from him “what are they?” he gave me them expecting me to know what the hell they are “for my bipolar, to control my crazy ass.” Chris wouldn’t even look at me as he explained “look at me” in annoyance he looked at me “yeah?” looking down at the packet “why was you mad taking it?” I don’t want him feeling ashamed of this “because I don’t want them, I don’t want to take them. I got off them but they put me back on it because I admitted to my doctor that I feel if my mood swings are coming back but I didn’t think he would put me back on it and now I’m here with you, you’re probably scared of me and think I’m crazy as fuck. It’s bugging me that you know this, you ain’t supposed to know that is why I got mad you came. I fucked up again” tears were starting to build up in his eyes “have you taken one?” I looked up at him “yeah” he mumbled “good” placing the tablet packet in his pocket and patting his pocket “now why would you think that? Nothing will change me or push me away from you, I’m more upset you thought that shit because I am not like that. The only person that is thinking about the past or anything like that is you because all I can think about is a bed with you in it” holding his hand and getting on my tiptoes “give me some sugar” Chris’ smile is contagious, I’m glad he is smiling “it might cost you” he leaned forward pecking my lips “we can be bi polar together” Chris let out the loudest laugh “you’re crazy” wrapping his arms around me resting my head on his chest, this is where I want to be.