hello reprise

The “Suddenly Wheatley” reprise...

…has caused a lot of feelings and emotional devastation, based on what I’ve read on Tumblr in the last couple weeks.  I remember thinking it was a neat idea when I was first told about the reprise, but I had no idea the effect it would have.

I’d like to make it up to you, fans of Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical, so that the healing may begin

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summed up bom songs
  • hello!: you get jesus and you get jesus and you get jesus
  • two by two: getting paired with some annoying kid in middle school
  • hasa digi eebowai: lmao y'all are clueless
  • turn it off: the no homo jam that every musical has ft. not so repressed ginger
  • sal tlay ka siti: requiem from dear evan hansen
  • man up: please don't cry my sweet innocent baby oh wOAH THIS GUITAR RIFF
  • spooky mormon hell dream: sUch a good song oh my god do you have any idea i love it so much oh and homosexuals in hell
  • i believe: actually a little serious and when taken out of context is a pretty good song really it's quite nice and rlly the ending is so cute
  • baptize me: blue from heathers the musical
  • tomorrow is a latter day: the beginning tbh take my tears, i believe is reprised, group songs in high school rehearsal once everyone has memorized the song and the actually good singers are belting, aww the hello! reprise is cute too, hey did i mention that mckinley let's his feelings out (btw that means he's gay)

anonymous asked:

Do you think that "Don't Rain on My Parade" would be an okay audition song for Mama Rose in Gypsy?

meh fine but overdone. 

Miss Baltimore Crabs from Hairspray

Last Midnight from Into the Woods

Before the Parade Passes By from Hello Dolly

Show Business (Reprise) from Annie Get Your Gun

A TON OF STUFF from Women on the Verge

Waiting the Wings from Ain’t Broadway Grand


Hello!! I am here with a fan song/fan lyrics and it’s obviously called The Schuyler Sisters Reprise. 

If it isn’t obvious then it’s about Peggy’s death.

 There’s been a few posts about it on Galactibun’s tumblr and it really inspired me to write it! 

@galactibun here you go, I tried

So here it is under the cut!!; 

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anonymous asked:

what are your favourite opening numbers and finales/other songs from musicals?

That’s a really good question… the answers change a lot, but right now, I’d probably say these (and I’ll try to only put links with English subtitles for any songs in other languages) -


The prologue from Elisabeth is probably my absolute favorite.
I also really love “Ich hab getraumt von Manderley” from Rebecca“Verone” from Romeo et Juliette (the Hungarian version is also great) , the prologue from Les Mis, No One Mourns the Wicked, and “Hello” from Book of Mormon, The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, Heaven on Their Minds from Jesus Christ Superstar, and All That Jazz from Chicago.


Final Lair from Phantom of the Opera, the epilogue from Les Mis, Tanz der Vampire, Tomorrow is a Latter Day/Hello (Reprise) from Book of Mormon, and The Flesh Failures/Let The Sunshine In from Hair. 


No Good Deed and Thank Goodness from Wicked

You And Me (But Mostly Me) and Turn it Off from Book of Mormon

Angel of Music, Wandering Child, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, and Point of No Return from Phantom of the Opera;

  Draußen ist Freiheit, Stärker als wir sind, Das Gebet, Tot zu sein ist komisch, Einladung zum Bal, Totale Finsternis, Wenn Liebe in dir ist, and die unstillbare Gier from Tanz der Vampire

Ich gehör nur mir, Boote in der Nacht, die Schatten werden länger, Kitsch, and Nichts, nichts, gar nichts from Elisabeth;

Rebecca, Sie ergibt sich nicht, and hilf mir durch die Nacht from Rebecca;

Agony, Agony (Reprise), I Know Things Now, On the Steps of the Palace, and the Last Midnight from Into the Woods

Johanna (Reprise), My Friends, Epiphany, and A Little Priest from Sweeney Todd

Whispering and Those You’ve Known from Spring Awakening

I Should Tell You, Take Me or Leave Me, Another Day, Tango: Maureen, Will I, Without You, What You Own, and La Vie Boheme from RENT

Science Fiction / Double Feature, I’m Going Home, Damn It Janet, Once in a While, the Time Warp, and Sweet Transvestite from the Rocky Horror Show;

Stars, Come to Me, Red and Black, the Confrontation, and Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from Les Mis

I Got Life, Sodomy, Easy to Be Hard, and Walking in Space from Hair

La FolieA GyűlöletSzívből szeretni, Lehetsz Király, Le Balcon, Le Duel (and the Hungarian version), and L’Amour Heureux from Romeo et Juliette (French and Hungarian productions); 

Cabaret, Mein Herr, and I Don’t Care Much from Cabaret

Dice Are Rolling and Waltz for Eva and Che from Evita

Suddenly Seymour, Mushnik and Son, Somewhere That’s Green, and It’s Just the Gas from Little Shop of Horrors

and Gethsemane and I Don’t Know How to Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar.

~ 10 song shuffle meme 🎵

tagged by the fantastic @zaatanna 

  1. frozen heart- frozen soundtrack
  2. make a move- icon for hire
  3. after the storm- mumford and sons
  4. see america right- the mountain goats
  5. mean- taylor swift 
  6. in memoriam- the oh hellos
  7. mother knows best reprise- tangled soundtrack 
  8. blinding- florence + the machine
  9. cry for judas- the mountain goats
  10. little talks- of monsters and men

i don’t tag people, generally, but i would love it if anyone did it and tagged me :) i always love hearing new music