hello random message

Hello! I know this random message put on here by a stranger (me) may seem like a waste of time to you, but please don’t scroll past and consider looking at it!


This is a link to a petition to stop a festival which tortures, kills, then eats dogs every year, they’re tortured because it’s said that the adrenaline makes the dog meat taste better.
It only takes about 2 minutes to sign and it’s very easy and free! Please please take the time to do this, you can also donate if you want but that’s optional, thank you very much!

Even if you don’t sign, please at least reblog? Even that will help!
Love you all and thank you.

anonymous asked:

hello !! just a random boring message to say that your podcasts make my day and you all must work so hard on them so thank you for that !!!! it's so lovely to rewatch qaf episode by episode and then sit down and feel like im having a conversation about it afterwards so :) thank you :) very much :)

Aw!!! This message is nether random nor boring - it’s wonderful! :)  Thank YOU very much :)

We hope you’re enjoying your rewatch and we’re so grateful to have you listening in <3<3<3

tarisaskia  asked:

Hello Emily ! Just a random message to tell you I'm playing DA II as well, and I stumbled upon your fenhawke art and gods... I really like it. Like, I actually went on Tumblr several time to look at your last drawing. Not only is it gorgeous, but it's also really sensual and the colors are so soft ! Anyway, thank you for this :) Have a great week-end and keep up the amazing work <3

Wow thank you! That’s super nice to know I am blushing aha o^.^o’’ I’ve been drowning in uni work lately (lots of 3D modelling for a game project…) and the pressure of it all has gotten me feelin’ pretty bummed out *cry*, so I appreciate the pick-me-up  - you are very kind ❤ 

Finally someone who is as late to the DA2 party as I am :’D I’m assuming you’ve fallen for the broody anime elf too, are you finding him as difficult to please as me? I swear the biggest challenge of the game is to get Fen’s 100% approval - he is worth the trouble though hehe c: