hello pjo fandom


Hello pjo fandom may I have your attention please?

I’d like to point out some rotten apples here which we need to get rid of hmmkay?
So there’s an awful lot of reposting here and that is not okay.
let me repeat it so that it will be clear for every single one of you.

Keep that stored in your mind or otherwise you will feel the fury of us artist.
Which you are witnessing right now.
@my-badwolf-is-cooler-than-yours and partyponiesleader are two very good examples.
They both reposted art with out sourcing and crediting. 
Badwolf here, who apparently blocked me (?) and reposted MY drawing.
original: x
repost:  x
partyponiesleader (has their askbox closed) reposted, an entire comic MADE BY thominhoandnewt
original: x
repost:  x x

You see when this shit happens I get really pissed off because my art gets butchered. People steal it and make changes. AND THAT’S WRONG
Why, just why in the hell would I SPEND 4 HOURS TO MAKE A DRAWING THAT GET’S SLAUGHTERED????
If this keeps going on I’ll just stop making any more pjo content and I’ll delete every pjo drawing I made.
I’m not going to invest my time in a fandom where everyone has no respect for each others creative content.

And I’m pretty sure there are a lot more artists like me and thominhoandnewt who are SICK and TIRED of this bullshit.

So childeren this is what you can do!
1. Reblog this post
2. Don’t reblog reposts
3. Notify the reposter and/or artist
4. Don’t repost.
Easy right?