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raeganishere  asked:

Hello! I've recently been obsessed with shaved hairstyles (Because I want my hair to be shaved irl tbh) So what are your favorite shaved or part shaved hairs? Thank you!

shaved hairs are so beaut alksjdlask it was hard to narrow it down!! thanks for asking :-) 

  1. grimcookies’ parker hair 
  2. enriques4′s puk hair
  3. witch-hammer’s reuben hair
  4. wildlyminiaturesandwich’s kristin hair
  5. wildlyminiaturesandwich’s bittersweet hair

other lists I’ve done can be found HERE, I think I’ve covered the bulk of everything I could possibly do, if there’s still one not there that you want - go ahead and hit me up :’-)

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Hello! I've become obsessed with reading headcanons! Can you make a headcanon for Kakashi waking up after the first night sleeping (like actual sleeping) next to his significant other.

Ahh Kakashi my ultimate fave. I’ve been doing a lot of requests for him lately, which I definitely don’t mind. I could write about him all dayyyyy!! Wish I could be waking up next to him, but oh well at least I can write fun head cannons about it :) Enjoy!


Waking Up with Kakashi Head Cannons

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  • When he first wakes up he will be so confused for a second. He hasn’t shared a bed with anyone before (or if he has it’s been a very long time) so he will be confused as to why there’s someone there for a little bit until he wakes up more.
  • When he finally figures out what his life is he will firstly probably chuckle to himself a bit for being a bit slow, and then be beyond thankful that you’re there. He will realize just how lucky he really is to have you there with him
  • Also he will find you super cute while you’re sleeping. He won’t want to wake you up because he will just be lying there staring at you in awe for who knows how long.
  • Eventually though just staring at you won’t be enough for him, so he will pull you into his arms and cuddle you awake.
  • When you first wake up he will most definitely tease you about your morning hair, and you will tease him right back about his because I mean, come on, I bet his morning hair looks crazy (but super hot too ;) )
  • He would offer to make some coffee or something and you guys would just have a super relaxing morning together lazing around in bed, because now that he’s realized how great just being in bed with you is he’s never going to want to leave.

Real Disney - Snow White

When she breaks the tender peel
To taste the apple from my hand
Her breath will still, her blood congeal
Then I’ll be fairest in the land

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hello! currently obsessed with bastille right now, so i'd like to follow more bastille blogs like yours! preferably, blogs that post edits and gifs too! thank you so much <3

hey pal no worries i’ll link some blogs that i follow below 😋

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