hello nihao


[SCAN + TRANS] UP10TION’s Gyujin - Ceci Korea March Edition

cr: ldyeol_mom

  • Between the team my position is: the vocalist, soon-to-be-hyung with youthful looks
  • My charms point: Well defined features, even outside, you can clearly see my eyes, nose, lips from 300mm away
  • My ideal type of girl is: A girl with long black hair and has protective instinct
  • how to make your heart flutter? when she wear a boxy shirt
  • A tips how to treat me: Although I’ve big body build, I’m extremely a well obedient guy. Just tell me everything what you want!
  • You are ranked #1 on your team in term of? Travelling experience
  • One thing that really memorable: A Chinese words, Nihao (Hello)!
  • Your recent dream: Doing sky diving

Translation by jihoona @ up10tionintl

take out with full credit!