hello my name is stickers

Imagine Sebastian getting you and Chris together. (Part 1)

A/N: This is a request from @cassiejade93, it’s kinda become a two parter. 🤗

“You gotta toss it up,” Sebastian directed, acting out a tossing action. “You’re not going to get it in if you throw it straight, you’re just going to blind me.” He said and you giggled, pegging a gummi bear straight at his face. “Ow,” he laughed, flinching when it got him in the cheek. “Up.” He told you and tilted his head back, opening his mouth to prepare himself for the catch.

“Up,” you nodded and copied what he demonstrated earlier. He had to dive back, but he managed to catch it. “We did it!” You threw your hands up excitedly, spilling the bag of Yupi Gummi Bears that you had in your hand. “Oops,” you giggled, picking them up off Sebastian’s couch to stuff them back into the bag.

“My God, you are an idiot.” He chuckled, getting off the couch to pick up those that had fallen on the floor of his trailer. You held out the packet for him to throw the bears back in, but he pushed it away and collected it in his hand instead. “Don’t be disgusting, Y/N. These have been on the floor.”

“If your floors aren’t clean enough to eat off, doesn’t that make you the disgusting one?” You retorted, provoking him enough to peg at gummi bear at you. “Ow!” You yelped then giggled, pegging a couple back; one bounced off his forehead, the other got caught in his hair. You snickered, but said nothing because you wanted to see how long it could stay there.

It was a game, though ongoing joke was a better description. It started with those ‘Hello, My Name Is _________’ stickers; you’d fill in the blank with something stupid and try and get it on the backs of unsuspecting victims. But over time, you’d moved on to getting small objects- such as gummi bears- in people’s hair. You and Sebastian started it, then recruited a few other members of the Infinity Cast war to join. Anthony was ridiculously good, as were Robert, Chris (Pratt), Tom (Holland), and surprisingly, Benedict. The best unsuspecting victims were Chris (Evans), Mark, Tom (Hiddleston), the stickers could last on their back all day if no one said anything. But usually someone would, especially if they were needed on set. Robert got in trouble once because of the game. He’d stuck one on Chris after he got into his Captain America suit and completely forgot about it. It wasn’t until the camera started rolling and Chris’ back was to the camera that Anthony and Joe noticed the sticker that said, “Hi, My Name Is Cool Ranch Dorito.” Everyone laughed, but a rule was made to keep the stickers away from cast members who were about to shoot.

“What?” Sebastian asked with narrowed eyes when he returned to his original spot on the couch. You were trying hard not to crack, but the sight of the orange gummi bear was too much for you. “What?” He laughed himself, patting his hair down because he could tell from your expression you’d put something in his hair. “Oh, haha. That’s real mature.” He pulled it out and you fell back, clutching your stomach from laughter. “Okay, breathe,” he chuckled. “It’s not even that funny.”

“It is when you’re sleep deprived,” you smiled at him, tugging the sleeves of your sweatshirt over your hands. “What time is it?” You yawned, resting your head on the cushion you had pressed up against the arm of the couch as you curled up on your side. “I feel like I haven’t slept in twenty-four hours, Seb.”

“Just sixteen,” he corrected.

“Ugh, God.” You groaned into the cushion and he laughed. “And I haven’t had any proper food all day. Hey,” you sat up, grinning excitedly. “Do you want to go get some dinner? I could really use some fuel, I’m pretty sure I’ve got another scene at nine.”

“I’m actually good,” he declined and you frowned. “I grabbed something earlier with Mackie,” he explained and earned a pout from you. “Why don’t you go look for Chris?” You knew from the look on his suggestive face he meant Chris Evans; the Chris you’d known the longest and were closest with. You weren’t close anymore. Not since he surprised you with his new relationship status, especially when you were so sure he felt the same way you did. “I don’t think he’s eaten and I think he just finished shooting his scene.”

“I’m not having dinner with Chris Evans.”

“Can you not pretend like you haven’t known him your entire life?”

“I can’t because I haven’t known him my entire life,” you countered. “And even if I did, I don’t want to. Why should I? He’s pretending like we don’t have feelings for each other, so why can I pretend like he’s just a co-worker?” Sebastian sighed. “It’s not like he cares anyway,” you muttered bitterly, “he’s too busy with his new girlfriend.”

“If he doesn’t care, he wouldn’t be constantly asking me about you.” He told you and you felt your heart skip a beat. “Y/N, he hates not talking to you. He hates that you’re spending more time with me than you are with him. He hates-”

“He hates not telling me the truth,” you finished for him. “Chris can’t admit that he likes me, Sebastian. Maybe I sound incredibly conceited, but I know he’s in-love with me. I know because- I am not an idiot. You’re not either, and neither is anyone else in the cast that’s why everyone was so surprised when he brought that girl to drinks. So no, I’m not going to pretend like I’m okay with just being friends because I’m not.”

“Then tell him that.”

“And be a home wrecker?” You scoffed. “No thanks. I don’t get involved with the involved, and I am done trying to get involved with Chris. If he’s so happy with Amber or Amy or- whatever her name is, then good for him. I hope he gets everything he dreams of with her and they live happily ever after. Despite everything,” you sighed with a heavy hearted smile, “I still want nothing but happiness for him. But that doesn’t mean I want to be there to watch it unfold,” you interrupted before Sebastian could say “he’s not going to be happy without his best friend;” he sighed. “I’m just too in-love with him to do that,” you admitted softly, fiddling with your sleeves. “I know I’m being selfish, but I can’t do it.”

“You’re not being selfish,” he assured you.

“Debatable,” you shrugged. “Will you take me to dinner now?”

“Yeah I’ll take you to dinner,” he smiled, getting up off the couch.

“You’re the best, Bas,” you grinned, jumping to your feet as well.

As soon as the footsteps started to approach the door Chris was standing in front of, his eyes widened and he squeezed himself into the small space between Sebastian’s and Anthony’s trailers. He didn’t want you to know that he’d heard everything you’d said to Sebastian, even if he didn’t mean for it to happen. He was coming to ask if Sebastian wanted to join him, Anthony, and Jeremy for drinks. He had no idea you’d be in there, he’d heard you were with Elizabeth. His heart wrench at your confession, and it continued to ache when he heard your voice exiting the trailer.

“Seb, do you think we can sneak a slice of pizza?”

“I think you need to stop being such a bad influence.”

Chris only emerged from the shadows after the two of you walk past, sighing as he watched you walk off with Sebastian. He couldn’t believe how stupid he was, how he’d been so blind. He was in-love with you too, he’d just been friends with you too long to realize what he was feeling was love. What was he doing? Why was he wasting his time with someone else when the girl he could easily marry and have kids with was right in front of him? He needed to fix it and he needed to fix it now, before you moved on with someone else. You weren’t going to be on a set full of married men and guys in relationships forever. If Chris didn’t get a move on, he was definitely going to lose you.

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Part 2


hello my name is not 

[images: first photo is of three cheap paper “hello my name is” stickers, filled in with: hello my name is not “babe,” not “sweetheart,” and not “baby,” respectively. there’s little cupcake icons pasted on the stickers. second photo is the “hello my name is not ‘sweetheart’” sticker pasted onto a collage of pale blue, yellow, and pink paper, matching the color of the writing on the sticker and the cupcakes. blue and pink floral washi tape runs along the page at an angle.] 

I really want to direct a production of Waiting for Godot but not:

-Godot is listed as a character in the program. Every program has a different wildly famous actor listed as playing the role.

-Also in the program, nobody is allowed to write their own bio, but instead they are written using a set of randomly generate statements.

-All of the actors have a “Hello, my name is” sticker that says Godot on it somewhere on their person.

-The Curtain occasionally closes and someone will step out from behind the curtain and start reciting lines from somewhere in the show. They won’t be that characters lines. They won’t be in order. Once or twice they may even be from a different Beckett show.

-The show never officially begins. Every 5-10 minutes an announcement will be made, disrupting whatever is happening in stage, saying the start of the play will be delayed due to technical difficulties.

-At the end of the show, someone comes over the speakers and says “we appreciate your patience, please come back tomorrow and Waiting for Godot will be preformed.”

-the voice over the speaker is Godot.

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Arnold has officially decided that moving sucks. Especially when every other freshmen in this entire freaking school is moving, too, and the elevator is broken, and you live on the third floor, and your mom insisted a minifridge was an inescapable part of dorm life. And your first experience with an RA (a hot RA) is getting stuck on the landing between floors one and two with that minifridge and your dad trying to heave it onto his back instead of just asking for help.

“It was no problem,” Hot RA says, smiling. “And here is your key; your roommate should be inside.”

“Oh, uh, already?”

“Yes,” RA - her name is written in under a Hello, my name is sticker, but Arnold has no idea how Nabulungi is supposed to be pronounced - replies. “He arrived a few hours ago, I think.”

While Arnold’s dad was trying to find a place to park. Awesome.

“Yeah, great, okay, thank you, Naba… um, Na…” He never should have tried to say it.

“Nah-bah-loon-gee,” she enunciates.

“That, yeah, right.”

She sighs. “I will see you later, during orientation.”


So then it’s a matter of finding his room in the maze of third floor hallways. Mom says left, Dad says right, and Arnold kind of just wants to find the bathroom. Finally, though, they end up outside door 315. There’s somebody walking around inside.

“Hey, um…” Arnold ventures. “Maybe you guys could, uh… go get some more stuff? Or, or look around campus. We need somewhere to go for lunch! So, so yeah.”

“Oh, but Arnold,” Mom pleads.

“Mom, I kinda-”

He kind of doesn’t want his roommate to meet his parents, ever. He also kind of doesn’t want his parents to meet his roommate; who knows what kind of guy this is? What if his mom and dad don’t like him, and they try and get Arnold to move back home? Or if the guy takes one look at his parents and goes Nope.

Or. Or what if Arnold’s roommate takes one look at him and decides he can’t- he’s not going to- he doesn’t want to be stuck with-

Yeah. Better if parents stay away.

“I’ll meet you guys downstairs,” Arnold promises. “Like, just as soon as I, uh, start getting settled and stuff. And, yeah.”

Arnold hasn’t managed to get them off his tail in the past, but this time his parents actually listen, Mom whispering about emotional crap she picked up from bad coming-of-age movies.

Then it’s Arnold and the door. Arnold, and college. Arnold, and being different. Arnold, and… maybe a friend?

He sticks his key in the lock, wrestles with it a little, and finally opens the door to whatever is on the other side.

completely serious question

if I made the following series of T-shirts/stickers/etc, would anybody be interested?

Hello, My Name Is:

  • Hair III (The Hot One)
  • Loud Hair (The Musical One)
  • Strong Hair (The Morning Person)
  • Goth Hair (The Blushing One)
  • Skilled Hair (The Filial One)
  • Small Hair (The Doomed One)
  • Last Hair (The Ginger)

When I asked if I could take their photo, Westley said, “as you wish.” I sorta did a squeal and flail and she said, “that’s been the best part—when I say ‘as you wish’ everyone has the best reactions.”

The cosplayer on the right is wearing a “hello my name is Inigo Montoya” sticker.


Rating: Gen
Season 8 Drabble for Alone
The feeling of her back pressed against his chest, her hand on his knee, her even breathing offers a pleasant counterweight to what’s taking place on the screen in dimmed room.
He winces a little, watching a baby’s head crown followed by the agonizing scream of its mother. Scully doesn’t even flinch. Looking briefly around the room he quickly assesses that it’s full of lightweights in the area of pain endurance. Scully’s been through cancer. Scully’s been through abduction and the ICU. Scully’s been shot. Scully lost and then buried her best friend after finding out she was pregnant. Scully is so, so strong.
He feels like his hand is drawn to her as wraps an arm around her and palms her belly. He feels the alien-like movement under her shirt and loses his breath for a moment.

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i swear if i ever get a photo op with david and gillian, i’m wearing board shorts, a curly grey wig and a hawaiian shirt with a giant sticker that says “hello my name is chris carter” so i can have them lean forward like they’re gonna kiss and hold up a giant stop sign between them with one arm and a speech bubble that says “no” in the other

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Imagine Elyza saves Alicia from some zombies and is driving Alicia back to base+fam. Elyza's singing Fergalicious to herself. Mid way the song turns into Lexalicious. When they get to base Elyza pulls out 2 Hello My Name Is ___ stickers and a sharpie. Alicia is Mrs Lexalicious. Elyza is also Mrs Lexalicious. Elyza introduces herself to Alicia's fam as such and then claims Alicia is also Lexalicious+Elyza's wife. They literally just met 2 hours ago. Alicia is furious but never takes the tag off.

They’re so extra and cute

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HOW MANY "HELLO MY NAME IS" STICKERS DO YOU EVEN HAVE????!!!! (i'm rewatching all your videos and i swear like every other one has a sticker like that in it)

Not enough. I’m running out.