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Inhale (Scarlet Gold)

→ immortal!reader x exo; aeon’s lovers

prologue - ch. 1

→ warnings: mentions of blood and gore.

You take him in, his emotionless face as he himself takes your confession in. He doesn’t move a single muscle, except for his dark eyes that meet yours.

“Let me explain, won’t you? It all started in 1934-…”

Detective Do’s face broke, and his eyes grew crazed, wide and screaming as the realization dawned upon him. You paused, swallowing back the lump in your throat before starting yet again;

“My story starts in Siheung, 1934, in Korea under Japanese rule, with a handsome, rich man named Kim Jongdae. 

Jongdae was only a year older than me and the son of a Japanese doctor and car collector whom had found a wife and settled down in Korea. His mother was Korean and his father was as mentioned, a rich Japanese man. This enabled the family riches with seemingly no limit, however, despite what you might think, that was not the reason why I loved him.

I was staying the summer at my aunt’s house in Siheung, close to the Kim family’s mansion, and one beautiful morning as I took a stroll, I bumped into him. My simple plan to stay with my aunt for the summer turned into me being so forcefully pinned down by his adoration and this luxurious ring he pushed onto my finger. We fell in love so quickly, quicker than any car his father owned. And still, to this day, - I wish his father hadn’t ever received that new car that faithful day.”

Siheung, Korea, 1934

You stormed through the grand halls of the familiar mansion, not caring much if you stumbled into a door being pushed open or one of many expensive vases. Actually, you’d love it if Ms. Kim had redecorated to your wishes, your fist was itching to break something irreplaceable. As you ran, your cheeks flushed with embarrassment and your stomach was tight with rage. Just how could he?

“Y/N, darling-” His voice was loud, closing in on you as you jogged through the empty living area, almost stumbling over the thick edge of the foreign carpet. With an annoyed huff, you closed in on the front door. You saw the light on the end of the tunnel but just as you reached for the door handle, your fiancé grabbed hold of you and tugged you into his chest. Only for you start squirming stubbornly under his hold, of course. He huffed sadly, jokingly at your struggling.

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lookinaro235  asked:

Yang and Ruby are waiter for their mom's diner and Nora drags Weiss and Blake

Nora: Come on guys! I know that you are going to love this place! *Nora cheered as she dragged her friends Weiss and Blake down a the side walk.*

Blake: Nora, while we appreciate you taking us out to lunch, you’re both really busy and don’t really have the time. *Blake calmly told her friend.*

Weiss: Plus, I have a business meet in forty eights!

Nora: Oh please. Blake have been working yourself too hard lately with you new book. And you can always reschedule the meeting Weiss.

Weiss: No Nora! No I ca-

Nora: AND HERE WE ARE! *Nora Interrupted the business woman as she ship in front on a old fashion diner allowing the other two women to look up at its neon light sign.*

Blake: The rosebird dragon diner? *Blake read aloud tilting her head with her cat ear.*

Weiss: You dragged us three blocks for some old diner, Nora? I honestly wonder how Ren deals with your surprises.

Nora: With love and being really flexible in bed. *Nora replied without missing a beat, making Weiss and Blake cringe at the mental image now in there heads as Nora opens the door for them.* Now come on! I want me some pancakes!

Weiss: Fine. But they better have a meal that is low calories.

Blake: I wonder what kind of tea they have? *Blake pondered as the three entered the diner, finding it to be quite nice inside with only a hand full of people with in it sitting at the counter or one of the many booths.* Wow. I like this places style. Very classy.

Weiss: I’d have to agree. Though, I still don’t see why I couldn’t have just… order… in… *The CEO began to say until a beautiful short black hair with red tint and silver eyes woman wearing an old fashion waitress uniform with a small red hooded cloak hanging from her shoulders walk up to them, cause the white hair woman to stare in awe as her.*

Ruby: Hello.~ My name is Ruby. Welcome to the Rosebird Dragon diner. How many will be dining here is today? Oh hey Nora. *Ruby greeted with a heart warming smile, Blake noticing Weiss’s mouth open slightly with a blush making the Faunus chuckle.*

Nora: Hey Ruby! It’s just the three of us. *The red head informed the hooded waitress after giving her a quick hug.*

Ruby: Alllright. Table for three or would you rather sit at the counter? *Ruby smiled, giving three menus as Nora opened her mouth to answer.*

Weiss: *However and to the other two women’s surprise, or humor, Weiss quickly and a bit loudly answered for them.* A Booth In Your Selection, Please! … I-If you are waiting tables that is? I’m Weiss. *She then tried to play off calmly as a large blush grow on her face while holding out her hand.*

Ruby: *Speaking of blushes, after Weiss’s out burst, the red hood waitress’s own cheeks began turn the same shape of red a her cloak as she spoke with a trace of nervous enjoy, taking the CEO’s hand.* O-oh yes. Of course! I’d be happy to have y-I MEAN SERVE! Serve you. Uh, hehe, right this way. *It was a few steps towards the booth along with Nora and Blake giggling before the waitress realized she was still holding Weiss’s hand.* Oh whoopie. Hahaha, Sorry about that.

Weiss: It’s fine. It was my pleasure. *Weiss said without thinking causing Nora to full on laugh now.*

Ruby: O-okay. Uh, here we are. I’ll be right back to take your orders. *Ruby said as she showed them the booth and sped off into the kitchen while hiding her blush.*

Blake: Smooth. *Blake whispered with a smirk, receiving an elbow from her friend as they sat down.*

Weiss: Quiet you! I’m under a lot of pressure at work and I was blind side by the cuteness of the waitress! *Weiss hissed before burying her ace within the menu Ruby left for them.*

Nora: Cuteness? Weiss let’s face it, Ruby just melted your cold icy heart. You like her! *Nora teased causing her to groan.*

Blake: Have to admit. I never thought that Ruby girl was your type. *The writer said as she opened up her menu, glad to see they served her favorite tea.* Then again. With the way you look at puppy dogs I can see why.

Weiss: Oh to hell with you! It’s not my fault she is my type! I know you would do the same!

Blake: *At this Blake laughed and looked at her friend with a smirk.* Please Weiss. If my pass relationships with Adam, Ilia, and Sun have shown anything is that I do not have a type that can make me go head over heels for someone like you just did.

Nora: But what if you just haven’t met them yet. *Nora cut in while wiggling her eyebrows.*

Blake: Nora. The likely hood of me see the person of my dreams here in this random diner is a billion to- hmm? *Blake was explaining to her friend when noticing someone walking up to their booth thinking that it is Ruby to take their drink orders. However, as Blake turned her head her breath was instantly taken, for the waitress that stood next to her was not Ruby but a gorgeous long golden hair purple eyes woman with fit athletic body wearing a waitress uniform a bit to small around her chest.*

Yang: Helloooo.~<3 I’m Yang. I’ll be waitress to day. Can I start you two ladies with something to drink? Nora, I already know what you want. *Yang greeted with a warm smile as she pulled out her pen and pad, looking between Weiss and Blake. Mostly Blake as she tries not to check her out.*

Nora: The pancake and coffee Yang. They call to meeeee. *Nora dramatically exclaimed.*

Weiss: I’ll have a Diet Coke please. *Weiss muttered with disappointment of the new waitress not being Ruby.*

Yang: Okay and for you beauty. *Yang replied to Weiss’s order with a cheery tone before her voice turned to a more attractive voice as she looked to Blake who only continued to gaze upon Yang before answering.*

Blake: You. *The writer spoke with a small smile until she realized what she said and quickly spoke again.* Oolong Tea! I… I meant oolong tea. *Blake then covered her now red face as Weiss leaned over with a smirk and whispered as Nora fell in her side of the booth laughing.*

Weiss: What was that you were saying earlier?

Yang: *Meanwhile, Yang’s smile grow ear to ear, her cheeks suddenly pink, at Blake’s words and who she is acting and let out a giggle.* Hehe, easy there Kitten. You have to take me out on a date first. *She told Blake who’s cat ears drooped down more as she tried to hide her face  even more, not noticing Yang writing down her order and somethings else on a separate piece of paper.*

Blake: I am so sorry. That was rude of me. I just-huh? *Blake apologized feeling the most embarrassed of her life until she looked up to find Yang holding out a piece of paper to her.* What’s…

Yang: I don’t have off tonight but I do tomorrow if you’re free, Miss… *Yang winked at the cat Faunus waiting for Blake to reply and give her name as Weiss’s jaw dropped and Nora awed at the site of two of her friends hooking up.*

Blake: B-Blake. *Blake stutter as she took the paper to see a scroll number on it, a smile as big as Yang’s growing as she continued.* Blake Belladonna and yes. I am and would love to!

Yang: Great! It’s a pleasure to meet you Blakey! See you around- *Yang beamed with joy but before she could finish Ruby zipped over with pen and pad in hand.*

Ruby: So sorry about that! I had to make sure we had enough pancake batter for Nora’s order. So what can I get you? *Ruby explain before smiling  to the three women, blushing slightly a Weiss’s smile at her an then noticing Yang.* Uh, Yang? What are you doing?

Yang: I’m taking their orders, sis. It’s what mom pays me to do when I work here on the off season of my matches. *Yang said, confusing Blake and Weiss who look to Nora.*

Nora: She’s the MMA fighting champ. *She whispered as The two women across from her nod.*

Ruby: But this my table.

Yang: But it’s in my section.

Ruby: No it isn’t.

Yang: Yes it is.

Ruby: Hmmm… Hey Mom! *Ruby called out to the counter where Blake and Weiss’s jaws dropped once again upon seeing a taller black hair red eyed Yang and a taller slight longer haired Ruby both look out through the window.*

Raven/Summer: Yeah/Yes?

Yang: Who’s booth five? Mine or Rubes?

Raven: Ruby got evens right? *Raven asked looking down at her wife.*

Summer: No, Yang does. Oh no wait She had then last week and counter when she punched that guy who was messing with Velvet.

Raven: Hmm… Hey Tai!

Tai: What? *They heard from farther in the kitchen.*

Raven: Who has table five? Yang or Ruby?

Tai: I think Yang!

Yang: Yes. Thanks dad!

Tai: Or is it Ruby? *He question causing all the women of the Xiao Long Rose Brenwen fight to groan.*

Nora: Why not let Blake and Weiss decide? *She suggested which both Waitressed nodded and agreed before looking at Blake and Weiss.*

Blake/Weiss: Yang/Ruby…. No Yang/Ruby. *They both said at the same time, looking at each other with annoyance.*

Weiss: Come on Blake. You already get you dream girls number let me have this. *Weiss whispered.*

Blake: Yeah but I would like to maybe set up a date with her. Beside, you have a meeting to go back to don’t you. *Blake whispered back, both waitress feeling extremely happy about the two fighting over them. Then all four watched Weiss pull out her scroll and call someone.*

Weiss: … Yes. It’s me. Reschedule my meeting for tomorrow I’m taking an extended lunch… I am the owner of the company I can do what I want! *She said hanging up her scroll and move out of the booth pass Blake and up to Ruby and said.* Booth for two please.

Ruby: Uh, Two? For you and Nora?

Weiss: No for me and you. I’m sure your boss won’t mind you having lunch now.

Summer: We don’t by the way!

Ruby: O-Okay. Right this way. *Runy stuttered as she lead Weiss to another leaving Yang Blake and Nora to watch in shock before Yang asked.*

Yang: So that Weiss girl…Is she?

Blake: Weiss Schnee head of the Schnee dust Corporation. Yes.

Yang: Uh-huh… By the way you wouldn’t happen to be the same Blake Belladonna who wrote the ninja of love series are you? Because I’m a really big fan of that book series.

Blake: I am.

Yang: I see… Nora do you mind…

Nora: I’ll be closer to my pancakes. *Nora smiled as she moved to the counter as Yang sat across Blake and the two along with Weiss and Ruby started to talk, the smiles never leaving their faces.*

Did you have this in mind or *Kai Kai. You got it right this time.* Okay then.

Cast A Spell On Me Pt. 3

Part Two

A/N: Heya! Sorry for the wait on this!! It’s been a busy few days my friends.

Word Count: 2,597

Characters (this chapter):Marty Scurll, Dalton Castle, Tyler Bate, Ruby Riot, The Youngbucks, Will Ospreay, and Luxe Lockhart (OC)

Tags: @originalbish98 @theprestigious0ne @thegenericluchadora @dorkyvillain @reigns420 @baybayforlife @wrestlingismyguiltypleasure @i-ship-it-okay @laziestgirlintheworld @sheaxdevitt @phyreblue @wannabefandomgirl @alexnine

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Welcome to Project RWBYVamped!

Hello, my name is Ruby Rose, a completely different version of her, or the ‘her’ that’s been presented from a different version of Remnant. I’ve been hearing a lot of bad things about her, which is upsetting to me. It’s like others making fun of me, but it’s a different me. Personally, I don’t think she sounds so bad. I wish *I* was that carefree and bubbly. Is that why nobody likes her? Is she just *too* carefree? Does she say a lot while saying so little to people? Speaking of which, I hear that the Jaune from that reality makes people cringe and that Team CRDL is uninteresting and bland. I dunno. I don’t want to get too philosophical here. It’s already weird enough looking at other parallel universes to find differences between mine and theirs.

Anyways, if you’ve found this blog to find a re-telling of the RWBY story, or really me and Jaune’s stories, then you’ve come to the right spot, and I’m glad if you’re willing to stick around.

The whole point of this blog is to publish screenplays or really ‘scripts’ of what I’ve been going through, kind of like a documentary. Specifically scripts because looking into the parallel world, my inter dimensional version of me and all of my friends’ inter dimensional versions have a really bizarre way of communicating to each other, and because it’s being presented to the world that this blog is also being published to—like some sort of reality TV show—it makes it more difficult for (lets just say) ‘the audience’ to take it very seriously. Some of the ‘audience members’ would even deem that reality as ‘unrealistic’.

So think of this blog as *my* reality being portrayed as a contrast to the other reality. It’s a bit weird that this blog would exist like this, but I hope that everyone understands. It wasn’t my word. It was the author’s word.

I hope you enjoy yourselves while you’re here.

Big in 2015: Part 1

These Tumblrs had a heckuva year.