hello my name is bob

Markiplier Imagine

(i wrote this in like five minutes so)

“Hello, everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to more Skate 3! Now, since Bob isn’t here, I brought another one of my friends. This is Y/N! Say hello, Y/N.”
You smirked. “Hello, Y/N.”
“Shut up! Let’s just start.”
You and Mark spent a long time fooling around with the different modes of the game, and you were having a lot of fun. So when Mark suddenly turned to you with a look of seriousness and urgency, you were really confused.
“Um…Mark? What’s going on?”
“Sorry, Y/N, but I just can’t keep playing without saying something important.”
You glanced at the camera before staring at the youtuber again. “…Mark…?”
“You’re perfect. You’re smart, funny, beautiful…what I’m saying is…I kinda want to be with you.”
“I-uh…” You decided to be funny, because apparently he liked it. “Well, what about Yamimash?” you smirked.
“Screw Yamimash!” Mark laughed. “Well, don’t, actually, I’m not into threesomes.”
You laughed. “Mark, if you’re trying to ask me out, then my answer is, did you finish the game Vanish?”
“YES!” he screamed. “I FINISHED VANISH!!!”
“So you say,” you teased. “But yes, I’d love to go out with you. Markimoo.”
“SCORE!” He pointed at the camera. “ARE YOU GUYS SEEING THIS?!”
“Shut up, idiot.” You nudged him with your elbow.
You two kept playing for hours, just enjoying each other.